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I have 4 years of experience with Pinterest and can teach you how to use it for business or personal purposes

It’s simple I couldn’t show my students through demonstration or talking. I would like to experiment with a student who can invest in making money online.

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Instagram PRO offering FUN+FAST+Virtual IG training to grow your business NOW!!!

In my course, we will tap into the buying power of 800 million Instagram users PLUS learn how to utilize the platform as a marketing portfolio for your personal brand or professional business. Create content that resonates with these users.

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Discover a deep understanding of each social platform through hands-on approach in Bristol.

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work to improve your understanding of marketing and brand awareness. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress. I can help you get the most from your social media platforms and to develop the skills necessary to gain traction for yourself or for yours or someone else's brand.

New Delhi
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I am developer gives u language classes like PHP,HTML, CSS, basic C

My teaching method is easy. I explain coding step by step. Start from theory then plan of any programme. syntax of coding, coding with small program. I explain that how to comment. Work flow of any programme. After coding start database connection and basic knowledge of Mysql.

Canvey Island
Amy louise
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College student with 5 years blogging experience and a passion for aesthetics

I tutor online and I can tutor anyone, but I specialise in teenagers from the age of 15 to 17 (and I am a teenager myself). I am quite a theory based teacher, but I do include practical elements where necessary.

Potts Hill
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COmputer professional teaching all about facebook ads from basic to advanced features. Pixels,targeting etc

I believe in practical approach rather than theory. I will show you the Facebook ads creation, set-up, audience research live through screenshare, different types of ads, things you should avoid. I will show by creating few ads on my new ad account. what will be the cost, how ads get delivered, how do we fail etc.

Altona Meadows
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Digital media specialist gives lessons on computer & online media to high school and uni students in Melbourne

My first priority is to simplify the subject for the student as much as possible as each student has a different way to learn and visualise teachings. I base my classes on what subject the student wants to learn more.

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Teaching Basics of Internet, Computer and online search in easy way !!

I Teach/ explain with i) lot of presentation, ii) Easy to understand slides, iii) real time examples iv) lots of hands on training v) Tests and assignments vi) using various websites for reference vii) Understanding / Revision of Topics to be covered making complex learning very easy.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced holistic digital marketing and business development in Brighton. Previous journalist, B2B marketer and Permaculture designer.

My teaching method is jargon free, straight to the point and tailored to the students needs. My classes are engaging and emphasise on practical learning.

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São Mateus
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1st lesson offered free !

LinkedIn, Skype, Pinterest, Snapchat and internet classes | Online (PT and ING) and Face-to-face (BA | RJ | MG)

My teaching method is completely practical, you learn by doing. Presently attending in Itabatã (BA) and Juiz de Fora (MG), being able to easily go to Rio de Janeiro and other places. Or, I can teach you everything online, in the way you prefer (whatsapp, videoconference, email, and various other ways.

1st lesson offered free !

Owning Social Media and Mastering It For Your Personal & Work Projects

A friendly, fun and patient teacher in all things basic (and advanced!) social media. - The bespoke class will touch on all areas of social media ownership, from setting up your channels, communication, understanding groups and tagging, setting up business pages and more. Basic to advanced will be covered.

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1st lesson offered free !

Learn Facebook Advertising along with Other Digital Marketing Components and double your profits within 12-24 months!

I'll provide detailed explanation about FB ads making you understand all of it's essential components and how you can tackle algorithms to gain more results Along with that I'll keep a detailed session on various other topics such as SEO, Twitter marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Google Analytics, Insta Marketing & Much more!

1st lesson offered free !

Social media specialist in Berlin with 8 years of experience offering personal classes

Social media is all about communication, and communication is all about human relationships. It does not matter what you want to sell, show or promote.

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There's no wrong questions or answers lets learn students at home anywhere

I want my children in my class to know im here to help them not to judge them, having fun and have respect, im caring I want my kids in my class to know that im here to help you and help you figure out what you need to figure out

1st lesson offered free !

Social Media and Website Navigation expert with a Bachelor of Systems degree located in the Northern Suburbs (Melbourne)

I am approachable and patient. My lessons are based on your specific needs with the aim to promote understanding and confidence in Social Media and Website Navigation. A typical lesson looks like: 1. Assess for prior knowledge: this allows me to understand where support is required. 2. Introduce topic/task: familiarises you and promotes thinking. 3.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified Glasgow-based teacher providing insights and instruction into the world of today’s Social Media

I take a hands on approach to teaching about social media - believing students learn best while engaging and using the individual platforms. I have tutored learners from completely new with computing to more experienced users wanting to extend their skills.

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Digital Marketing Manager - Social media management & Advertising classes in English

I'm a Digital Marketing Manager tutoring / teaching Marketing students as well as business owners who want to become experts in managing a business's online identity. Social Media We will talk about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. What are they for? How can you use them? Advertising Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Sponsored Content and Google Adwords.

1st lesson offered free !

Community Management course for beginners = (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest)

How is the method of Community Manager Courses? Instructions - Community Manager Tools - What do we mean by Social Media? - What is a community manager? - Social Networks, are they for everyone? - Types of social networks. - Choice of Social Networks for clients. - Crisis management: the case of Puro Marketing.

1st lesson offered free !

Community Manager with 5 years experience gives social media classes in Nice

I want to encourage my students and offer them tailor-made courses that fit their individual needs - whether it's for their first steps or tips to improve a company's visibility. I have already given classes to people of all ages over the last years.

1st lesson offered free !

Student in Biotechnology course gives live classes on the ways and uses of different social media applications.

My teaching method is based on literally using my accounts on the various social media platforms to showcase how things are to go about and the various features, uses and other perks will be included so as to make the class more interactive and understandable.

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