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Recruiter Expert with 15 years experience in Human Resources emphasis in recruitment.

My teaching methodology is to listen closely to the needs of each client without treating them as if their questions are too simple. Each perspective is unique based on individual personalities and learning styles. I apply patience and offer fact-based information.

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Entrepreneur with Ivy League and Wall Street Track Record offering business & career guidance

My lessons are focused on helping students reach their individual potential. I work with students to identity and amplify strengths in a strategic way so that they are better positioned for success. My guidance is specific, direct and detailed.

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Non-profit CEO with over 20 years experience in social work and faith base sector

I have taught ages 12 to 60, with a variety of skill set, personalities and educational backgrounds. I like using examples that relate to ones understanding and life experiences. Using visual aids also helps in teaching. I think teaching/learning should be fun so I try to create lesson plans that allows fun while learning.

Daytona Beach
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Career Coach Master Seeks To Help You Find Your Niche, Land the Job, and Enjoy The Ride!

My teaching philosophy is simple: Education should be learner and learning-centered. My outlook on education stems from personal experience. I took my first tertiary course at Brevard Community College the summer before I entered the University of Central Florida. In terms of instructional vs.

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Professional and Personal Development Enthusiast with 10 years of experience in Albuquerque, NM

My approach is guidance and co-coaching. I am not an authority figure, but a guide that focuses on your journey. I meet you where you are at and hold space for your highest self. I focus on proven pedagogy techniques for children and adult-learning technique for older individuals.

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Recognized and awarded high-performing, strategic thinking professional with more than nine (9) years’ experience in the Career Services and Job Development

My teaching styles promote extreme self-learning and helps students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization. Which dynamically trains the student to ask questions and helps develop skills to find answers and solutions through exploration.

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Touring singer/songwriter based in Portland, Oregon offers career advice to indy musicians

Even if you're a great performer with great material and a loyal following, in the constantly-changing landscape of the modern world it can be every more difficult to make a living. I have reinvented my business model several times in order to adapt, and I can teach you how to do it, too.

Saint Petersburg
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Teacher turned M.B.A. professional who loves coaching young people to be professionals.

I am a former middle and high school teacher whom earned and M.B.A. degree, and transitioned into the business world. I have a conversational and open engagement philosophy towards teaching. I want to teach importance of being flexible to change.

San Diego
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Fortune 500 Professional Development, Coaching and Mentoring with over 10 years of experience

I live by the mantra of "do it with love and passion or don't do it at all." I have a Masters in Education from the University of Southern California and my passion is helping others find the passion within themselves to do what they love.

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Management trainer with 40 years experience and degree in organizational management provides individual time management coaching by phone.

I teach management and leadership subjects to corporate clients in the United States. I use a conversational method to learn the time problems to be addressed by the training and to present new information to change behavior. I served 8 years as an Army officer, 4 years in corporate management, and 30 years as a management trainer.

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Certified Strengths Coach gives lessons to beginning professionals to build on their strengths via email and phone.

I have been a certified Strengths Coach for 10+ years, and I just recently received my Doctoral Certificate in Strengths-Based Education. Whether or not you have taken StrengthsQuest, I can work with you to develop your personal strengths, through guided and self-paced activities, personal reflection, and coaching sessions.

North Miami Beach
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Learn to create and produce branded advertising for TV and Digital use. I am based in Miami, FL and often work in NYC.

Most recently, my company SoloVision Productions, created, produced, wrote and directed hundreds of interstitials & commercials for Food Network, HGTV, DIY & Cooking Channel. Other clients included CBS, Discovery Channel, CNN, FOX News, The NHL and Dreamwork's plus Ad agencies Digitas, Colangelo and Leo Burnett.

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Radiological Technologist/ Mammographer with Masters in Radiology education looking to teach lessons in Radiology Basics in Altus, OK

I have 21 years experience in the Radiology career field. I am skilled in routine radiology, portable xray, c-arm, fluoroscopy, and mammography. I have a Masters Degree in Radiology education and would like to assist anyone needing help preparing for their registry or help with papers or college student tutoring. I can assist with positioning, technique, anatomy and physics.

Eden Prairie
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Account Executive. Fmr Sales Manager. Learn how to get dangerous! (in business and in life)

I have taught and led business professionals in my career, it was a privilege watching them grow. This is an extension of that. I want to impart some of the things I find useful and as well as things to avoid as you go along in your career. My job is to set you up for your professional goals. I will augment and optimize my lessons based on your needs.

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Professional Instructor offering Project Management / Scrum, PMP and Agile Certification training.

I use ILT (in-class) or Virtual (eLearning) methodology for imparting training in PMP. I use audio-visual aids, students handouts, training material in PDF, Powerpoint slides and other projection methods. For Virtual training, I use Net Meeting, WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Skype for Business or other learning tools.

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I teach math and english in fun and interactive ways so each of my students can succeed. My area of focus is Central Florida and Davenport Florida. My traits are like no other because I use efficient

My teaching method is to first understand where a student is struggling, why the student is struggling and create an individualized program in order to achieve success. I believe there is no one size fits all. Every student learns differently and is capable in achieving success.

Chapel Hill
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School Administrator with over 15 years of experience in elementary education and STEM

My coaching approach is based on first helping people to understand their why to reach where they would like to go in their chosen profession. This is done through conversations and exploring opportunities in the profession together by finding others who are doing the job you want to do and also by exploring other opportunities that are similar.

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Medical Business Manager with 10 years of incrimental experience in both retail and medical management.

My teaching method is very practical and proactively designed. I leverage leadership fundamentals with the theory of psychology, focused on how people think and work. I believe in influential leadership and teach behaviorism for both leadership and team. I enjoy the philosophical background for team and company development and teach metric driven focuses to help design leadership priorities.

Los Angeles
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Social Media Expert - Alternative Marketing - Growth Hacking - Incubating the next generation of Social Media rockstars

His teaching method is based on hand on experience, and personalized learning. Each person has unique qualities; the challenge is finding these qualities, nurturing them, and guiding "students" to focus on their strength rather than conforming to a certain system. Basically providing the conditions, the tools, and the mindset for students to start learning on their own.

San Diego
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Get Increase your skillset, get Certified as Professional Forecaster (IBF) and/or Inventory Management (APICS)

I hold multiple professional certifications from recognized institutions like APICS, ASQ, and IBF.

Little Rock
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Educator with 25 years experience gives online lessons for professional development, introduction to reseavh and using web 2.0 technologies.

Bachelor of Science degree Businesses Education ; Master of Science in Library, Media and Information Technology; Earned second Masters' degree - Library Science (MLS) . Levels included both Undergraduate and graduate students. Methodology included Traditional and eLearning instruction . Taught diverse population of students who were traditional and nontraditional.

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Marketing in food services of all types of business to bring more customers

Bachelor of Arts in Communications, specializing in Graphic Design and Joirnalism. I have over 25 years in the food service industry, with over 20 of them as a manager, and over five as a multi unit manager. I was also a marketing manager for about five years. I also worked as an apprentice with a graphic design/marketing agency also.

New Orleans
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Self employed specialist in Sales & Negotiation gives instruction via phone or Skype. Plan includes instructions to individuals and groups. B.A. Loyola New Orleans.

B.A. Loyola New Orleans. 30 years experience in highly successful Sales and Sales Management. Started my own Sales Representation and Management Firm in 1992. Retired at age 53 but still advise occasionally. I have time to instruct only serious individuals.

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Do you want to learn how to be financially free and independent?

My method of teaching is modeled by experiential learning training. I give students tangible examples and tips that will help students use the knowledge effectively. I give students the opportunity to relate information of finance to the consistency of their life.

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Certified Counselor-General College Advisement and Career Advice from an overachiever in Queens

I share will with you a systematic approach on how to think about your career, make sound decisions based on your GPA, Test Scores, etc. I will also give you feedback/edit/proofread your resume, CV, or cover letter, personal statement during your next phase.

New Port Richey
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Seasoned Construction Project Manager providing the tools and field experience to successfully schedule, budget, manage and critique residential projects.

I provide one on one consultation with visual aids and sample forms. * Learn how to develop detailed scopes of work, terms and conditions, insurance requirements and more to insure your contract protects you and or your clients. * Learn how to develop excel spreadsheets that are critical in the monitoring of budgets and schedules.

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Educational Leader with 17 years of experience provides leadership lessons at home.

Mr. Tetterton also serves as an educational consultant who has a driven passion for cultivating a culture of encouragement for educational institutions and businesses alike. Mr. Tetterton enjoys intellectually stimulating his students while willingly sharing strategies that inspire people to lead with identify and purpose.

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Self employment specialist with 20 years of experience provides creative thinking web sessions from home in Olympia.

I am a motivational professional with a Masters Degree in Counseling. My style of teaching is very organic and focuses on connecting the student to their personal gifts, talents and dreams. If you are feeling stuck, reach out, I specialize in getting unstuck so you can fulfill your goals.

Cherry Valley
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Use my 40 years of practical & organizational experience. Focus & plan successfully!

I address an individuals goals & needs to organize a clear plan for career success. Step by step methods. Communication. I am a very innovative individual and I have the ability to think outside the box. I owned a business where I managed a staff of professionals. I learn very quickly, and retain that knowledge which is demonstrated in my G.P.A. being consistently between 3.85 and 4.

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Realize Your Most Valuable Super Competent Creative Learning Abilities In Skill Rehearsals With John Coals In Denver, CO!

What Happens When You Utilize Practices Which Create Enormous Positive Impact On Your Confidence, Ability, Energy, Awareness, Intelligent Intuitive Knowing, Skill, Well-Being & Inspired Action? Just appreciate the two or three things that are most important to you right now...

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Personal and professional development, when it is built harmoniously, gives you a greater well-being and a better quality of life. To achieve this, you may need a coach. This is a professional who helps you discover your talents and to better understand and manage your thoughts and emotions. If you want to better communicate with yourself and others; if you have concerns that you cannot overcome; if you want to be a leader and lead teams; if you want to learn to manage your time and stress; if you want to improve your social skills or refine your public speaking, at Superprof you will find certified and experienced coaches who will accompany you so that you reach your goals. Our teachers provide an education based on awareness and a personal knowledge acquisition that will allow you to apply and change your habits to get different results. At Superprof, our coaches give private lessons but also collectively, geared as much to the youth as to adults, both in the office and in their room. There are also coaching sessions within companies. Our coaches use the most appropriate tools to achieve targets, while letting you apply your own resources and skills.