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São Paulo
Francisco eriberto
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Musical initiation, techniques of harmony and improvisation in piano. I have more than 15 years of experience. Come learn and enjoy the music! São Paulo / South Zone

- Musical theory from the most basic to the most advanced levels, according to the need and purpose of the student. Practical classes with a high quality instrument. The main objective is to present music not only as mathematics but as an expression of its personality. Relaxed classes and without much pressure, providing a friendly and pleasant environment.

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Jazz saxophonist student Musikene, all levels, mobility and flexibilidad.Euskadi, economic and as

Hi, I have learned so much self-taught as an academic. adaptable to the level of student classes. I dispose of educational and practical materials. Piano, guitar in my own home. valid for any type of instrument and styles resources. Rhythmic exercises, harmony, melodic development, patterns, answer questions, listening.

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Fun and professional violin & piano teacher with seven years experience & first class degree

I am a self employed violinist living and working in London, having graduated from the Royal College of Music with a first class degree in 2015.

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I give piano lessons in Barcelona. I am a professional with classical piano studies.

I am a professional pianist with a music academy degree. I can adapt to all levels and I have a creative way of teaching music. My methodology depends on each student and the needs that one may have. Learning piano has to be both; exciting and serious.

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I do travel for students and also welcoming to my house to learn singing ! you can find your own voice with me

You won't spend money learning the same things over and over again with boring scale warm ups. I teach my students ways to find their own vocal style, voice and colour. I have been teaching over 200 students in countries such as South Korea, Australia and now UK.

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Piano and music theory lessons in Birmingham and Liverpool from conservatoire student with 6 years of experience

- I am now studying in Birmingham Conservatoire, and I give lessons from beginners to advanced levels. - For beginners to intermediate level I try to incorporate a range of activities in the lesson including singing, aural, sight-reading, and improvisations, to ensure that my pupil is more holistically trained and not restricted to just learning new the music.

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Oxford University music student gives piano lessons, music theory and Oxbridge music interview preparation

• Piano lessons to students of any standard • Interview preparation for Oxbridge music applicants • Currently studying music at the University of Oxford • Previously studied Piano, Trumpet and Composition at the Royal Academy of Music (junior department) • Friendly, effective tutor • Clearly-structured courses • Keen on teaching students of any standard who show promise

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Peripatetic brass teacher gives brass and music theory lessons to Swansea students.

I am a peripatetic music teacher specializing in brass and recorder tuition for children and adults. I believe in taking an active approach to music lessons. This means the tutee is very much an active participant.

São Leopoldo
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Professor of Popular Guitar, Keyboard, Singing, Music Theory and Music Production - General Purpose/Electronic Music

I am studying for Bachelor in Music and Technical course in Saxophone in EST College. I would like to offer classes for all people who want to learn music and / or instruments for liking, or wanting to learn more of them. My classes always have, as the student's interest, theoretical and practical content, including theory exercises, as well as of the instrument, or voice.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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Piano lessons in Las Palmas basic level for children between 5 and 15 years

My techniques and methodologies are recorded and positivism. Perhaps I am a young person to teach class, but possess the concepts necessary to internalize something as important as the music in a child. I would like to implement all the ideas that I have when teaching.

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Pianist & film composer teaching piano & theory in central Edinburgh location

Simply playing a piece of music is great fun, but understanding why and how the music works and really making it your own is so much more satisfying.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Piano lessons, Vanves, concert performer. Director Jean Francaix contest, courses of opus 74 and Colombes Music Academy

Experience in different places of lessons: Many conservatories : CRC, CRD CRR, CNSMDP since Twenty years Masterclasses, USA, Lebanon, Russia, Kazaksthan, Italy, Japan, Korea ... Great knowledge of the repertoire, solo, chamber music, singers. to listen to students, wishes, desires, questions ...

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Violin lessons (with the Suzuki method), piano and music theory at home in Madrid

I am a civil engineer, I always liked the music (mostly classical) first studied piano, then violin. The method that I learned and I use is the Suzuki, alternating songs to suit the tastes of the student to do the fun classes.

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Play your favorite songs on piano jazz standards, become a guide: during jazz harmony, chords, the "2-5-1", transposition, improvisation. Suitable for those who already have

Give over jazz varieties students with previous practice the piano and read treble clef. Scales, chords and inversions, II-VI, chaining principle of voices, the song, grid, improvisation, very suitable for singers who wish to accompany the piano or play musical training.

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Concert pianist 19 years of experience gives lessons in piano and music theory at all levels and games at home or in the classroom in Toulouse

I am part of a music school for 6 years with concerts every year, and I decided to pass on my knowledge. In a nice setting and a very playful and accessible way. The opportunity to discover and especially to love this beautiful instrument, the piano. The all through practice, practice and practice again.

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MAO Training

Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, Final Cut Pro X Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Sampling, MIDI, Effects, Automation, Live on Stage, Installation and Configuration Software, Audio & Video Editing..

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Teacher gives during a course living in piano and music via skype

Gives music lessons and piano based on the work of Baertsoen (music and music appreciation) and Jaëll (method of touch to the piano lessons). In this comprehensive course, I transmits the theoretical and practical bases centered around the piano.

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Teacher / Performer Titled Superior Violoncello offers dynamic and effective classes. Pontevedra and Madrid

Thanks to my extensive experience in the field of teaching and interpretation, utilizol a dynamic methodology and am a good communicator. 15 years teaching experience with aged between Suzuki method 9-70'años Application Customized Selection of class work, works, technical exercises ...

1st lesson offered free !

Accomplished pianist with a Bachelor of Music, a Masters Degree in Music Pedagogy, and pursuing Doctoral Studies in Musician Health Research.

I teach primarily classical piano and music theory. During a typical lesson we will explore technical patterns to promote coordination and dexterity, learn to play melodies and harmonies by ear, and build your music reading skills. Motivation is key, so I work hard to help students find music they love and adapt it to their level of ability.

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Pianist, composer, conductor teaches piano and music theory and composition and MAO at home

I approach my free and easy way. For all levels as you need. I want to introduce you music especially to understand what the composer wants said, and then, what you want. Especially for analysis the sound itself. Analyze our sound by clear language, four elements: forte, piano, slow and fast, and then we can know the idea of ​​great musicians.

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Friendly and flexible conservatoire student gives piano and music theory lesson in Glasgow

I am a first year international student currently studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I am studying piano for Bachelor of Music degree and I can give lessons up to advanced level. While teaching, I will help students to play with the right techniques while also giving musical ideas. I am also open to different approaches of the lesson students want me to give.

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Advanced Piano Player 15 years of experience and passionate about music gives piano lessons at home

My name is Anaïs Van Malderen, I'm 19 years old. I've always had a piano at home and started classes early. I have a classical training, but I was also part of a modern music band where I sang occasionally. We played on stage several times. I really like helping people to improve themselves. With me you will start by learning the basics and some technique, so you can play what you want later.

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Professional Piano player offering Pop Keyboard/Jazz Piano lessons In Leeds, former student fromLeeds College of Music

I'm a 27-year-old pianist, music producer and music tutor based in Leeds. Over the past few years I have accumulated a vast wealth of experience in the music industry. I studied music production at Leeds Music College of Music, and have Grade 6 ABRSM music Theory and a Diploma in piano performance from VCM.

San Donato Milanese
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My name is Gerry and I have been studying piano for 10 years attending private lessons. I offer private lessons for children and beginners

I have been studying piano for 10 years and I propose lessons for children or beginners. Lessons can be held at your home. I do not give solfeggio lessons, only piano. I'm also available for those with no experience in reading music! For the first lessons we can use my books.

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Musician and composer (guitar, piano) in Madrid, offer classes (Berklee method, Rockschool ...)

Musician and very energetic teacher with deep knowledge of music theory, improvisation and a special gift to motivate students. Experienced composer. I compose, produce and act in different styles and musical genres. Among the extensive musical training highlights the instruction in the method of Berklee College of Music, as well as numerous workshops and lectures.

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鋼琴課 和專業老師學琴,就在你家裡,不需出門。Russian concert-pianist gives piano lessons by Skype for children and adult

Hi! My name is Jane, I'm a professional musician, performer and teacher having awards, insignia, diplomas.


Piano lessons, musical initiation and development in Paris with a professional !

My name is Vincent Karaboulad, tutor since 2003, graduated from the ATLA school, formerly teacher for Anacours and Acadomia companies on my own since 2010. I offer piano lessons at your home in Paris, or my home of the 15th district (Metro Charles Michel Boucicaut L8 or L10), lasting from 40 minutes to 20 euros, or a period of one hour to 25 euros. My classes are for beginner students of all ages.

1st lesson offered free !

Concert pianist gives piano lessons any level. At home or at mid on grand piano

Pianist conertiste professional experience of 20 years gives piano lessons all levels at home or at home on baby grand piano. rigorous but fun approach, goodwill and good humor to progress any level. I train today international artists with patience and good humor.

1st lesson offered free !

Pianist and concertist singer gives piano lessons and vocal couching at home

I am a graduate pianist of the HEM of Geneva and singer of Soul, RnB Italo-Nigerian. You can learn to play the piano and / or sing through a fun and creative approach and a targeted method to follow the pupil step by step.

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Perfect! Inigo is very knowledgeable. He is punctal and comes prepared for the lesson. My son is always looking forward to have the guitar lesson with Inigo. Very happy to have him as a teacher.

Kamal, student
8 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Merci Robin. Les garcons ont hate d'avoir leur prochaine lecon. Nous sommes tres satisfaits de Robin qui est ponctuel, prompt a repondre par email. Il s'adapte a la personalite et au niveau de ses eleves. les cours se passent tres bien.

Kamal, student
11 months ago
(26 reviews)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your piano lessons

It's truly fascinating how chords and scales come together to produce a beautiful melody. By learning to play the piano, you can play your favorite songs anytime you feel like. What's more, the longer you practice, the better you get. But, how to get started? Three words: private piano lessons. Piano is not something you can learn in a classroom. Learning this craft requires personal attention, wherein, the piano teacher is able to give you one-on-one lessons, judge your capabilities, and go about the teaching according to your pace and grasping power. Piano teachers create a specific set of lessons for each of their students, so that the students learn all the bits and nuances, and ultimately, master the craft.

Apart from piano, there are a variety of other musical instruments you can learn through private tutoring, such as the flute, trumpet, trombone, and even Djing. Many private tutors teach multiple instruments; a skilled flute or trombone tutor is capable of giving Djing lessons too. Similarly, you can learn to play a variety of woodwind instruments from transverse flute teachers who're learned flutists. By learning to play multiple instruments, you can really carve your niche as a successful artist in the world of music.