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Veteran Colorado photographer offering custom education for all skill levels including styles, equipment, camera settings, exposure, composition, photo-editing, and enhancement.

I've been teaching all types of photography for many years and I have learned that each student learns in a different manner and pace. I custom tailor a learning path based on your needs, desires, and the direction and end result you wish to achieve.

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Digital Photography Lessons for Beginners to Professionals: Shooting, Composition and Editing in Somerville, MA

I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography and over 3 years experience teaching adults and youth. I have been running my freelance photography business for 5 years and can help my students start their own careers. I teach the technical and artistic sides of photography together. I can teach portrait, event, nature and abstract photography.

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Internationally experienced, MFA in Digital Cinema teaches Filmmaking in Jacksonville, Florida/ online

I love teaching students at every level; the beginner, the amateur and the aspiring professional. You climb the ladder to your first film in structured online or face to face classes that can be custom designed for your goals.

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Recently graduated photographer in Gastonia that can tutor middle school,high school, and college students.

I recently graduated from Mary Baldwin college in Staunton,VA. During my time there, I was a darkroom photography T.A assisting students and the professor for four years. I answered any questions they had and made sure the succeeded. In the realm of art, everybody's creative process and production of work is going to be extremely different from someone else.

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Digital photojournalist/art photographer available to help you improve your photography in Lane County, Oregon

I have a Master's degree in Journalism from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, where I won the award for best photojournalist in class. I teach the basics of good photography (light, subject matter, perspective) and use my photos and those of other professionals to help you understand what makes for a great photograph. We will go into the field and take photos.

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If photography is a hobby or a career choice, I can teach you the basics to still action and stop movement photography.

BA in communications with an emphasis in both theatre and photo journalism. Also started a minor in graphic design but due to a double major did not have time to complete. Photoshop and InDesign. Movie Making and Editing. Still and Action Photography. There are many venues in photography that one can choose to take.

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Photographer with 5 years of experience fives photography and painting lessons in South Texas

Junior Maritime Administration major at Texas A&M. I have traveled to Iceland and Norway for photography and have learned from the best in the Landscape Photography field. I have worked as a wedding photographer and had an ad I shot for published on a jumbotron in Times Square as well as made to cover of 2 literary journals.

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Learn from an experienced professional photographer, over 30 year of shooting experience

I am a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience in shooting products and post-production work. I would like to share and teach my experience specifically about the software Photoshop. I also teach photo lighting at my photo-studio. You will receive all basic skills and learn about the digital work flow in commercial photography.

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Learn how to shoot in all light settings with a digital camera

Fashion, Beauty, Editorial, Commercial, Family, Wedding, Fine Art, Headshots, Portfolio builders, Model and actor profiles, Fashion designer look books and catalogs, product photography, digital photography and post production editing and retouching, natural light, studio lights, classes for all level students from beginners to expert level.

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Indiana-based photojournalist wants to help YOU learn the art of photography, no matter your level of experience

Using a combination of homework assignments, image critiques and discussion, and open question and answer session, I will customize our time together to suit you and your needs. I will work with you regardless of age or skill levels because I learned from passionate photographers who took the time to mentor me and wanted to share their love of photography with me.

Grand Prairie
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Photography tutor with BFA eager to help photography enthusiast and students with Camera and editing techniques

I graduated Texas A&M Commerce in the winter of 2014 with my Bachelors in photography. My lessons are structured to improve skills and give constructive critiques on work to help students excel in the art, and overall photography and editing techniques.

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Fine art photography lessons in New York taught by trained professional photographer

Being able to understand how to look at art is just as essential to the process of making art; as well as critiques by both peers and teachers. Lastly, having excitement, love, and passion for teaching and the subject matter.

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French photographer and videographer with 8+ years of experience offers photo and/or video lessons in Asheville, NC

I briefly taught French in the UK after graduating high school and my methodology then was to first give my students the technical knowledge they needed to learn and then honed in on areas where they could improve or areas they wanted to master. I plan on applying a similar methodology to teaching photography.

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Portrait, documentary, editorial, fine art, and lifestyle photographer with over 10 years experience

I have experience teaching adults but can teach middle-school aged to adults. I teach the "why" so that students can decide whether to break the rules or not. I help students achieve their own creative goals and intentions by giving them to technical know-how.

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Working on my bachelor's in arts and have over 10 years of experience in fine arts with a passion for digital media.

I break down my topics for my students and create visuals so the learning experience is much more engaging. It is important to use visuals to help students because it allows them to remember the materials much more easily without any trouble.

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Experienced professional to share my knowledge of Video Production, Video Editing, Videography, Video Production of any level

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in News Cinematography and 30 plus years of professional experience in television news as a videographer with film and video and also corporate experience planning, writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing a wide variety to video productions.

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Passionate educator of life looking to teach and in part knowledge on how to learn anything not just photography not just cooking not just how to make the best chocolate bars but how do you do anythi

I attended Yakima Valley community college for 6 years I have taught 4-H dog obedience plant identification and gardening employed by the Yakima school district for 11 years the matsu bough for 2017 I am a proficient crocheter photographer lapidary and industrial homemaker

New York
T. lawrence
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Artist Development (Photography) Beginner to Professional for Career Advancement, Self Expression and Fun, New York City

My students have typically been in the 18 - 84 year old range in the non-credit sphere with the aim of giving them the tools and confidence to produce a body of work you they be proud of.

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Photography is a way to see, compose, focus attention, and express feelings. It’s an important tool for commerce as well as an outlet for imagination, stories, and concepts. It’s a voice without sound

As your teacher, I want you to know I am also still a learner. While I do have 25 years of experience as a professional photographer, I love to learn new things. If there is something I don’t know, I will find the answer for you. There are no dumb questions and I am always available to help you. Making mistakes are a part of the learning process and they give you necessary experience.

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Content Creator with over 10 years experience offering behind the lens photography lessons in Birmingham, Alabama

I want to adventure and experience life behind the lens, and that's how I believe my teaching style to be. I want you as a student to have a blast while learning, because let's get real, nobody cares to learn if it doesn't catch your interest.

Kerri dawn
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Photography is the best way possible that you can get a good night's sleep and I will talk to you later I love you too baby girl and I will be there at the same time as the same is not a good time for

We are going to the same address as I have been there for a while and then I will send you the same thing I would like to know if you have any questions please feel free to call me anytime and I will be there for sure if you got this email from the same place you can make it out to the same place I will be at work tomorrow and I will get it to you tomorrow morning and I will be there for the same...

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Learn the basics for photography and film making! Basic camera and program lessons!

Lessons for photography aren't as easy, but there are multiple aspects on how to go about the lessons. Starting off with simple controls of the camera to the programs such as Lightroom and Premiere Pro. Breaking the lessons into specific concepts such as coloring, curves, etc.

Las Vegas
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Guy Who Does Things They Won't Let Me List Here Because, My Title Is Too Similar To Everyone Else Who Does What I Do.

Bringing out the students natural desire to want to learn, know more, get better, become excellent. I can keep writing, to satisfy the mots minimum, so I will. Whatever else I might add, simple goes back to the the first line.

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Luxury portrait & wedding photographer offering online courses that lead you to success

My teaching method is very personal and hands on. Together we determine what your strengths and weaknesses are and use those to push you towards the success you are seeking. I offer assistance on equipment, lighting, location scouting, technique, post production, printing, etc. From start to finish, we will propel your art to the success you wish to see.

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Awesome Photography Lessons: 9 Years of Photography experience and 5 years of professional experience.

I approach teaching on a case by case basis depending on the student. I would first ask what the student knows and then plan a lesson from there. There is no one size fits all since there are varying skill levels.

Grand Junction
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Freshman at CMU looking to teach students or anyone interested in Photography in the Grand Junction area

I am a freshman at Colorado Mesa University. I am looking for a part time job.

Cedar City
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Photographer giving lessons to anyone in middle school or high school in cedar, hurricane, and surrounding Utah areas.

I am a semi professional photographer and I'm willing to teach anyone 14-21. I've taken photography classes for the last 3 years. Beginner classes and advanced. I've also helped teach teachers classes. I am certified in adobe Photoshop. I've been doing photography for 9 years; Its my passion. Id love to help others learn more about it and become sufficient with a camera.

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Learn the technical basics of portrait photography, and develop your photographic philosophy!

I'm a portrait photographer with a yen for moments which show my subjects' humanity and complexity. I'll walk you through the tools of photography to begin telling visual stories. I put the joy of making photographs first, so that the work of learning feels like an accomplishment. I focus both on the technical and the human.

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Photography , English, Study skills, Algebra 1a, Con. Chemistry, And Computer Apps

My grades are As and Bs which i work really hard on. I can help anyone who needs help with school. I really enjoy math and english the most. I am very passionate about cooking. My name is Chrishy Harvey.

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Expert Photography Lessons from a Major Force in Indianapolis Learn Fashion, Portrait, Senior and Wedding Tricks and Skills

Be a dynamic innovative photographer/Cinematographer!! I have over 30 years of photography experience from film photography to digital. I place a very high value on the quality of lighting, mood, creative angles, technical skills and tutoring in both photography and cinematography.

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Perfect! I have webcam lesson with Javier for a few times. We have discussions in photoshop and photography. I think he is very easy to communicate with, flexible, and very helpful in learning

Dominikus marvin, student
3 months ago
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Be supported by the best tutors in your photography lessons

Photography is an art that comes in many forms. Many students struggle with getting "the right shot," and lack the knowledge needed to take great photographs. Learn how to take the best photographs possible by taking Photography lessons from a highly qualified Photography teacher who will be matched up to suit the student's needs for optimal learning, and give the student the one-on-one attention the student deserves. No longer will the student "miss the shot," or not understand how to ensure the picture they are taking is set up to take the very best picture possible. In addition to this class, there are all different kinds of related topics offered, such as Architecture lessons, a Design tutor, Leather Craft teachers, and Painting teachers. There is no need for students to search all over the web to find quality educators that provide private classes where the instructor is matched up to best serve the student's learning needs.