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Young Ohio State B.S. graduate with advanced science and chemistry knowledge/coursework experience, based in Columbus OH

I will provide tools, tips, and clear strategies for immediate learning. I also provide clear answers and responses to questions on subject material. I also strive to create interest and provide prospective for long-lasting knowledge in the subject.

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Graduate student and military veteran with a passion for the biomedical sciences

My teaching method is to be as thorough as possible when teaching new material. My goal is for the student to have a mastery of all the material we cover. I will make it my mission to ensure that you receive outstanding instruction to ensure that you earn a great score on your exam.

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College student gives tutoring chemistry and math at high school and middle school levels online

My name is Ruby and I give lessons to high school and middle school students who need help with chemistry and mathematics up to calculus III. Most of my lessons are example based rather than lecture style, as I believe it is more helpful for a student to learn by practice, rather than by being told of something.

Suisun City
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3rd year college student in Fairfield offering lessons in Biology, English, and Chemistry

I prefer to teach students on a case by case basis. Just bring your problems to me and I'll do my best to provide assistance and answers. For Biology I usually provide the necessary information to help students understand the various concepts. I find that labeled diagraming is a useful tool for study.

Sai avinash
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Professional with Master's Degree offering Mathematics and Chemistry lessons in and around Temecula !

I first try to analyze the level of the student's understanding of the subject and his/her depth in the concepts and based on that i design a methodology and a create a curriculum so that the student understands the subjects easily and clearly.

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HS science teacher with 8+ years of experience offering tutoring in all core classes (science, math, English, social studies).

I tried to find the best way for my students to success regardless of their learning style. I have a lot of skill in presenting information and explaining it in such a way that it makes the most sense. I'm very passionate about science and math and I am a teacher because there's nothing like helping someone have success learning something that they might often struggle with.

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12+ years of tutoring experience with students of all age. Happy to serve you at home or public place.

I completely understand that each student is special and have different grasping abilities. I approach them all by creating a trust/bond/friendship where they can approach back with any questions/queries/confusion they might be having with their subjects/homework.

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Biochemistry Senior at Clemson University offering MCAT tutoring, tutoring in General Chemistry, General Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, and Basic Math/Physics. 516 on the MCAT and 1 ye

My goal is to both help you understand material that you are already studying and material that you are being exposed to in your class/area of interest, and to introduce you to resources that will make the process of learning easier and more efficient.

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Real Chemistry Professor with 30+ years of teaching and 10+ years of tutoring experience.

My approach to teaching is to foster empathetic relationship with the learners and bring out the best in them. By being proactive as facilitator of ideas and knowledge, I endeavor to stimulate independent mental faculty and critical thinking. I wish to teach the subject as well as teach the people. Such a combination of content and method will provide a lasting impact on the students.

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Jacksonville Biochemistry Bachelors recipient, and 2-year tutor, giving lessons in math and science!

I believe in an individualized teaching methodology specific to each person. Some students learn better with visual/audio aids while others learn best from reading. I work with my tutees to determine the most efficient tutoring approach at the beginning and make adjustments as we go.

Lake Elsinore
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Chemistry Degree Graduate offering science lessons with 3 years tutoring experience in Lake Elsinore

I am inquisitive and perceptive in order to understand my student's learning style, whether they have a kinesthetic, auditory or visual learning modality, and adapt my teaching methods to their benefit. My tutees excelled in their classes because in addition to excellent academic tutoring, I tutor classwork success and test-taking methods to maximize understanding and score of the course.

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Chemistry tutoring on various levels by a chemical engineer with a Master's degree. Greenwood-Anderson-Greenville area.

Hello everyone! I am available as a chemistry tutor to anyone who is in need, no matter the level of education (middle school, high school, college, etc.). I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in chemical engineering, and one year of PhD experience as well. I am specialized in analytical chemistry, but passed organic chemistry and biochemistry courses with flying colours too.

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Professional Chemist with 3 years of chemistry teaching experience at the University level

I have earned PhD in chemistry from Howard University. I have been privileged to teaching general chemistry and analytical chemistry as a Teaching Assistant and Chemistry Instructor at the University.

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Professor with knowledge of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and College Physics ready to help.

I have taught college students for 7 years now and I still love the process of showing people that they can do it. I believe that the best way to teach someone something new is to have preset lessons and do several examples. Practice makes perfect.

Palm Springs
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Organic Chemistry Researcher offering chemistry tutoring in Palm Springs with 5 years of experience

I have found that the best way to learn organic chemistry is through pattern recognition. I have been successful with tutoring organic chemistry through showing and explaining the trends that we see within reactions.

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Retired Chemistry Professor who desires to help others understand the wonders of nature.

I believe learning is interactive. In order to understand chemistry or math you must engage with it. In order for the engagement to be successful it must be meaningful. This often involves small group work. I find that the interaction with others in the same situation exponentially increases everyone's understanding.

State College
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Biology student offering math and science related lessons in State College PA

My teaching methods include visual and physical learning - from experience this has worked best, creating pictures, index/flash cards and connection webs, the use of hands instead of technology improves the connections your brain makes. I like to begin by getting to know the student, their habits of studying and what they believe they struggle with and from this develop a plan of action to help.

Fort Collins
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Experienced chemistry tutor who graduated with a BA from UTSA, who can help with basic through organic chemistry 2, and has also tutored areas of math and physics!

I believe that clarity, patience and positivity are key to a good educational methodology. A student who feels comfortable enough to ask any question will have more fun and learn faster than one who feels intimidated or pressured.

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College Senior from Boston MA with extensive Chemistry class and lab experience

I approach each topic by tailoring it in a way that applies to each individual student.

San Antonio
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Will show simple tricks and tips to master General and Organic Chemistry!

I have primary tutored at college level, but more than capable of tutoring at the high school level. My tutoring sessions have the reoccurring theme of introduction, specific problems of students, overview of topic, sample problem broken into a mechanism, and finally practice.

Saint Paul
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Private Math/Science tutor in the Twin Cities with 8 years of experience

I prefer students to come to me with materials to review, assignments to work on, and questions. I find that I excel in my ability to explain a given topic/concept in multiple ways, and can relate complicated concepts to real-life examples and comparisons. I am patient and understanding. I love to learn and I enjoy aiding others in doing the same.

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Future Medical Student offering inorganic and organic chemistry lessons in Denver with 2 years of experience

I will cater my teaching to the student's learning style. I understand that each student learns differently, so I want to help them comprehend the material as best as possible. Many of my students find my instruction helpful and insightful for their learning needs.

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A chemistry teacher with 30 years of experience in public and private schools.

My teaching method is very student-centered. I give a lot of examples and am not afraid to try several different methods within the same lesson in order to get each student to understand. It is my job as a tutor to get each student to understand both basic and more difficult concepts.

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Make Houstonian Proud by Great Tutoring - A Ph.D. in Chemistry, Simple

I always have this in my mind, If my student cannot understand the chemistry, maybe I should simplify the concepts more and more. If I cannot make that concept simpler then Perhaps I myself need to learn and practice more. If the chemistry does not come with a simple example of it then the chance success is not that much high.

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Chemistry graduate offering high school and college level lessons, as well as math up to AP Calc

I teach based on comprehension, not memorization. Instead of accepting a formula or concept at face value, I explain where it came from, and why it works. My focus is on problem solving strategies based on a big-picture understanding, by creating a strong conceptual foundation at any level.

West Salem
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Laboratory Technician Will Teach You Chemistry; I hold a BS in Chemistry, 3 years tutoring experience.

I am currently working as a Research Assistant in the bio-analytical chemistry department of an international biomedical research firm. I have excelled in college in all math classes through Calculus II.

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Organic chem major gives lessons in organic chem biochem molecular genetics microbiology physiology

Deaserae Domangue (concealed information) but call me Dez. (concealed information) Lessons for any age. I do not give answers in science. I give u the tools to come up withanswer on ur own because these are topics you will have to master because they are built upon.

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Recent MBA graduate with Primary-Secondary-Higher Ed. Math and Science Specialty, Missoula, MT.

My education consists of MBA and BS in chemistry. As a student-athlete, I tutored math and science subjects to high school and college-aged student, and continue with this currently. My techniques and methods consist of simplified explanation coupled with repetition.

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Medical Student giving lessons in chemistry, biology, physics to those interested near Jackson/Flowood MS area

I have a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Ole Miss. I have an M.S. in Biomedical Sciences from Mississippi College. I am a medical student at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. I am well versed in the sciences. I have taught high school chemistry and physics for 2 years. I am currently teaching biology at Mississippi College.

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Biology / Chemisty /Biochemistry / Organic Chemistry tutor Savannah - ASU senior

I'm a Senior at Armstrong State University graduating in spring 2018. I am pursuing a major is in Cell / Molecular Biology and a minor in Biochemistry. I am in the Pre med track applying to medical schools at the moment.

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Perfect! Barry is incredibly knowledgeable and able to explain a depth of scientific material--whether it is organic chemistry, biochemistry or general chemistry. Even if he hasn't seen a particular concept in awhile, he's always able to reason through a...

Victoria, student
2 years ago

Be supported by the best tutors in your organic chemistry lessons

Chemistry is a rather fascinating form of science that helps explain the chemical makeup of the world and also what happens when different kinds of chemicals interact with one another. Organic chemistry focuses more on natural elements in the world and how these elements come together naturally. While there are other principles studied in these sort of a course, this is the basic outline. Of course, knowing the elements, understanding specific formulas and diving further into the Periodic Table is essential. Should a student struggle with this sort of a topic, it is time to bring in the private teachers who can provide organic chemistry private lessons. These chemistry private lessons might not always have all of the direct hands on experiments of a classroom, but the organic chemistry private teachers can work with a student in order to determine what they are struggling with and then create lesson plans for each individual. After all, every single student is going to learn in a different way, it might just take the physics private teachers to find the best way to instruct the student and improve their overall understanding of the subject matter.