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Former chattanooga, tn college instructor: elevate your pay by learning word & excel!

My teaching methodology is to show and explain to a student first. Then I let them try a simple exercise. I then build the course from the ground up, so that each next step becomes simple and fun! I also assist during exercises so that student "gets" it.

Las Vegas
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Microsoft Word program proficient who is ready to teach you everything I know to help you succeed!

Teaching one on one or in a group setting to ensure that my students stride toward success. My method of instruction is to help students to better understand the subjects that they are struggling with.

La Quinta
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Technology Consultant with 25 years experience offering basic computer skills instruction in La Quinta, Ca

My teaching style is to go at your pace. I want you to understand all concepts of one subject before we move on. I will have short quizzes ( but will not grade them ) to help you see where you are, and if we can proceed.

Santa Ana
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It Professional with 10+ years of experience in CS in Santa Ana

I base my class lessons on my students I go at your pace not mine. I will explain things a multitude of ways until you are confidante you understand the topic. I have tought Comp Repair, Windows and typing.

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Experienced IT Tech teaches computers locally in Tulsa, OK without all the fancy tech jargon.

As an experienced IT Support Specialist and Computer Technology Instructor, my main goal is to ensure that my students get a grasp on the concepts involved in resolving computer hardware and software issues. Since most hardware and software rely on the same basic principles, they are thus more confident in handling a multitude of common functions they will find in nearly all technology devices.

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Specialist in Web Design, Mobile App Development, and Digital Marketing coupled with vanguard business intelligence. If I can be of any assistance to you or just want to chat between professionals..

My teaching methodology is simple..read-write-recite. My most notable name or alias is Braxston Lamar Rousell. However, I am well known in the music industry as Braxston "Beex", recording artist. I am a data regulation specialist and advocate specializing in Digital innovation and creativity.

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IT pro with 25 years experience has taught many folks on the job. Boston North Shore.

My approach to teaching is to focus on "hands on the keyboard" learning, adding readings and homework as needed to keep progress steady. I can tailor the approach to the interests and experience level of each individual. I can also help with resume writing to prepare for the first job out of school, and advise on job search techniques.

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College student in Computer Science gives Microsoft lessons to students between primary school and high school in Charlotte

I am a freshman majoring in Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I believe that individual tutoring is a different scene than teaching a class, therefore, I am always patient with my students. It is essential for them to work at their own pace and fully understand every concept before proceeding forward.

Cherry Hill
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I am 25+ year IT professional master in Microsoft Office. I love to help you!

I teach thru doing. I like to use real life examples to demonstrate concepts. I will adjust my lesson to the students problems. IT and programming need practical experience to help understanding. I listen to you first to understand your goals and issues, then work with you on a plan.

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Long-term experienced computer instructor enjoys sharing Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to all

Each individual's software experience is taken into consideration (including no experience) and the expectations of the individual/group are acknowledged. Lesson plans range from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Basics or essentials of the software tools are always provided in class training.

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Cybersecurity instructor willing to work with anyone interested in learning Office products.

My classes are based on work ethic, passion, and desire to become an IT specialist. We use hands on training and virtual machine based projects. My students are interested in becoming certified in a number of IT disciplines.

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IT tutor support with emphasis on Office, Windows, and Basic PC assistance- Cary, NC

When I train and mentor new IT professionals I like to have them get as much hands on experience as possible. Sometimes the best tool for learning is failing, learning and trying again.

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Learning Computer skills with quality and dedication for all with extra points.

Teaching with practical and clear examples. Simple methodology, learn by doing and using. Clarify questions by email, phone and always have good content to study and learn. Clarity and good didactics are fundamental, education and efficiency in teaching are also differential. Of course, practical classes.

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Beginner friendly computer skills in DeKalb, IL from an Instructor A+ certified

I like to tailor my instruction to make connections between subjects the student has an interest in. I love helping people grasp difficult concepts, and helping people build their confidence in problem solving.

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Technology specialist over 10 years in providing support and training to end users.

The way I approach my teaching is I strive to find out the best way to teach each of the individuals in their native learning style. i.e. lecture/video/articles and any other resources they are comfortable with in grasping the content and material.

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PhD Computer science offering Microsoft office lessons online with 15 years experience

My teaching method gives my students all the necessary knowledge for practical and theoretical use. Why? Because my approach and working methodology work with only one student. All the time the study is dedicated to only one student. Adapted to his basic knowledge and progress during his studies.

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Systems Support Specialist with a desire to share years of experiences to others

I teach by assessing the basic knowledge of my class, providing knowledge on subjects of which I am an expert, and helping create an atmosphere of positive, influential growth in the subjects that matter most to my students. IT is very broad, and I am capable of assessing and helping each individual find their niche in such a broad field.

Coolbaugh Township
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Basic-Intermediate PC/Networking use & maintenance. US Navy veteran with 35 years public and private IT experience in the Pocono Mountains of PA.

My teaching priority is answering questions, no 2 students are the same and require customized attention. You tell me what you want to know, I will do my best to make you proficient in the subject you choose.

Crystal Lake
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I have a substantial object-oriented background in all SDLC phases. I have exceptional Windows C++ troubleshooting skills, knowledge in low-latency, performance enhancements, multi-threaded, and archi

My teaching approach is based my work experience with the following skills: C, C++, C#, CLI, Patterns, MFC, OOADP, Options, Windows Client/Server, Code Collaborator, Perforce, MS-SQL, RPC, SIP, STL, VoIP, Threads, Visual Studio, Hyper-V, VMWare, Hibernate, Scrum, SIP, SQL, TDD, Visual Studio Profiler, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, and Bounds Checker.

North Brunswick Township
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Be a expert in computer Technology offering ( DOS / Hardware/ Outook /etc.. ) any area

My teaching method base on current technology and provide visual sample picture to make the student understood the topic.My teaching is not base on theory its base on actual situations to be used. This means once the student learn they can apply what they learn on the spot.

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Technician with years of experience that want's to share his knowledge to assist others.

My teaching method is explaining why something should be done, then showing you how to do it and finally helping you accomplish the task by yourself. If you need additional assistance I am very patient so you won't be rushed learn at your own pace in your own space.

El Paso
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Information Technology student offering basic computer lessons and more! Located in El Paso with more than 8 years experience. Come and learn!

My teaching method is very simple. We ill learn basics first and go over what was learned to ensure that everyone is up to speed. I like to quiz at the end of each lesson and I like to have my students perform a lot of hands on and not just powerpoints.

Port Canaveral
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Software Trainer with 15 Years' Experience - MS Office applications and Windows basics

PATIENCE! Pacing the class to meet learners' needs and current abilities. If you are starting off as a confident user, then I will proceed with you at a speed that won't be boring. If you are terrified of the computer and afraid it will break if you touch it, then I'll move more slowly and take the time to explain, demonstrate, repeat, and let you practice and learn.

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15+ Years of IT Experience with a master's degree. Columbus, Ohio Expert in writing resumes

I believe learning should be a fun activity and not a cruel method I believe learning should be a fun activity and not a cruel method I believe learning should be a fun activity and not a cruel method

Fair Oaks
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IT Professional with Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint Presentations, Word) Knowledge to Share

My teaching method is to listen to what you need and then create a curriculum that will address those needs. I am very patient and will make sure you fully understand the information before moving to the next subject.

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Engineering Student Offering tuition in Basic Computer Skills and all Microsoft Office Software

I base my classes on the skill level of every student and apply thereon. My goal is to see that moment when a student achieves the understanding that is needed to work through a problem or sum.

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I can teach you Gmail and other Google apps on any device

Batchelor degree in computer science. Have been using personal computers since they were introduced. Many years of experience working with many industries and skill levels. Google apps user since it was introduced. Customized instruction makes you more efficient so you work smarter.

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Windows Automation & Component Object Model Programming for Microsoft Office Suite

I've been automating for large and small businesses for 8 years. I continuously automate daily tasks using Java, Selenium, Tasker and Autohotkey. I've worked for small companies, students, or anyone who needs something done in Windows, IE, Excel, and Outlook. If you need tutoring, assistance with automating tasks, processes or databases, please text or email me.

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Microsoft Certified Trainer with 10 years of traditional and online teaching! Ready to help you succeed, today!

My approach to teaching is to perform an analysis of your needs, and provide you with a unique experience. I truly believe hands on approach allows you to get a true educational experience.

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Increase your productivity by learning to maximize your use of Outlook with a professional trainer who has 15 years experience training this program.

I approach software training as a hands-on experience since you learn what you do much better than what you hear.

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