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Holistic Health Coach assisting those in their own journey in health and wellness.

I am a certified Holistic Health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I believe that almost anyone can reach their own special health and wellness goals with time and accountability.

North Royalton
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CrossFit Athlete and power-lifter currently studying to become a certified PT.

My technique of teaching is based heavily on personal experiences and methods that I've witness help others. Students learn on a subjective basis and I take each individual into consideration when helping them discover the way they learn best. I'm very open-minded and patient, I'll take the necessary time to ensure each student fully understands the information they are learning.

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Reprogram your appetite with very tasty food that also improves your health

I believe in positive teaching. I want to help you have a better relationship with food while getting healthy. I do this through food exercises, open dialog, and plenty of tasty homework. Each homework meal will be healthy, tasty, and most of all fun.

San Jose
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Certified Health & Wellness Coach with a personalized approach to helping you feel your best self!

My approach is to first identify what the client is looking for then work with them to come up with the best individualized plan to help them reach their goals. I use a blend of life and health coaching and providing accountability to support them.

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Feel better about yourself and do the things you have always dreamed of.

In me lessons I will teach and motivate each student in a costly and timely manner that change can happen and it can happen sooner then expected. I provide 30 minute trainings on how to effectively boost motivation, burn weight fast, and increase health.

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Ayurvedic Practitioner offering Ayurvedic Diet, Lifestyle and Herbalism Courses in Los Angeles

Through my work, I aspire to stand in integrity with the ancient lineage of my teachers while making the practices applicable and accessible in a modern context. Ultimately, I hope to offer insight into transformation through awareness & holistic living, to open doors to self-study, and to serve as a mirror, allowing others to see their greatest teacher within.

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Nutrition to help live a better and healthy lifestyle with affordable prices!

I approach the lesson by evaluating the clients eating habits by asking them to keep a food journal including approximate calories, how much eaten, and how much water or soda intake for three days. After evaluating I will create an effective plan that eases my client into the new routine, so the body does not experience shock.

Dr. maria
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Life can bring us many ups and downs....let's tackle this world together! I will be your biggest fan!

Statement of Teaching Philosophy As an educator, I have the opportunity to help others understand that critical, analytical and reflective thinking is the foundation for not only academics but complex problem solving in all aspects of their lives. Personally, academics is not just about learning new information or skills it’s about changing the way that you see and process the world.

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Health, Nutrition, and Fitness Expert with a bachelors degree in Biology, looking forward to attend Medical School

I do all my best to give descriptive lectures to my students, and try to engage with my audience, so all participate in the understanding of the specified topic. If needed, I will also provide helpful notes, along with trying to help them to apply health principles to their life.

Lake Oswego
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Allergy-friendly nutrition education. Assisting in overall mental and physical well-being. (Gluten, sulfites, dairy, sulfur, etc.)

I first will listen to what you are needing. What do you hope to achieve? I will work with you to discover and symptoms of food intolerances or nutritional imbalances. I will work with you to create an achievable plan to get your health back. I believe in moderation and don't believe that there is one magic diet for all.

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Board certified naturopathic physician with 19 years clinic, nutrigenomic, orthomolecular, homeopathic, higher frequency medical experience; Creator/baker DianaJaneOrganics.com , #dianajaneorgancis

As a naturopathic physician, my students are taught how to find health through balance of physical systems within the body,i.e., neurotransmitter, endocrine, immune system, GI system, etc and through balance of energetic systems beyond the borders of the physical body; i.e., emotional, frequency, chakra fields, etc. Each person is unique in aligning their balance from within.

Fort Meade
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Let's upgrade your knowledge and motivation to be all you can be!

I listen very carefully to my students to determine what their needs are and also the best approach to help them learn. We are all individuals and learn in different ways. I customize my methods and content to best suit my student's goals.

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I will get you A in your classes in both chemistry and biology

I graduated from the University of Toledo with a pharmacology degree, and I just graduated from the university of Connecticut with a nutritional science degree. I have a very strong background in science especially in chemistry and biology. I had 3.8 in both my undergrad and my graduate school study.

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Registered Dietitian in a globe-trotting military family ready to inspire you! #istudyfood

As an educator, I use an eclectic style while following a personalized schedule for assignments to keep them on track with their learning needs. This customizable approach provides them some autonomy as well so they can really take ownership of their learning. As a Dietitian, I work in a similar manner, identifying the specific needs of the person seeking help.

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Stay at home mom looking for an opportunity to tutor others with 1-6 years experienced tutoring/working with children.

My teaching method is, I spend time learning about the subject/topic I’m going to teach and learn the student(s)’ learning language and style to help them learn in a way they can better understand. My goal is not just for them to know the answer but to understand why the answer is what it is. My best subject is English.

Fort Worth
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Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach- I will help you lose weight and keep it off!

I use an evidence-based approach. Science rules. No fads or myths! I lay out the facts then provide real-world applicable advice based on experience. A flexible approach to dieting is what I teach, because if you're miserable, it's not sustainable. I make dieting fun.

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The Ultimate Weight Loss/Weight Management Game Plan To Start Your or Continue Your Journey For Long Term Weight Loss

Jeremy is most passionate about these things 1. Seeing people, like you, transform their lives through new, healthier habits and routines. 2. Seeing compassionate entrepreneurs improve their businesses through transformation truths and breakthroughs 3.

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Nutrition inspired individual with day to day experience in well-being. Let's talk proper nutrition with a holistic approach! :)

I approach Nutrition in a very natural way to encourage and help people maintain their health. The techniques I will be using in my tutoring method is going to be a step by step process, which also requires commitment from the individual as well to obtain the health status.

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Just an average gal who learned how to live a healthy life

I strive to be very personable when teaching about weight loss. Weight loss can be a touchy subject, and I want to provide a healthy and positive environment that encourages discussion. I share tips and tricks that will help anyone who is struggling to lose weight.

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RN/Adjunct Health-Sciences Professor offering assistance with health/science classes with 7 years of experience in educating patients in the hospital and 1 year with students in the classroom.

As an Adjunct Professor, I educate a diverse class of students. The age range of the student population is anywhere from 18 to 60 plus years old. Some of the students I teach are pursuing their first degree, yet others may be attempting to return to school after twenty years for a total change in career. The methods I use for each class includes lectures and PowerPoints.

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I can help children and teenagers in Tucson to improve their grades.

I will help students with their homework and test preparation using their textbooks and I will coach them on study skills. I will meet them in their home or a public library which can provide reference books and other texts.

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Health Coach with experience in weight loss and wellness gives coaching sessions

My method consists in 12 coaching sessions for 12 weeks. Sessions are individual or in group. Each session includes showing how to create healthy eating habits, and to discover what's stopping or slowing you down from having the body you want.

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Experienced Nutritional Guidance for Your Fit & Happy lifestyle with a Healthy Dietchart

I Usually prefer to teach in point wise manner as it will get more understandable to readers as compare to lengthy processes. While teaching I specially focus on the basic concept and ask them to note down the concept in own words.

Las Cruces
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Wellness (Mental,Physical,Social,Financial) - Be your best self and actively achieve your goals.

Personal success is something many people desire and strive for, but often fail. Personal success is personal and must be specific to an individual. Each person builds there own path and all I do is show people some tips as to how they can improve their lives in a holistic approach. Often starting with the mind and ending in the tangible results.

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Located around the Jackson area of Mississippi, Food Scientist and Personal Trainer available for advice, personalized programs or nutritional coaching!

I specialize in nutrition and exercise programs for individuals looking for a healthy lifestyle or who need a personalized program that can be monitored and adjusted as needed. I will work one on one either in person, by phone or however you wish to communicate.

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College student in Cookeville studying Health Sciences wants to help you.

College courses regarding nutrition, wellness, sociology, and psychology can be applied to everyday to promote and maintain a healthy life and make positive life choices. Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the body helps all take the next step to overall wellness.

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Phd in Exercise Physiology with 40 years of University teaching coaching in Nutrition for Wellness and Sports performance in the greater Ny/NJ metropolitan Area

PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University Giving lifestyle coaching in fitness athletic performance and Nutrition to individuals of all ages through Dr.

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Health and wellness coach, living through years of experience and an education to back it up.

I approach each student where they are at. Healthy living can look different for everyone so getting to know the person is the first thing that I do. After that we make a plan and I become an accountability partner.

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Health advocate that has the personal and precessional experience to help others better understand nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

My teaching is coaching based. I use motivation techniques to encourage myself and others to take the steps to reach their goals. I also use S.M.A.R.T. goals to help make changes easier when the world seems to be fighting against you and your progress.

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Offering lessons in nutrition, research based weight loss techniques, as well as basic first aid skill if interested. I have Bachelor's in Exercise Physiology (Nutrition Emphasis)

I do not offer a set program or use pre-made courses when I help others with nutrition and/or weight loss. Every person is a unique individual with different needs and problems. I provide information, support, and a customized nutrition program based 100% off of your needs.

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