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Rochester Hills
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Princeton Ph.D. and published author teaches French, Spanish, and English to ages 11-70

I learned French from my father, between birth and 4 years of age and Spanish from my aunt, between three and 11. I took French and Spanish all through school, with a double major in French and Spanish in College (Hunter). I received my M.A. in French from Stanford University, my M.A. in Spanish from Stanford University, and my M.A. and Ph.D. in French from Princeton University.

Rapid City
(1 review)
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Learn Mandarin the easy way to understand the Chinese language from home

Taipei Language Institute Kaohsiung, Taiwan I studied Chinese in the community in South Taiwan and was surrounded by the language at Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery during my stay with them in Da Shu, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I use "New Practical Chinese reader, pinyin and Chinese characters. Expert translation work from Chinese to English using a Chinese dictionary.

Hallandale Beach
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I’m a native Spanish speaker ready to teach you the best way to learn Spanish through successful and easy tips!

Advance level education of the language. No books no boring classes, only provide conversational skills and methods. Academic of Communication and language in Venezuela. Experience in Reading, writing, speaking, build phrases and sentences, listening and daily native speaker during 29 years.

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Returned Missionary teaching basic conversational Russian lessons near Provo (and grammar too)!

Hi, I recently served a full-time mission in Novosibirsk, Russia. I lived among the Russian people for about a year and a half and developed a deep love for their language and culture. I would love to help supplement your study of the Russian language.

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To really learn, you need the right teacher and that is ME!

I have taught French and Spanish at the college level for many years and have tutored at other levels as well. In my methodology, I emphasize speaking the language first, and then the understanding of grammar will come from learning how to speak.

New York
(1 review)
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A tutor with 10 years of experience in teaching English, Italian and Russian! Click here

I am a foreign languages tutor with 10 years of experience, and I am looking to develop professional network and to traget students. I am a hardworking professional and a skilled teacher. I graduated with honors in 2007. Then, I got the second teaching category after only a year of teaching in 2010 and worked for two years as a freelance translator.

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Đ can learn you turkish and arabic and the translation between arabic and turkish

Egypt, cairo, ain shams university, the faculty of language, turkish department Master Kahire Yunus Emre Türk Kültür Merkezi’nden Türkçe okuduğumu belirten 2 sertifikam var. 2- ERSEM ve YUNUS EMRE ENSTİTÜSÜ VAKFI işbirliğiyle düzenlenmiş olan YABANCILAR İÇİN YAZ OKULU eğitim programına katıldığımı belirten bir sertifikam var.

State College
Kouame remi
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Learn French, Englsih, Spanish, German, and Basic Japanese through motivation and inspiration with an experienced Educator of more than 20 years.

I base my classes on the interaction between me and the student through constant repetition so as to allow the student to learn easily. I also use patient and constant encouragements, for I know how learning a foreign language can be daunting and exhausting.

West Palm Beach
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Life is a project , enjoy it and love the project model to learn

My teaching method is based in projects because I am a PMP international Certificated , I found is one of the best way to teaching using PMI Method.

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Native Japanese Language (Standard) both Written and Conversational Language Spoken In Japan

I am teaching through the brain exercise by a connection with imagery approaches. For example, Good Morning in Japanese is Ohio (the State of Ohio, U.S.A.) although it is not exactly the same pronunciation. My emphasis on learning languages is "speak it without translating it.

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Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian lessons ! Fun - Easy - Fast

I am a polyglot, fluent in four languages, I am offering classes to teach others in the fun-easy-fast way that I used to learn English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Instructor with 21 years of experience give Spanish lessons online or at home

My name is Elizabeth and I am an educator with a Master's degree in Education. I am a native Spanish speaker. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, USA. I worked 10 years in the position of elementary teacher and 11 years in the position of school principal with the Department of Education in Puerto Rico. I have taught Spanish to elementary school children (K to 12), and adults.

1st lesson offered free !

Religious Scholar, College Instructor, and Linguist with a Masters in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and advanced training in Ancient Semitic languages specializing in Biblical Hebrew.

My teaching pedagogy/methodology utilizes differentiated instruction and an interdependent model of the instructor as both teacher and learner. I focus on meeting students where they are, focusing on their particular learning style, and approaching language as something not to be fearful of but as a creative, fun, and useful skillset for analytical, interpretive, and cross-cultural development.

1st lesson offered free !

I would like to be better in French or Spanish that's my goal.

I have a certificate in French and Spanish. Actually, I'm in school Nashville state community college (NSCC). I'm from Haiti I've been in United. I can teach the beginners and seniors. I'm very lay back as a teacher you can ask me whatever you want cause there's no stupid questions.

Bel Air
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Easy , fun and correct way to learn Spanish just in couple months,

i am from Dominican republic , I have a major in Business administration . I currently speak 3 language , Turkish , English and my native language Spanish. therefore I know that it can be frustrate to learn a new language.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish de nosotros hispanos para ustedes; teoría, practica y uso simple, practico

Estoy aquí para ayudar a personas interesadas en aprender español, les guiaré por su camino en el entendimiento de este grandioso idioma. Enfocándonos en teoría, practica y ejercicios para facilitar el entendimiento y aprendizaje. Espero que juntos podamos abrir todas las puertas cerradas aprendiendo español.

1st lesson offered free !

Want to learn french for any kind of purpose ,school, leisure,personal,company work and anything else contact I'm always available anytime any day, I'm in Philadelphia rorer street and french is my na

I am a French teacher willing to teach French to all those who are interested in it and to have all levels of education especially from the beginner level to the professional level. I teach especially anglophones who want to learn french as second language For professional reasons or simply for leisure I am French native and I will give you the best French class teaching to improve your French .

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Russian Language Tutor, Retired Paratrooper, 98G, Former Course Supervisor & Instructor at Goodfellow Air Force Base

1986 Defense Language Institute Russian Basic Course 1992 State University of New York Bachelor Degree 1995 Defense Language Institute Russian Intermediate Course 1997 Diplomatic Courier Service Diplomatic Support Courier Course 2001 Goodfellow Air Force Base Basic Instructor Course 2001 Goodfellow Air Force Base Instructor...

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish Tutor all Levels In Tampa FL. expert in Grammar, went to billingual school in Colombia and United states

My Name is Laura Correa I was born and Raised in Colombia, I have been going to Bilingual school since first Grade, I came to the united states at the age of 14 and I have taken professional translation courses, I Excel in Grammar and proper pronunciation and I can teach to any level.

1st lesson offered free !

Learning English The Gateway to Success and World Access to Meeting Others

I am an American born educator of 33 years experience. I would like to teach you to speak English proficiently so that you may explore the world and have access to your dreams of success and advancement. English is a valuable language to anyone in the world, it is used and spoken my most advanced countries and provides communication gateways to multiple aspects of learning and multiple societies.

(2 reviews)
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Fun & Fluent Spanish and English Tutor here to help all levels

Native Spanish speaking with degree in International Relations and experience with different cultures. Knowledgeable in linguistics, writing stiles and dynamic reading instruction. Have several years experience in bilingual content writing. My teaching is patient, hands on and interactive.

North Brunswick Township
1st lesson offered free !

Language instruction

I give language lessons for different levels: beginners, intermediate and advance students in Arabic and French. I follow the level and the need of every student. I introduce culture and songs and reading books. I also use educational games in teaching. I combine traditional teaching with fun teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

Master degree professional in russian and uzbek/tatar languages in ann arbor area.


West Palm Beach
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Miss Chaïna. I'm a french speaker and i'm teaching French to foreigners who want to speak French. And you won't regret it, I will teach you the basic of how to learn the language withing couple of day

Im a high school graduate, and i'm attending college. I speak three languages . I speak Haitian Creole, French, English and some spanish. My carrier , my major is linguistic teaching. i'm going to be a teacher and teach languages . That's my goal.

1st lesson offered free !

College student in Bible gives Greek and Hebrew lessons to high school and college students in Edmond

I am a Bible major in college with one year left working towards a biblical languages minor. I have been one of the top students in both Greek and Hebrew. I focus on memorization of new vocabulary words while trying to keep the whole environment fun. I really like to enjoy my time learning new languages, and I'd like to help you with that as well.

1st lesson offered free !

Mothertongue Italian lessons in San Diego Area: speaking writing conversation or just to know my country.All levels

All levels of italian for every use or certification. I believe that conversation is the key to remember a new language because I learn more speaking every day in english that on the books. Grammar is important if is connected to what is useful to learn.

(1 review)
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Over 15 years' experience tutoring ESL, language arts & French, Memphis, TN.

I'm an enthusiastic, passionate teacher & have taught French & English to all levels, grades & ages of students. I adapt my teaching to the students' needs. BA in French and English and a master's in ESL.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Native Arabic and English teacher and English and Arabic translator (and vice versa)

English and Arabic teacher and translator Taught in schools and colleges. I ask questions in general during explaining the lessons to keep the attention of the students Give many practice and work sheets Correct mistakes indvidally with students Give them a chance to work independently Give hw and tests to evaluate their progress.

Wappingers Falls
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Albanian native speaker offering Albanian(both dialects) lessons for all the levels.

the students that i have been giving lessons were form different ages, and different backgrounds.The majority adults with different areas of interests such as law,politics and economics. Few of my students were scholars from second to eighth grade. The main technique that I use is more focused vocabulary and comprehensions skills.

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Exam results are never the same. This is because every student has their own level of intelligence and learning aptitude. Some grasp things faster but others need more time. If you are a student who is struggling or the parent of one, you can get help in the form or private lessons. Languages which are completely foreign and must be spoken and written in a precise way can be particularly challenging. Private Albanian and Vietnamese teachers, a Greek tutor and Persian lessons can make all the difference in mastering the language. Private tutors work with a student at their pace and will repeat lessons if necessary. They will also give lessons at times that are convenient for a student. The need for private teaching is one that SuperPROF saw and set out to make it easy to arrange. SuperPROF is a US-based website with a database of 100,000 qualified teachers offering private lessons in every part of the US . Apart from the above languages, you can be linked to other languages teachers offering private lessons in many other languages. Get onto SuperPROF and get a private tutor offering Greek, Persian and other languages lessons.