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College Senior, Book Author, and Personal Trainer Offering You Support in Life Coaching, Health & Wellness, and Creative Endeavors

My teaching method is relationship-based. Since this is life-coaching, we will have opening sessions to figure out what your goals are and where you would like to be in any given time-frame. If you do not have any specific vision or goals, that will also be a main focus so that we can get you engaged and excited about your life.

New Hyde Park
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Professor and Life Coach gives public speaking, English, Spanish, Psychology, and life improvment lessons in Long Island, New York.

Lawyer with Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology fluent in Spanish and expert in English, Spanish, Psychology, Public Speaking, and Personal growth providing creative, entertaining, engaging, and dynamic lessons using academic, situational, and practical approaches helping students of all ages grow.

Daytona Beach
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Expert Life/Career Coach and Personal Trainer Certified In Stress Management. Change Your Life With Me!

My teaching philosophy is simple: Education should be learner and learning-centered. My outlook on education stems from personal experience. I took my first tertiary course at Brevard Community College the summer before I entered the University of Central Florida. In terms of instructional vs.

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A Certified Life Coach Who Helps Clients Re-empower Themselves and Feel Fulfilled

My approach with each student is a very individualized one. While I coach using the same key and proven concepts and frameworks, I have a multitude of strategies and exercises to pull form based off of the client's personality, needs, strengths, and objectives.

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Licensed and ordained Pastor with over 30 years experience provides life coaching and personal development instruction

Professional with over 30 years experience who is well versed in Relationship counseling, Wellness, Life Transformation, Systematic Theology, Church History, Apologetics and behavioral counseling. Degrees from Ohio Sate University as well as certifications from various private corporations and the State of Ohio.

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Live the life you were born to live. Connect with the real you. Intuitive life coach/Reiki practitioner ready at your service.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates Hi! Thank you for clicking on me! No matter who you are, you deserve to live a life of fulfillment, to live the vision you have for yourself. I want to help you be the best you, to live your true self, to be who you were meant to be.

Liberty Township
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Life and Leadership Coaching to Become the Highest Version of Your Self

My name is Dr. Chris Marshall and I have 25 years of experience in leading and coaching others to locate their passions in life and upgrade to become the highest version of themselves to attain the top of their craft.

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Doctor writer for all kids, mentor, and someone to help You get them!

My Teaching method is to get to the student as fast as possible, with kindness, and respect.

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Working Professional who overcame the fear of public speaking, wanting to help others do the same

My teaching method is very rigorous and strict but very effective. I start by asking questions to pinpoint where exactly the problem is. I, then, construct a viable solution to that problem. Having a viable solution, I sit with the people and help implement those solutions. If the solutions are effective then I continue to fine tune that solution.

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Story County Iowa: Personal Life Assistance in a variety of ways to help you!

I like to think that each person needs to be taught in a different way. A person needs analyzed to see how they work best. Some need pushed into things, some need to be offered rewards, and some just need someone to get started with them.

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College student and health coach seeking to help others manage stress and well being.

I base my teaching on what others need most. My approach to health coaching is nonjudgmental and 100% client centered. I want the people I help to feel comfortable and confident with me so that we can discuss and overcome challenges as a team.

West Chester
J. douglas
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Public Speakings Skills coach with 25 years experience will eliminate your fears in one session - Greater Philadelphia area.

You will learn by doing, analyzing yourself doing, learning how to do it better, and analyzing your improvement. At each step you will learn the Why before the How, so that you will understand the importance of implementing each of the very simple three steps.

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Bilingual Spanish professor Orlando based with Masters degree that is passionate about 5 Love Languages

The Demonstrator and coach style that retains the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know. The demonstrator is a lot like the lecturer, but their lessons include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations. Pros: This style gives teachers opportunities to incorporate a variety of formats including lectures and multimedia presentations.

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A well seasoned professional with extensive knowledge and background in personal development, and professional development. I have 2 masters degrees both earned in recent years and glad to share my ex

My teaching method is mainly through summarized screen presentations and interactive learning to reinforce understanding of topics learned. I also share related youtube videos that present similar approaches to my teaching as I find this to be very effective for visual learners.

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I have over 30 years teaching public speaking at the high school level, and junior college and University.

My style is personable and kind, nonstressful and both interactive and didactic. We will work towards attainable goals that are comfortable for you. The first thing will be to hear your needs and to understand what you want to accomplish. From there we will design a workable schedule that satisfies you with the techniques that seem to work best for you.

Pompano Beach
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Interpersonal Mentor/Coach in relationship counseling/conflict mediation. Private sessions online via webcam

My teaching methods are one-on-one online sessions generally my method is an informal discussion where I act as the mediator. This discussion is highly flexible to the situation. I base my classes on general/personal relationship building/strengthening and controlled conflict mediation. My classes have a short introductory to what I call "The Seven Dimensions".

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Rehab Personal Training, Balance & Movement (non medical), Holistic Medicine, Public Speaking and Promotions.

I am encouraging and teach people to be confident to work out on their own. If something needs improvement, I suggest a different way that is personalized, and allow myself to be approachable so that they will comfortable to ask questions if needed.

Meridian charter Township
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ESL and public speaking instructor of 5+ years. International experience, working with students of all backgrounds and cultures.

My approach to public speaking is first by helping the speaker to become confident in themselves. Public speaking needs not only charisma but body language, tone and enthusiasm. From there we will branch out to speech writing for business or social events.

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I am a retired Mental Health Therapist with over 20 years of experience helping people reach their personal, family, and professional goals. I am an encourager as well as a gentle but firm truth speak

I have my own style which works very well with many different clients. I am in the moment. I see the time scheduled as your time to discuss what is important to you. I will likely do a brief check in at the beginning of session.

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College student in psychology gives beginner lessons on areas of mental health

I am a graduating senior. Getting a degree in psychology and a minor in social work. I will use a ton of hands on ways to teach the material. Like crafts charts and such.

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With a Master of Counseling, I facilitate a number of subjects: meditation, personal life coaching, psychology, sociology.

I have a Master of Counseling from ASU. This is after I spent 12 years as a USAF pilot, and a vice president of an oil production company in Calgary, AB. I Have taught psychology for many years, along with sociology and meditation. I am also a certified life coach. My methodology is primarily student-focused with more questions than answers.

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Public Speaking, Houston, Texas 77089, 20 years experience public speaking,Bachelor of Art,Master of Science and Master of Arts

My name is Benjamin F. Newsome Jr. I have been an educator more than twenty years. I have taught at all levels of education to include undergraduate and graduate education. My education includes the following: Bachelor of Arts: Medical Technology, Master of Arts: Health Services Management; and Master of Science, Healthcare Administration.

San Antonio
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Experienced Family Coach with a background in Marriage and Family Therapy in the San Antonio area

My teaching method is all based on your learning style. I can adapt to ensure that you're receiving information in a way that has been proven successful to you in the past. If you're unaware of the proper teaching method, then we can work together to establish which method works right for you and go from there. I believe positive reinforcement and reassurance are tools for success.

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Life Coaching - Be a better you! Online and Huntsville, AL Area

I'm a high performing honors student at UAH, and I'd like to share some of the things that allow me and my friends to reach our peak performance. Lessons can include situational or general life coaching, or public speaking assistance.

Storm Lake
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My name is Juan Morales, I am college student attending the University of Iowa where I am studying Finance with a minor in Spanish, and concentration in pre-law. I ma currently located in Storm Lake,

I have completed my Associate's Degree through Iowa Central, where I then transferred to the University of Iowa. It is here where I am studying Finance with a minor in Spanish and concentration in Pre-law.

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Hard working optimist personal health enthusiast! Currently a rower on the University of Buffalo Crew Team!

Patience and persistence! Empathy is essential to understanding and appreciating another's problem which you wish to resolve. Multiple perspectives allow this problem to be viewed from all sides to determine the best angle for the most positive and effective resolution.

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Public Speaking tips & tricks! Low Rates in the Seacoast NH Area!

Ive sat through hours of workshops learning how to be an effective speaker and facilitator. While I'm certainly not a professional, I've learned how to not just give a speech, but give an effective and powerful speech.

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Hire an Excellent and Experienced Speech Coach to move you to up

Mass Communications major with minors in Marketing/Management and Speech. I have over 10 years of experience doing sales presentations and speaking before audiences up to 175 people. The last presentation I made was before the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department. Some the industries I have worked in are Haircare, Wireless Services, Telecommunications, Travel and Alternative Transportation.

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Are YOU struggling to know how to change your mentality from victim to victor? Let me teach you how to use obstacles to propel you forward in victory!

My teaching methodology is: • Listen • Teach • Apply I listen to the struggles of the person or the class in regards to mentality then I cater my lesson to the overall needs of the class. We then apply what we have learned and have cohort accountability.

Pinon Hills
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Junior college instructor with 5 years experience teaching personal and public communication and 15 years of workforce experience using both.

My teaching method is tailored to my students. Every person learns in their own way. I like to challenge but not overwhelm by having students practice skills until they become second nature.

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