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Chemistry Major with a focus on Secondary Education in Norfolk, VA and surrounding cities

My primary method is to try and establish and reinforce connections between the material and its applications. In other words, rather than trying to explain the correct answer I attempt to encourage the student to understand how the correct answer is found, and then obtain the correct answer from that material.

Lake Ronkonkoma
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Physics graduate offering high school math/physics lessons in the Stony Brook region

I can teach any mathematics courses up to matrix algebra and calculus 3/differential equations, along with physics 1,2, and modern physics (including calculus applications). My main method involves breaking down complex material into simple parts, and filling in every jump in logic made in the topic.

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I have tutored at the local high school and Pacific University learning center. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry but can/have helped with math, physics, and other science courses. H

I give lessons to help students in a science course anywhere from 9th grade to undergraduate students. I try to take multiple approaches when teaching until one seems to click with the individual. I'm funny (I think) and patient, it is hard to successfully tutor someone who is not having fun or frustrated with their tutor.

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Physics student with 3 years of one-on-one and class tutoring experience for math and physics!

My approach is based on understanding the concepts first (qualitatively), then working example problems to gain experience with the material. My belief is that good practice makes perfect, so we work problems and use problem solving skills to overcome difficulties.

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The physicist, college professor for 13 years and Specialist in Science Education is ready to make Physics easy and comprehensible

I am an experienced college physics professor with a Specialist in Education degree from the Rutgers University.

El Paso
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30-something Retired Science Teacher with knowledge of science and math in El Paso, TX

My teaching method is to break down concepts into subtopics and then tackle each subtopic. I also like to be visual and tactile using drawing and manipulatives to teach. As a teacher, I used a project-based learning model. I also like to use humor when teaching.

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Engineering student, can help student of every caliber to teach them at their own pace.

I am a Electro-Mechaincal Engineering senior ( also minoring in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Physics). During my tutoring session, I start asking question to the student what they know about the subject matter rather than what they don't know and create a common ground. Then I give them basic theoretical knowledge and then help them solving problems to prove those theories.

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High School Student (9 APs) Offering Tutoring in Math and Science in Kathleen

I would first need to know the subject I will be teaching. I will then break the concept down it its major components, prepare teaching material and practice problems, and not move on until the students fully understands each one.

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UNC Asheville Physics graduate teaching undergraduate math and physics in the Asheville area

Geared towards freshmen and sophomore level courses in physics, math, and computer science. Will use materials student is already using or is familiar with, and connecting that to their personal goals and interests. Whenever possible, I prefer to teach with hands-on (or digital, if necessary) experiments rather than straight theory.

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10 years of teaching experience in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology - online tutoring experience too!

I have a M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and have been actively engaged in Education for 10 years. Mathematics and Science can be difficult, and I understand that. I believe that anyone can learn it with a positive attitude though.

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Virginia Tech Civil Engineering Student gives Math and Physics tutoring to grades K-12 in Blacksburg, VA

I am a senior at Virginia Tech obtaining my BS in Civil Engineering. I was the President of the Academy of Engineering in highschool and I have taken multiple AP courses including Calculus AB/BC, Physics, Language and Composition, Statistics, US History. I give lessons to students K-12 in all subjects but specializing in math and physics.

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Get Physics Tutoring from an Experienced Engineering Graduate for Great Low Rates

I am a May 2016 graduate of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Virginia Tech's College of Engineering. Topics I've taught range from Newtonian mechanics to electromagnetism, focusing mostly on algebraic based problems. I'm also happy to work with students on trigonometry, geometry, calculus, chemistry, and physics.

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My name is Jessica from the Rockport, TX area. I would like to teach and assist in areas of math and science with a background of having a Bachelor's Degree in Geophysics.

I would like to produce lessons plans given the students level of expertise and build on what they already know, applying a constructivist approach, giving them responsibilities whcih they are easy to accomplish. Through learning the basic concepts, coming up with problem solving practices, students are able to achieve academic goals.

Wake Forest
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Tutoring Chemistry,Physics, and Biology from High school to 4th year college students, giving lessons in the Raleigh/Durham area.

Currently a senior attending University studying Physics (B.A) and Biochemistry (B.S) with a minor in Neuroscience. I have plans on attending graduate school to earn a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry, currently waiting on Northwestern's decision on my application *fingers crossed*. Teaching isn't about memorization, it's about understanding the mechanism and principles of why something happens.

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Experienced, college educated tutor offering math and science help to elementary, middle, and high school students in the Tri-Cities area.

I received my MSc in Geochemistry from Ohio University in 2016 and a BSc in Geology and Creative writing from the University of Illinois in 2013. I spent a year doing post-graduate research at the University of Victoria (Canada) studying Earth and Ocean Sciences, and received a certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning through the Teaching and Learning Center at UVic.

North Hills
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Learning and teaching work hands-in-hands. I'm waiting to bring you to your zone of proximal development.

Master in Psychology and Master in Business Administration. Bachelor in Sciences - Chemistry. Experienced mentoring young professionals and now open to mentor students that want to concentrate in a specific subject. Lessons tailored to student needs. I'm looking forward to work with you.

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"Dr. C PhD" Tutor in All Sciences, Math - Fairfield and New Haven County CT - Middle School to College Grad Level

Having over 25 years of teaching experience, advanced degree (Doctorate) and training in science and medicine, I can tailor a method of learning that is right for you! From Biology and Chemistry, Math and Physics to specialty subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology.

Corpus Christi
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College graduate offering math and science tutoring for all ages through undergrad in Corpus Christi, TX

Graduated in 2016 from the U.S. Naval Academy with a B.S. in Oceanography, focusing on physics and applied math. Hoping to apply my technical knowledge to help students with math and science at all levels. Currently work full time as a scientist for the Navy.

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Elementary/Middle Grades Science/Physical Science/earth science tutor/Masters Degree /4 years experience/ Toccoa/Stephens County/

B/S Criminal Justice from Georgia Southern University MAT from Piedmont College I believe in hands on experiments, STEM teaching practices. Reading and comprehension practices. I also believe in differentiation of lesson plans as well as student driven learning. Videos and self exlploration and teacher guidance is also used.

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Math and Science Tutor in Pineville, LA, with Experience and a Degree in Chemistry

I am an alumnus of Louisiana College with a B.S. in Chemistry and experience in the chemical field. I am looking for attentive students in the maths and sciences, willing to learn, who are in Junior High through college in the CenLA area. I typically do homework support, but I can also teach lessons.

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Sterling scholar winner in Mathematics gives lessons in math and applied science.

I am a second year college student at Utah State University studying Computer Engineering. I was the Sterling Scholar winner for Mathematics in the southwestern Utah region in 2013. I like to learn which learning method my students use (visual, tactile, etc) and adapt to their individual needs.

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College student majoring in Math and Physics tutoring in Math and Physics in Springfield, Missouri

Hello! I am currently a college student at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. I am about to graduate this semester. I am hoping to go to graduate school in math. I am available to tutor in math and most physics subjects up through the undergraduate level.

San Antonio
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Science Tutor - San Antonio - Jonathan (BS Biology and BA Psychology)

My name is Jonathan. I was a Biology teacher and able teach all of the core sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics) at any level.

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I am an scientist and educator in field of Math and Physics with experience more than 15 years as a professor in college and university. I always enjoyed tutoring and have been helping school student

I am an experimentalist physicist, saying exactly, MS in applied nuclear physics. At the same time I taught students general physics at Quantum College in Armenia, as well as applied nuclear physics at Yerevan State University and at Yerevan State Engineering University. Since 2013 I have taught college Physics at NOVA and Montgomery colleges.

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My goal is to teach students to build a bridge between math and physics

I am Esuyawkal Engdaw. I graduated from The University of California, Berkeley in Physics. I have worked as a tutor and teaching assistant at Merritt college before, and I like the satisfaction that comes along with the job. I taught students through examples and most of my students have come back and told me that they became successful.

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UF Student in Gainesville Teaching Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry with Two Years Experience

The best way to learn the math and sciences is to learn by doing. My tutoring sessions typically include numerous problems that I work through with my students step by step where they learn the muscle memory to learn and understand the concepts behind the problems.

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James Madison University graduate with a degree in Finance. Over 5 years of experience on Wall Street now tutoring in Washington, Pennsylvania.

My teaching method is very hands on and adaptive to each individual's learning style. I have an innate ability to relate to student's struggles and break down the material in ways that is very approachable and unintimidating. I have experience teaching mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry on the college level. I also provide SAT and ACT preparation.

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Research and Development Scientist offering help in all sciences in Northern Indiana region with a degree in Biochemistry and Economics from Oberlin College

I am willing to give lessons to all ages and levels ranging from middle school to college. I like to reteach what the teacher has already gone over with problem and examples.

Ponte Vedra Beach
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Recent mechanical engineering graduate with 1 year of tutoring experience offering math and physics help in Jacksonville

Since I was a college student only a few months ago, I understand the problems students encounter and adapt to their individual learning styles. I’ve also developed great study skills, time management abilities and effective organization techniques that I’ve used to succeed in my own academic career.

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Master of Science professional with 10 years of experience offering Math and Science lessons in Bay area

I believe when the students are actively participating in the class discussion and ask questions about how and why the concepts should work in a particular way, they learn a lot more. I always make sure that my students are strong with their basic concepts, if they aren't, that's where I begin my job.

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Perfect! Excellent! Fotios, over the course of 4 months, has really helped my daughter develop her problem-solving skills. He makes the subject engaging and can pass on his enthusiasm to his students. I really think she will do very well in the Physics...

Emmanouel, student
9 months ago
Fotios ioannis
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Professional and knowledgeable about the subject :) Thanks Adi!

Joan, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Peter has helped my daughter in vector calculus and differential equations. He has helped with homework problems, test preparation, and concept understanding. All together Peter's tutoring has had a great benefit for her. I expect he would be...

Eric, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your physics lessons

Physics is a common high school and college course that helps a student understand the general makeup of the universe, down to the very smallest atom form. Often times, taking both physics and chemistry is required, although not always at once. Studying the universe down to its smallest form can prove fascinating, although it can also provide difficult and confusing as well. For some students who just are not going to grasp this subject matter, it is necessary to look into bringing in private teachers who can produce physics private lessons and even electricity private lessons. Both of these subjects relate to one another, so regardless of what a student is struggling with, they can receive all of their help from the physics private teachers.

These engineering private teachers have a full understanding and in-depth connection with the subject matter. Due to this, they not only know the topic in and out, but they can create private lessons for students, depending on what they are struggling with. All of this is going to drastically help improve how a student learns and their ability to withhold the knowledge that is given to them through the help of the private teachers.