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I am a creative writer and have been since childhood. Creative writing is my most loved writing style. The only thing that surpasses it is mentoring other creative writers. It is my life's work.

I meet my clients where they are - that means that a client's skill level is inconsequential. Whatever level of skill you are at is the correct level, and I will meet you there. Where we go from there is your choice. If you have humble expectations, we'll start with small steps and readily mastered goals.

New York
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Education Specialist (Language & Reading) in New York with 15 years global experience

My teaching method is simple - understand the strengths and gaps in learning of the student I am working with. I simultaneously build rapport/relationship with them and begin to set goals with them and keep a record of our goals (no matter how simple) so they can see growth and feel intrinsic motivation and achievement.

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Math, Physics, Econ, Writing, Reading, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, SAT & ACT, with a former College philosophy Professor

I help you get to the answer, not hand it to you. I ensure you feel empowered to tackle your educational responsibilities, even when alone. This is the best way to guarantee continual growth and success for you. I bring & impart CIC - Compassion, Information & Confidence.

Highland Park
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English Literature Help - Decade of Professional High School English Teaching Experience

Tutoring Services: - Private Prep and Tutoring for English, Language Arts, Speech, and Theatre - ACT & SAT Prep - College Essays Grades: 6 and above “Never judging, but striving to always be fair” is the motto in every one of THE ESSAY MASTER's classrooms, along with striving to bring both a sense of humor and passion into every lesson.

New York
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Current graduate student of speech-language pathology with Academic English (reading/literacy, writing, speech, language, and socialization) and 6+ years of tutoring experience.

I customize my teaching to each student. This comes from my experience in Special Education and my personal experience with education. I am understanding and want every person I tutor or teach to succeed, but also to learn and feel comfortable doing so.

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English for Academic Purposes and Test Preparation (IELTS, TOEFL etc.) Lifelong English Learning for your general, academic and professional needs. I am an American 20+ years teaching English overseas

Bachelor of Arts Degree in American Studies, Russian Studies and Law. 2 years of law school at "night school". 20+ years classroom experience teaching English for General and or Academic Purposes in Russia, Central Asia, Poland, Cyprus and Sultanate of Oman for students entering higher education and need English to be successful with their professors.

South Orange
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Screenwriter with 10 years of experience gives English speaking, reading and writing lessons at home in South Orange, NJ.

I worked in the motion picture industry for over 25 years in both creative and business development capacities. My strengths are development (of a narrative), story structure, grammar, spelling and using the English language effectively and efficiently. I like to teach primary, middle and high school students and prefer an interactive lesson.

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ESL teacher who's philosophy is "early intervention is the key to success."

I graduated from Northeastern State University in 1990. After being a housewife for 15 years, taught special education for 7 years. I utilize all the learning modalities for each lesson simultaneously, so all students' mode of learning is available for individual success.

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Clear Writing Requires Clear Thinking---guidance and editing by a well-published author/scholar---for anyone within 15 miles of Darien, IL

-Four graduate degrees in literature, including the Ph.D. -Two recent books on literary subjects -Method of instruction: The student writes; I read, ask questions, and request greater depth and clarity; the student re-writes...

Palm Bay
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Passionate Educator/ NBCT wil make learning painless WHILE HELPING YOU TO SUCCEED

I am an experienced (25+years) National Board Certified Teacher and I continue to be a passionate educator. I have a bachelor's degree in secondary education/ English major and a Master's degree degree in secondary Writing Instruction. I am endorsed and experienced teaching Reading and ESOL in grades 7-12, currently at a high school in the Melbourne Florida area.

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Enthusiastic Tutor with extensive experience gives English and Spanish classes to young children and adults that are willing to learn a new language.

I like teaching with a sense of humor, demonstrate enthusiasm and appropriate behavior throughout the class. I am a demonstrator but it depends on the subject and student's level. I like using tools that stimulate creativity by including playful games or forms of visual exercises that will excite young minds and capture their interest.

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Madison, WI-based freelance writer hopes to teach eager word enthusiasts how to make the most of their words

I like to keep it conversational when teaching. I may do most of the talking, sure, but making sure that you're on the same page as a student is very important to me. I keep it loose and fun but without losing the seriousness that education requires. I value knowledge intensely, but I also love Star Wars so maybe we can find some common ground.

Saint Helena
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Political Science and Education graduate from Northern California offering English tutoring with 3 years of experience

I have individually tutored 2nd through 8th graders in Math as well as working as a regular teacher for 8th grade Social Studies. My teaching methodology is hands-on and relies on project-based learning as well as the socratic method. In terms of lesson-planning, I strive to make the methods of learning varied and individualized for my students.

San Clemente
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Experienced, Positive, Credentialed English Teacher Who Delivers Results in South Orange County!

I've worked with children from the 1st grade though 12th grade. I have taught ESL, Reading, Language Arts, and lower grade Math. We generally use grammar books and reading comprehension books in most lessons. I provide a lot of positive feedback and patience.

Santa Maria
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Qualified English tutor with 6 years experience offers customized lessons in Santa Maria

I base my classes on the theory of different learning types. This means I adjust my style to the individual, based on whether they are a visual, verbal, tactile learner etc. I prefer to make sure the student understands the in’s and out’s of the English language and writing/reading, while still keeping their own style in their writing.

1st lesson offered free !

The Doc. is here to assist you in the areas of English, Communications and more

I focus on self-paced learning, and the Socratic method. I do not dump stuff into your head. You will be led to knowledge acquisition. I approach every interaction with a person of any age as a teaching/learning opportunity. My role in life is assisting others to learn the road to success.

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Proven Private Debate Coach offering advanced high school tournament preparation skills at the state (TFA) and national level (TOC/NSDA). Philosophy, public policy and ethics instruction.

I meet my students where they are at in terms of skills and needs. We work on developing skills through doing drills, work on case writing and develop strong and ethical research practices. We talk about goals they have for the year and then we create a detailed action plan to facilitate reaching those goals.

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44 Years teaching offering help in English: test prep, literature, speech, et al.

My teaching method adapts to the learning style of the student. It is based on subject matter competence in which I identify the area(s) of learning the student needs to work on in order to be able to pass tests, write essays, read literature, and prepare for SAT, ACT, GED tests.

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Wordy and worth while writing and original oratory assistance from a freelance orator.

My teaching is coming from a place in my heart that truly wants to see you succeed in all that you do. I have Dyslexia and have had my own issues with learning. I'm hands on and patient. My visual teaching skills are second to none. I love to teach aurally and physically and I'm an exceptional teacher when using verbal methods.

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High school senior giving English tutoring grades k-12 in Congers, New York

I am a senior in high school. I have been taking honors and AP level English classes all my life. Using the knowledge I have gained from these extensive classes I can help you with your essay structure and writing, grammar, synthesis of novels, and anything you are struggling with in your English classes. I will make sure that you understand this course fully.

1st lesson offered free !

College student in International Relations giving help in middle to high school Literature courses near Shepherdstown or via skype

I am a student studying International Relations in the Honors College at Shepherd University. I was a member of the 2016 Governors Honors Academy. In high school, I was a member of the National Honors Society, The National French Honors Society, and was named an AP Scholar.

(1 review)
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Certified Teacher with Master's Degree and 8 Years Experience Offering English and Test Prep

My lessons are created specifically to meet each students' needs. I use teaching methods designed to meet a students' specific learning styles (out of the 10 known learning styles, like visual, kinesthetic, etc.). Additionally, I create classes with different sections so that we can cover all of the skills we need to in efficient time.

1st lesson offered free !

Attending the University of Saskatchewan for a B.ed in English & Social Studies

My Teaching methods are derived from inspirational and history Icons: "Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be." -Rita F. Pierson "Everybody is a genius.

San Diego
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Universal language training and development place for talented interested people of the world

It is not teaching at all, its facilitation based on the 4 C's of this 21st Century skills for the facilitator as well as for the students required as of today for their tomorrows world or the society to get recognised. Demonstrative methodology.

Palm Desert
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Life time credentialed teacher and administrator with wide background in teaching, specializing in communications.

Choosing a learning platform that works best, whether it's verbal, visual, written, or discovery method. By structuring a program that fits the student's learning style, together we can accomplish the goals we set together and reach success.

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Vibrant, certified teacher brings History and English to life in your speaking and writing!

My methodology is based on "deeper understanding through hands-on, experiential learning." I truly believe that learning can be and ought to be fun, or at the very least enjoyable. My enthusiasm for instruction, learners, and learning is transmitted in all my lessons.

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Major looking to help students with written and oral communication.

I look to tutor students in English and Public Speaking both in person and via Skype. All of my students will receive the help they need and deserve in order to become a better English student and Public Speaker. Those seeking help with just English, will tell me their strengths and weaknesses, and I will prioritize the weaknesses in all of my lessons.

West Monroe
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Helping YOU with English is my business at any level at anytime!

My teaching is centered on meeting my student’s educational goals. I have experience teaching and tutoring children and adults at every level. I can tailor lessons to meet your needs at any level of English or ESL.

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Seasoned Veteran instructor teaching/overseeing instruction of young adults towards occupational success. With a Masters degree in Adult Education, and Bachelors degree in Communication, in addition t

With a Masters degree in (Adult) Education, a Bachelors degree in Communication -earning Summa and Magna Cum Laude distinction; having instructed-in and overseen instruction of multiple formal schoolhouses, tied-in with six years as a Dale Carnegie GA/Instructor of personal and professional instruction, topped-off with nearly twenty years is award-winning success in business ventures, with...

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