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Physics Student Graduate Provides Tutoring In Math, Physics, Science, And Other Subjects Upon Request, Both In Person Or Online

I am a Physics graduate with a B.S. from Gonzaga University, capable of creating tutoring sessions designed to work along-side students of high-school or college level classes in Physics, Math, Science, and other subjects if requested.

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Experienced Private Tutor for University Physics and Math in East Valley, Arizona

My teaching methodology can be summarized as inclusive learning that incorporates different fields of science and math with everyday life. I aim to use calculus to when solving physics problems and show students how we can analyze and make predictions about the physical world using math.

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Chemistry doctor loving college and high school teaching, help you for you next educational level

I am a Chemistry doctor and I would love to help you any chemistry course questions. I had my undergrad degree in China. Mandarin is my native. My hobbies are theatre performance, dancing and literature. It is my pleasure to help you grow to be Chemical related professional.

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AP Physics and AP Calculus, Introductory Physics, Modern Physics, & more. Bloomington, IN.

When I teach, I like to break things down. Learning is achieved when you build upon an already firm foundation. I like to figure out where that foundation is and build up from there. For example, it is hard to explain why 3*4=12 if the student does not first know that 3+3+3+3 (three, four times) equals 12.

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PhD(in Condensed matter physics) student offering Physics and Mathematics lessons in Knoxville, with experience of 4-5 years.

I base my lectures on the quality of students, I understand that different kind of students might need different kind of teaching methodologies. Initially [in initial lessons], my main focus will be to provide clear and in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of the subject, and then move to the problem solving part.

Chapel Hill
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MIT and Harvard Graduated Scientist and Engineer with 40 years of professional experience.

I teach in a practical manner. I tie the principles of the lessons into everyday applications. My lessons include verbal, written and when possible physical learning. Since I have very broad job experience. I have many germain examples at my fingertips.

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International Instructor/Research Scholar in Physics & Mathematics willing to advise on careers in science & engineering

As lecture/instructor and assistant professor in physics and astronomy, I have been using active teaching for university students with science or engineering majors the fundamentals of physics: mechanics, statics, electricity, magnetism, and even control theory! Usually, my lessons have been of a mixed format in-person and online assignments.

Fort Lauderdale
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College graduate from top university with a strong physics and mathematics background.

I fervently belief in teaching concepts holistically to promote lasting understanding.

San Marcos
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Need a help in Physics! I am just there in san marcos

I am Dipa Devkota, a garaduate student in physics and i really really love physics. I approch each topic individually. I discuss the problem with student like a friend and can teach them in a way they can understand it.

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A Physics Doctorate with a passion for teaching science and performing experiments

I would like to teach scientific principles taking real-life examples. To say a few, why do you see a mirage on a hot day, why rods need banking of curves etc. I focus on scientific concepts rather than the quantity of information.

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Physicist Dr. U's hands-on Phun Physics for Atlanta empowers science for all.

This is Dr. Nmaobi Uzochukwu a retired high school physics teacher from the state of Georgia. I taught physics and other sciences including chemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology. My degree is in Physics but I preferred to teach High school because of my love for that grade of students. One can influence them easily as there are opportunities for more interaction inside and outside the classroom.

Jersey City
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Physics teaching assistant for 3 years, currently getting a physics PhD in Hoboken.

I graduated with a Bachelor's in both Physics and Mathematics. The physics department gave me the opportunity to become teaching assistant (TA). For the past three years of teaching, I found that I quite enjoy it and that I have quite a knack for it, receiving a TA of the year award.

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Teaching physics from last 8 years in university level college in india

With this experience and desire to expand horizons of my knowledge, I wish to apply for the Science and Engineering tutor in your institute.

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Physics and Mathematics Graduate offering to share expertise in the South Jersey area

I often try to teach through a Socratic methodology encouraging a full understanding as opposed to memorizing processes and I try to allow students to discover concepts on their own, instead of being told. In physics and mathematics, more than any other field, one needs to understand the core concepts and their applications in order to succeed.

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Physics graduate offering Math and Physics lessons in Lenexa with 3 years of experience

I am a life long student of Physics and other Physical Sciences. I have plans to become either a high school teacher or professor of physics because teaching is one of the best ways to learn. I subscribe to the constructionist theory of learning. I believe that all students can learn any subject with the right simultaneous.

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MSU physics PhD student looking to tutor math/physics etc. near Howell/Okemos MI

I try to explain the topics (especially conceptual ones) in a way that younger students see the world. I understand that when something seems difficult, people tend to refuse to keep working. I try to help my students see that each task can be simplified enough to not be scary, and that they can solve anything when tackling problems with confidence.

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Ph.D. student offering maths and physics lessons in Kansa City with 5 years experience

My teaching method is explaining the concepts and relating that with our life, then solving one or two examples to clarify the concepts, after that, I give the student the chance to solve the problem by himself with my help and more patience from me.

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Scientist with advanced knowledge in chemistry which have taught for 20 years. I am instructor of AP, MCAT, ACT and SAT Test.

Teaching is an extremely important responsibility from many different perspectives - as a social role model to the youth of society, as a teacher passing science knowledge to the next generations, and as a scientist keeping up-to-date on important advances in the field – all of which serve to illustrate the characteristics of this career that attracted me to it.

Kadambari dhanusha
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Online Tutoring in Chemistry & Sciences for middle and high school levels

M.Sc Student teaches secondary high school students in various fields of Physics and Chemistry. Though the explanation remains the same depending on the level of understanding of the student, the method changes. Having an experience of 5 years in home tutoring, patience and analyzing a student mind has become a part of my way of teaching.

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Physics makes our future world so different that no one can image

I have masters of science in physics, 2016 from the university of Washington/ Seattle.

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Patient, passionate physics / math tutor (any level) with a MS in physics.

My teaching style consists of rigorous detail of concepts coupled with fun and engaging examples thrown in. I make efforts to find and cater to specific learning styles as well.

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Adjunct Professor working towards PhD offering math and physics lessons in Western MA

I aim to help students with high school and college level mathematics and physics through tutoring and instruction. My teaching method consists of a mix of lecture and active learning through demonstrations and guided problem solving. My style of tutoring draws from this modality- I use a Socratic approach and find where in the problem solving process the student faces difficulty.

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Making the next generation even smarter than the last, get a tutor!!

Toriana Nelson Only 18 and but will I be the best tutor you will find. Can help with any subject from 1st - 12th grade, anything math, science, history, English, grammar, and Spanish. Though I am young I took all Advanced Placement classes in high school and use to tutor kids in the library after school.

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Tutor of physics in Westminster ,make students to create and more imaging

I'm an experienced physics teacher for SAT, AP,IB diploma and high school students Give students more practice in class and make the class more effective.

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Honors Nuclear Engineering junior college student giving math and science lessons to all level students through online sessions or in the Orangeburg, SC area

I am a college student currently working towards a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering. I have taken math classes up to Calculus II, and taken Physics courses, and have gotten a 4.0 in these classes.

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Nuclear Engineering graduate and returned Peace Corps Volunteer gives lessons in math and physics at any level!

I have a degree in nuclear engineering and a minor in physics from the University of Michigan, will be pursuing a PhD in plasma physics at MIT, and have worked as a math and science teacher in Peace Corps for the past two years. Lessons are adjusted to student needs, but will include a lot of problem solving strategy and repetition.

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Learn Physics w/ a Berkeley Physicist! (Princeton Ph.D, over 10 yrs of research experience)

I am currently an active researcher at UC Berkeley with many peer-reviewed first authored publication. I got my Ph.D at Princeton University 3 years ago with 10 years of research experience.

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Retired Nuclear Engineer loves to teach toughest courses helping others achieve success

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Nuclear Engineering) University of Florida Over 2000 hours of technical and self development courses received during a 37 year career working as a Licensed Professional Engineer (State of Florida) both nationally and internationally.

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Nuclear Physics grad with 2 years of computer science experience, also know college level cosmology and astrophysics

I prefer the Socratic method and like to make any subject relevant to the student. I find that makes lessons more digestible. Coming up with strict schedules is something I'd rather avoid if possible but I have experience making lesson plans and mock exams tailored to specific students.

(1 review)
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So, you need help with physics, chemistry, or even biology? Im your guy. I can explain anything simply to anyone.

Hello, My name is Alex. I am a senior in high-school near the Charlotte area. However, I have taken a multitude of college level coarses and done quite well in all of them. Needless to say, I enjoy learning. I am also an amateur Nuclear physicist, Doing research in my garage in the fields of nuclear fusion and plasma physics.

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