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Do you want to play piano, hand drums or percussion with ease?? Contact me!

I began piano lessons at the age of 4 and had a total of 9 years of lessons by the time I graduated from high school. This training was all in classical music theory and performance, and I had a strong aptitude and facility. In my 40s (after careers in fields unrelated to music) I turned my career attention to music and jazz studies.

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Fourth-year UC Berkeley student gives violin and music theory lessons in North Berkeley

I am a fourth-year engineering student at Cal with a passion for music and violin (10+ years experience)! At Berkeley, I am a course instructor for "Music 198: Chamber Music for Fun", and have played violin with the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra as well as in smaller groups such as the University Baroque Ensemble and string quartets/quintets.

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Pianist for 15 years gives private piano classes for beginners and children

My teaching method is to always be patient and kind. Classes will be based on how to play given or requested songs on the piano, read notes/sheet music, learn about timing, and how to play melodies with their majors and minors.

Las Vegas
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Quick and Easy with Level 10 pianist in Las Vegas offering lessons starting from $15/hour.

My teaching method is to start off with good body posture, basic background of the piano, and basic theory. There will be workbooks and music books to assist the student to get started, and the books will advance along with the student's skills. Recording of the student's pieces will be done for them to evaluate what they sound like.

Shelby County
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I am a traveling Music Teacher on wheels! My specialty is teaching students how to play the piano and keyboard along with learning about the composer of the music, the era in which the music was comp

I have a BA in Communications and a MA in Music Education and Vocal. My objective is to teach beginners how to play the piano with skills and to help them maximize their potential.

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Pianist, Latin, & SAT/essay writing tutor with 5+ of experience gives lessons at home to all ages

I approach each topic by determining your foundation and building off of what you already know. I have been studying Latin for 7+ years and have won awards for excelling on the NJCL tests. I have studied Latin at the undergraduate and graduate level, and I also have a few years experience tutoring Latin.

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Experienced music teacher of piano, guitar, and woodwinds. I'm located in Rochester, NY.

My name is Nancy. I grew up in Huntington, NY which is a large town near NYC. At the age of 14, I studied clarinet at the Juilliard Schools. Yes, that is the correct spelling of Juilliard, in case you're wondering. I got my B.A. from SUNY @ Potsdam (Crane School of Music) and my M.A. from Roberts Wesleyan College.

New York
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College Piano Student With 15 years of experience gives Beginner/Intermediate Piano Lessons in NYC

I started playing the piano when I was 3 and have received lessons since I was 4 years old. I have studied under Stephen Graff and am currently a part of the Hunter College Conservatory. I have been giving lessons since I was 16 and have taught 12 students so far. I believe music is a wonderful outlet to express yourself and I am looking to share that passion with others.

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First lesson free! Piano and Cello private teacher looking for students around Dallas area. I teach in your home so you do not have to drive anywhere. I am a student at SMU, Meadows school of the A

I am currently a 3rd year student at SMU, Meadows School of the Arts pursuing a B.M. in piano performance with a focus on pedagogy. I also play cello in chamber groups and with the Meadows Symphony Orchestra. I am an entertaining, outgoing teacher who is not afraid to use new methods and techniques that cater to each of my unique students.

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Dr. Ada Wu Piano Studio - Giving students to achieve their dreams

Dr. Ada Shih-Ting Wu teaches piano lessons, viola lessons, music theory in levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced, from age 4 and up. I have a deep passion for teaching, especially when I see student's development with their musicality and creative ideas. As a teacher, teaching students is a reward to me. I divide my teaching strategy into different levels.

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Community pianist with 20 years of experience gives piano lessons at home in Bellevue to all ages

I teach beginning and intermediate students. My lessons are structured with new material, music theory, technique, and work on a piece of a student's choice. We also touch on music appreciation and classical music history. My students feel comfortable experimenting in my studio and I make sure they know mistakes are inevitable in the learning process.

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Learn EDM production and music fundamentals with FL Studio, Ableton, Traktor and more.

I am a native resident of Oregon and I grew up and learned music in Portland. I began my career as a classical and jazz musician, earning a performance degree in vocal music from Portland State in 2002. I performed professionally as a symphonic and jazz trumpet player as well as a concert and solo vocalist. In addition to live performance, I have several years trumpet and vocal coaching experience.

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College student who plays 10 instruments give lessons to beginning musicians.

Hi Everyone! My name is Darika and I am currently a 2nd year college student attending UC Davis. I can also play 10 instruments including the ukulele, guitar, piano, violin, viola, drums, marimba, cajon, conga, & voice. I seek to teach students who wish to learn how to play either the ukulele, piano, guitar, or learn how to sing/harmonize.

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Creative Musician with 12 years of experience. I can teach you to express your thoughts and feelings through music.

The class is very much based on understanding through feeling. I will attempt to replicate in you what the great masters felt when they sat down to create melodies. This is sometimes daunting, but extremely rewarding.

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Experienced piano teacher who wants to share my gift with you/others!

I have several methods which all depends on my students. Everyone learns at their own pace so it differs.

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Piano piano man, i live down the way you say hello to me

piano piano man, i live down the way you say hello to mepiano piano man, i live down the way you say hello to mepiano piano man, i live down the way you say hello to mepiano piano man, i live down the way you say hello to me

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We always need someone to discuss our issues technical problems, physical style problems, musicality or anything that leads us to be a better performer. I'm always available to help!

I've been musician for 12 years untill now, who deal with many issues to be a better performer. Many of the students have a lot of problems arise during the process, but they can't solve it, because they can't find the root of the problem.

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Concert pianist in training who has 16+years of studies and 20 years of experience teaching gives lessons in East Brainerd, Chattanooga, TN

I use at combination of Bastien /Alfred for beginners. After 1 year, I ask if they want to switch to S. Gospel, which I have a proven, written method that has been tested and proven successfull.

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Casual Pianist with 12 years of experience offering keyboard and sight reading lessons in Brookfield, WI

The fundamentals of music are obviously necessary, and must be taught. However, I believe that students who are self-motivated learn best, which means that it is very important for me to know what they want to learn. I would like to give them as many choices as they want on what they want to learn.

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Concert pianist with 10 years of experience gives private piano lessons in New York to all ages"

My teaching method can be either academic ???? or fun and light-hearted, depening on the goals and style of students ????

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EXPERIENCED PIANO TEACHER . (40yrs) Trained by a graduate of Julliard NYC MY HOME OR YOURS.

I teach Classical music , theory, mechanics and improvisation. I use Method books , chosen for each individual student depending on their ages.

South Miami
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Musician in Miami providing beginner-intermediate flute lessons, voice lessons, music theory tutoring, introductory piano & guitar lessons, and more!

I am a classical flutist with 17 years experience, educated in music theory and basic piano, guitar, and voice skills. I served as a flutist in the Marine Corps for 4 years and I have a Bachelor's degree in music therapy at the University of Miami.

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Music major in college and currently tutoring in piano for beginning/intermediate players

My teaching method uses a lot of skill building off of tools already learned. Method books would also be used.

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Independent Music Teacher

I am available for online webcam, every day of the week. I offer flexible hours. I teach individual music lessons for piano and violin. My Five-Star Rating lessons are for one hour. They include: 1. assigned homework 2. sight reading 3. ear training 4. theory My age group varies from ages 6-18 at all levels. My basic technique is Suzuki.

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Learn with passion how to find your own path to musical maturity - Australian teacher in Strasbourg & Mulhouse

I'm a passionate musician and full time music teacher in Strasbourg. The cornerstone of my teaching method is improvisation. I progressively add bricks of knowledge to expand the musical playground. I compose pieces (all styles) centered around particular theoretical concepts, and encourage students to add their own modifications as they go.

Paris 13e
(25 reviews)

Piano course with international concert pianist, fluent English interactive and online dedicated lessons

Yumeki Ohashi is a world class concert artist ―pianist with exceptional gift of feeling of the European music in period of XVIII― XXI Century , her repertoire range is quite huge which covers all of piano music works from German, French, Austrian, and Czech and Slovak Republic’s composers.

Paris 3e
(32 reviews)

Play the Piano ! The pleasure of playing the Piano & the passion for the Piano

I suggest: 1) Private Piano lessons for children, adults, all ages and all levels, based on a custom musical followed : Discovery - methodical Learning - Development - Concert at the end of the year 2) Coaching comedians and actors (piano) For example, I was Professor of Piano actor Romain Cottard in the preparation of the play by Yasmina Reza, "How do you tell the game".

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Pianist / professional singer in Paris for piano lessons or accompaniment!

I give classes for all ages and all levels. We can work on music sheets or in a more instinctive way. I can also accompany singers and help them work on songs. But I can also make a piano version of your songs to work at home. Let's make music together! I have been an actor, singer and pianist for over 10 years and I have been playing the piano since the age of 5.

Paris 15e
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Anti-conservatoire music method. Professeur recognized competition jury C. Kahn.20 years experience

20 years experience as a teacher of graduate piano, recognized by the profession and the professional piano middle: Jury member of the National Claude Kahn Piano Competition since 2007 (renamed contest on Paris and France, 46th edition this year).

Paris 20e
(23 reviews)
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Concert pianist gives piano lessons : blues and boogie woogie in Paris

Concert pianist gives piano lessons : blues and boogie woogie in Paris Professional pianist gives traditional jazz lessons and boogie Practise rather than theory approach, no musical score needed, instrument first and various teaching materials You will play on a yamaha with a keyboard disk so that the lesson is recorded (digital or audio recording).

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Perfect! She has been more than I could have wished for. I had been looking for help with the Sibelius music program for nearly a year. She is extremely knowledgeable and more importantly able to convey her knowledge to this technology deficient pupil. ...

Richard, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Inigo is very knowledgeable. He is punctal and comes prepared for the lesson. My son is always looking forward to have the guitar lesson with Inigo. Very happy to have him as a teacher.

Kamal, student
2 years ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Tres satisfaits des cours et de la pedagogie. Jennifer est fiable, ponctuelle . Elle explique tres bien les point forts et les points faibles a son eleve et explique comment s'ameliorer.

Kamal, student
2 years ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Merci Robin. Les garcons ont hate d'avoir leur prochaine lecon. Nous sommes tres satisfaits de Robin qui est ponctuel, prompt a repondre par email. Il s'adapte a la personalite et au niveau de ses eleves. les cours se passent tres bien.

Kamal, student
2 years ago
(29 reviews)

Be supported by the best tutors in your piano lessons

It's truly fascinating how chords and scales come together to produce a beautiful melody. By learning to play the piano, you can play your favorite songs anytime you feel like. What's more, the longer you practice, the better you get. But, how to get started? Three words: private piano lessons. Piano is not something you can learn in a classroom. Learning this craft requires personal attention, wherein, the piano teacher is able to give you one-on-one lessons, judge your capabilities, and go about the teaching according to your pace and grasping power. Piano teachers create a specific set of lessons for each of their students, so that the students learn all the bits and nuances, and ultimately, master the craft.

Apart from piano, there are a variety of other musical instruments you can learn through private tutoring, such as the flute, trumpet, trombone, and even Djing. Many private tutors teach multiple instruments; a skilled flute or trombone tutor is capable of giving Djing lessons too. Similarly, you can learn to play a variety of woodwind instruments from transverse flute teachers who're learned flutists. By learning to play multiple instruments, you can really carve your niche as a successful artist in the world of music.