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Recently graduated photographer in Gastonia that can tutor middle school,high school, and college students.

I recently graduated from Mary Baldwin college in Staunton,VA. During my time there, I was a darkroom photography T.A assisting students and the professor for four years. I answered any questions they had and made sure the succeeded. In the realm of art, everybody's creative process and production of work is going to be extremely different from someone else.

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Experienced video producer gives lessons on video production and video editing in Maine and online.

I graduated with a bachelors degree in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University and I had the honor of receiving the Advanced Achievement Award for outstanding achievement during the program. I am a practical learner and practical teacher with the firm belief that in order to properly learn you need to do.

Cape Coral
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Experienced Filmmaker/Video Editor/Videographer Who Loves to Teach (Editing and Motion Graphics in Premiere and After Effects)

My degree is in Film Studies, from the University of Kansas. I've been working as a professional editor and videographer since 2003. My experience covers everything from documentaries and movies, to promos, trailers, TV spots, and web series, and I've worked with Academy award nominated and Emmy winning producers, as well as seasoned screenwriters.

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Independent Filmmaker with over 10 years experience offering online critiques and filmmaking/video advice.

I do not limit a student's creativity. I teach the technical know-how and the "why". I help the student form their own visions and creative spark. This class is meant for absolute beginners from teenager to adult, but if you are more advanced, I can offer critiques on your current work.

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Projectionist for dance with 5 years of experience offering classes and constructive critique sessions

I approach each student based on their ultimate goal. The first step to good teaching is understanding what the main goal is, and how each student has arrived at that goal. If the issue is technical, we look into the programs and equipment they are using and walk through a few different ways of arriving at the desired result.

Beverly Hills
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Learn to develop your own directing vision and to block the script

I studied film at Università Roma Tre in Rome Italy, where I obtained my B.A. in 2008. I then moved to Brisbane, Australia, to study a two year MFA in Film, during which I made a number of students short films.

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Digital Video and broadcast motion graphics pre And postproduction editing all areas of video

I have a Master's in Telecommunications and t have been teaching at the college level for 10 years. I have extensive broadcast and corporate experience. My teaching methods are based mostly with hands on approach. My methodology is have fun. I also teach broadcast motion graphics and all areas of production.

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Actor, Writer & Filmmaker of 6 years; looking forward to structuring a course designed to YOUR preference.

I approach my subjects of interest through the use of many visual aids including, but not limited to; segmented pieces from films, documentary vignettes, images, graphs, tables, & a heavy dependence on cited material from established authors. I keep reading to a minimum, providing pre-made Powerpoints with audio overlay & easy-to-follow guidance.

Incline Village
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Experienced Tutor in Film, Literature, and English - Ready to Help You!

Hello there! I graduated cum laude with a B.A. from UC Berkeley and went on to get a Master's Degree at USC in Los Angeles. I work as a writer - my first novel comes out next year! - and have spent lots of time tutoring students of all ages and backgrounds.

Long Beach
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Easy & Detailed Video Editing Assistance or Full Tutorials given for the Beginning Hobbyist to the Advanced Expert in Need of a Quick Recap

I have received my Master's of Fine Arts from The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2007. My range of knowledge and skills varies as does the world of video and film, if you need help with your equipment or editing software I can help if it is something that I have used and am familiar with. I can let you know right away after you tell me what it is you are working with.

1st lesson offered free !

Digital video production (Adobe Premeire pro use, camera operations and story boarding techniques)

I teach students to be their own cinematographer. I teach beginners the basics of premiere pro CC and camera operations. Beginners will learn how to story board and will develop a "rythm". I also teach intermediate videographers different techniques that will benefit their specific project.

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Learn SCREENWRITING BASICS from media professional with 10+ years experience and Masters-level education

In screenwriting, we will spend the first few classes learning the basics of screenwriting and also looking at examples of some of the greatest writing to hit the silver screen. Emphasis will be given to developing plot, characters, dialogue, and the overall tone of a film. From there, we will also write our own short films (10-40 pages). Great for beginners starting with middle school to adult.

Spanish Fork
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As acommunications major from the University of Washington, a ten year stint at Aplpa Cine and a life time of hobby study I will instruct through viewing essential classics to findThe deeper The appre

It has been a life time hobby for me. I have conversed with Seattle's John Hartl on many occasions as well as intense study the film making process. I had hands on experience from my college classes as well as partaking in the production end at Alpha cine film processing in Seattle.

Los Angeles
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Have a lot of Film Ideas, interested in film production, acting and screenwriting? Want to learn from somebody who understands this industry?

I am a producer, living and working in L.A., president/owner of own Production company Education: Bachelor of Science This coursework will involve powerpoint presentations and visual presentations.

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Get tutored by Film and audio/video Methuen Masters Degree by professional

I studied at st John’s Preparatory School in Danvers Ma. Hofstra University on Long Island the New York Institute of Technology I’m new to teaching but I’m very knowledgeable in my field as I have been working in it for several years.

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Learn to make films [better] (former college instructor of Media Practices with 15 years one-on-one teaching experience)

I take a student-centered approach to learning, where we create a course of study most effective for your goals. From audio recording, to writing, acting, editing, filming, and sourcing technology. I like to create a flexible program that can adapt as needs and interests change. I am positive, high-energy, and non-judgemental. I can help motivate, validate, and educate.

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Professional photographer located out of North Carolina giving lessons to students at all levels of academics remotely nationwide.

Studied film and video production at Full Sail University. Graduating in 2005, I have owned my own production company as well as featured my photography at many at studios over the years. Learn all you need to know to become a great photographer from the basics to the advanced.

Santa Fe
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Professional Screenwriter and Feature Film Director with 4 Years' Experience in Santa Fe

My teaching style is drawn from my own educational background, which has been holistic in nature: I hold structural precision and intellectual curiosity as equally valuable. I prefer to develop individualized lesson plans based on each student's specific interest areas and questions.

Citrus Heights
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Award winning film and documentary director, consultant and mentor with 11 years of experience. Made and worked on more than 130 films.

In my course you learn the basics of visual language, the difference between film and other arts to deliver your thoughts and perspectives on issues, we speak about genres, then how to tell you story visually, you learn also about videography, editing, directing, and producing. I also offer hands on training where you can go out and shoot your own film.

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Video Production lessons taught by someone who has 20 years experience with it.

I am a videographer. I have been doing videography for 20+ years. This includes camera operation, directing, producing, sound recording, editing, and event set-up. My techniques and style are adoptive to the subjects and events. My method as a teacher is to show the basics and then allow for individuality within the framework of the whole.

North Olmsted
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Local Indie Filmmaker in Cleveland Area gives private lessons in Film Production

I love to personalize and have fun when teaching. Anything I teach will be tailored to the student's particular interests within the field (i.e. film history, screenwriting, pre-production, production). I am flexible, cooperative, and opposed to rigorous, outdated forms of teaching (i.e. tests, quizzes, memorization).

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Independent Filmmaker available for tutoring on all aspects of filmmaking, Cinematography, Pre-Prod, Post

Teaching is coach based, I will tailor the class to what you need to learn for your project. I also have all equipment to produce a short for reference. Once, you are a student I will show you my works and we can discuss what you want to accomplish.

1st lesson offered free !

Recently graduated Video Professional wants to share knowledge in Las Vegas area.

I like to see what people know first, and help to guide them to better methods to make more professional looking and sounding films. There are the proper ways to do things, but the industry professionals that are most celebrated are the ones that know the rules, but bend them in fun and artistic ways.

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Scriptwriter and editor with 3 years of experience, teaching online from New York

I have a very hands-on and collaborative approach in my teaching. While I give tips on where to begin, and how to enhance one's writing, I expect my students to put their imagination to work and create scripts of their own to bring to the table for us to edit together.

San Diego
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Experienced film&production offer lessons in San Diego CA for all ages and levels

I hold a degree in cinema direction and production from I.E.D. Roma. I have been working in the cinema, production/ post production and television for 6 years and in the present I’m attending a master in communication in San Diego CA.

Ciudad de México
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Filmmaker in Mexico City, I teach film and post production courses for professionals or initiates.

Filmmaker currently settled in Mexico City. My creative interest has focused on film directing, for this I developed skills as a writer, photographer, assistant director, post-producer and composer, with whom I worked on a wide range of projects. I specialize in film direction and have developed audiovisual commercial projects, short films, documentaries, and television series for web and tv.

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Tuition instruction audiovisual media Filmproduktion Filmwissenschaft in Deggendorf by a free film producer

Logical, Practical, Important. These are my three main cornerstones. I bring students the relevant information for the profession. In addition to your college studies, you have the opportunity to apply this knowledge on the basis of true-to-life real-life case studies, and to see where there is room for improvement and potential for improvement.

Merve betül
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(Artistic) Theoretical and Practical Courses for Film Design. Thinking and developing sessions on Seventh Art ...

The course aims to provide the students with a general knowledge about the history of cinema, the aesthetics and technical content of the movements, and the student is expected to think about his / her interest and develop his / her own opinion. The course is NOT based on the info that you can find on net. It based on the idea behind the films and filmmaking...

La Plata
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Professor of Audiovisual Arts received from the FBA of the UNLP dictates photography, film and tv classes

The teaching methodology I use is based on the idea of establishing a dialectical logic or we could say reciprocal, between practice and theory. That is, both spheres of education are considered as a whole, seeking didactic strategies for each case in a way that rejects the idea of mechanistic and empty application practices of knowledge, based on repetition, imitation.

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MA Graduate and Imperial College London lecturer offering cinema and film classes

My teaching methodology is Humanist - I teach in the way that you need me to. We are all individual in the ways that we learn best. My job as your tutor is to understand your way and how we, together, can maximise your learning achievements.

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