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Academic French tutor at Roxbury Community College with two years of experience.

I’ I’m an undergraduate student at Roxbury Community College; my method consist on:Reminding students about the around environment which I consider as the first step to conveyance and understanding; reviewing the details which Can help the student to make improvements.

(4 reviews)
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Native French speaker & graduate of UNCC living in Charlotte offering help with all things French! 20+ years of experience speaking and living in France.

My teaching method is repetition, repetition, repetition! Human beings pick up on habits and habits stick with us. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from UNC Charlotte by studying hard and developing an appreciation for the material. As a tutor, I seek to figure out where a misunderstanding grows from and work from there.

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French native newly graduated to give personalized lessons in Santa Cruz area starting September

I have always enjoyed learning languages while having fun this why mixing culture, fun facts and our specific goal like grammar, vocabulary, oral / written expression / comprehension, translation... is very important. In order to improve I make sure to know what we are able to do now and what is the level we want to reach then.

(4 reviews)

Have Fun learning French with A Native French Tutor! Each Student is unique and I like to tailor my teaching to your personality.

I have been tutoring French & English since 2015. I moved from Paris to the U.S, more than 10 years ago. I have been working in many different industries (healthcare, finance, banking, consulting for small businesses, non-profit etc.). I tailor my lesson based on your native language and your goals.

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French major with five years experience tutoring students from all over the United States

My teaching method is flexible depending on the student's needs. I work a lot with Power Points and/or worksheets, which describe the lesson of the day. I tend to demonstrate and focus mostly on grammatical concepts and applications, though I am proficient in reading and writing the French language as well.

Los Angeles
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French native with 23 years of experience gives French lessons in Los Angeles

All students are individual and everyone learns in their own unique way. I teach personalized lessons, theme-based custom courses tailored to the student's needs and level, created to meet their specific learning goal. My lessons are simple in order to allow anyone to easily learn and converse in French.

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College student in engineering who passed his french baccalaureate and is ready to help you fluently speak and write in French.

I graduated high school from a french private school in lebanon and passed my french Baccalaureate in sociology and economy. I would be happy to help in any level of french you're in until you can hopefully be able to speak and write fluently.

Sierra Madre
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College graduate with a B.A. in French offering French tutoring lessons both in-person and online

I believe immersion and oral practice are the best methods for learning a language and being able to speak easily. Practicing speaking regularly will lead to fluency. I also believe having an accurate accent is very important in both comprehension and expression.

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Native French Speaker in Washington DC with a passion for French Literature and Philosophy

I have given French lessons to students of all ages (6 -45) and levels (beginners -advanced). I am a firm believer that the brain learns better when it is positively stimulated, in other words when the topics studied and discussed in class are interesting to YOU.

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Vive la France! Let this professor w/20 years experience be your guide!

My teaching approach is rooted in communicative language learning, focusing on speaking the language in natural settings. I supplement my teaching with deep study of the structures of the French language, its grammar, and culture appreciation.

Santa Monica
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A real way to learn quickly French with a native French teacher

My teaching methodology is really interactive. We only speak French during the lessons. You do not necessary have homework, I adapte my methodology according to your available time. Talking is the best way to learn quickly. We can have the lessons in a classroom, outside, at home...... i think it is good to change the work environnement sometimes.

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Aprende inglés hablando inglés, con mi metodo de alta experiencia en aprendizaje.

Trabajo con jóvenes y adultos. Me especializo en la conversación. Hace algunos años creé una metodología para darle clases a personas de habla hispana. Soy una persona muy jovial, muy afable y me gusta que mis alumnos aprendan. La docencia es mi pasión.

San Diego
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French Native Tutor And Have Great Experience With Kids. Try me :)

I think that the best way to learn a language is by practicing... Therefore we will constantly speak french and watch/listen to movies in that language.

(2 reviews)
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French teaching assistant with 2 yrs experience. Lived in France for 1 yr. Strong command of language and knowledge of how to help English speaking students succeed !

I teach elementary/intermediate French in similar styles. I teach grammatical concepts as the basis of each lesson and then add on vocabulary. Often I prepare games for students to recall vocabulary and practice writing/speaking it. I focus on the student producing the language rather than passively absorbing it (although they will listen to me speak French quite a bit as well).

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Professionnel de la communication prêt à vous aider à améliorer votre français

My teaching technique is based on exchanges and free reflection on different subjects. For me, the most important thing is not to add knowledge to each other, but to learn about it and know how and when to use it.

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Graduate in French Language and Literature providing French tutoring in Richmond, VA

With French, I prefer immersive learning and try to avoid using English as much as possible. I believe that repetitive exercises are effective for foreign language acquisition. For this reason, I believe it is incredibly important that each student use a workbook of some sort--and I can certainly recommend some great options.

Ulrich vianney
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Recent UNT graduate who is a native speaker from Cameroon offering tutoring in the Denton area.

I also to use repetition. I show the concepts first and I have students repeat the process until they can understand themselves. I think repetition it is the best way to learn. When I do this method most students understand.

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French Language tutor with 2 years of experience. Based in Orange County, CA.

I like to use task based teaching in the classroom which is an approach to second language acquisition that allows students to complete meaningful tasks in the language being taught. Examples of these activities include writing dialogues to read in front of the class and discussion based activities such as how rags to riches is perceived in different cultures.

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Supply Chain Management student offering French and Math tutoring sessions in Lakewood Washington.

I'm a math tutor pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management after earning an Associates degree in Business Administration. I tutor math in college for over a year now and my french skill comes from my background. I'm at least bilingual and French is my primary language. I believe that everyone is gifted and my tutoring style focuses on helping people to discover their potentiality.

Boca Raton
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French born citizen, would like to help others speaking this awesome language!

I work a lot on the grammar and prononciation of words. Lot of vocabulary words and verbs conjugation. I try to keep my classes fun and interesting while working hard.

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Recent graduate magna cum laude with five semesters' experience apprentice teaching and tutoring French

As a teacher and tutor I aim to make students feel comfortable and confident in the language with an emphasis on communication and understanding. Though I believe the best language learning is done almost entirely in the target language, I believe thorough comprehension is the most important and work with students to find what mode of learning is best for them.

Staten Island
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University Student with Home Country Proficiency in French Tutoring All Ages in New York

I give lessons to students with varying levels of French skills. I base my lessons around the needs of my students, as well as around their interests.

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French enthusiast with past experience tutoring French at college and has experienced 4 different Francophone countries

My teaching method is personal; my number one job is to make sure you learn French with the best method that works for you. Whether you learn better visually, orally, or kinesthetically, I take measures to ensure you progress every lesson. I have studied abroad in a Francophone country; this allowed me to learn modern French.

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French native with a 10 years in teaching experience. Give classes to all levels in the Columbus, OH area

I adapt to my student. if you are an individual traveling overseas on a business trip, we will be working in immersion and on immediately applicable skills, day to day functioning. if you are a student preparing for something specific, we will target our approach to your specific needs.

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Tutor with Bachelors Degree in French Linguistics and several years experience as a language tutor.

In general, I try to tailor my teaching methodology to each student, depending on their level of experience in the language and what they want to get out of it. In general, I try to teach using every day activities and normal conversation, trying to mimic the way we learn our native languages.

Los Angeles
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Learn the tricks from a Native Franco- English Speaker... results: massive accent reduction!

Finding common points to talk about is great ...finding things to argue about has an odd tendency to bring the language out with more emotion, increasing the learning curve. I also ask a lot of questions about life, talking about the deeper side of life brings all sorts of interesting words and phrases to talk about.

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Native French speaker with tutoring experience offering lessons in New Haven area

I make a point to tailor all my lessons to the needs and goals of my students. Because I am a native French speaker, I understand the challenges when learning a new language and value the importance of cultural literacy.

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French Teacher/Tutor with translation and study abroad experience in the Round Rock/Georgetown area

I accept all students, no matter their proficiency levels in French. I use my linguistic knowledge to highlight specific, difficult aspects of the French language and make them easy to understand and retain for English speakers. Students in my classroom always find themselves constantly engaged and having fun while learning.

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Tutor with B. A. available to teach French via Skype or Zoom

My teaching method is very logical. I go at the student's own pace. In other words, I don't give them too much that he/she can't handle. I teach grammar, sentence structure, verbs, conjugating verbs and word pronunciation. I also teach the student to think in French which gives them a strong understanding and perspective of the language.

Boca Raton
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A passionate French Teacher with 5 years of experience in private lessons at home or online.

My goal is provided in French different tool to love this language. I use art, manual activities and games to love and practice this language with pleasure. My method is based on written and oral language. With my experience, I have seen a faster assimilation of the language through games or activities.

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Perfect! Laetizia was a wonderful tutor. I had just a few weeks to bone-up and get ready for my language exam for my PhD and she was great. She found passages of increasing difficulty in various different contexts, from popular magazines to early modern...

Scott, student
3 months ago

Perfect! She helped me with my homework and I did pass all of them. She was very kind, lovely and understanding. That attitude made everything easy for me.

Grace, student
10 months ago

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