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Medical Student on break wanting to teach Biology/Medical Sciences in Greater Seattle!

My teaching method involves, depending on the age, taking a subject a student is struggling with and making sure the student understands why it is important in the big picture. I let my students dictate what we cover in regards to subject matter, but I don't take excuses and I drill and quiz my students until I am positive they fully understand.

St. Francois County
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• To further my professional career with an executive level management. • Seek to diversify my skills in health care management. • To add value within the organisation, bring a proven track record of

my teaching method based on class lecture and demonstration of standard procedures. LECTURE METHOD. A lecture is an oral presentation of information by the instructor THE DISCUSSION METHOD. Discussion involves two-way communication between participants. THE DEMONSTRATION LESSON.. BUZZ GROUPS. BRAINSTORMING and ROLE PLAYS.

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Science nerd with experience teaching biology and health to elementary through college-aged students in HTX.

I like to teach each class based on the needs of the students. I prepare by reviewing the necessary topics to be covered and recall how I best learned these originally. I use as many visual aids as possible, and I love the variety of animations that can be viewed on the internet.

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Naturopathic Physician in Seattle area with 4 years in clinical practice applying fundamentals of anatomy, physiology and biology to help people heal.

Every patient I work with is an individual. They understand the world in their own way. And they express themselves in their own way. Teaching is no different. When teaching, I aim to meet individuals where they are at and to explain concepts in a basic way that even a young child can understand. “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.

Cleveland Heights
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Doctor of Medicine who can gear learning biology sessions toward those interested in health professions.

I make it a point for students to understand the big picture, so they have a schema to put all the details in. I also focus on applications of material. Often this involves finding out a students interests and gearing sessions around that.

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Accomplished Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology tutor in the Broomfield area with over 5 years experaince.

I cater to all types of learners (e.g. visual, audio) and find joy in teaching a wide spectrum of students. I also have studying and memorization techniques to help aid in test taking, and understanding of complex systems. I also make each lesson plan as individualized as possible.

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Student Physical Therapist Assistant who wants to share knowledge of the intricacies of the human body.

I shape my teaching to fit my student rather than forcing my student to fit my teaching. No two people learn in the same way, so no one should be forced to conform to a standard of teaching. If a student does not understand a concept presented, then I find another way to present it that does make sense.

Jay vien
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A medical graduate studying for his STEPS, I'm an expert with topics about biology (anatomy, physiology, patho-physiology, etc.), as well as topics on general science and psychology

I have taught medical students, college, and high school students a like. I also taught a few PhD-level classes as a guest lecturer. I can teach/help you based on the books/materials you use, as well as give additional knowledge based on what I've studied (medical books, refererences, etc.

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Graduate nurse with a 4 year BSN and a BHS in Springfield; perfect tutor for Anatomy & Physiology!

I teach based on my student's learning method(s). Visual, aural, physical, verbal, logical, solitary, and social. Each person has a unique combination of these methods, and it's up to me and you to figure them out and work together to help you fully understand each concept.

Land O' Lakes
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A Decade worth of tutoring experience tailored to help you reach your potential!

My teaching methodology is based on the individual needs for the student. I like to have the first tutoring session start off with 20 minutes of getting an idea of how the student studies, retains information, organizes themselves, and see where they believe they are the weakest at. The remaining hour is when the paid tutoring session starts so that we can achieve the best results.

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Recent Medical Doctor Graduate, an expert in all Pre-Med classes. Making getting into medical school easy!

I like to get to know my students first to ascertain which modality of teaching suites them best. Also, not every subject can be taught the same way and be learned as effectively. I take this all into consideration when deciding my approach for a specific student.

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Experienced and passionate instructor (biology/human anatomy & physiology) wants to help you master your classes!

I hope to communicate my love of learning (and my fascination with the complexity of living systems) to my students. I work diligently towards helping my students understand difficult concepts, enabling and inspiring them to master course materials and concepts, using a variety of learning modalities that are tailored to individual learning styles.

1st lesson offered free !

Extensive experience with biology and sub areas. Active limb salvage surgeon for 24 years, now I'm resting.

My basic method of teaching is that whatever the students may need comes first. A basic understanding of these needs is obtained by direct interaction with the student(s). I use reading assignments, examinations, slide presentations and most importantly, a direct one on one for individuals and group discussions for larger groups.

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Physician-In-Training willing to help with pre-med and medical school classes, and USMLE Prep

I teach by guiding through questions and rapid-fire questions, but ultimately by tailoring each tutoring lesson to your needs.

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Fourth year medical school student, Alpha Omega Alpha honor society member with B.S. in neuroscience

My teaching methodology is to first to a basic review to make sure we have a good framework to operate on.

San Antonio
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Medical Student offering lessons in biomedical sciences with 4 years of experience

Blunt force memorization has never worked for me in school. I believe the best way to learn Science concepts is utilizing real-world applications and problem-based learning which I incorporate into my tutoring style.

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Current physician assistant who graduated in biology with concentration of neurosciance double minor in psychology and human services. Love teaching and giving back!

Memorization using flash cards, special hints and cue words to help remember, positive reinforcement, writing, reading, listening, practice, and pictures

1st lesson offered free !

Pediatric ICU registered nurse with tutoring experience in anatomy, pathophysiology, and biology.

My teaching methodology is practical knowledge to help one pass and excel in nursing school as well as taking the NCLEX

Yuba City
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Majoring in nursing, have a good understanding about human anatomy, physiology and microbiology.

My teaching method is: first explain the material concisely and then quiz at the end, if someone still having trouble than i would choose another method of explaning.

Ann Arbor
Dr. juveria
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Friendly, and passionate about learning. Education is the only thing people can never take from you. Always room to grow! In helping others and I hope to help someone in need of tutoring.

My teaching method is whatever is best for the person I am working with. I am flexible and willing to do whatever needed to help that person. I am very visually and hands on as well.

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Biology graduate gives lessons in biology and bioinformatics in Marietta or Online

I have a BS in Biology with experience in teaching/tutoring adult students. I employ visual learning techniques as well as project-based learning to help students grasp abstract concepts with deeper understanding. All lessons are tailored to the students learning style and lifestyle.

St. Augustine
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Retired MD offering Biology, Anatomy, Phsyiology, and Health Science tutoring in St Augustine,

I have tutored high school, college, advanced college courses and premed/MCAT studies. My goal is to help you find your switch to turn on understanding of these subjects. Once they make sense, you can build on each topic easily.

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Veterinarian offering college and grad school level tutoring in biology and veterinary sciences.

Individualized approach based on needs of the individual and specific course work. Aims include helping problem solving skills, test taking and firm understanding of subject material.

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Science Tutor with 3 Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry, Biology, and Biomedical Engineering

Regarding group tutoring: I have tutored 8-10 groups of freshman students in physics and chemistry. My responsibilities included organizing worksheets and problem sets for practice. I also reviewed concepts covered in lecture in supplementation with analogies to reinforce better comprehension. Moreover, I have tutored a classroom sized group of students at a tutoring center for AP biology.

New York
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Online tutor with 3 years of experience in Medicine, Biology, English and Environmental science. Currently tutoring at Chegg.

I am a self employed individual, I teach Online....I normally provide a comprehensive guide to a question so that my students understand how the solution was reached. Thorough research is what makes my tutorials unique and understandable to my students.

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I am a third year in medical school in my rotations! I have 2+ years in tutoring college students in organic chemistry, biology , math, and chemistry 1 and 2.

I love to tutor and bring confidence to students in various subjects. I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences in 2016 and matriculated into medical school where I continued my studies.

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Looking beyond in basic under standing in zoology, physiology, anatomy , cell biology , pharmacology , pathology


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Medical Student at UCL offering Biology/Chemistry Lessons in London up to A-level

I am Ollie and I am an enthusiastic teacher of Biology and Chemistry. I am passionate about giving people the opportunity to be able to study Medicine or other courses at the UK's top universities. I know what it takes to gain a place at UCL Medical School, and I want to share this information to help aspiring medics have the best chance possible.

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A University of Melbourne Neuroscience and Physiology graduate based in Melbourne inner suburbs

I like to make sure that I know exactly what the person I am tutoring wants to get out of the lesson, I like solving problems and providing answers. I will make sure that there is a way to learn and understand the things that I teach and change my teaching method to suit my students.

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