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Non-profit CEO with over 20 years experience in social work and faith base sector

I have taught ages 12 to 60, with a variety of skill set, personalities and educational backgrounds. I like using examples that relate to ones understanding and life experiences. Using visual aids also helps in teaching. I think teaching/learning should be fun so I try to create lesson plans that allows fun while learning.

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Leadership Skills and the ability to learn Pitching is essential to the success of our lives. The skills are essential, relevant, and transferable across different areas of life. ;)

My teaching methodology is qualitative and quantitative. I have a relaxed manner of instructing. The skill of being able to listen is learning; and, I still, love learning. Reciprocal respect is shown when listening is involved. There is a time to speak and a time to listen. I approach each topic with what the student already knows, wants the student wants to know, and what the student has learned.

Eden Prairie
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Account Executive. Fmr Sales Manager. Learn how to get dangerous! (in business and in life)

I have taught and led business professionals in my career, it was a privilege watching them grow. This is an extension of that. I want to impart some of the things I find useful and as well as things to avoid as you go along in your career. My job is to set you up for your professional goals. I will augment and optimize my lessons based on your needs.

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I teach math and english in fun and interactive ways so each of my students can succeed. My area of focus is Central Florida and Davenport Florida. My traits are like no other because I use efficient

My teaching method is to first understand where a student is struggling, why the student is struggling and create an individualized program in order to achieve success. I believe there is no one size fits all. Every student learns differently and is capable in achieving success.

West Hartford
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MBA Career Coach with over 10 years of experience as a headhunter and in higher education.

I support students and professionals needing help with resumes, cover letters, interviewing, LinkedIn profile creation, networking, negotiating, job/internship searching... I customize advice and guidance based on individual needs aimed to obtain tangible results.

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Human Resources professional with nearly 5years of experience specifically in professional development.

My teaching method involves a healthy amount of reading and role play. I also tailor each lesson to the needs of the student or group, for example, a group or student may only need help with pitching while another may only want help with resume writing. I focus on the specific goals and needs of the group or individual.

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A work at home professional gives his tips and tricks to get the best leads to get work from home jobs

All of the below said are my passion and hobbies, and it is not my mainstream profession. My full-time job is a manager in a medical billing company with 16 years of experience, out of which 10 years I worked for Dell and another 6 years with another billing company. Simultaneously I was working on online jobs and doing necessary researches. Sometime I earn more than what I get from my day jobs.

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Accomplished professional with 15 years of experience transforming high-potential people into leaders in Gilroy and Morgan Hill

My teaching method is simple and includes four elements: (1) the person I teach must have the commitment to reach their potential, (2) a coach or mentor other than myself who is where the person want to be in the future, (3) an action learning project that is mission critical to them and extraordinary ambitious, and (4) my instruction and guidance.

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Professional Career Coach I teach you how to maximize and build your career platform.

My teaching methodology is to learn more about you the employee and what your wants and needs are. I will also teach you how to become better at seeing the trends in your career field, so that you are ready to ask for that raise or ask for that promotion.

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Master Coach, Board Certified, ICF Professional Certified Coach, PhD in Adult and Post-secondary Education, Competency guru, Certified Management Consultant

As a humanist and futurist, my teaching method is constructionist--to produce learning that is real, relevant, and rewarding. Background in marketing, technology, and academia. Have the experience, expertise, and education to work with digital natives and novices; executives, employees, expats, and entrepreneurs.

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Award-Winning Career and Leadership development professional offering career coaching and resume writing.

I have a Masters of Science in Higher Education Administration and have taught Leadership Development and Career Development courses at the Community College level. I can teach you how to get the interview and snag the job all in the course of one hour.

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Tenacious entrepreneur & pitch alchemist with an expert level certification in business writing.

Lesson 1: Establishing your personal learning objectives. Lesson 2: Defining leadership and what an excellent leadership personality resembles and constitutes. Lesson 3: They key to confidence. Lesson 4: How to pitch any idea - correctly. Lesson 5: Putting it all together.

New York
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Leadership Development Expert in NYC coaching you in personal branding, communication, productivity, and more

My teaching style: I firmly believe that anyone can succeed if they: 1) set realistic goals, 2) put in the effort, and 3) ask for help and resources. My pledge to you is that I will always be patient, clear, and honest. I expect you to always try your best and open up to let me help you.

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Software Development student offering Professional pitching, Leadership and Job Search from Houston Texas to all ages!

My teaching method is to offer Telephone availability, Virtual office hours, and games. I use Asynchronous Instruction for the children. I am a great fit becasue i am funny and i am easy to listen to. Kids love me.

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Individualized Professional Sales Training/Business Strategies/Business Growth and Development - Jacksonville, FL -

Classes are based on Business Development, Team Building and Strategies for Growth, Sales and Profit, and Gaining the “Edge” in a competitive market. Practical application and determination is, of course, necessary. Class lengths vary according to class size, class needs, individualized attention, and class curriculum. Classes are no less than 1 hour and no more than 2.

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University Student offering Business Development Skills and Training in San Francisco with 3 years experience

My teaching methodology is much like a scientist's. I observe and create hypotheses based on current performance and ideas. Afterward, I add my insight and listen to my student's thoughts and questions. I teach step by step. I enjoy giving lessons to entry level business students.

1st lesson offered free !

Passion for Success - Learn How To Find Your Passion and Achieve Success.

I am well adept at teaching, and can teach just about anyone. I love to make lessons interesting by applying real world topics and information - and usually set it up more as a conversation that forces the student to think critically. Self-exploration is key to finding the best route.

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Talent Strategy Consultant with 10 plus years of experience giving career coaching and guidance to all ages.

I use both my practical expertise working in professional settings as well as my MBA learnings.

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Higher Education professional with 7 years experience working with students. Strong emphasis on cover letter, resume, personal statement, and mock interviewing

I start with the person first. I ask about their experiences, goals, and interests. This helps give me a sense of who you are and what qualities you bring to the table.

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I am a leadership professional in the Philadelphia region who has experience in management, leadership and strategic planning

I am a hands on tutor who works individually and personally with students using examples, experience and feedback.

Fort Wayne
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Manager, Instructor, and Hiring Lead for 25+ years with a creative side. I am very excited about the possibility of sharing my knowledge.

My teaching method depends on the material I am teaching and the learners. I assess the learners to see if they absorb information by listening, watching, hands on or visual. Age is also a factor. Once I determine those factors it is much easier to make a learning agenda. It is important to have lesson plans and follow them as closely as possible.

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Adjunct Professional Educator & Career Development Mentor, including resume & cover letter writing, college preparation, and tutoring on most academics math, science, social studies, writing skills.

I convey concepts based on evidence-based best practice presentation that is age-group specific, and that maximizes learning. I utilize creative methods that facilitate critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration (team work) and fun.

Yorba Linda
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Successful Career Professional with 15 years experience in Orange County. Great at mentoring young students and professionals.

My approach to teaching is learning about an individual and understanding them, then being able to adapt to what works best in the way in which they learn. I have a therapist approach and great at listening and understanding to better help my students.

Saint Paul
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Job search expert with 2 years experience, Resume builder, interview training .

easy to understand by keeping things light hearted, keeping things simple i would be the most interested in helping you the best way you can understand.

1st lesson offered free !

How To Get The Job You've Always Dreamed Of (c) with Eddie Powell

My methods are known for taking the complex and making it simple to understand. Yes, my systems require work under my direction and accountability measurements. Ready to change your career and your life for the better? Let's talk..

Fort Lauderdale
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Professor of Nursing, NCLEX Review, Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

My teaching methodology is based on your specific needs as a student. I have several techniques I use to make it easier for you to comprehend and retain material.

Maryland Heights
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Career Advisor with 2 years experience will design and edit your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn

I work to understand my client's background, experiences, and interests to help them fully showcase his/her qualifications on paper. I combine my love of writing and my attention to detail to pinpoint errors and give advice on how to strengthen his/her application. With my empathetic and resourceful nature, I am able to inspire confidence in those I work with.

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Tools available to inspire middle school and high students with career choices in the Southeast, MN area.

Entrepreneur can teach you how to grow your business ideas. Tips and tools are available to you that will improve your success with the business of your choice within a reasonable time of your graduation from high school or college.

La Crosse
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Transitioning from student to business owner. Developing pitch strategies. Located In lacrosse, BA degree and ceo of a few companies.

Went to college, chose not to pursue the degree. Started my own retail, real estate business(s) as well as online strategic and marketing expert. I can show you the basics as well as in depth business planning, banking, llc creations, marketing opportunities.

Oak Grove
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Tired of getting sold more stuff then what you need? Interested in making a uncapped salary? Maybe you want to do sales! I can help!! Think endless money potential in a fun environment!

Everyone is different, that's what makes us unique. Strengths and weaknesses of each individual is identified, utilized, remastered, and used in ways we never thought we could. I myself like to roleplay, work in the field, get a hands on approach rather then, heres a book start on chapter one.

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