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Los Angeles
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Registered Nurse Looking To Pass on Passion and Knowledge in Los Angeles

I approach teaching with patience and support. I find it is helpful and important to meet students where they are in their learning and help them get to a place of confidence and readiness. I have so much passion for nursing and the healthcare field and am excited I have been given opportunities to pass that on.

San Diego
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Senior Health Care & Admin, California. Over 22 yrs of experience providing health care and operation of a residential business for seniors. Education: Health Sciences, Nurse training, Residential Adm

My teaching method is lecture, visuals, student interaction, reading, question and answer. The content will be reading, topic presentation, group presentation, visuals, recommended field trip with prior confirmation. Additionally career information and a full assignment to target your ladder for your career.

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Mastered prepared Registered Nurse with 28 years experience offering NCLEX tutoring in TN

I am a product of non-traditional education and understand the need for alternative learning experiences for some students. I tutor first -time NCLEX takers and students in RN to BSN programs. I use a variety of methods to tutor, selecting methods that meet each student's needs such as games and practice exercises.

Kansas City
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Nurse Anesthetist with over 18 years experience as a RN/CRNA offering lessons in nursing science in the Kansas City area.

I have a bachelor of science in nursing as well as a masters of science in nursing specializing in anesthesia. My teaching method is to bring basic science principles and make them applicable and relevant to everyday nursing practice. I can teach basic instruction for clinical skills as well as describe advanced techniques of nursing.

1st lesson offered free !

RN over 27 years experience in Nursing areas of Education, ICU, Cardiac Cath Lab, Management and NCLEX Review

NCLEX Review Books, Repetition of information and applying information in the aspects of care given to patients by the student. I use Quizzes, one on one communication, questions asked by students and information given in simple terms for student to understand.

Des Plaines
1st lesson offered free !

Nursing Tutor For help in Fundamentals, Med-Surg, Pharmacology, OB, PEDS and NCLEX Prep

I base my classes on what the student wants to focus on. I will be providing them with helpful guides and practice quizzes that they are able to take in regards to the material they covered. I will be focusing on re-teaching and clarifying material the students have trouble understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

LPN in south Jersey offering assistance to nursing students needing assistance in the basic fields.

I strive to help my students understand the information their struggling with in a way that is simple and easy to recall while working in the field.

1st lesson offered free !

Critical care certified nurse seeking nursing students (or current nurses) who are eager to learn about this awesome field!

My teaching method is solely based on the learner. I believe that each person has a unique learning style that should be met in order to facilitate adequate education.

West Rutland
1st lesson offered free !

Senior nursing student looking to provide the help I wish I had!

My teaching method varies based on student preference. I begin tutoring by having a dialogue about the methods you learn best with, and tailor my approach from there. I love question askers, as I was always one myself in school.

Orange City
1st lesson offered free !

Registered nurse with 8 years of ICU experience. Degrees in nursing and biology/chemistry.

I am excellent at breaking down difficult concepts and make it easy to understand. I am flexible in my teaching style based on your needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Michigan registered nurse with BSN degree looking to tutor students to help them flourish in nursing school. Currently working in a trauma II ER.

I can break topics down, provide additional learning materials, provide additional assignments to help reinforce hard to learn topics, and provide compassion and understanding for students.

San Francisco
1st lesson offered free !

Registered nurse willing to share its knowledge and skills to ace board exams.

My teaching method is the outcome-based method where I focuses on activities then followed by the conventional discussion. I will address my topics by prioritizing the weakness of my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Nursing student almost finished with Associate's degree while working on my Bachelor's as well.

I approach each lesson differently by assessing the baseline knowledge and building from there. I will always start with the anatomy and physiology of the subject and move to nursing implications.

Long Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced nurse offering tutoring assistance for nursing school exams and the NCLEX!

I give lessons to nursing students on topics spanning from Pathophysiology, Critical Care, Pharmacology and Medical-Surgical nursing. I also provide NCLEX review assistance. In addition, my teaching method incorporates comprehensive coursework to assist in understanding of must know nursing topics.

1st lesson offered free !

Nursing Professor with 20 years experience offering NCLEX and Nursing tutoring and coaching

My methodology is based on the individual or group. I use different resources and teaching strategies that include but are not limited to: concept based learning active/creative connection techniques , technology programs test bank questions, handouts, videos and more. I give continuous support in person, on the phone and via text......... which creates a comfort between the student and myself.

1st lesson offered free !

Excel in Sciences, nursing, ACT/SAT and more ~ 9+ years of experience!

I am a tutor who uses various and new approaches to teach a subject matter. If I realize one method is not working, I will turn to others and to my colleagues. If I feel you would work better with a different person, I will tell you. I truly believe having a good tutor is about having a good match. I think that everything can somehow be made interesting or be made applicable to your life.

1st lesson offered free !

Bachelor Dergee Nurse with 22 years experience offers tutoring in Denton, Texas.

I like to teach and enforce quality care given to all patients. Patients should all be treated the same no matter what their race or ethnic background.

1st lesson offered free !

Nurse Educator with 15 years experience wants to help you pass NCLEX

I use a lot of flip the class room ideas with interactive learning and incorporate all learning styles. I have found if you understand the why, you are more likely to remember the information. I implement lots of NCLEX style questions while teaching and study the rationales while teaching. I also incorporate test taking strategies for the NCLEX.

1st lesson offered free !

Pharmacist with +10 years experience for preparing students to be license pharmacist

My teaching method depend on start from most basic then build knowledge to most advance. i always preferred handwriting explanation, drawings and mind-maps. The most powerful point is developing skills for answer questions and prepare my students to be able to find correct answers for all questions. Mnemonics and summaries considered as my magic tools.

1st lesson offered free !

Registered Nurse with a great deal of knowledge, experience, and a love for teaching.

I try to adapt my teaching style to match the learning style of my student. I like to keep things simple, often using analogy and metaphor to help make abstract concepts more concrete.

Cape Coral
1st lesson offered free !

Nurse Practitioner/College Instructor with 20 years Experience Offering Nursing School and NCLEX Help!

I base my classes on the needs of the student and the subject areas we cover. I want to ensure the student is retaining the information, and that can be achieved through use of PowerPoints, NCLEX review books and literature, practice quizzes, or general discussion of a topic.

Flowery Branch
1st lesson offered free !

Master's degree in nursing, pursuing dual doctorates (DNP/PhD). Experienced in ER/Med-Surg/Clinical practice.

My teaching method is interactive. I encourage students to ask and answer questions throughout class. I base classes on purpose, content, and application. My approach is to assess level of knowledge, and evaluation, so that the class is tailored accordingly.

1st lesson offered free !

Nursing Tutor with 8 years of clinical experience Weston, FL to all ages

My teaching method is student oriented. I coach undergraduate and graduate level of nursing students. Based on your learning style, we can achieve the score, pass the exam you need to move on one step closer to your goal! Below are just some of the examples of how I would help you to be successful.

Port Orange
1st lesson offered free !

Registered Nurse offering NCLEX tutoring and General Nursing lessons to future nurses

I have helped ages 5-14 with mathematics and I lead my study group through nursing school. I can teach online or in person. I like breaking down a subject and helping students learn the material as a whole. I am patient, kind, and helpful and I just want to help future nurses accomplish their goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Become a MDS Specialist in one week, learning the Medicare A and PPS process.

My teaching Methodology is Facilitator it promote self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization. This style trains students to ask questions and helps develop skills to find answers and solutions through exploration; it is ideal for student engagement with structured lecturing.

St. George
1st lesson offered free !

CNA & NCMA with 3 years experience CNA and 2 years experience NCMA

I like to use all methods because I myself use all methods to learn.

1st lesson offered free !

Nursing instructor offering to help students be successful in nursing school.

I like to use active learning strategies. I feel the student learns the most when the information is real to them.

Fort Wayne
1st lesson offered free !

Nursing Professor MEd, MSN-CM, RN, CHEP in med-surg nursing field since 2013

I use a variety of teaching methods depending on what the subject content involves. I have powerpoints, visuals, videos, handouts and more. I usually take a content title and break it down into simplify terms for student understanding.

Atlantic City
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced English and Health Sciences tutor from Atlantic City Area 2 BS degrees

I base my teaching style on the ways my students learn best. I am more of a visual learner , so I tend to teach visually and by demonstration and re-demonstration. I have taught high school students, college students, and adult nursing students. All had their own individual challenges, backgrounds and needs which was why I always found teaching so fascinating and fulfilling.

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