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Experienced Humanities Tutor With Advanced Degree Available In Person or Online Tutoring

I always prefer to teach using the Socratic method, that is, by asking questions in an attempt to prompt the student to reach an answer on their own accord. This method leads to better retention of information and the ability to deploy concepts in critical thinking exercises, as opposed to simply on tests.

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Philosophy graduate student with Master's degree offering philosophy and logic lessons in Tallahassee

My teaching method is tailored to the student. I discuss with the student his or her goals and proceed on that basis. I am willing to work with the student on prior tests, quizzes, or homework assignments. My primary goal is to teach UNDERSTANDING and not simply memorization.

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Proven Debate Coach offering advanced high school tournament preparation skills at the state (TFA) and national level (TOC/NSDA). Philosophy, public policy and ethics instruction.

I meet my students where they are at in terms of skills and needs. We work on developing skills through doing drills, work on case writing and develop strong and ethical research practices.

Sand Springs
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Professor Offering Philosophy and History Tutoring to Tulsa-Area Students of any Level

I am a 16-year Doctorate-holder, who has taught, on-line, on-ground, and everywhere in between, preparing easily digestible lessons for each student, on a wide swath of subjects within the several disciplines, and am prepared to walk you through each subject!

Christian otto
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Life Science Tutoring (Temecula) for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology college level prep

Bachelor of Science major in Biology and minor in Philosophy. I do not feed answers, rather I implore using brainpower to arrive at the correct solution in problem solving as well as tactics to handle future problems on your own.

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History and Philosophy Graduate Offering Writing and Content Tutoring with 4 Years Experience

My teaching method is very tailored to the student. I believe that students learn according to their natural tactic towards understanding the world, and by using their inherent strengths, can excel when entering uncharted territory.

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Psychology major offering pieces of their brain, philosophy, ethics and life lessons.

I try to teach analytically, it is important to think outside the box for a resolution. I try to tie all of my lessons to those that are experienced in real life, textbook memorizing does not help retain the information.

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Retired philosophy instructor offering lessons in Seattle with 10 years teaching experience

The Socratic method is effective in engaging students to develop a reasoned approach to everyday questions. Through this dialogue, a connection can be made between historical origins as they relate to the present. Therefore, readings and questions that relate to them are crucial to understanding, and form the basis for evaluating mastery of the instructional material.

Grove City
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College graduate with Psychology degree and Tutor experience helps students reach their academic goals.

I love to flip the classroom, which is a very hands-on learning approach. I believe that teaching is learning, and if students are able to articulate a concept back in their own words to "teach" it, they can truly know it.

New Bedford
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I make it easy. Experienced tutor, wide knowledge base, specialties in Philosophy, English, History.

Far too often our education system runs loops teaching the same material over and over again, teaching to the next standardized test. It focuses on short term memory, which is fantastic for getting quick results on upcoming tests. It fails, however, in long term knowledge retention.

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Trial lawyer by trade, philosopher by temperament and schooling, and then you have maths and science!

I studied English literature at UCLA. Eventually threw it over for philosophy. Law school was surprisingly stimulating and I love practicing law. Mostly. I am now taking Spanish and coding lessons and i’m financing them by teaching what I know.

Los Angeles
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PhD in evolutionary anthropology, skilled in biology, math, computer science, and statistics, located in Sherman Oaks

My teaching style is casual and informal. I'd rather talk to my students like it was a regular conversation than be called "Doctor" or "Professor". I use a lot of examples and stories from my experiences and observations around the world, and do my best to talk about how schoolwork topics apply to real life situations.

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University Student, philosophy major, 3+ years experience engaging with and tutoring philosophical logic and general philosophy

I begin by going through basic examples with the students, progressively working through more complex problems with them, while simultaneously addressing specific concerns along the way until the student can do the problems on their own. As it concerns general philosophy, I engage in dialogue with the students addressing and clarifying specific concerns.

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Philosophy/Theology Tutoring, Classics, Latin, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Patristics, Church History, Moral Theology

BA Political Science Tufts, 1987 MA Medieval Philosophy/Classics, 1995 Dean Logos House of Theological Studies Tutor, Lecturer Augustine, The Confesssions Ancient Heresies and Ancient Councils and Creeds Dante's Divine Comedy Thomas Aquinas Summa...

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Online published PhD tutor in philosophy (logic, history of philosophy, philosophy of education, political philosophy)

University/college students are preferred. My method of teaching is Socratic but requiring students to read assigned material before interaction. Students must have a desire to learn (love of truth), instead of merely pursuing a degree. Favorite philosophers of mine are Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, and Marx.

Santa Ana
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I teach philosophy while trying to get my foot in the door!

I try to teach students based on their generation's culture. I believe a class will be more interested in the material if the teacher presents material that the students can relate to in their generation. Keeping the class engaged is important.

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Analytic Philosopher specializing in Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Feminist Philosophy, and Social Political Philosophy.

My teaching style is primarily derived from the Socratic Method. I utilize flipped classroom activities and discussion to develop student understanding of a topic. With groups I prefer starting the conversation with think-pair-share exercises, which I then use to develop discussion and debate among students.

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Undergraduate KU Student with strong philosophical training, open to groups or private

Ultimately I want to make sure the students understand whatever concept they are struggling with in the classroom or elsewhere. Generally, my teaching methodology involves my own self personally studying the reading beforehand rigorously, and then one-on-one conversations concerning the best interpretations and application methods.

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Philosophy/Psychology graduate offering assistance to those struggling in those courses, Tucson AZ

My teaching methods are more "one-on-one" but I have taught to groups before. I prefer to isolate the heart of the issue, while working with my students at a pace that is comfortable for them, and bring us to enlightenment.

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Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Humanities, Bryan College Station Houston TX, BA, MA, Individualized Learning

I've been teaching classes in logic, philosophy, and ethics at the college level for the past 26 years. I develop my lessons based on the needs of the student using an goal-centered approach building on the student's strengths.

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Senior college student majoring in psychology, minoring in theology, with three years tutoring experience. Ready and able to tutor in a variety of subjects.

I approach tutoring with a focus on discussion. I seek to engage students in topics, finding ways to make the content of lessons memorable and engaging for the learning styles of those students.

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Philosophy, Ethics and English teacher for primary, secondary or university level courses.

I teach each session by assessing what the student needs and teach from where they start. I believe everyone can learn, one only needs to try.

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Philosopher of the Mind with three years of tutoring and teaching experience in North Carolina

My lessons put to use a progressive approach to learning, as I stray from "lecturing" and lean towards equally involved discussion between the student(s) and myself. I have found that this is the most productive, efficient approach to learning. However, I will certainly adapt my teaching style to match your learning style.

Owens Cross Roads
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Behavioral Psychology and Philosophical Logic Tutor with 3+ Years Experience in the Huntsville Area

I am a reflective tutor. I start with what you understand about a topic and discuss with you the chapter/information that you were given. That allows us to work up to where the instructor lost you. After establishing that, I have been known to talk students through information, help them review notes and fill in the gaps via a discussion that engages students instead of rote memorization.

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African history tutor with extensive knowledge in South African history and Egyptian history

I believe the large concept of learning is the best when it comes to history. Focusing on themes and how they relate to the larger concepts are key when teaching history. I have found the memorization and lack of engagement does not help students learn, it stresses them out.

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Philosophy MA offering general philosophy, political philosophy, ethics, and logic lessons in Naples Florida

My special skill is helping you get your thoughts put together in a clear and logical way. This may just be for passing a test, or it may be for composing a term paper or thesis. My experience makes me believe that the latter is much harder. Most people make sense when you talk with them, but those ideas become scrambled and confused when it comes time to put them on paper.

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College Professor of Psychology and General Education Chair- advanced writing skills and APA

I am a Psychology Professor and General Education Department Chair at a local University. I have over thirty years of experience in the field of education. Part of my current responsibilities include teaching any and all psychology courses and assisting students with their writing skills and APA formatting.

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The best humanities, political theory, English, and writing tutor in the Treasure Valley area.

I currently teach political philosophy and cultural studies (anthropology) to middle and high school students. Through current events like the September 11, 2001 attacks, and pop-culture topics such as the Golden Era of Animation (think WW2 era Looney Tunes), I ask students to think about and reason through the subtle nuances and themes of each topic.

El Cajon
Leila parello
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College Professor of philosophy (M.A.) tutors logic and philosophy in Santee, CA.

I teach by a lesson plan making sure transparency is there so students know the outcomes expected. I employ a warm-up, an interactive lecture, discussion, practice, group work, and classroom technology.

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Passionately depressed philosophy minor! I want to see where your abstraction dries, and what colors it leaves behind.

I base my approach of the Harkness method, which preferably works in a group, but can have individual success as well! I’m rather easygoing, and value comprehension over everything

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