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Los Angeles
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Registered Nurse Looking To Pass on Passion and Knowledge in Los Angeles

I approach teaching with patience and support. I find it is helpful and important to meet students where they are in their learning and help them get to a place of confidence and readiness. I have so much passion for nursing and the healthcare field and am excited I have been given opportunities to pass that on.

Daytona Beach
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Master Health and Social Sciences With a Retired Doctor, Former CPR/FA/AED Instructor, and Current Herbalist

My teaching philosophy is simple: Education should be learner and learning-centered. My outlook on education stems from personal experience. I took my first tertiary course at Brevard Community College the summer before I entered the University of Central Florida. In terms of instructional vs.

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First Year Medical Student in Phoenix for MCAT Prep or Related Sciences

I teach my best when a student has worked through some material, but still doesn't understand it well. I try my best to put it in simple terms and use analogies that are relatable to everyday life. I take a hands on approach by working through the problem with the student and discussing my steps along the way. I am confident I can adapt to fit your needs.

San Antonio
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Need help for nursing? Let me be the answer for your questions

I'm a registered nurse with 15 years experience between nursing and Emergency Medical Services. I am knowledgeable in multiple nursing subjects. I teach by trying to make the subject enternaing but informative. If you enjoy the topic the easier it is to learn.

San Antonio
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Kinesiologist in San Antonio with 5 years of experience and a brand new master's degree!

My teaching method is based on the person I'm working with. Everyone learns differently, so I like to teach to the person I'm working with. I try and keep my lessons consistent, but cater them to the individual, as well.

Lakewood Township
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Masters Grad with MPH gives lessons to elementary through high school students on the following subjects: biology, nutrition, public health, earth science

I am a nutritionist with a MPH and a bachelors in biology. I have taught Algebra and Biology to high school students and my classes are very clear and easy to understand.

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Integrated thinking in science, health, play therapy and nutrition to young children.

I am a Marriage Family Therapist, and trained as a medic I'm the Military. Currently I have a small practice and work with children and adults as a trainer, encourager and a therapist. I am also an elementary Sunday school teacher.

Liberty Township
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RN working on masters willing to tutor Science in Cincinnati 15 yrs experience teaching

Currently working on dual MSN in diabetes nursing and nurse educator. I also have a BA in elementary education. Love science and math. I utilize many methods. If one method does not work will try another till we can find an approach that works best for you.

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Registered Dietitian with 15 years of experience with nutrition and study tips for the RD exam

I give lessons to students who are in school to become dietitians (BS, MS and PhD levels), to those applying to dietetic internships and to those who are taking the RD exam. I work with students one-on-one to come up with individualized plans that ensures success in the class and in the real world. My goal is to help you be a successful student and dietitian.

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LPN in south Jersey offering assistance to nursing students needing assistance in the basic fields.

I strive to help my students understand the information their struggling with in a way that is simple and easy to recall while working in the field.

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Teaching others how to stay young, strong & healthy is what I live for!!!

My name is Minister Sylvia & I live my life according to the Book of Life (Holy Bible) and I teach others based on the fact that we now have eternal life.

San Antonio
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Expert Experienced Registered Nurse (Chief Nursing Officer) and Health Care Operations and a Masters in Hospital Administration teaching Nursing, Health Care topics, Math (Algebra), Higher Management

I have taught numerous medical and nursing topics to RNs, LVNs and medics in military and civilian settings around the world. I have practiced all Nursing specialties to include Med-Surg, Peds, OB-Gyn, Psychiatry, Community and Leadership positions. I excelled in Algebra and Math throughout my career and enjoy teaching medical science courses.

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MD with Strong Science background and love of teaching, nominated / awards for teaching, NYC NJ area. Will CONFIDENTLY guarantee mastery / passing grades or your money back

My teaching is focused for undergraduate and high-school level science courses. I have taught chemistry, biology, and organic chemistry in the past but can teach an even wider variety of subjects with preparation. Having graduated medical school, I have the ability to assist in applications and admissions process for all pre-health students.

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Nutrition and Food Science graduate offering nutrition and algebra I/II lessons in Menifee, CA with 6+ years experience

I approach each topic with an open mind and a clear conscience. I try to make the problem or field of study easiest and possible because the student is already challenged by it.

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Struggling with Nursing Classes or boards? Stop here. Money back guarantee! Rochester NY individual with knowledge to share!

The only way to teach someone is to have experienced it yourself and know what works. Have been teaching for many years and I am a point blank, honest,upfront, this is what you need to do to advance. Lesson structure is based on your learning style and topic at hand. My methodology as a teacher is quite unique and down to earth.

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Online tutoring is available in the Boston area for middle school math, reading comprehension, nutrition, anatomy and physiology.

AI have a BS degree from the University of New Hampshire with a major in nutritional biochemistry. I have an MS degree from Cornell university with a major in food science and nutrition. I received a certification for health and wellness coaching in 2009.

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Science Tutor Available in East Hawaii...Puna, Kau, Hilo, Homakua Coast and Waimea

Doctorate in Health Sciences. Masters in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Associates in Biology. Can tutor in Microbiology, Cell Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, General Biology; Clinical immunology, Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics; Virology. Ethics and Corporate responsibility for health and its global implication is a special interest of mine.

Flowery Branch
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Master's degree in nursing, pursuing dual doctorates (DNP/PhD). Experienced in ER/Med-Surg/Clinical practice.

My teaching method is interactive. I encourage students to ask and answer questions throughout class. I base classes on purpose, content, and application. My approach is to assess level of knowledge, and evaluation, so that the class is tailored accordingly.

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Graduating college student majoring in Nutritional Sciences and gives lessons in nutrition to middle school, high school, and college levels in Glendale, Arizona

My name is Klaire Alcance and I am a recent graduate from the University of Arizona. I received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences. I have gained my CRLA Level III (Master) certification through my part time job as a student tutor at the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center.

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Outpatient orthopedic Physical therapist teaching sciences, anatomy, and college prep to all ages

I have my Bachelor's of Science with major in Exercise Science/Kinesiology and my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I am a hands-on learner using real-life experiences and visual learning. My focus for online science, math, and anatomy/physiology classes will be detail oriented.

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Nursing Tutor with 8 years of clinical experience Weston, FL to all ages

My teaching method is student oriented. I coach undergraduate and graduate level of nursing students. Based on your learning style, we can achieve the score, pass the exam you need to move on one step closer to your goal! Below are just some of the examples of how I would help you to be successful.

Los Angeles
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Professional Nutrition, Health, Diet, Author, Expert Tutor in Spanish/English in Los Angeles

I am a Professional Nutritionist and Health Author. I wrote two best selling books for Bantam, and published countless magazine articles. I can help you get through any Nutrition, Health, or Fitness Course in Spanish and English. I can help you write anything in this area as well.

1st lesson offered free !

PhD college professor/counselor, 30 years - excellent online tutoring -ask my students!

I explain theory with clarity on a personal level! I like to discuss, give examples and stories. I relate to students from all cultures. The subjects (Biology,Psychology, and others) will become real and easy to remember and use.

1st lesson offered free !

MD/MPH mentor in Danville, PA offering tutored lessons in life sciences and medical school prerequisites

I attained an MD in 2012 and MPH in 2014 from the University of Arizona. My undergraduate majors were in Biochemistry and Spanish from Arizona State University. I have training in integrative and preventive medicine as well as a close connection to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

1st lesson offered free !

Zolingo's Spice for Life is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle through exploring the benefits of food, spices and simple lifestyle changes.

My teaching method is truth and fact based information. I am a student of nature and believe we still have so much to learn. I believe life is a process for progress. As long as we are learning in life we never fail. We grow wiser.

St. George
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CNA & NCMA with 3 years experience CNA and 2 years experience NCMA

I like to use all methods because I myself use all methods to learn.

Atlantic City
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Experienced English and Health Sciences tutor from Atlantic City Area 2 BS degrees

I base my teaching style on the ways my students learn best. I am more of a visual learner , so I tend to teach visually and by demonstration and re-demonstration. I have taught high school students, college students, and adult nursing students. All had their own individual challenges, backgrounds and needs which was why I always found teaching so fascinating and fulfilling.

1st lesson offered free !

A Senior Nutrition and Dietetic student who teaches anyone interested in Nutrition major.

I give lessons to students who are interested in applying to nutrition-related major and those who are currently struggling in their major and want to understand, memorize and review their lectures very well before exams. I'm ready to answer all of your questions on Whatsapp voice and you can send me your lectures and assignment too.

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College professor gives lessons in Kinesiology to students of all educational levels.

I'm a college professor in Exercise Science that uses Problem-Based Learning, lecture and application questions to teach all aspects of Health and Human Performance. I give lessons to students of all ages including middle school, high school and university students.

1st lesson offered free !

Professor Asonfac. Areas of expertise: College and University level Health Sciences, Nursing.

I use evidence-based teaching (EBT) strategies to accomplish predetermined lesson objectives that meet current professional needs. I use innovative teaching strategies that are attuned to multiple generations and capture all learning styles. I believe in students centered teaching enhanced by good interpersonal relationship.

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