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Leadership Skills and the ability to learn Pitching is essential to the success of our lives. The skills are essential, relevant, and transferable across different areas of life. ;)

My teaching methodology is qualitative and quantitative. I have a relaxed manner of instructing. The skill of being able to listen is learning; and, I still, love learning. Reciprocal respect is shown when listening is involved. There is a time to speak and a time to listen. I approach each topic with what the student already knows, wants the student wants to know, and what the student has learned.

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CEO, Interim COO, Interim CFO, Wharton MBA, investment banker, strategic consultant and entrepreneur

My teaching approach is focused on helping students and clients reach their specific goals. Often students are working towards producing a specific deliverable (e.g., presentation, speech, analysis, pitch, etc.) and we prioritize the necessary steps and work towards completing those steps to produce high quality output.

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I teach math and english in fun and interactive ways so each of my students can succeed. My area of focus is Central Florida and Davenport Florida. My traits are like no other because I use efficient

My teaching method is to first understand where a student is struggling, why the student is struggling and create an individualized program in order to achieve success. I believe there is no one size fits all. Every student learns differently and is capable in achieving success.

West Hartford
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MBA Career Coach with over 10 years of experience as a headhunter and in higher education.

I support students and professionals needing help with resumes, cover letters, interviewing, LinkedIn profile creation, networking, negotiating, job/internship searching... I customize advice and guidance based on individual needs aimed to obtain tangible results.

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Professional Career Coach I teach you how to maximize and build your career platform.

My teaching methodology is to learn more about you the employee and what your wants and needs are. I will also teach you how to become better at seeing the trends in your career field, so that you are ready to ask for that raise or ask for that promotion.

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With 41 years of business experience, all students will greatly benefit from my knowledge - especially my experience as a VP Human Resources.

Each student has their own way of learning. So, the first thing I do, is to get on the same page as my students. From there, I can be "a warm wind under their wings...

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Master Coach, Board Certified, ICF Professional Certified Coach, PhD in Adult and Post-secondary Education, Competency guru, Certified Management Consultant

As a humanist and futurist, my teaching method is constructionist--to produce learning that is real, relevant, and rewarding. Background in marketing, technology, and academia. Have the experience, expertise, and education to work with digital natives and novices; executives, employees, expats, and entrepreneurs.

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Award-Winning Career and Leadership development professional offering career coaching and resume writing.

I have a Masters of Science in Higher Education Administration and have taught Leadership Development and Career Development courses at the Community College level. I can teach you how to get the interview and snag the job all in the course of one hour.

New York
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Leadership Development Expert in NYC coaching you in personal branding, communication, productivity, and more

My teaching style: I firmly believe that anyone can succeed if they: 1) set realistic goals, 2) put in the effort, and 3) ask for help and resources. My pledge to you is that I will always be patient, clear, and honest. I expect you to always try your best and open up to let me help you.

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Software Development student offering Professional pitching, Leadership and Job Search from Houston Texas to all ages!

My teaching method is to offer Telephone availability, Virtual office hours, and games. I use Asynchronous Instruction for the children. I am a great fit becasue i am funny and i am easy to listen to. Kids love me.

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Business Honors Student, Specialization in Finance, Offering Math/ English Business skill set

pedagogy - the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept. My methodology is rather simple because I know I have much, much more to learn about this world. If you can teach someone to fish, they can teach someone else how to fish, not only eat on their own. In today's world knowledge is, in my opinion, the one thing that isn't shared enough.

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Talent Strategy Consultant with 10 plus years of experience giving career coaching and guidance to all ages.

I use both my practical expertise working in professional settings as well as my MBA learnings.

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Accomplished professional with 15 years of experience transforming high-potential people into leaders in Gilroy and Morgan Hill

My teaching method is simple and includes four elements: (1) the person I teach must have the commitment to reach their potential, (2) a coach or mentor other than myself who is where the person want to be in the future, (3) an action learning project that is mission critical to them and extraordinary ambitious, and (4) my instruction and guidance.

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Higher Education professional with 7 years experience working with students. Strong emphasis on cover letter, resume, personal statement, and mock interviewing

I start with the person first. I ask about their experiences, goals, and interests. This helps give me a sense of who you are and what qualities you bring to the table.

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Learn how to bring technology and business analytics together and sell it!

Case study examples using proven systemic processing reveals the real business need and which technology will best meet it. Career and Life coaching based on real world experience, logic and enthusiasm. It is hard to find what you love when you are stuck paying the bills.

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I am a leadership professional in the Philadelphia region who has experience in management, leadership and strategic planning

I am a hands on tutor who works individually and personally with students using examples, experience and feedback.

Saint Paul
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Job search expert with 2 years experience, Resume builder, interview training .

easy to understand by keeping things light hearted, keeping things simple i would be the most interested in helping you the best way you can understand.

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Current straight A's college business student, with a membership of a professional business organization and practical experience in the corporate world.

My teaching method is very straight to the point, I go step by step so as not to overwhelm my students with too much information and make sure they understand before moving forward. I also incorporate valuable life lessons mainly to encourage them.

1st lesson offered free !

How To Get The Job You've Always Dreamed Of (c) with Eddie Powell

My methods are known for taking the complex and making it simple to understand. Yes, my systems require work under my direction and accountability measurements. Ready to change your career and your life for the better? Let's talk..

Fort Lauderdale
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Professor of Nursing, NCLEX Review, Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

My teaching methodology is based on your specific needs as a student. I have several techniques I use to make it easier for you to comprehend and retain material.

Maryland Heights
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Career Advisor with 2 years experience will design and edit your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn

I work to understand my client's background, experiences, and interests to help them fully showcase his/her qualifications on paper. I combine my love of writing and my attention to detail to pinpoint errors and give advice on how to strengthen his/her application. With my empathetic and resourceful nature, I am able to inspire confidence in those I work with.

Los Angeles
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College graduate and pursuing a higher degree @California State University Los Angeles

My teaching method is based of my experience in life. I am willing to help others within different field of interest. Regardless of what the subject is i am proficient enough to teach and spread my knowledge. i believe it is our duty as professionals is to spread the knowledge in order to create a better society.

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Tools available to inspire middle school and high students with career choices in the Southeast, MN area.

Entrepreneur can teach you how to grow your business ideas. Tips and tools are available to you that will improve your success with the business of your choice within a reasonable time of your graduation from high school or college.

La Crosse
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Transitioning from student to business owner. Developing pitch strategies. Located In lacrosse, BA degree and ceo of a few companies.

Went to college, chose not to pursue the degree. Started my own retail, real estate business(s) as well as online strategic and marketing expert. I can show you the basics as well as in depth business planning, banking, llc creations, marketing opportunities.

1st lesson offered free !

Advertising promotional products. Fundraising. Supervisor. Public speaker. EQ instructor Work well with all different learning modalities. 22+ years experience.

I base my classes on needs based topics. I use verbal, power point, write on boards and any other needed teaching modalities.

New York
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Successful Entrepreneur interested in getting involved as a life coach and teacher

I like to focus on your problem areas and improve on them. I come from a science and analytics background where test and retesting are important. In the case of job placement or improving your interview/pitch skills, it's about reading the room and in-between lines to look for fits that work for you.

Palm Coast
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Educational enthusiast, 2 classes away from my Masters in Adult Training & Education, Business owner, Bachelors in Business Management, creative editor, and worked on Wall Street. Lots of accolades. L

I am a fan of Collaborative teaching. I also believe in the one on one personal coaching. There are many ways to learn and I need to learn the best way that each of my students comprehends. Nothing can replace the personal touch/time that a student is provided.

Township of Washington
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News Anchor with 10+ years experience provides tutoring for students looking for that edge/drive.

I approach each topic by breaking down what is needed & what is understood to be needed by the student.

Sun Lakes
Dr. charles
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President of "Practical Management Instruction Since 1965" Training & Certifying Leaders, Coaches, Instructors World Wide.

My lessons are based upon your needs. My courses and programs are practical and time tested in real time. My courses are structured on exchange of ideas.

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Writer & Editor with a Masters Degree and Juris Doctorate Ready to Help

My teaching method catered to the learning styles of my students. I prefer to get to know my students (their learning styles) before setting the best curriculum (I've written curriculums for schools and universities). I'm very good at adapting to my class. I come equipped with nearly 7 years of university education.

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