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New York
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Hi! I'd love to help you with Norwegian Lessons! :)) Seven years of experience and over 250 students. Looking foward to meeting you! :)

Bachelor Degree in Art History & Literature, freelance study units in Norwegian as a Second Language, and Practical Pedagogical Teaching. University Courses in economy, entrepreneurship and international politics. Extensive language studies with Italian in Florence, Sicily and Oslo both summer courses and University.

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I am a fluent Norwegian speaker in the Provo, Utah area. I lived in Norway for two years.

I think teaching should fundamentally be based on the student's needs and desires, that the teacher should adjust their style to the interests and goals of the particular student, and to their learning speed. I think education is for all, and that it should be done in a manner where both the teacher and student are given equal respect.

Altamonte Springs
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Beginner/Intermediate Norwegian Language Lessons Online or In-Person in the Space Coast Region

I started studying Norwegian in 2004, had several penpals, and even took an applied physics course in Norwegian. I structure my lessons by introducing conversations in both professional and personal contexts, gauging comprehension, and dissecting vocabulary and grammar.

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Germanic and Scandinavian Languages, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Ny Norsk, Old Norse, Faroese,

Resident for more than 30 years in Germany and Sweden. Studied at the University of Heidelberg and Darmstadt Technische Hochschule, Volkshochschule Heidelberg, and Hermods (Sweden). Professional translator of scientific and engineering projects at the Nordic Translation Service and other professional translation agencies.

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Online Norwegian Language Lessons by Native Speaker for All Ages and Levels

I have a native background in Norwegian AND English. My bilingual skills have been proven excellent through my work as a translator. I would now like to use my skills to teach others Norwegian! Teaching has always been my passion, and I hope to create a curriculum that follows your goals and desires while using your personal interests to engage in the learning.

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Learn Norwegian - From Beginner to Advanced level! Prepare a visit to Norway

Depending on what you want to learn, we will work on grammar, pronunciation, structuring sentences, memorizing basic vocabulary, conversational skills and some writing. Learning to build basic sentences and start a conversation / ask a question are important aspects. I also give students resources (aka. homework) to work on independently.

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Norwegian teacher for beginner to intermediate students or conversation partner for higher level students.

I have experience in teaching students or all ages from primary level to adult learners, although most of my experience has been with secondary school and university-level students. I like to work with individuals and small groups where it is easier to build a rapport and gain a deeper understanding of students' problem areas.

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Law and human rights student offering to teach you Norwegian in Colchester

I start from the basics, if the person I am tutoring knows some of the language I will proceed from their level. I can give lessons to anyone who is eager to learn. Depending on what you want to learn I will tailor the lessons to your liking and/or preferences.

1st lesson offered free !

22 year old Law student living in Oxford, fluent in Both English and Norwegian.

My teaching method is more practical than theory. I prefer to teach through academic games and interaction between people. Literature is also a good way to learn. Will start from the basic and work our way up to different levels following Norwegian school system standard.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Norwegian offering Norwegian oral and written lessons in the Lake District

I like to use individual methods depending on previous knowledge and personal interests. I believe that best way to learn is to start with something that appeals to you personally. This is why I often use something close to each student to build a foundation.

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Former elementary teacher in Norway I teach Norwegian bokmål lessons also online

I am 32 years old and this year I returned to Italy after 4 years living in Norway. In Oslo I worked in a private elementary school and in a museum. I am a very simple and clear person, so my lessons are addressed to anyone, I will adapt to the knowledge and difficulties of the student who wants to learn.

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Norwegian language teacher and financial planner living in Canada gives classes in Norwegian!

• Interactive with the use of picture, charts and videos where possible • Conversational with tons of open ended questions to keep students engaged • Unique by dropping in facts ans perspectives unbeknown to most people • Smart with a focus on learning the most in the least possible time

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I’m a born and raised Norwegian looking to tutor students in Norwegian

My teaching methods include a focus on basic language and spelling which will then lead into more advanced language and a focus on speaking and pronounciation

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Nick - Shirley - Norwegian

Nicholas Rawson Language Teaching offers home tuition in French Spanish, Latin, Portuguese and Norwegian at various levels from Beginner right through to GCSE, A level and International Baccalaureate.

Anna rømcke
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Bristol-based native Norwegian actor who is passionate about making language learning fun!

Learning languages should be fun! That's why I tailor my lessons to each individual student. I want to know what you're interested in (be it sports, music, politics or whatever makes you tick), and I will build our lessons it.

1st lesson offered free !

Norwegian lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced, with professional experience of teacher and fluent in Portuguese and English as well.

After an initial analysis of the student's level and their needs, material will be provided for study and teaching to do in class and take as homework.

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Norwegian in individual or group lessons by experienced language trainer for all ages live or online

I make the lesson structured and always work with a textbook. I think that helps to keep track of the common thread. In addition to working in the book there is still time for free and communicative elements to embrace the spoken word, too..

1st lesson offered free !

Norwegian lessons for all levels, on-site in Bonn or Cologne or online!

I offer Norwegian lessons for all levels - from the beginner who wants to learn the language from scratch, to the advanced who wants to prepare for an exam, and everything in between. After finishing my eight-year stay in Norway (and Master's degree at the University of Oslo), I returned to Bonn in 2014 and have been teaching Norwegian since 2015 for everybody interested.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Norwegian speaker who can also teach English and Portuguese! Let's learn!!

I'm a Norwegian, English and Portuguese tutor who wants to help students with their language skills! I like making the lessons interesting and fun because I believe it is much easier to learn when you are in a relaxed learning environment.

1st lesson offered free !

Offering Norwegian tutoring to anyone wanting to learn. Happy to help. Louisa

I teach using text books for different levels of learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Norwegian from a native Norwegian. Marine Science student at Murdoch University, Perth, WA

If you are new to the language I will base the lessons on talking abilities and base the lessons on learning to talk and understand each other and then go over and see how the words are spelled and how the pronunciation of the different letters is in Norwegian. I will, of course, base the lessons around what you want to learn and what you want out of the lessons.

1st lesson offered free !

Native speaker offering Norwegian lessons for beginners who are interested in learning Norwegian

My teaching method is very simple. I base my classes on what you want to achieve. Once we have established that together we work on ways you learn most efficiently and I will then structure the lessons based on that. I also believe in having fun when learning so be ready for that.

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1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Norwegian teacher gives lessons online or in Montpellier : flexibility et adaptability

Hello! My name is Silje (pronounced Celia). Norwegian is my mother tongue. I suggest Norwegian classes at all levels and as needed based on oral and written communication skills.

Kailash kumar
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Text-student at Westerdals offers reading and writing assistance in the Oslo and Akershus area

I myself learn best through practical tasks and believe understanding of the subject comes through practical work. I have been fortunate to have very good teachers during my schooling, whom have listened to me and taken my challenges within the subject seriously. I also want to do that. In addition, I have experience working with bilingual students, ie learning all the basic Norwegian.

Greater London
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La Nucia
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Norwegian classes for all levels. Study or Work in Norway! All level

My name is Beatriz Moreno and I have been living in Norway for 8 years. My classes are aimed at those who aim to either learn about Norwegian culture, go on vacation or work in Norway. Students of any level are welcome. With me you can prepare to do the official Norwegian tests (Norskprøve 1, 2 and 3, and Bergentest).

Finsbury Park
Christiane eidsten

Christiane Eidsten - Finsbury Park - Norwegian

Hi, I am a norwegian young professional violinist living and working in London. I am looking for an enthusiastic violin/viola or Norwegian-language student. Please be in touch if you want to learn to play the violin or improve your Norwegian. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach violin, viola and Norwegian language.

1st lesson offered free !

English Courses & teaching Norwegian at home for all in Isle sur la Sorgue and the surroundings

I offer private English lessons at home Children and Adults. I meet all your needs for all levels and whatever your goal (personal, professional, educational, exam preparations ...).

1st lesson offered free !

Norwegian drama student offering norwegian lessons and an opportunity to understand the language

My teaching method is mostly talking about the language and make it a joyful couple of hours to be a part of. I don't want to make it hard, and always listens to my students. They should feel like they can be a part of the lessons, and don't want them to feel like the classes will be boring and hard.

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Whether someone is looking to visit the Scandinavian country or they are interested in learning the language, there are Norwegian teachers who can provide personalized Norwegian lessons for students. Learning a language is something that comes naturally to some while it is more of a struggle for others. Regardless of this though, it is all about finding the best way to help a student learn and to give them learning material at their own level. With the help of the Norwegian teachers who are fluent in both Norwegian and English, the tutors can help instruct the students in order to make sure they fully understand and comprehend everything, all before moving onto the next courses and information. Norwegian is not the only language thought though, so students can learn from other instructors, including Brazilian Portuguese teachers, a Javanese tutor and also sign up for classes focusing on Arabic lessons and Danish. It all comes down to what a student wants to learn, because there are teachers who can provide the information.