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Physics graduate offering math and physics tutoring near Salt Lake City with 3 years of experience

I work to provide additional support to students taking courses in a school setting. I believe that principles are best learned by doing instead of listening. My tutoring sessions involve working relevant problems step-by-step with students until they are comfortable solving such problems on their own.

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Masters Degree holder in Engineering offering Math and physics lessons in Pittsburgh with 4 years of experience

*I am currently offering my tutoring services to all ages and education levels. My teaching style is one that enables my students to develop intelligence and not just the ability to memorize. I also strive to help them realize where their strengths and weaknesses lie academically so that they can make informed decisions on what path to take when progressing their education.

Crown Point
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Experienced chemical engineer with a strong background in English, math, and science tutoring remotely.

I intend to provide lessons to students in middle school, high school, or undergraduate college level courses. My approach is to provide a lesson on the topic explaining in detail how and why it works. Then, I will demonstrate a few examples to illustrate the lesson. Next I will assign a few examples for students to practice.

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College Chemistry Instructor with 18 years experience in tutoring, high school and college teaching, and curriculum development

Learning should be fun - especially in science! With all the digital learning tools available today, it is easy to improve a student's interest and motivation to learn. I like to use graphics, music, video, and real world examples to help students find context in their studies.

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Civil Engineer with 2 year of experience tutoring math in Kissimmee Florida

I base my tutoring by first teaching you how said problems are done, then i have you do one yourself with minimal help. If needed i can do as many examples as possible till you can understand the concept of how its done and why it works that way.

Los Angeles
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Passionate mathematician who like to pass knowledge of the subject to eager students. To help you achieve the highest grade in any of your math classes and beyond.

Math is all about practice. I illustrate every step in solving a problem clearly. I then, give you a hands on experience while still guiding you to solve problems on your on. i believe that, the more examples solved the better.

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Engineering professional with PhD and 10 years of experience, offering lessons in math subjects and quantitative methods.

I always like to spent a little time identifying the learning styles of my students. I can then tailor the teaching materials to the students' needs. I also make a point of using familiar contexts for problem set questions.

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Engineer offering math and physics lessons with 4+ years tutoring & in-classroom teaching experience

My teaching method is focused on developing a student's understanding of the basic governing principles on the math or physics problem and teach students tips and short cuts to problem solving when the student has mastered fundamentals.

Buffalo Grove
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Physics Major and Math Minor at Emory University - Received 5's on AP Calculus BC, AP Physics 1, and AP Physics 2

I believe every student learns differently, and it is important to cater your teaching style to the individual student's needs. Some students are visual learners that like to see examples worked out in front of them before they are ready to try on their own while others learn best by diving right in and learning from their mistakes.

Roger e
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Math teacher with more of 40 years of experience in High School; College and Universities.

My Teaching Method is Mathematicals Applicated at The Different Sciences: Finance, Economic and others. The Student combine The mathematic with the Real Live; and He know for what He must to learn and domain the mathematics; because To know Mathematics is Power.

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Recent Cal Poly grad/Aspiring High School Science Teacher offering science tutoring sessions

Upon analyzing the methods in which any particular student learns best, I tailor instruction to meet those individual needs to ensure successful learning and understanding. Prior to instruction, I prefer to give a brief assessment so I can get a better understanding of the students' current level of understanding, followed by detailed instruction in areas of need.

Los Angeles
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Physics instructor for 3 years at private and charter schools. Also teach math.

Teaching is about emotions & discipline. Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines and, through its inclusion of astronomy, perhaps the oldest.

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Engineering professional that can enhance your knowledge and Skills in Math Subjects

Simple, I make sure that the student understands the basics before going into solving problems. I make certain that the student fully understands the material and is able to manipulate the knowledge and skills aquired into solving more complex problems.

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Structural Engineer with Two Masters Degrees and Wealth of Experience Applying Math and Physics

I believe that anyone can learn anything. While everyone has natural abilities with certain subject, I know that it really comes down to finding the right way to deliver and explain the material. With the right explanation and some practice, I think anyone can learn anything they want.

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Cytotechnology graduate, offering maths, biology, physics and chemistry lessons online. Am based in Kampala Uganda

My teaching method involves discussing with students, this allows sharing of ideas and coming out with best possible ways of solving problems. It also helps a student to keep track of the whole lesson. Where possible I involve practical demonstrations. This may be in form of videos and pictures for online lessons.

Mint Hill
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Science Instructor, who covers most sciences including Agriculture, Charlotte NC, 28 yrs exprience.

I teach in a fluid flexible methodology, fit the lessons and help to the individual student or small group. All based on the feedback from students. Like to used all methods of teaching.

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Award winning technical writer and electronics instructor, community college professor, AC and DC electronics curriculum developer

My teaching is very hands on, concentrating on electronics laboratory techniques. I also require my students to do top level technical writing, as I believe it's important to convey you ideas in writing to prove that you really understand the principles.

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PhD student in Physics with over 6 years experience in tutoring high school to college level physics and math.

Math and physics problems are usually challenging at first, but can be mastered with the right approach. My teaching plan involves giving students the chance to reflect on their weaknesses when it comes to approaching these sometimes difficult problems.

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Phyics/Math B.S. degree holder with 4 years tutoring experience in Baltimore area, can travel

When approaching a problem, I find it best to go back to basics. Break down the problem into the information it gives and decide what methods and equations can utilize that information into your answer. In physics, I find unit analysis particularly useful. You'll know you didn't get the right answer if the units don't match up.

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Graduate with M.S in Chemical Engineering with 3 years of tutoring experience, offering math, chemistry and physics academic support.

My teaching method can be described as interactive and student-focused. Every student has their strengths and skills they want to improve on. My lesson plans are customized to each student's learning style and aim to advance their understanding of the material. Generally, students would begin solving the problem on their own and I would give guidance/hints when they're stuck.

Los Angeles
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Recent UCSB Physics graduate offering Physics and Math tutoring for all skill levels! I believe in a growth mindset and in everyone's abilities... AND that we can have fun while learning!

I believe that each individual learns in their own way, thus my teaching must change to fit my students. While some benefit most from drawing pictures, others need to see an actual demonstration of the concept (especially with physics).

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1st lesson offered free !

Retired medical school professor offers lessons in biological sciences in writing in Austin and Galveston area.

1. Review of background information relevant to a specific mechanism in health or disease. 2. Identification of important, but poorly understood problem. 3. Design of experimental approach and analysis of data. 4. Integration of data into new comprehensive paradigm. 5. Test hypothesis experimentally.

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Mathematics and Physics online or at-home tutor with 10 yrs experience and M.S. in Physics

I approach my lessons with each student according to what they need most. I like to get to know my students and find out what motivates them and help them apply that motivation to the study of math and physics. I work with each student to keep up with their curriculum and assignments, but also work to discover what they most need help with in order to succeed in their classes.

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Over 20 years of Electrical Engineering Technology, mostly on medical imaging modalities and hospital computer data networking and storage.

Test the student for beginning knowledge. Emphasize and clear up any misunderstandings the student may have, and introduce new information built on the old information, now better understood. Try to build logical bridges between the old and the new. Teach the student to make logical assumptions to begin a process.

Tinley Park
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Recent engineering college grad offering math and physics lessons. I can teach from algebra all the way up to calculus (I, II, & III). For physics, I can teach mechanics (200 level and lower).

I currently have a bachelor's in mechanical engineering. I like to teach using visuals whenever applicable (i.e. drawings, schematics/diagrams, physical objects) to show or prove a concept. If the question involves memorization, I would use mnemonics (i.e. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally).

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Stellar Physics and Math Tutor, Instructor and Adjunct Professor in Birmingham, MI

At Brightmont Academy, I teach students who have ADHD, anxiety, autism, and athletic travel conflicts in a one-on-one instruction format with a mastery-based learning approach. This past semester, I taught AP calculus, physics, chemistry, algebra, earth science, and French, and I worked with students who ranged in age from 7th to 12th grade.

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District Science UIL Champion with a full ride to Rice University offers maths and physics lessons in Dallas at home and online

I base my classes on the AP (calculus and physics) and pre-AP (for all other math classes) curriculum, with a focus on applications to real-world situations. The teaching experience can be tailored so the student may get a high score on the AP exam and/or SAT subject test, or so that any gaps in the student's current learning experience can be filled. (This is not endorsed by the College Board).

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Veteran Physics Instructor with 25+ years of experience wanting to teach concepts at fundamental level

My initial task is to evaluate where the student is currently at, and based on the student I will decide at what level I need to instruct the students, in case of inidividual instruction. In case of groups, the first thing to do is segregate the students based on their current understanding of the subject, so that the pace of instruction can be even.

San Diego
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Experienced tutor here to excite you to the world of physics in San Diego or around the world.

My teaching method is first figuring out what the problems are. Then diving into the problem solving methodology to figure out what the problem is asking for and slowly going over the ways to actually solve the problem. At the same time, helping students understand the WHY part of the problem helps them to solve future problems using the same methodology.

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Perfect! L'année dernière, mon fils Louis, qui était en Terminale S renforcée, suivait sa scolarité dans un lycée parisien très sélectif et était suivi par Mounir tout au long de l'année. Je suis absolument ravie par la transformation radicale...

Helen, student
2 months ago
(79 reviews)

Perfect! Excellent! Fotios, over the course of 4 months, has really helped my daughter develop her problem-solving skills. He makes the subject engaging and can pass on his enthusiasm to his students. I really think she will do very well in the Physics...

Emmanouel, student
1 year ago
Fotios ioannis
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Professional and knowledgeable about the subject :) Thanks Adi!

Joan, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Peter has helped my daughter in vector calculus and differential equations. He has helped with homework problems, test preparation, and concept understanding. All together Peter's tutoring has had a great benefit for her. I expect he would be...

Eric, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Be supported by the best tutors in your physics lessons

Physics is a common high school and college course that helps a student understand the general makeup of the universe, down to the very smallest atom form. Often times, taking both physics and chemistry is required, although not always at once. Studying the universe down to its smallest form can prove fascinating, although it can also provide difficult and confusing as well. For some students who just are not going to grasp this subject matter, it is necessary to look into bringing in private teachers who can produce physics private lessons and even electricity private lessons. Both of these subjects relate to one another, so regardless of what a student is struggling with, they can receive all of their help from the physics private teachers.

These engineering private teachers have a full understanding and in-depth connection with the subject matter. Due to this, they not only know the topic in and out, but they can create private lessons for students, depending on what they are struggling with. All of this is going to drastically help improve how a student learns and their ability to withhold the knowledge that is given to them through the help of the private teachers.