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The Dalles
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Experienced online tutor offering engaging, individualized lessons in reading and writing. Received educational awards and honors. Working towards a teaching degree.

I am committed to delivering high-quality, individualized instruction. For tutoring in reading and writing, I assess students and then create informed lessons to best help them improve their skills. I include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary in reading lessons for struggling readers in elementary school.

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Reading Mastery Teacher with 15 years of tutorial experience. I love to incorporate music in all of my lessons.

I approach each topic with the intent to make learning exciting and fun. Keeping each student attention can difficult at times, especially after being in school all day and then has to attend a tutorial session with me. I make a game out of it with incentive prices after a couple of weeks of successful sessions with me.

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Dream achieve READ I help struggling readers improve reading skills .I can do lessons online or at a local library if student is located in Utah County or close

With each reading lesson I give I always make it fun reading should always be fun. How I teach with LOVE is the most important 2nd I use fun programs that truly deal with the struggling reader.

Mr. jayson
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Fun Engaging English Teacher looking for students who get bored with monotones.

My teaching methods are kinesthesia and realia, however the other methods don’t stop me, if you learn better from a text book I’ll design your lesson plan around you. I don't speak in monotones and I love to play games to get everyone to learn the lessons I am trying to get across to them. Kinesthesia and Realia are the feeling of real objects to get the point across.

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Raleigh, NC elementary and adult educator with eight years of experience.

My teaching method is to personalized every lesson for my student. During our first session I give my student an academic assessment to see where they currently are, but I also give a multiple intelligence test, which allows me and the student to understand how they learn best.

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English Language Arts (ELA), Reading, Special Education, Writing Tutor, M.S. Ed, Cherry Hill, Marlton, Voorhees, Mt. Laurel, local

Education: Saint Joseph’s University- Philadelphia, PA 3.8 GPA, Master of Science in Special Education, M.S. Ed. West Chester University- West Chester, PA 3.

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Orlando teacher with M.A. degree teaching SAT/ACT/AP English and K-12 Reading :)

I am a hands-on learner and teacher! I make learning fun and I get along GREAT with students! I always strive to be cooperative and build a great report with my students that gets them excited to make progress in their studies.

New York
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Current graduate student of speech-language pathology with Academic English (reading/literacy, writing, speech, language, and socialization) and 6+ years of tutoring experience.

I customize my teaching to each student. This comes from my experience in Special Education and my personal experience with education. I am understanding and want every person I tutor or teach to succeed, but also to learn and feel comfortable doing so.

West Haven
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Educator with 19 years experience, certified in CT and FL, online experience as teacher, tutor and learner.

An educator must facilitate an environment that fosters a sense of safety and security, both physically and emotionally, while acknowledging all students as individuals with brilliant thoughts and compassionate hearts who deserve the opportunity to learn all that is available to them.

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Passionate, experienced, knowledgeable teacher wanting to help you succeed in all subjects!

My teaching method is that any child can learn, no matter the obstacles that may be holding them back. If the lessons are tiered towards an individual students' learning needs, and are fun and engaging, and full of manipulative's and memorable songs or phrases, the student will not only be able to recall what they are learning but gain confidence in themselves and their ability to learn.

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Reliable, friendly reading, writing, math, and Spanish tutor in the Seattle area

My teaching method is based on who the student is. I prepare a traditional lesson plan, then watch and listen to my student to see if my strategy works. I follow his/her lead and adjust my instruction to meet his/her needs. My goal for my students is that they feel safe and happy with me so that there is progress. I try various ways to ensure learning is taking place.

Mission viejo
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UCSD Grad, AP English Teacher, and SAT/ACT Tutor with LD Experience for In-Home Lessons

An advocate of mastery-based learning, I am emphatic about teaching to the student — i.e. pacing lessons appropriately, implementing visual and kinesthetic curriculum, and galvanizing the unique talents each student possesses. There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of a student’s confidence grow.

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Lead online students to academic success through direct instruction, timely feedback, ethical practices, resource management, positive class culture, organization, integrity, and vision.

Some teachers teach one year thirty times. I am NOT that teacher. I am not that teacher who pulls out the same lesson plan book and follows year after year. Rather, I am the teacher who constructs new ways to teach the same material to new groups of students each year.

San Clemente
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Experienced, Positive, Credentialed English Teacher Who Delivers Results in South Orange County!

I've worked with children from the 1st grade though 12th grade. I have taught ESL, Reading, Language Arts, and lower grade Math. We generally use grammar books and reading comprehension books in most lessons. I provide a lot of positive feedback and patience.

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Certified Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher with 18 years experience in Greenville SC

I am looking for students who maybe struggling with reading English, want to keep practicing reading during the summer, or want to get ahead in their grade level (K-3). I use phonetics and reading strategies to help students decode words, comprehend, and read with confidence.

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Reading tutor with over 20 years of experience teaching grades K-6th grade

My teaching method is a blended style. When using this methodology I follow an integrated approach to teaching that blends my personality and interests with students’ needs and curriculum-appropriate methods.

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Award-winning doctor of Reading and Writing on the Seacoast of New Hampshire

I am the student's advocate. I talk to them and find out what the problems are. Then I develop a plan with them. I explain what we are doing and why, and what they need to do. I also model the correct method or answer.

1st lesson offered free !

Literacy interventions (research based) for struggling readers, or math interventions in Northwest Arkansas - College student studying Special Education

I'm a senior at the University of Arkansas studying Special Education. I take a research based approach and incorporate multi-sensory instruction. I am a firm believer in meeting students at their instructional level and building systematically from that place. I believe every student has the ability to learn and grow.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced ESL Instructor Offering Private Lessons Online and in the Tucson Area

I teach ESL, academic writing, and Portuguese. I also teach an online translation course. My teaching is student-centered and needs-based. I carry out an assessment to find out what the student's needs are, then tailor my classes accordingly. Communication and active participation are key to learning. I also learn a lot in this process.

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Master's degree in Elementary Education with 5 years experience offering online tutoring

I am willing to work with students from kindergarten through sixth grade to create personalized lessons to help improve their reading and English skills. I believe in making learning fun by using game-like strategies to learn new and improve understanding of concepts.

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Enthusiastic teacher prepared to teach English and ESL with 5 years of private tutoring and teaching experience. Lessons are given at an agreed upon meeting place in Richmond, Virginia.

I believe each student is unique and his or her learning experience should be too! My students most enjoy the fact that I meet them where they are in their learning journey, and not where they think they should be.

Dr. w.
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Creative/non-fiction and science/patent writer loves to teach English writing in Chicago, IL.

My teaching method is based on encouragement, accuracy, and deadline punctuality. It often helps to return to a difficult subject and repeat exercises in the area of that difficulty. It is important for questions from student(s) to make sure that each assignment begins and continues with clarity.

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Enthusiastic Elementary Teacher Looking to help Students find a Love for Learning

The method that I use to teach is similar to the "I do, We do, You do" method of teaching. I think it is imperative that examples be given and outcomes are demonstrated. I also feel that it is important for all students to gain independence and confidence to complete work and tasks on their own. I create lessons that are fun, engaging, and interactive.

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English Literature graduate with 21 years ESL experience available to help your needs.

Each lesson starts with small talk and a short review from the previous lesson. Any homework is also checked, reviewed and finishes with a few Q&As. Then the lesson begins. Firstly, I will ask questions about the subject to see how much you already know about the area. This is important as you do not want to learn something you already know! Then we will begin.

Redondo Beach
(1 review)
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Best Reading Tutor. MA Columbia University. Experienced. Credentialed. Otron- Gillingham Certified!Caring Tutor.

I tailor each lesson to the individual student that I am working with at the time. I get results! I use smiles as rewards. I use a multi - sensory approach to learning. I am responsible and have good adaptability.

San Diego
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Universal language training and development place for talented interested people of the world

It is not teaching at all, its facilitation based on the 4 C's of this 21st Century skills for the facilitator as well as for the students required as of today for their tomorrows world or the society to get recognised. Demonstrative methodology.

Fort Wayne
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Professor D has taught English for 15 years - and she wants to help you!

I base my classes on where students are when we begin. If they need remedial help, I offer basic grammar and structure lessons. For those more advanced, techniques for writing research papers, essays, and other genres and levels of writing.

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Seasoned English teacher offering tutoring in literature, writing, reading in Phoenix AZ

My teaching methodology is to approach each student where they are and go on from there. I use as much of my students' prior knowledge as possible and build on it. It's important that my students do the work themselves. I am just the facilitator, there to guide my students through the maze of academics.

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Experienced Native English speaker, editor, and tutor in Southeast Denver Metro Area

My teaching method is based on student need. Students come with an idea of what they would like to learn. The focus starts with this and then branches as I recognize deeper needs. I use a hands-on method where the student is always the primary doer.

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Experienced Elementary Teacher From Lansing Who Inspires Students' Love For Reading & Writing

I create differentiated and engaging learning experiences that cater to my students' abilities, interests, and needs. I believe in equipping students with the tools that they need to be lifelong learners. I celebrate student achievement and welcome opportunities to grow.

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Perfect! So I needed to say this. Beverly is awesome. My son only had two lessons so far. I got a note from his speech teacher saying how much he improved with the word “the”. Beverly was helping him with that word. Plus his confidence is growing with...

Rachael, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

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