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1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

North Shore best Polish lessons from a native with experience in teaching and translations.

I use well design curriculum that covers the development of all important language skills: grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking and writing. I belief the key to success is consistency. I like to enhance lessons with some translations drills. My Polish students are usually at A1 level.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Polish Speaker living in the States Giving lessons online to all ages.

My teaching method is that of whatever the student wants-improving skills or learning the language from start!

1st lesson offered free !

Polish language tutor and native speaker, teacher of The Boston Language Institute.

I am very patient and thorough and you will be comfortable to study with me. I can help you succeed in learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Polish born native speaker happy to help you improve your skills and feel more confident!

Individual evaluation and approach, that will allow students to broaden their knowledge, expand their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation.

1st lesson offered free !

A genuine love of learning and teaching ! Polish, Ukrainian Professional Linguist * Teacher **Tutor.

Faculty of Applied Linguistic and East Slavonic Studies Polish, Ukrainian Online- Translation, Teaching, Tutoring: Professional Linguistic with Master Degree in Philology, Specialized in Ukrainian Studies Five Levels of Language Analysis  Language: the set of all acceptable, well-formed sentences in the language.

1st lesson offered free !

Teacher of Polish language with 3 years of experience gives lessons by Skype

I like preparing my lessons both for beginners and for more advanced (A1 - C2). In our classes you will practice all skills: grammar, reading, listening and most of all - speaking. I will prepare all the materials myself and send them to you before the class.

San Diego
1st lesson offered free !

Profesor con 12 años de experiencia de impartir clases de ruso, bielorruso, ucraniano y polaco.

Mi concepto es basarse en necesidades y requerimientos de mis estudiantes. Cada clase es personalizada y nunca se repite. Se utilizan diferentes tipos de materiales didácticos, audios, videos etc.

(8 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

>Tell me - I forget. Teach me - I remember. Involve me and I learn

To make my courses involving as well as effective I follow a few basic rules: - the courses are customized to the needs of the students; - a variety of methods: I do not stick just to one method. Instead of looking for the one that works best for you, try them all at my courses; - repetition is a good friend of the language learning process. However, it also has an enemy: monotony.

Santa Pola
(8 reviews)

Inglés 10+ years of experience. All levels and ages. In Santa Pola

Classes of personal, active and practical English. Greater focus on conversation and social use of the language. For all levels and ages. Great experience in preparation for FCE, PET, KET certificates, ... great experience in adults, including beginners over 50 years. Also specialized in Business English.

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1st lesson offered free !

Experienced English and Polish teacher with Master degree in languages and teaching in Uccle area, Brussels

As a self-employed, experienced language teacher I've given courses of English and Polish at different levels ranging from elementary to specialised ( eg. Law or European Union) to individual students and groups. I tailor the classes to the specific needs of the students, their professional background and interests.

Bergisch Gladbach
(4 reviews)

POLISH to get to know from the practicing traveler with fun and needs oriented

I am fascinated by languages, because for me it is not only a gateway to other people, cultures and the connection between us humans, but because it is itself part of the culture and thus offers insight into completely new worlds. I would like to fascinate you for this insight and offer you new ways of communicating in other cultures.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Non- Native English Online Teacher, Teaching with Technology, Active Learning, Online English

I am an enthusiastic online non-native English teacher. I have been teaching English online since 2010. I have taught children as well as adults. I have a master’s degree in education from the University of Wroclaw, Poland, Philology, Linguistics Jul 1974. After 40 years of teaching, I grow into an experienced online professional tutor. I specialize in Conversational English.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Let me show you my passion for quality teaching - 1st class free!

WHY: I love to change people’s perspective how they learn new skills and languages HOW: during weekly sessions we mix different language skills from materials I provide with theory&practice of learning skills I’ve been testing on my students for the last 3.5 years WHAT: Learning is my main hobby and I specialise in teaching Polish to adult students.

1st lesson offered free !

Polish language tutor for any level students in Montreal and Toronto.

I love to teach by exploring the language in an immersive way.

1st lesson offered free !

Linguistics graduate offering Polish lessons/conversations in Manchester at home or in public places

My methodology depends on the need of the student(s). Whether they are beginners or already have some knowledge of the language, whether they want to be able to communicate as quickly as possible, or master the grammatical part of Polish - I am flexible in adjusting my teaching methods to the specific situation.

1st lesson offered free !

Native speaker gives private Polish language lessons in Edinburgh and West Lothian

My teaching method is to concentrate on individuals. Monitor progress and set up an intensive learning plan to achieve desired goals. Professional support and coaching are available at all levels of study. Lessons instructors are clear and easy to understand.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm David from Poland and I will be happy to learn someone Polish in Aberystwyth and surrounding.

The style of teaching depends on your Polish level. But generally, I prefer focusing on speaking and understanding what Polish people say. With the passing of time, you are getting better and better Polish speaker and get more grammar and orthography exercises.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Speak fluent english! speak english fluently! all levels! nice atmosphere! speak english please!

Hello, I am an experienced teacher offering private English lessons in CANNES, ANTIBES, NICE ETC. I graduated from University with a double diploma (Business English and Applied Linguistics) which specialises in Advanced and Young Learners. I have experience of working with people of all ages at various different levels of spoken English.

1st lesson offered free !

Polish student offering to teach her amazing, native language in Paisley or Glasgow

I trust my intuition and results, I look at what works and go with that. Each student is individual and each will need a different approach. However, all students need a lot of patience and I believe I have a lot of that.

1st lesson offered free !

Enthusiastic Undergraduate Business and Management student, who's offering Polish lessons in London

I am willing to give lessons to anyone who wants to learn Polish. I think that each person is different and that is why I want to carry out individual lessons with each person in order to meet their needs.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
1st lesson offered free !

Polish lessons on the island of Gran Canaria. Availability and time flexibility.

Classes will be given in a place to choose between us. The methodology will be convenient, depending on your level of Polish. My proposal is to teach you basic words and expressions of the Polish language and, after this, start talking so that you acquire fluency quickly. For more convenience, it would be ideal that you speak English.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Offering modern foreign language lessons in Edinburgh (including Polish, German, Mandarin, English )

As I am a linguist I would love to share my experience and learning methods with those willing to improve their language skills. I would be happy both to help younger individuals: primary, secondary school students and adults, who learn a foreign language for passion and interest.

1st lesson offered free !

University graduate located in Bristol offering tutoring in Polish - English language.

I can help you achieve your goals of learning the language. Or improve other areas of skill you might be interested in! The level of teaching depends on you. I can offer sessions concentrating on the topics specific to you, which suit you best or start from basics and reaching more advanced levels.

1st lesson offered free !

An international student from Poland offering exciting lessons helping with learning Polish

I am perfectly aware that Polish is not easy. At all. The lessons then will be a mix of basics such as vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening and reading, and of getting to know culture and history by reading books, recommending music, films, YT videos and so on.

1st lesson offered free !

I can teach you speak Polish and Russian extremely fast and cheap

I will teach you a lot of vocabulary and we start from basic phrases. Speaking is a clue, so we will put a lot of effort into this. We will be writing and reading a lot. Classes will be chilly and qualitative.

1st lesson offered free !

Polish student, I give personnal polish lessons in Brussels or in periphery.

I give classes for people trying to start polish or try to develop their current knowledge of the language. My method of learning is based on the efficiency of the learning, and the use of polish language in everyday life, or for professionnal uses.

Mermaid Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Polish - be happy! Creative Polish language lessons in Paris or online.

Every person is different, has different needs and expectations, that is why during my lessons I use multiple teaching methods and techniques. There is no perfect one to use, therefore I combine them to obtain the best results. I am well aware of all Polish language books, but I like preparing additional and more evolving materials to make my classes more interesting.

Gioia del Colle
(14 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

French teacher gives french lessons for every type of public in Puglia

Hi, I'm a French teacher who just arrived in Gioia del Colle and I would like to help you discover or practice this beautiful language. I can do any type of lesson needed : course for beginners, preparation for University exam, repetitions for Medium or High school, preparation DELF, French for professionals and novices, French for kids, homework help etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Polish Speaker and a Nursing Studen offering fun and professional Polish classes. I will ensure you and your kids are having the best time of your life while learning new things.

Its hard to describe my teaching methodology as I treat each person as an individual, I get to meet their needs, strenghts and weaknesses and try out few methods to come up with the one thats working for them.

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Learning a new language can be an exciting way to learn a new culture. A new language will not only improve a student's self confidence, but will also make it easier for them to learn another language. Even though Polish is one of the world's hardest languages to learn, good Polish teachers will make the learning process easier and manageable. Private lessons can be very helpful to students who need individual attention in specific areas of weakness. For students to quickly catch up with the rest of the class, private tutors usually formulate lessons according to the students' needs. This individual attention allows the student to understand the language and perform better on exams. Apart from Polish lessons, students may also sign up for other private language lessons such as American sign language and German lessons. A Japanese tutor and Burmese teachers are also available for students who want to learn more languages.