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Veteran Colorado photographer offering custom education for all skill levels including styles, equipment, camera settings, exposure, composition, photo-editing, and enhancement.

I've been teaching all types of photography for many years and I have learned that each student learns in a different manner and pace. I custom tailor a learning path based on your needs, desires, and the direction and end result you wish to achieve.

Big Bear
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1st lesson offered free !

Professional photographer with over 40 years of experience will share his knowledge online or in person in S. California.

I give personalized photography lessons to all ages and levels by helping my students take step by step actions that will help achieve excellent final results in their photographs. By focusing on the concepts behind what makes great photographs, any type of camera can be used to make them.

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Learn how to shoot in all light settings with a digital camera

Fashion, Beauty, Editorial, Commercial, Family, Wedding, Fine Art, Headshots, Portfolio builders, Model and actor profiles, Fashion designer look books and catalogs, product photography, digital photography and post production editing and retouching, natural light, studio lights, classes for all level students from beginners to expert level.

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Content Creator with over 10 years experience offering behind the lens photography lessons in Birmingham, Alabama

I want to adventure and experience life behind the lens, and that's how I believe my teaching style to be. I want you as a student to have a blast while learning, because let's get real, nobody cares to learn if it doesn't catch your interest.

Las Vegas
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Guy Who Does Things They Won't Let Me List Here Because, My Title Is Too Similar To Everyone Else Who Does What I Do.

Bringing out the students natural desire to want to learn, know more, get better, become excellent. I can keep writing, to satisfy the mots minimum, so I will. Whatever else I might add, simple goes back to the the first line.

1st lesson offered free !

Luxury portrait & wedding photographer offering online courses that lead you to success

My teaching method is very personal and hands on. Together we determine what your strengths and weaknesses are and use those to push you towards the success you are seeking. I offer assistance on equipment, lighting, location scouting, technique, post production, printing, etc. From start to finish, we will propel your art to the success you wish to see.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn the technical basics of portrait photography, and develop your photographic philosophy!

I'm a portrait photographer with a yen for moments which show my subjects' humanity and complexity. I'll walk you through the tools of photography to begin telling visual stories. I put the joy of making photographs first, so that the work of learning feels like an accomplishment. I focus both on the technical and the human.

New Orleans
1st lesson offered free !

Professional Photographer with teaching experience offering lessons to all ages in New Orleans!

My teaching method is project based. While I will absolutely prepare engaging lecture/presentation of lessons, the real heartbeat of learning this craft is by jumping in! I will facilitate your learning using a hands-on approach coupled with an on going conversation about not only the technical skills of photography, but also the subjective nature of the medium and how best utilize it.

Pleasant Plain
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Both Film and Digital Photography from University Professor in Cincinnati, Ohio!

I really enjoy learning how each individual learns best. Whether it's hands-on, visually, traditional lecturing, or something more experimental/trial and error... and then sculpting the knowledge, advice, and techniques I need to teach them in the best way they learn.

1st lesson offered free !

Tired of Dark or Blurry Photos and Cut off Heads? Capture Those Memories!

25 years as a pro photographer and teacher. Let me show you what I have learned over the years from film and digital photograp. You can have the images you seek.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Photographer & Art Educator with 20 years of experience offers photography lessons in Austin area both online and at home.

I am a professional photographer and art educator that has experience in teaching all age levels in photography. I have taught digital, wet process and alternative processes. Blooms' taxonomy is used, a strong foundation is created and lessons build on each other.

Fort Worth
1st lesson offered free !

College student gives lessons in digital and film photography 4years experience fine art, photojournalism, etc! Fort Worth/Keller Area

I am an award winning photojournalist attending Tarrant County College, with a passion for both film and digital photography. I shoot a wide variety of photographs from macro to portraits. I have a very hands on approach to teaching, and am more than happy to teach students of all ages and levels.

1st lesson offered free !

Award Winning Photographer & Educator from Edmonton, Canada - offering lessons in Documentary, Fine Art, Street Photography, and Portfolio Development

I believe that art is essential to experience life with greater intensity and love. I would love to teach and mentor any serious photography practitioner about the art of seeing, through photography.

Saint Augustine
1st lesson offered free !

Still & Motion Photography/Lighting/Processing, Palm Coast/St. Augustine, AS Degree and 30 years industry Experience.

Worked in Entertainment industry, (Feature Films, TV Shows, Commercials, Music Videos, Training and more), Professional Trainer for Still, Motion pictures, Lighting Image Processing and IT. Enjoy helping others achieve the vision. Present information in simple terms with relevant examples and personal information.

1st lesson offered free !

How to take the best pictures with little experience, and how to edit to perfect it

I am a 17 year old, graduate of Ogden High School. I have done photography for several years now, and even taking a class and doing extra work in Mr. Bruce's class, who has gone to several state art shows with his students who won, and he has done photography for more then 20 years! My techniques and methods are super easy.

1st lesson offered free !

Get out of Automatic Mode! Learn the basics of photography with a Lima, OH based Photographer!

This course is designed for people who want to take their photography to the next level. You will learn every camera setting and how to manipulate them to get the photos you want. I will teach you the rules of photography and how to break them. I am certified in Multimedia Technology and have been shooting for over 7 years.

1st lesson offered free !

High school student who wants to share her love for photography in a fun way great for kids

My name is Desirae I'm a high school student in 10th grade. looking to show people how to take photos the professional way. You don't have to be a professional to learn how to do photography. I'll show you step by step what to do.

1st lesson offered free !

Diverse creative artist with experience in multiple fields of art and design.

I approach each topic by finding ways to brake it the down the information, so it’s easier to understand and learn.

1st lesson offered free !

Freelance photography and filmmaker based in NYC offers classes in digital photography to help others learn the basics.

I give lessons to beginning photographers that are looking to learn manual operations on DSLR and mirrorless cameras. I want to go out in the field and begin to think about what makes a good picture, as well as, what things you hope to capture. Deeper into the class a more intensive understanding of composition and story can be included.

Grand Prairie
1st lesson offered free !

Photographer with 10+ years experience giving lessons to children and adults Dallas.

Hi, my name is Juan Molina and I provide lessons to children and adults. Everything from learning how to use a camera to helping you how to be a better photographer with techniques, tips and tricks, and post processing. Lets bring your talent to life.

Virginia Gardens
1st lesson offered free !

Well versed photographer with an art degree and experience in chld and cosplay photography

I am all about the artist technical and mental journey. the questions of why and how as well. to mold each individuals own unique opinion and artististic opinion. i would show documentaries and examples. then give my students thier assignment to take a crack at it. evaluate their work, critique what to work on, and refer other artists for them to check out to ferther artistic thier spectrum.

1st lesson offered free !

Intermediate, Professional, Photographer and teacher, UNM graduate located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

University of New Mexico graduate with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Art Studio and Art Education. Everyone can make art and everyone is creative, you just have to tap in to it. I want you to tap into your creativity potential.

Tyndall Air Force Base
1st lesson offered free !

Master Photographer Offers Lessons In Photography, Both Digital and Conventional At A Reduced Rate Anyone Can Afford

Graduate of The School of Modern Photography, Little Falls, N.J. in 1966. I make my lessons fun for my students, never boring. I consider my students in photography to be my new friends, and because of this each one is treated with respect.

1st lesson offered free !

Photography lessons to take pictures to the next step. Knowledge on camera and Lightroom editing.

I can help guide you to taking the pictures of your dream and tell you how to get there. I can show you how I would edit a photo or what you can do next time to make it a better.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate Photographer with 10 years of experience Offering Photography in person and online lessons in Boston

I approach each student based on their personal needs and experience. Photography is not just art, it is a form of life. I set my lessons based on the speed the student needs and believe that each class is not just me teaching lessons but an exchange of lessons. These are a lot that each learner gives to the teacher during a class.

Rochester Hills
1st lesson offered free !

MFA Fine Art Photographer Tutor for techincal skills and leisure in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

My goal is to find what interest my students the most and create a learning environment around what fuels their creativity. From here I ensure my students learn the proper technical skills while encouraging what stengths and knowledge they already hold coming into my class.

1st lesson offered free !

Photographer with 4 years of experience, and I love what I do!!!

The way i teach is different than how others teach. I tell students to look at inspiration for their photos. Many students have said that this method helps with their photography career.

1st lesson offered free !

Photographer in Groton CT with 5 years experience and offering online lessons

My teaching method is flexible. I personally learn certain things better visually, certain things hands on, and certain things just by reading or having it explained. Because of the way I learn, I am able to teach well with all of these methods.

West Hollywood
1st lesson offered free !

Professional Photographer & Designer teaches and critiques your photo composition, post-production editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and coachs you with your work and portfolio.

Professional Photographer / Graphic Designer / Branding Consultant can tutor you on your way to becoming proficient in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Photo Composition. I can also consult you and critique your portfolio, website, composition, layout and post-production editing skills. Let me help you and guide you on becoming a professional in your field.

(4 reviews)

Lecturer at the Istituto Massaua and photographer offers Photography lessons in all the forms

Lecturer in private since 2014. Lecturer at the Massaua Institute since 2016. Collaborator at Google Inc. Computer programmer. Web designer.

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