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MBA graduate from London, teaching Economics & Finance along with GRE/GMAT prep

My teaching methods are very practical and easy to learn. I like firstly evaluate the level of comfort and knowledge of my student in the given subject and tailor my sessions in a way that would lead to realistic results. Get in touch for anything related to Business, Economics, Accounting as well as GMAT/GRE prep.

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College educator with Maters in Business Management specialized in adult education and training living in Cadillac Michigan

My educational background is in business where I have both a BS and MS in Business and Economics. My professional background has varied in different fields and business categories. I have worked with many non-profit and for-profit organizations and I have experience in both the production and the services industries.

Oklahoma City
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Business: From MBA to Day to Day - I Found My Way

I have worked in the financial services industry for over 15 years. Most recently I led a corporate learning unit that services over 5,000 employees. Before that, over 12,000. I have substantial business and real world experience, combined with in depth knowledge of adult learning theories and capabilities. I can help you learn the things you need to know, that aren't always in a textbook.

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Prof4You. Multiple levels; High school-College, and Corporate Training-will travel, reasonable rates available.

My educational experiences and qualifications include; The noteworthy and infamous, Cass Technical High School, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and an MBA in E-Commerce, E-Business applications. Corporate Training and Facilitator. Business strategist, providing BIG DATA analytics. I am also a contracted Course writer.

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Get an A on that homework and make your professor proud of you!

I am Kim. I can help you ace the essay, pass the test, create a presentation, etc. I make it easy to remember where to put commas by one simple method. This method can help you remember the four major rules of commas. I can also help you with homonyms. Kim Balog I'm on Facebook.

San Antonio
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Remembering where I came from supports my vision of service to others

As a teacher, it is my job to make sure the student gains the knowledge required to be successful in their education, writing and communication efforts. Along, with this challenge comes the responsibility to teach ethical behavior and respect for each other in (discussions) this virtual team environment.

Fort Worth
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Professional Business Development by an CEO and MOL graduate, Texas, DFW Metroplex

Hello, I am Al Simon a CEO in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I am looking for ways to make myself more available to the public and touch others lives in ways they can afford. I have been in business for over 10 years and I have written 2 books that revolve around my area of businness which is Corporate & personal coaching.

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I will teach you how to invent your a product idea with Alibaba.

I teach via web cam and or phone. I will walk you through creating a mock-up for your product, sourcing for suppliers that will help mass produce your product, sample creation and getting products to your door in a timely manner.

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Business School Professor of 35 years wants to help you make the grade

My teaching methodology is very student focused and I focus on helping each individual student to the best of my ability. I get positive feedback and results every time. I am also happy to give advise regarding academics and career direction.

Los Angeles
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Being an Independent Singer/Songwriter in 2018, and making a living while doing it.

I teach via Skype, the phone and in-person meetings on techniques to work towards your goal of making a living doing music.

Apollo Beach
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30 years experience in retail and healthcare at clevel-fully knowledgeable teaching online and on ground based in tampe florida, with a bsc,ma,mba and harvard senior management studies, about to start

I am a very competent in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level of students on all aspects of business. I love teaching and giving pack both the course shell and personal real-time business experiences. I have received University's recognition for my class professionalism.

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Conferencista de 20 años comparte sus estrategias para tener exito en el mundo economico

Terminé mi bachillerato con honores, y con técnica en economía y comerciales, actualmente tengo mi empresa, soy emprendedor y quiero compartir mi visión con los nuevos talentos como yo. Quiero ayudar a esa persona que ha sufrido por no tener suficientes ingresos, quiero que todos salgamos de estas clases facturando nuestro propio negocio.

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Experienced professor of project management guarantees passing PMP exam in Frisco, Tx

Experienced professor has MBA in project/engineering management along with BS in Mechanical Engineering equipped with tricks of the trade to pass PMP exam on your first attempt. Experience with all 5 process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing) along with 10 knowledge areas.

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Learn The Art of Communicating in Business and Being Successful in Negotiating

My background is in Business Management. I have a Bachelor's in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. I have been in sales for over 10 years in various industries, and I have managed member service and sales teams in my career. Learning to listen, to understand and then communicate effectively is my business.

Los Angeles
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College graduate with a Bachelor's in International Business from a prestigious university

My teaching method is based on what is good for the student. What works best for the student because everyone is, indeed, different. I like to go by the book but twist it and relate it to common issues so it is much easier to comprehend.

Lyon 2e
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HR Manager at CAC 40 Companies gives courses in Human Resources: CV, cover lettre, coaching...

I can help you to write your resume but also your cover letter in order to get an interview. My first course is to understand your profile and also your goals to write your cover letter and also your cover letter. I'm dynamic. It takes 24 hours to send you your cover letter and resume. NB: I can also coach you in order to prepare an english interview.

Navi Mumbai
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A passionate management educator who will ensure that your concepts are crystal clear! I have 25 years sales experience and have been teaching Marketing and IT in various MBA schools. UGC NET qualifie

I don't follow any specific methodology. My motive is simple - use my experiences to clear concepts by sharing a lot of real-life stories aka "use cases" in the Business language. Whatever your age or background, rest assured you will find me connect to you.

Roberto alves
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Experienced Executive gives Math, Finance, Economics, Sales Methodology (SPIN Selling and Solutions Selling), Market Intelligence, Marketing, classes, in Toronto.

I'm an Economist, MBA in Finance, MBA in Market Intelligence. My classes are based on my entire experience, lived in the business environment. Bringing real cases and situations, connecting with the topics. The classes can be by internet or presential.

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Why marketing as a career options for Civil Engineers in special in connection with field experience

I usually prefer board room classes if space is provided or I can support through videos in Skype and other social platforms .

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MBA-HR/IR graduate with working industrial exposer gives tuition to the management students.

My methodology is not fixed, I modify my teaching content as per candidate learning ability and corse demand, I try to keep it simple and crisp. As I am an MBA graduate and work in a different organization, were my learning and problem finding technique will be extra dose to my student to make them self-session before entering the corporate world.

Port Macquarie
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Learn business strategies and concepts that are not in text books and become a successful national award winning business owner

I an experienced business owner and educator. I specialist in developing new and innovative, high quality training and education programs across broad industry segments.

Carlos a. silva
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Executive Certified Professor Post Graduate Courses / MBA in Corporate Business, Economy & Finances, Operations Management and Ethics.

Holistic approach and solid managerial background having developed an ascending career in multinational companies, in several areas: Governance & Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Operations, carrying on leadership roles as Director and Manager with expressive international expose.

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James Cook University high achieving graduate looking for students (high school and tertiary) to help.

My philosophy is that there are multiple methods and platforms to learn something. The trick is to find the right one for you! I believe that I can help you achieve this. I am looking for mature high school students and university students to help and use the tricks and methods of mine to achieve high grades in the specific subjects.

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Vast Experience in Factory Management in various Industries with IITM BTech Degree

It will be based on the Theory, both past and present ,with all basic Fundamentals, their evolution coupled with reference to relevant Case studies; It will be followed by current developments in respective Topics/Subjects and possible consequences in Future.

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Experienced Professional with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in International Business gives teaching classes for the students of Science, Maths, Physics, MBA at Home and at Student's plac

My Teaching Methodology is to excel and nurture the Student's latent talents and let them to explore in their subjects. I teach the topics which are very much in sync with their subjects to enable them to upgrade their skills.

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Multi-million dollar business founder - my framework for your business or startup

I like to know exactly who I am working with and what their vision is. We will assess what work you have done to date, and we will put into priority order what your focus should be. I like to be aware of your learning capabilities and how you best absorb knowledge. We can either work intensively or slowly.

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Engineer, Digital, MBA Business and Strategies and Master Degree in Strategic Marketing Direction.

My teaching method is simple, clear and objective. I do not use what we call bureaucratic marketing, where the theory is so massive that the result is often not positive. I use successful cases as examples, dynamic didactic materials and a lot of creativity after analyzing each need.

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Graduate in management and UGC NET holder with a 5 years of professional experience

My teaching method is a participatory model, students will get many real life situations to discuss and find solutions. Another method i would prefer is case study method.

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Im a student of a manage/ment school i have a great experience

My teaching method depends on how much you can understand with the time i can show you how you can develop the reasoning abilities within few classes i am a professional teacher i give private education advice and within few amount of rupees can get bucket full of knowledge from me..

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Professor in Mangement specialised in Corporate Leadership, Global Leadership, Soft Skills and HR likes to share knowledge.

It is my ambition not only to provide students with the basic understanding and application of business management but also to enable them to work with each other in group settings, be creative and to effectively communicate their ideas and concerns. Students should be viewed as the next generation leaders.

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