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Kilo kitty
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7 year pole addict with 2 years of performance and competition experience

I like to see what experience the student may have. See if they have any background in dance, etc. Ask if they have any current/ previous health issues. Gather the information I need and create a lesson plan off that information. safety is a huge concern of mine.

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Pole Dancer with 5 years experience gives pole dance, lap dance, and burlesque dance lessons at home or online near Racine, WI

My name is Allison, I have 5 years experience of taking pole dancing classes at Miss Pole through Pole 4 (aerial pole). I can teach you everything from the basics or pole dancing through intermediate level aerial trick and inverting (going upside down), so exciting. I also teach lap dancing and burlesque dancing beginner though intermediate levels.

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Pole-dance private classes !! just near paris!!

I prepose the lessons ofpole dance at home! All levels and ages are accepted !! In the program: spinning rods, figures, sexy dance, flexibility! The duration of a course is 1h or 1h30.

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Pole dance / stretching class (splits, back flexibility) in Paris (beginner / intermediate level)

I offer you pole dance lessons at my home at the 18th, level beginner / inter. course duration: 1 hour or an hour and a half depending on level and demand (warm up, pole dance and stretching) work in static and spinning, tricks and combo specialty splits and backbend. I have a fixed to the ceiling lupit pole stainless steel 3m high and 45 mm diameter.

Anaïs #bynanalou
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Pole Dance, dance Stretching or Contortion by Pole Dance Swiss Champion 2014 and semifinalist World Championship

Who does not dream of being flexible and flexible as a cat? Flexibility takes you relaxation, well-being and knowledge of yourself as well as your body everyday. The son of the course you will learn to listen and feel the inner you to have control over your physical and mental abilities.

São Paulo
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Learn to dance fast and easy !! Dance teacher in SP and ES!

Methodology of teaching based on the ludic, corporal and spatial awareness, simple didactic to reach all levels of students, from beginner to advanced and especially for you who never had contact with dance, the motto is to learn to dance fast and easy !! Come and dance with us!

Saint Agnes
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Pole Dance instructor in Adelaide, Australia teaching tricks, choreography, flexibility, and conditioning

My teaching methodology revolves around improving the quality of life. This is done through muscular strengthening, building cardiovascular endurance, improving flexibility and range of motion all in a low impact environment. What I love the most about pole is not knowing that you're building muscle, because pole not only builds your body but your confidence and your character.

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Professor of Pole Dance, flex and strengthened muscle strengthened ipsf on Paris

I am a Pole Dance teacher who has acquired training approved by the ipsf. With an adapted pedagogy, I pass on my passion to you in complete safety and precise technique, in order to develop you in this very complete sport of the initiation level, to which I take special care, down to the intermediate level.

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Ex pole champion offering beginner/ intermediate strength and choreography lessons for all

I have a mixture of teaching methodologies depending on what the pupils want to gain from pole. Any lesson will always include a vigorous warm up and cool down with conditioning moves to improve strength and stretches to improve flexibility as these are key to improving any pupils pole skills. The body of the lesson can then be taoilored to the pupil.

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Pole Dance teacher at Pole Dance Belgium, the biggest pole-dance school of Belgium

Dancer for thirty years and pole-dance teacher at Pole Dance Belgium, I teach pole-dance to anyone who wants to regain his body and take pleasure be doing sports. This discipline helps to strengthen your physical condition, to acquire flexibility, to regain self-confidence while having fun. The courses are private or collective throughout 6 levels.

1st lesson offered free !

Established Poledance and Flexibility Trainer / fire breather and dancer/ with a Garnish of Acrobatics! We are such powerful beautiful humans!

So I do every class exposing the ladies to flexibility early. I teach women that anyone can be flexible because all your doing is lengthening the muscle.

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