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Winter Garden
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Computer Programming expert with over 30 years of software engineering experience and over 25 years of part-time teaching experience at Rochester Institute of technology seeking to empower minds wanti

I am a Software Engineer who loves to design and code software applications that solve real world problems. I have also been an adjunct professor who has taught 1000's of students over 25 years both in a classroom and on line. My greatest joy in teaching and mentoring students is knowing that I have given them skills that they can use on the job.

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Computer programmer with five years of web development experience offering lessons in Madison WI

I coordinate my teaching style to the student's goals. I can help with everything from exam preparation to coding projects. It is never too early nor too late to learn how to code. Anyone and everyone can learn and it can be a great bolster to anyone's personal knowledge and abilities.

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Teaching Professional with 10 years experience tutoring High School Math and Trig

A professional, patient tutor who will begin assessing student strengths and weaknesses Teaching instruction is given with power point and white boards followed by written exercises Tests and Quizzes are also given to measure improvement in student performance over wide range of topics

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Java Programmer can unwrap the secret of IT for your understanding and usage.

I approach each topic with very good understanding of a practical end-result in my student's mind while introducing them to the topic from fundamentals all the way up. I relate abstract sections with practical real-world examples around us for understanding.

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Web development taught by highly-reviewed tutor who takes the "ouch" out of programming

I usually start with whatever concrete problems you have with your site, project, or homework. But I aim to make sure you have an adequate mastery of the basics so the further steps of programming won't make you want to pull out your hair.

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IT Administrator/Developer with over 16 years of experience, very Patient and Professional.

My approach to teaching is by example, and hands-on or on-screen, as much as possible. Programming includes a lot of trial and error involved in the learning process. I like to teach at your pace to make sure you are understanding the subject properly before moving on. I use Skype desktop sharing is a great resource that can help with troubleshooting and debugging.

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Tutor with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and a graduate degree

Anecdotal, periodical exercises, quizzes and allowing room for out of class creativity and research. As a recent college graduate I am confident that I have what it takes to relay information to students the best way possible. Putting myself in a student's shoes makes me know a great deal of questions and concerns.

Los Alamitos
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UK Qualified professional trainer in the field of Networking and programmings field

1)online learning method. 2)can give lecture by using slides 3)can deliver notes 4)The teacher’s primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group projects, student portfolios, and class participation.

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Boone Iowa Business Information Systems Graduate offering tutoring in Mathematics and Computer Logic

Finding the proper paradigm to explain the subject matter to the tutored is key. When you can find an analogy and help them to understand the underlying logic, it helps build the foundation to further understanding.

(7 reviews)
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Master's graduate with 4 years of programming experience offering programming lessons in Fresno, CA.

I share my knowledge with students who want to learn programming basics, and basic languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and database designing concepts. I have clear understanding & experience of designing real-time efficient databases and applications. I teach by demonstrating through examples and collaborating with students.

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Web Developer in Cyprus teaches Web Development using the latest technologies using Webcam

I teach Web Development from the fundamental principles: HTML, CSS, Javascript and moving on to Javascript frameworks. I like to use interesting projects in teaching as opposed to abstract theory. I prefer to teach students who speak English fluently for ease of communication.

1st lesson offered free !

I know how to teach the best way and i like money so let s do it

מקום מפגש אצל המורה אצל התלמיד ₪ תעריף בבית המורה: 100 ₪ לשעה אצל התלמיד: 120 ₪ לשעה הנחה עבור שיעור כפול הנחה עבור מספר שיעורים נושאי לימוד הוראה מתקנת / אסטרטגיות למידה הכנה לכיתה א / הכנה לכיתה א בחשבון חטיבת ביניי

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Hands-on experience from a learner to a learner making you even more confident in the subject.

My methodology is a blended mixture of both hands-on and theory... I believe that the subject is well perceived when it is practiced simultaneously.

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More than 20 years experience as an IT Manager working with Microsoft Office, PHP and Mysql

I like to teach from basic and extend it to a real working example to make sure students understand the reason and how to use it.

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Professional software engineer with 5+ years of experience offering lessons in HTML/CSS and JavaScript

My goal is to bridge the gap between professional and theoretical understanding. I take the knowledge that my students already possess and augment that by building analogies to help them see the bigger picture.

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Technical Sr. Project Manager with 14 years of experience in computer science field.

My teaching method is based on real problems using the best practices up to date as well as standards defined by the industry.

Salt Lake City
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Web developer with an Information Systems degree and work experience ready to help you.

Experience is the best teacher. I want to help each student get experience and a feel of what they're learning. I will work with each student to gain experience in each lesson. Each student is unique and I want to meet those needs.

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Amazing Computer Science Instructor! Become a pro in that computer programming language.

I am always excited to share my knowledge with students and help them understand the very subject they need assistance on, the skills, with no fear, to advance and become proficient in their field of study. I am patient and will explain everything they need to know about the subject.

East Providence
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Computer enthusiast giving computer science and programming lessons in the Providence area

I'm very hands-on when it comes to teaching. I present problems that the students must use a wide range of skills to be able to solve. This is how it is in the computer programming industry, and I believe the sooner they can get used to working on project-based problems, the more prepared they will be.

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Computer Programming(Java, Python, C++ and C#) Tutor, Tampa FL, Master in Information Technology

I give lesson mostly to college student that major in computer science, Information Technology, Information Systems or any major that related to computer programming I teach by showing the students how to solve a problem then see if the students have some questions.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Software engineer and scientist with a combined 12+ years of experience in web development and education. I teach Windows, Linux, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, php, MySQL, the basic sciences and MORE!

My approach to teaching is for it to be the students asking the questions and the teachers guiding the students to make sure the right ones get asked. I believe that there is no wrong question, and that a student should not feel like getting things wrong is itself wrong. Getting things wrong is part of learning.

San Francisco
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Over 20 years professional experience developing web & mobile apps and ten teaching

I like hands on mentoring using real world examples. I can teach in person or online via Skype, TeamViewer, etc. I am also available for phone consultation. I like to mentor individuals and small groups. Regular classes and sessions can arranged at package rate.

1st lesson offered free !

Web developer and data scientist with more than 10 years industry experience

My teaching style is packed with real world applications and hands on learning. I like to use easy to understand terminology, not confusing technical jargon. My lessons are for beginners who want to get a good foundation in programming for analysis or web/software development using Python and/or PHP.

1st lesson offered free !

Master's Degree holder and Tutor of Computer Science/ Programming for 8 Years

I have done face-to-face teaching and online ones. I am a very patient instructor who understands where you are with these classes because I have been there and may be there again next week :) My goal is to get you to your next sweet spot.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer Science Tutor with over 20 years of Industry Experience -- Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, Yelp,...

I will customize my teaching style to each student or class. I love to make learning fun, and at the same time challenging, engaging and educational. I like to work with projects and lessons which produce working software with real world relevance.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn to code for the web with Cyber Coder for all ages!

Coding for the web may sound hard and intimidating, but it actually can be very fun and powerful. You will learn step by step how to code in a comfortable just-right pace.

San Francisco
1st lesson offered free !

Tech professional with over ten years experience offering web & mobile dev lessons in San Francisco.

I prefer hands teaching but am also available to teach online. I have taught at the college level in the SF Bay Area for about ten years to students ranging from 14 years old to 80. I am very easy going and try to customize my lessons to the student.

1st lesson offered free !

I Will provide assignment help for engineering student with 5+ year experience

i will provide full solution from my side to direct students.we are team to provide best solution to get full marks in that subjects. if any problem or error in our work then we are provide online support to students.

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Computer science major in Sheboygan with a master's degree and one year of tutoring experience

I was a tutor for undergraduate students. I gave questions from the textbooks I used in the introductory physics and differential equations classes that I took. I also got some of my questions from online. I asked my tutees what subjects they were currently learning in those classes so that the problems I gave them were relevant to what they were learning.

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Perfect! Vikas is really an excellent tutor. He starts from the basics and patiently answers all questions along the way. I very much recommend him.

Sybil, student
6 months ago
(2 reviews)

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