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Chemistry graduate offering high school and college level lessons, as well as math up to AP Calc

I teach based on comprehension, not memorization. Instead of accepting a formula or concept at face value, I explain where it came from, and why it works. My focus is on problem solving strategies based on a big-picture understanding, by creating a strong conceptual foundation at any level.

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Minneapolis (and surrounding suburbs) based math tutor with ten years of experience

I teach with the concept of critical literacy. I don't just help my students complete their assigned homework, but teach them in a way that breeds autonomy, logic, critical thinking, and ability to independently find solutions to problems.

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Medical Student giving lessons in chemistry, biology, physics to those interested near Jackson/Flowood MS area

I have a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Ole Miss. I have an M.S. in Biomedical Sciences from Mississippi College. I am a medical student at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. I am well versed in the sciences. I have taught high school chemistry and physics for 2 years. I am currently teaching biology at Mississippi College.

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Philosopher and theoretical physicist and writer teaches planetary development, gravity, thermodynamics and astrophysics in Merced, Ca.

Hi, I'm a highschool graduate who is self educated in philosophy and physics. I developed a theory on gravity from studying planetary development. I extend such knowledge into astrophysics and thermodynamics. My method of teaching is utilizing textbook information to teach physics by designing a planet. Drawings, email, Internet, and textbooks will be used as ways to teach.

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College Physics Senior can help with any math or science, for any school kid.

I am one semester away from graduating with a BS in Physics, with a minor in math. When I started college however, I was a Biochemistry major, and I completed four semesters of Chemistry. I can help with any middle/high school math or science. I excel at explaining technical and abstract concepts with every-day analogies that are more accessible to those who are not technically minded.

San Antonio
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High School Science teacher brings clarity and understanding to difficult subjects with ease.

I am an educator who enjoys sharing his passion for science by making difficult concepts in physics, chemistry, and even biology easier to understand by presenting them in multiple ways. I enjoy using visuals, hands on activities and labs, and manipulatives.

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Algebra tutor from Spokane with experience as a Mechanical Engineering student at Eastern Washington University

I like to teach using examples. I want students to understand the best problem solving techniques that will help with any scenario. I want to work together on some problems as well as have students work through others by themselves.

Fort Lauderdale
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Biomedical Engineering Masters Student Offering Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Tutoring in Fort Lauderdale Area

My teaching method is one which is very flexible to the individual I am working with. While tutoring I tend to look for the student's areas of strength and weakness and from there help them to bolster the areas they are weak in, while still encouraging them in the areas they excel.

North Kingstown
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Offering Maths and Physics lesson for all grades including engineering with 5 years of rich experience

My teaching methods includes 3 steps- first explaining the topic with application , 2nd-showing video of application area,3rd- providing short tricks to remember some formula and making calculation without pan and paper and then providing practice set.On phone I always supported my students for every problem.

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Aeronautical Engineer offering Math and Physics lessons online with 2+ years experience

I mainly prefer to make the subjects fun to my students. I do this by using a lot of visual and imaginative aids. The first few classes are always to figure out their present strengths and weaknesses and then to further improve on them.After that, I begin intensive relearning of the subjects and build on their strengths to reduce their weakness.

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High School student with straight A+ grade in math and science and two year of tutoring experience

My teaching method is basically to let students gather all the knowledge they have and put them into categories and the specific type o question this equation is going to solve.

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Physics baccalaureate with experience in Astrophysics research in NYC offering math and physics lessons

My teaching method is catered differently to each individual or group. I find the best way for the student to learn and retain information, which include me bringing study materials (extra worksheets, flash cards, review pages, etc.) or creating these study materials with the student. I make sure that the student feels more confident in the subject by the end of tutoring.

Baton Rouge
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Medical Physics and Marine Biology student offering Math and Physics tutoring to Louisiana and more

My method of teaching is working through problems, allowing the student to ask questions and try to come up with a method of their own. No two students learn the same way. I primarily work with 1st and 2nd year undergraduates and some high school students.

New York
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PhD in Astrophysics, former researcher at Columbia, gives Maths or Physics lessons!

I always based my classes on empathy and comprehension of the difficulties of each student. I realized that learning to learn itself, is something critical to be able to progress. So I always try to understand the way that the student is thinking.

Middleburg Heights
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Researcher offering math and physics lessons in Columbia, SC through online methods

I prefer teaching through examples. I find it extremely beneficial for math and science classes. Practicing different methods to arrive at the same solution provides students with a more rounded understanding of the materials they are trying to master. In addition, games promoting the certain areas the students are studying is helpful.

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Experienced engineer with a passion for teaching science and advanced mathematics, offering sessions in the Orange County area.

I am a college graduate and I have had tutoring experience throughout my life. In addition to working with tutoring agencies, I have tutored my own two children from primary school through their undergraduate years. With this experience I am confident I will be to tutor children of all ages and all levels of experience.

San Francisco
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Engineering PhD with 6 years experience teaching high school and college level math and physics

My tutoring subjects include several high school-college level math such as algebra, geometry, calculus and differential equations. I'd like focus a great on CONCEPTS that are related in students' subjects, and case study would follow these CONCEPTS to help understand what you are learning.

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Straight A Student offering Maths and physics lessons with 4 years experience

My teaching method is to try to get the students to think their way through the problem and I would provide help a long the way if they get stuck. I would then make sure that they get it before moving on so I know they can solve other problems with minimum help or no help at all.

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Undergraduate Chemical Engineering student with tutoring experience in various areas in math and chemistry.

Whether I am teaching one on one or in a group, I like to work one on one with my students to find their fundamental error in understanding. I try to teach from a students perspective, stressing not only understanding, but strategies for test taking as well.

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I am from India and my mathematical concepts and analytical skills are my strengths.

As a tutor, I am accommodating/understandable as in can understand the nature of the particular student and can relate and teach the person accordingly.Teaching style differs from student to student though the basics of the topic will remain the same.

Prescott Valley
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For as complex as the human mind is, there is no one way of grasping an idea. If the general school approach to teaching a subject seems to not be working for you, there are other ways to understand a

When trying to understand a new idea the brain is meets a conflicts or a resolution, either it will click or it will not for that method of teaching, if it does not then the brain simply needs a new way of trying to analyze the conflict and resolve it. the brain can be thought of as a computer that may just need a new way of solving a problem to do so.

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CRLA Certified Tutor and Physics Student tutoring Physics and Calculus in Charlotte

I approach each lesson with 100 percent focus on you. When I teach, I aim for a well rounded understanding in the subject area needed. Learning is not about memorization, it is about understanding how and why we solve problems the way we do.

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Certified Teacher offering Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and various Math subject tutoring in Denver

My teaching method is to give students the proper supports they need in order to access information and create solutions to problems they face without taking away the challenge completely. I believe students need to be challenged in order to truly absorb the material and create lasting knowledge.

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EIT Project Engineer/home mechanic willing to teach math and science in the Denver area.

I'm an engineer. That means I solve problems. Not problems like "what is beauty" because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems. For instance, how am I going to stop some big mean exam from setting you back a semester? The answer, is teaching. And if that doesn't work, then I'll teach you more.

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Engineering student in Tucson AZ with mathematical knowledge up to Calculus II

I work with students and classmates with understanding the bigger picture and the missing pieces of the topic that the teachers/instructors leave out of the lectures. While showing them a few tips and tricks on how to fully think about or comprehend the subject.

Rancho Viejo
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Neuroscience major with experience with advanced chemistry and biology coursework in Brownsville, Texas

I give lessons to students seeking help in mostly science-based classes such as biology and chemistry. I approach the problems from a conceptual standpoint at first, which provides a base understanding for the learner to rely on, and then make connections to the specifics. Helping the student understand concepts on a fundamental level will help with retention and critical thinking.

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Former civil engineer with 5+ years of math tutoring experience for all ages.

As a tutor I spent time trying to understand how well my students understand the material. Knowing what the students understand and what is causing confusing helps me make sure I explain things in a way they will understand. Everyone learns differently, so it is important to be able to find a way to explain the subject that makes sense to the student.

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Physics grad available in Arlington, VA to help with Math and Science classes

My teaching method involves making sure the student learns the basics and then doing practice problems to learn the topic. I believe practice problems are the best way to learn, and that simple memorization will not lead to actual learning of the material.

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Berkeley Engineering Graduate offering tutoring in mathematics, physics, biology, and university prep with 2 years of academic service experience.

I offer instruction to student from 8th-12th grade and college students. If you do not fit these categories don't fret! Please contact me regardless about what you may want out of this experience to see if I am able to offer tutoring.

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Math and Physics BS with 5 years of tutoring experience offering lessons in math, physics, and related sciences.

I have given lessons to students of all ages, from pre-k students to adults. As such, my techniques and methods are extremely flexible and depend on the student and subject. Generally, however, the goal of each session I have with a student is for them to walk away with the most they possibly can.

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Perfect! Excellent! Fotios, over the course of 4 months, has really helped my daughter develop her problem-solving skills. He makes the subject engaging and can pass on his enthusiasm to his students. I really think she will do very well in the Physics...

Emmanouel, student
9 months ago
Fotios ioannis
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Professional and knowledgeable about the subject :) Thanks Adi!

Joan, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Peter has helped my daughter in vector calculus and differential equations. He has helped with homework problems, test preparation, and concept understanding. All together Peter's tutoring has had a great benefit for her. I expect he would be...

Eric, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your physics lessons

Physics is a common high school and college course that helps a student understand the general makeup of the universe, down to the very smallest atom form. Often times, taking both physics and chemistry is required, although not always at once. Studying the universe down to its smallest form can prove fascinating, although it can also provide difficult and confusing as well. For some students who just are not going to grasp this subject matter, it is necessary to look into bringing in private teachers who can produce physics private lessons and even electricity private lessons. Both of these subjects relate to one another, so regardless of what a student is struggling with, they can receive all of their help from the physics private teachers.

These engineering private teachers have a full understanding and in-depth connection with the subject matter. Due to this, they not only know the topic in and out, but they can create private lessons for students, depending on what they are struggling with. All of this is going to drastically help improve how a student learns and their ability to withhold the knowledge that is given to them through the help of the private teachers.