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History aficionado, desiring to educate and share a wide variety of topics!

My passion is educating others in a way that is relevant to them: helping students make connections and give them the skills and desire to understand how interconnected our collective history and geography are to us all! I like to make the ancient and obscure relevant to the present, it is the best way to understand the world around us!

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Teacher with a BA in Sociology; 3 years experience in social work and 2 years experience in education.

I approach teaching based on the learner. First I like to do pre-assessments to figure out how much the student knows. Based on this, I tailor my lesson plans to fit the unique needs of each student. After the lesson, I like to do a post-assessment to see the students' progress and tailor following lessons as necessary.

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Proven Debate Coach offering advanced high school tournament preparation skills at the state (TFA) and national level (TOC/NSDA). Philosophy, public policy and ethics instruction.

I meet my students where they are at in terms of skills and needs. We work on developing skills through doing drills, work on case writing and develop strong and ethical research practices.

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Public policy student with two years of experience tutoring student-athletes offering tutoring in social sciences and humanities.

I approach each topic by first explaining the material, then using tools to help the student retain the information (i.e. flashcards, games). The goal is to eventually have the student explain the material to me without assistance. If one can explain the material then that person has demonstrated a firm understanding of the subject matter.

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College soon-to-be graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree International Relations, experience in Spanish and a love for history. Located in Buffalo, NY.

I believe the most efficient way of teaching is by lecturing about a topic and then having the student complete a guided assignment where they are able to ask questions and further their understanding and comprehension. I look to help students in the Junior High/High School level.

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History grad offering tutoring for writing, history, and civics in the Boston area

My experience with writing, history, and civics is best suited to high schoolers and early college students. I took a number of AP courses in high school, and am well suited to tutoring for DBQs and other AP Test styles.

Kevin s.
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Alternative knowledge for the right people, who see the horizon is not the limit.

Plato, Tsun Zhu, Kautilya, Ibn Haldun, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Hobbs, George Washington are some of the leading figures. Law, Religion, Politics, History, Social Engineering, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, and Democracy. The Future of Governing Structure. Near future environment. Artificial Intelligence Politics. And Various historical events.

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Historian and Paralegal with Bachelor's and Master's Degree in History in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

I am a guide when I teach. I do not do any work for the student, but rather show them the best ways for them to accomplish the work on their own. I get the most professional satisfaction in knowing that a student has learned to accomplish the task in their own way.

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J.D. Candidate with Political Science & Economics B.A. offering history, politics, and social studies lessons in/near Indianapolis to all ages

My teaching method is patient, kind, and understanding. I emphasize teaching the mental and pedagogical "pathway" that will be most helpful to the particular student. My goal is for each student not only to excel in his or her class, but to demonstrate exceptional critical thought and a mastery of the material that will pay dividends throughout the remainder of the student's education and career.

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Political science and history student eager to pass on experience to students in the DC area.

I walk students through reading, writing, and critical thinking so they can learn how to understand, evaluate, and debate for themselves. I have been lucky enough to learn from some great teachers and know firsthand how critical it is to listen to students who are struggling. My goal is to make sure students learn, not to make them regurgitate what I want to hear.

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Energetic and Kind Tutor in Philadelphia with 8+ Years Teaching Experience and PhD Candidate in International Relations and Public Policy

Learning should be engaging, interactive, and occur in an environment of mutual respect and professionalism, particularly at the high school and college levels. I utilize games, simulations, stories, examples, and creative projects to enhance learning, rather than relying on rote memorization. My job is to develop and nurture inquisitiveness, exploration, and discovery.

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Private tutor in the Livermore area with experience helping children, teens and adults develop critical thinking skills in the reading, writing and speach/debate of english, history, politcs, etc.

Learn how the student learns, empower students to feel confident in their abilities, relate the subject matter to their personal experience, help them to organize handouts/asignments/reading etc and ultimately get the student familiar enough with whatever is required of them so that they can continue their studies independently of a tutor.

Des Moines
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Secondary Education Student Offering History Lessons in Des Moines to All Ages

My educational philosophy is that the fundamental purpose of education and school is to improve both the lives of students and society and that this is done through teachers simultaneously imparting their knowledge to students in the classroom as well as facilitate student learning through group activities and discussion, and that students and teachers should work collaboratively to accomplish...

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A Grad Graduate offering tutor sessions with Social Studies and College Prep

My teaching methodology caters to the style my student needs. I like to understand my students so I can give them the best method that fits there personality. I also like to give lessons structured in power points so students could always go back and look at it.

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Government student offering tutoring for social sciences, mathematics, and most any subject in Lynchburg, VA

My teaching method is discussion-based. I approach topics by finding out how students learn and finding a way to make it interactive and personalized. Finding what somebody is passionate about in a subject makes it easier and more fun. I prefer to emphasize how the subject interacts with current news.

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Trained Historian and Political Scientist in the Tallahassee, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia areas

My method of increasing historical awareness is to organize time eras by key events in each era, including what happened and who did it. I have a passion for both history and politics, so I am always interested in helping others to strengthen their knowledge in those areas. I am willing to work with anyone from elementary thru the college level.

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Current graduate student at the University of Denver pursuing a MSW. Recent Florida State University graduate with a degree in psychology. Humanitarian and learning enthusiast.

My teaching method is dependent on my student's learning strengths. I prefer to talk to my client first, asses why they are unable to reach their academic goal, and then proceed to present a new teaching style to them which is best for their learning style.

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I am a Political Consultant from Sacramento California with 20 years experience. I also teach ESL.(Spanish)

Primarily, my clients are late high school and college age students interested in pursuing a career in politics. I prefer one-on-one instruction but a small group of 2 or 3 local students is perfectly acceptable. I’m of the opinion that it’s your money, why share the information? Get the most you can out of it.

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Political Consultant with twenty years experience and education to share with eager young (and old!) minds. I also teach Spanish for ESL students!

My clients are primarily high school and college students as well as foreign students studying the American political system. I prefer one-on-one tutelage but small groups of 2-3 students are acceptable. While I assure you that hitting the books is important, if you want to pursue a career in politics then learning the ropes from someone who's practically seen it all is equally important.

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Retired Attorney and University Law Professor offering College Prepatory and Admissions Coaching.

My teaching method is based on actual experiences that go beyond numbers, percentages, and myths.

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Experienced teacher & public affairs professional; loves to help and support students from high school through graduate degree programs

I set high standards for my students and provide constructive feedback and support at every point along the way. I believe in participatory learning where students take responsibility for the results they want to achieve while I coach, guide and support them throughout their learning process.

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PhD offering History, Political Science and other related subjects tutoring in Superior

I have always found history, government, and public policy to be so fascinating - I aim to bring the stories and narratives of these subjects to life, making each lesson a memorable, engaging, and interactive experience. I have taught university-level courses for the past 10 years, and have experience teaching both in person and on-line.

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Credentialed Teacher with 2+ years of in-classroom teaching experience teaching lessons in history, government, economics, and more

I believe in personalized educational support tailored to a student's particular needs. I enjoy working collaboratively with students to meet their goals--taking advantage of their academic strengths and improving their areas of growth. My classroom teaching experience allows me to use proven teaching techniques beyond typical tutoring.

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Psychology Graduate with both practical and academic experience for all areas and for all experience levels

My teaching method is to first understand where you are at with your understanding, then progressively work through topics and examples while building connections to other topics and things that are relevant and important to your own life. The speed is always determined by the student and feedback is always welcome.

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Sociology PhD offering lessons in Boston with 9 years higher education experience

The classroom transforms students’ and instructors’ relationship to knowledge and learning. Instead of treating students as passive receptacles of knowledge, I regard them as capable of making valuable contributions to the learning process.

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Public Administration Professor with 25+ years of teaching and practical experience offers tutoring in public policy and related topics, e.g. government, from his home in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

I base my classes on experiential learning and interactive participation. I believe that every student can contribute to the learning environment. I not only impart my knowledge, but I also tap into the knowledge/experience of my students.

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Experienced former civil servant with state government with a Master's degree in Political Science and American Government.

I am flexible and rely on students having questions ready for discussion. I prefer a discussion rather than a lecture format. I like to use visuals on presentations and real world experiences as examples. I am friendly and talkative but try to be a good listener as well.

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Politics student at KCL offering classes in history, politics, and current affairs in London!

I've been teaching for over 2 years and am passionate about my subjects! I like to approach a subject by assessing a students baseline knowledge and then progressively introducing new material as they master it.

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King's College, London PhD student offering tutoring in Anthropology, Sociology, Health Policy

I believe strongly in encouraging students to think critically and develop their own argument. I do this in an informal manner, pushing them to question and justify their argument until they are confident in using the literature to support their thesis.

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Have a wide range of teaching, tutoring, training and facilitation experience inBiology, Pharmacy, International Relations, Arabic and Hebrew. Arabic and Hebrew are mother tongue, I worked for few yea

I believe in customizing the lesson and a lot of out of the box tricks to make it both fun and effective for students to learn Arabic/Hebrew, International Relations, Pharmacy and Biology. Passionate about International Relations and Global Affairs that no mat-ter how hard the subject may seem for you, I'll infect you with my pas-sion and you would enjoy the lesson.

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