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Fort Lee
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Making Anatomy and Physiology entertaining, inspiring, relevant, understandable, fun and easy!

I have a real world approach that all levels of students can relate to. Engaging. Not reading from powerpoints. "Dumbing" tough subjects down. Teaching and tutoring is more of a conversation. I have worked as a group leader and mentor in The Science Enrichment Center at my University. A very accomplished study group leader.

North Little Rock
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Medical Student in North Little Rock, AR with over 10 years tutoring experience!

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Nutrition and an additional EMT certification. My main teaching methodology is through direct instruction and practice. Practicing skills at different levels is incredibly important to ultimately mastering them overall.

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High-energy and passionate biology educator offering tutoring for all ages in Toledo Ohio!

My teaching method involves making information come to life. I show that each piece of information has value, whether it's obvious or not. I can teach to all levels, from grade school through graduate school. I like to make sure the foundation of a lesson is laid out before diving into details.

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Former Surgeon Turned Scientist with mentoring and teaching experience of 13 years

My teaching methods are unique to every student. I live by the adage- different folks, different strokes. Every student is different and hence the teaching methodology for every student is different as well. I develop lessons plans with careful assessment of the student and their expectations from my teaching. Student satisfaction is of the utmost importance for me.

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Dental and public health professional offering biology and basic science lessons online!

My teaching style is practical and discussion-oriented. I will use your preferred textbook as well as resources of my own to prepare notes that will guide the discussion. These notes will be available to you prior to the session so you can get familiar with the content. During the session, you can ask me as many questions as you want until you feel that you have fully grasped the concept.

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Doctor of Medicine, medical articles publisher and medical book author who is in love with teaching and education for more than 7 years. Chicago area :)

I use different and multiple teaching approaches from direct hand writing and drawing on paper, using computer and teaching videos and power point. more into action learning and involving the listener. exercises and homework. more important making the class on different level of rhythm.

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College graduate available to students in need.Alegebra 1,2 precalculus , biology ,

My teaching method is directly related toward the student.Quick learners typically learn easy from repetition .Those who struggle need basic core concepts along with aids to help student memory gap so that they can be more successful in the classroom.

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Quantum biologist that understands the depth and breadth of biology; past Biologist from Stanford; AAA+ Game Designer also teaches Game Philosophy

I base my teaching methodology catered to the student and what the parents desire. I am very mindful to evaluate if concepts are being learned or if there are gaps in knowledge. I like to take various approaches that I find work best for each individual.

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Medical student with MBA and Paramedic offering lessons in medicine and biology

I like to teach with analogies, mnemonics, and catchy sayings. I prefer to learn about my students to see what methods may work best. I think humor is the best way to learn a complex subject and has worked well.

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Dental student with a master's degree in medical science willing to teach health sciences

I like to teach one-on-one using a lot of visuals, mnemonic devices, and videos. I think repetition is key to learning so I like to go over topics more than once and I think testing your knowledge with small quizzes are also effective in learning.

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College Professor and Laboratory Scientist available for local (Roanoke) or online tutoring

I base my teaching on interactivity with the material and myself. I ask a lot of questions, give a lot of feedback, and provide examples or scenarios to help students understand how content applies to "real world" situations. I like to find the authenticity in the material so students see value in learning it.

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Trauma/Surgical ICU RN/BSN, Masters in Forensic Anthropology, Undergrad in Criminology/Microbiology! Destin, FL

First, I address what parts a student understands. Then, we delve into the the problem area(s). For some, it can be as simple as explaining a concept in a different way, such as drawing, discussing or having the student "teach" me. Other times, it is best to start at the beginning and move forward at a pace the student is comfortable with.

St. Francois County
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• To further my professional career with an executive level management. • Seek to diversify my skills in health care management. • To add value within the organisation, bring a proven track record of

my teaching method based on class lecture and demonstration of standard procedures. LECTURE METHOD. A lecture is an oral presentation of information by the instructor THE DISCUSSION METHOD. Discussion involves two-way communication between participants. THE DEMONSTRATION LESSON.. BUZZ GROUPS. BRAINSTORMING and ROLE PLAYS.

1st lesson offered free !

College professor with 15+ years of clinical and academic experience teaching anatomy and physiology

I excel at breaking down the hardest topics so you can relate to them, understand them, and truly learn. Go beyond memorization to learning. Build your student skills to succeed in ANY class you take.

1st lesson offered free !

Retired Physician looking to teach youth about the wonders of Biology and the Human Body.

My philosophy is quit simple, I engage my audience on a personal level and to the extent possible as equals. The advantage of teaching in the postsecondary realm is that I can create a more collegial atmosphere than someone teaching younger students.

1st lesson offered free !

MD with extensive clinical and academic experience. Held Associate Professor position at BSN program for 6 years and Medical School for 2 years. Tutored medical, nursing and pre-professional students

After working as a Family Doctor in a small town and an Emergency Medicine Doc, I taught anatomy, physiology, pathophysiolgy and pharmacology. As an educator, I consistently earned positive student reviews, and my students outperformed previous graduates on their licensure exams (by subject). - The best clinicians are those who understand the foundational basic science.

New Orleans
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MIT Grad, Medical student with over 10 years of tutoring experience in NOLA

My style of teaching involves giving a short lecture about the fundamentals of the topic, then gradually covering advanced topics. I continuously question my students in order to help them reach the answers themselves and to make sure that they are keeping up with the material.

1st lesson offered free !

Naturopathic Physician in Seattle area with 4 years in clinical practice applying fundamentals of anatomy, physiology and biology to help people heal.

Every patient I work with is an individual. They understand the world in their own way. And they express themselves in their own way. Teaching is no different. When teaching, I aim to meet individuals where they are at and to explain concepts in a basic way that even a young child can understand. “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.

Roxbury Township
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Fascinated by Biology in NJ, excited to share this amazing subject to students.

My teaching is a partnership of making facts relatable and memorable while addressing the learning style of each student. I like to make learning fun and engaging using examples that make concepts more palatable for the learner.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm in Cleveland. I have a Ph.D. in biology and M.D. with extensive experience in pathology.

My teaching philosophy is one of ascertaining where my students stand in their knowledge base and learning what their goals are in order to best coach them in the direction that they want to go. This seems to have worked pretty well as most of my students have gone on to be very successful.

Cleveland Heights
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Doctor of Medicine who can gear learning biology sessions toward those interested in health professions.

I make it a point for students to understand the big picture, so they have a schema to put all the details in. I also focus on applications of material. Often this involves finding out a students interests and gearing sessions around that.

1st lesson offered free !

Accomplished Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology tutor in the Broomfield area with over 5 years experaince.

I cater to all types of learners (e.g. visual, audio) and find joy in teaching a wide spectrum of students. I also have studying and memorization techniques to help aid in test taking, and understanding of complex systems. I also make each lesson plan as individualized as possible.

1st lesson offered free !

Student Physical Therapist Assistant who wants to share knowledge of the intricacies of the human body.

I shape my teaching to fit my student rather than forcing my student to fit my teaching. No two people learn in the same way, so no one should be forced to conform to a standard of teaching. If a student does not understand a concept presented, then I find another way to present it that does make sense.

Jay vien
1st lesson offered free !

A medical graduate studying for his STEPS, I'm an expert with topics about biology (anatomy, physiology, patho-physiology, etc.), as well as topics on general science and psychology

I have taught medical students, college, and high school students a like. I also taught a few PhD-level classes as a guest lecturer. I can teach/help you based on the books/materials you use, as well as give additional knowledge based on what I've studied (medical books, refererences, etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Biologist with passion for the study of life, offering lessons in Biology!

My teaching method and style is based on clearly defined objectives on the subject matter. I use active engagement and discussion style as method of instruction. As a tutor, I want to be your academic coach to foster love and joy for learning, while understanding the core concepts of the subject.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

3rd year medical student, taught medical sciences for the past 8 years.

I base my teaching on the way the student learns best. visual, hearing, written, repetition, etc. I give lessons to students of all ages who are willing to learn including students with learning disabilities. I usually start the class off with 2-3 mins of asking each other of how my students days are going so far and if they have any cool plans coming up.

San Jose
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Pediatrician wanting to share knowledge of biology with young minds in the South Bay Area

My teaching method is much of a collaboration between the students and myself. I prefer explaining a topic first, helping the students understand the basics and having them read materials later so that they understand the topic better. I personally prefer students coming up with doubts during the next class. I don't mind repeating the material again until the student is thorough with the topic.

G jeffey
1st lesson offered free !

Retired physician and Adjunct Professor of Anatomy and Physiology available to teach biology Miami/Ft. Lauderdale metro area

I believe in the Socratic method of interactive participation between student and teacher.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a third year in medical school in my rotations! I have 2+ years in tutoring college students in organic chemistry, biology , math, and chemistry 1 and 2.

I love to tutor and bring confidence to students in various subjects. I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences in 2016 and matriculated into medical school where I continued my studies.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent Medical Doctor Graduate, an expert in all Pre-Med classes. Making getting into medical school easy!

I like to get to know my students first to ascertain which modality of teaching suites them best. Also, not every subject can be taught the same way and be learned as effectively. I take this all into consideration when deciding my approach for a specific student.

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