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Professor of Classical Studies, African Studies, Religious Studies and Philosophy very interested in Online teaching, with twenty five years of experience.

I give lessons, with respect to students, at various levels-----i.e., from the High School level, to the College/University level------based on my teaching experience of over 30 years. My lesson structure, varies------depending on the level of the students. My characteristics are tailored to fit the requirements, etc., of each student.

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Experienced college teacher - one of nation's "300 Best Professors" - teaching broadly in the social sciences.

Bachelor's of Science in Physics and Bachelor's of Arts in History as undergraduate. In graduate school, focused on International Studies, the subject matter of my M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The field allowed me to bring together my broad training in economics, social science, and philosophy.

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University professor provides tutoring in literature, philosopohy, academic writing for HS and University students.

I earned my BA in English Literature from Providence College in 1968. I hold a MEd from Boston University, a Master of Divinity from the Episcopal Divinity School and a Master of Theology from Boston College. In my tutoring, I try to build on a student's current strengths as a first step to improving their academic performance.

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History Major of GSU, Soon to Graduate Giving Lessons in Savannah Georgia

My teach methodology varies student by student. Everyone has their own style of learning: visual, verbal, and repetitive styles are more of my popular ones, along with applying the history in story style and/or in relevance to today's world. It depends upon the student.

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College student w/ G.E.D. I excel in History/Social Studies and English/Literature, as well as Economics.

My teaching method works for anyone for anyone from elementary school to college. -I usually will ask if anyone has any question before reviewing the material that needs to be learned. -I'd then review with the students. -Finally, I'd ask what confused the students and try to clarify by having a meaningful conversation with the student or group of students.

Brown Deer
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B.A. in philosophy offering tutoring in philosophy, world religions/theology, psychology, and mythology

I can teach anyone of any age interested in these fields. Depending on the course of study, I can either help a student achieve a higher grade in a class they are taking or build a lesson structure unique to the student with respect to their area of interest. Students should expect to engage in discussion and analysis of the subject matter rather than being lectured to.

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Philosopher with nearly twenty years expertise gives online tutoring in any area of philosophy!

I teach using an alternation between the Socratic method of asking questions and inspiring inquiry, on the one hand, and Nietzschean aphorism and assertion on the other, which provokes critical engagement and independent development of perspective.

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Philosophy B.A. graduate gives philosophy and history lessons with analysis of daily domestic/international news in Columbus

Have you ever wondering what philosophy is? Or are you simply curious about how philosophy can enhance people's lives and their values? Philosophy helps people understand themselves and their lives better.

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Motivating, inspiring, and compassionate tutor for ACT prep, brainstorming, and editing. I work well with learners across age levels.

I completed my PhD in 2006 in Social Studies and Global Education at The Ohio State University. Between 2006 and 2009, I taught in the College of Education at Winona State University and successfully served on multiple department, College, University, community, and state-wide committees. During the 2009-10AY I taught Introduction to Chicano Studies and Introduction to Ethnic Studies at St.

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Dissertation student with a 4.0 GPA. Excellent written, oral, and electronic communication skills. Experienced with students in tenth grade to grad school Has written everything from essays and narrat

I am a dissertation student with a 4.0 GPA. I possess excellent written, oral, and electronic communication skills. I have experience working with primary and high school students as well as college and grad students.

Los Angeles
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Philosophy Professor (PhD) Gives Private or Group Lessons in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

I teach all levels and styles. I tailor my teaching to the individual needs of each person. Sometimes formal lecture works best. Other times a casual discussion of a philosophical issue is what's most effective. The goal of my teaching in this format (outside of the classroom) is to simply do some philosophy and have fun with it. Maybe you want to talk philosophy while walking in the park.

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Experienced Humanities Tutor With Advanced Degree Available In Person or Online Tutoring

I always prefer to teach using the Socratic method, that is, by asking questions in an attempt to prompt the student to reach an answer on their own accord. This method leads to better retention of information and the ability to deploy concepts in critical thinking exercises, as opposed to simply on tests.

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Psychology student at UCR with 3 years of experience, teaching wherever, whenever, to whoever needs me

My teaching method varies depending on who I am teaching. I like to prepare a general overview of the class for the first lesson and once I meet with the student I can then adjust and create a lesson plan that best suits the student. I am patient and as a tutor, I am here as a tool for whoever needs me, therefore, I can adjust to any circumstances to best fit who I am helping.

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“Great Books” tutor with experience engaging in intense writing and discussion on ancient, world, and US history.

When it comes to teaching and tutoring History, I generally adopt an approach that blends recall with Socratic inquiry. This back and forth, in which the tutor maintains an intense discussion with the student, allows that student to come to their own conclusions about difficult works, and to communicate those conclusions in clear, articulate responses.

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Philosophy graduate student with Master's degree offering philosophy and logic lessons in Tallahassee

My teaching method is tailored to the student. I discuss with the student his or her goals and proceed on that basis. I am willing to work with the student on prior tests, quizzes, or homework assignments. My primary goal is to teach UNDERSTANDING and not simply memorization.

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Proven Debate Coach offering advanced high school tournament preparation skills at the state (TFA) and national level (TOC/NSDA). Philosophy, public policy and ethics instruction.

I meet my students where they are at in terms of skills and needs. We work on developing skills through doing drills, work on case writing and develop strong and ethical research practices.

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Salinas Historian Offers Social Studies lessons to Middle and High School Students

My lessons are based around a mixture of direct instruction (going over slides with notes, active reading) and discussions. History helps us to discover who we are and how the world around us came to be; as such, I focus heavily on understanding the context of historical events and their participants.

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Cal State Fullerton History Bachelors graduate instructs lessons to guide students and go more in depth to have a greater understanding on historical concepts in Orange County

My plan is to become a teacher in the near future because I love education and see it as a key to success. My passion for teaching began in a martial arts class. When I received my black belt in karate, I became a instructor. It showed me how much I enjoyed teaching. My focus as a tutor is to help students achieve a passion for education to reach far and beyond their educational goals.

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Applied historical studies for a contemporary world understanding applicable to interdisciplinary study

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Arts in Public History from American Military University. I have worked over a decade in special government projects. All of this experience has taught me the value of utilizing a variety of methods to teach lessons which are understood and contextualized for the individual student.

Sand Springs
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Professor Offering Philosophy and History Tutoring to Tulsa-Area Students of any Level

I am a 16-year Doctorate-holder, who has taught, on-line, on-ground, and everywhere in between, preparing easily digestible lessons for each student, on a wide swath of subjects within the several disciplines, and am prepared to walk you through each subject!

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Carrollton teacher with 7 years exp supports achievement in Social Studies (inc. AP- and IB- Level) Theory of Knowledge, and college essays.

I hold a BA in Political Science and History, and have taught all subjects and levels of Social Studies ( grades 6-12) in public, private, and charter schools for the last 7 years. I teach through engaging storytelling and humor, which I use to help students identify and articulate the broader patterns which characterize the Humanities.

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Political Theory / MPA Graduate Student offering ( government / political science / philosophy / history )tutoring lessons

University of West Georgia: Masters of Public Administration (Political Theory / Psychology) IN PROGRESS University of West Georgia: Bachelors of Science - Political Science and Government (Psychology Minor) //in progress toward Doctoral and Professorship paths// //youtube lessons and lectures coming soon//

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Philosophy and Creative Writing graduate in Austin wants to help you understand how the world works and to communicate that knowledge to others.

Socrates and Jesus are amazing teachers, and their methods are my inspiration. Stories and critical thinking are the keys to opening the door of lifelong education. We are wired to remember stories more than lists of facts, so the knowledge gained from them will stay with us forever.

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Justifiably arrogant brainiac wants to tutor online and help folks of all ages and demographics learn to write gooder. I'm under 50 and retired. And happy.

My life is an often contradictory juxtaposition of highly analytical predictive analysis and planning coupled with impulsive, seat-of-my-pants vectors which I can only support via creative instinct and guesswork.

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History and Philosophy Graduate Offering Writing and Content Tutoring with 4 Years Experience

My teaching method is very tailored to the student. I believe that students learn according to their natural tactic towards understanding the world, and by using their inherent strengths, can excel when entering uncharted territory.

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History/Philosophy major, MA in Education student, Social Studies educator in training

I am a firm believer in adopting a growth mentality. I believe that everybody can learn and that the goal of an education should be the cultivation of the individual. If an individual improves their ability to critically think, write, and speak, then they are prepared to succeed in any discipline and aspect of life.

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Doctoral student with 11 years of experience ages 14 - College level. Happy to help!

My teaching methodology is based on Socrates, the Greek Philosopher. He taught through conversation. He did not lecture. Learning was something that happened to him and his students.

Mayfield Heights
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Philosophy and English student offering Philosophy and English lessons in Cleveland to all ages

I approach each topic by looking at the foundations surrounding the subject. Should a subject require a lot of foundation, said foundation will be explained first, before being combined together during the conclusion. Should a topic be more simplistic, then foundation will be explained while the topic is explored naturally.

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Experienced History PhD gives philosophy, journalism, anthropology, archaeology, theory, and history lessons

I am an engaging tutor with over four years experience teaching students at the university level. Utilizing a variety of teaching techniques tailored to the student, my approach is informal, but results driven. I am not only focused on improving marks, but also providing the essential knowledge base that will enable my students to succeed in the future.

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When hard working persons' efforts of their great determination then success happens

Dear students, I am a passionate lecturer with extensive knowledge in Philosophical studies and Anthropological Sciences. I hold Licentiate and Masters Degrees in Philosophy. My academic dissertation was on the works of John Ralws in view of Social systems of justice and fairness in socio-economic and political spheres. I believe that knowing to do right thing is the highest level of justice.

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Perfect! Giovanni is a tremendous and talented teacher. He guided my study of philosophy, starting with the ancient Greek philosophers. He's thoughtful and well versed in philosophy, languages, and literature. He will accelerate and deepen your grasp of...

Wendy, student
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For teachers looking to educate students in philosophy, there are several different lesson plans they can start out with. Understanding the history of philosophy is important as it underlines how the topic has come to pass and the greater evolution it has gone through over the years, ranging from ancient Greek and Egyptian times to present day. Philosophy tutors can work with students in these different structural courses as well, so providing helpful insights into these historical elements can prove helpful. For an English tutor or another individual who is looking to learn Latin and provide this kind of educational assistance, being able to go through and create an excellent Resume - cover letter’s writing prep lessons can prove helpful. Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation tutors can also prove helpful when it comes to assisting students in learning the historical importance of philosophy and how it interacts with current, modern day philosophy. Being able to assist with these kinds of topics would prove helpful for all teachers and tutors.