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Local instructor for beginner puppetry and improvisational and musical theater training in Bakersfield

I have had almost ten years of education and experience as a local actor, musician, and improv-partaker. I began in high school, and have always stood out among the crowd (at least according to my teachers and peers). I have continued to pursue theater as a whole since then and really just want to help others realize their dreams as well.

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Professional actor/director offering lessons in comedic, dramatic, and improvisational acting and theatre.

I use a multitude of pedagogical styles to address student concerns. We will dabble in both scripted and improvisational acting. I am looking for eager actors and theatre fans ONLY and am not interested in working with apathetic artists.

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An actress with experience for more than four years excited to get the ball rolling on your acting career!

I want to see where you are at with your acting and where you want to go. We'll lay out your goals, then make a plan on how to pursue them. Then, with each webcam session we'll try to conquer what your trying to achieve whether it is doing your best in a monologue or trying to master a role for an upcoming play.

New Port Richey
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Actress and director with 30 years experience teaching people of all ages!

I believe in teaching to your particular learning style. While more of my classes are kinesthetic or "hands on", I tend to adapt my methodology based on how my students learn. The activities and lessons I provide allow for all types of learning.

Navi Mumbai
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Chintan's Acting, Grooming and personality session for over - all Grooming and Developement

Me and My team trains artist starting from the basics of Acting, Grooming and Personality management which is even helpful in our day to day life.

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Professional Actor and Puppeteer available for private or group tutoring in London.

I trained as an actor at Bristol Old Vic, and since graduating have toured the UK three times with new writing and puppetry shows. I have a strong interest in classical writing and Shakespeare, and can regularly be found watching shows of all genres all over London. I'm interested in students of all ages who want to develop their technique, work out an acting problem or try something new.

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Drama teacher with stage experience and degree in drama offering tutoring in Drama and performance

My classes are based solely on the students ability level and what they essentially want to gain from the sessions. Each child differs, therefore each class taught will also differ to suit that students needs. I draw from experience as well as teachings taught to me by various practitioners and performance artists.

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Professional Actor and Acting Tutor - North London - specialising in Drama School auditions

I have variety of experience in teaching, both 1-to-1 and running group workshops, throughout the years. A lot of my teaching focusses on auditioning for Drama School and private acting tuition.

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I am A Drama Artist, passionate Actor, State award achiever! I am Going to Tech you all of my skills & experiences.

I have the quality of a good leader which can lead people in a correct manner, I am very punctual for my work, Hardworking, & I am also passionate about meeting people & understanding them, their culture. I have effective communication through which I can handle any type of people.

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Professional and academically and practically experienced in the fields of performing arts, literature, creative writing (poetry, prose, drama), cultural research / studies, event management, public s

The teaching method that I apply is an interactive method. Participants are given a stimulus in their development. The creativity of the participants is not limited to the features of education that are not in accordance with him. Of course with directives and some required reading and learning media that are effective and efficient.

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Minimalist Theatre Design and the Importance of Scenograohy in Comtemporary Interdisciplinary Arts

I work chronologically highlighting historical context, ethical discourse, and the importance of Revisionist approaches to modern design practices across disciplines. Through research, practical exploration and further reading, students will gain insight into theatre design, ethical approaches and Scenographic practice techniques.

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I am a Brazilian drama student at Queen Margaret University teaching acting in Edinburgh.

My teaching method is based on the wishes of the student. Therefore, I will organise my schedule based on the level and characteristics of the students. Most of the classes will be practical, but mostly they will have an explanation to why we are doing such activity.

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Acting tutor with a specialism in STAGE & SCREEN COMBAT! be the cutting edge above the rest!

As a child I was always watching 'Power Rangers' and wondered how in the name those actors ended up doing that as a job! and where do i sign up? A few years past and I found myself applying for LIPA on their foundation certificate course to further my knowledge having always partook in my high school productions and throughout my schooling.

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Lecoq-trained actor, director and theatre-maker offers tutoring and workshops in physical theatre, mime, character acting, clowning and improvisation. Also tutoring for auditions, drama school entranc

My teaching method is through fun and experimentation. I begin with a thorough physical warm-up and teach physical techniques such as mime. Using these initial techniques I lead students through exercises and improvisations towards a final devised performance. I find this technique gives a thorough understanding of the topic and builds confidence and skill in a short time.

Ciudad de México
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Actor and theater director, he teaches improvisation and theatrical creation, adolescents and adults, at the CDMX.

You will learn about theater based on the game, we will see techniques such as improvisation, emergency theater. The idea is that at the end of the course, you can do works that act for yourself, of the themes and genres that you like the most.

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We improve your acting skill...we give you push to go higher in this field ..so join us we all are welcome u

My method is special method so you can join and than you know what is my method ok done see you

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MFA and Professional Theatre Artist/Educator offers coaching for Performing Artists in Montreal

I am interested in treating students as individual artists with inherent wisdom. I am simply a facilitator who can bring an experienced perspective to your work and give you the tools and exercises to deepen that work. I have coached actors and non-actors to prepare for auditions, shows, presentations and many other performative events.

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Performing Arts Graduate in Birmingham offering help with performances, lines and Monologues

My teaching method is more Meisner than Stanislavsky. I however believe there is a place for both and both can work well with each other. I give lessons to anyone who requires them, as long as you can speak English! I am extremely friendly as well as having an big passion for Improvisation. Lessons will be informal and will be tailored to what you require.

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Acting graduate offers classes in York City centre, both for individual and groups.

I like to start with some excercises to build your confidence. From there, we can look at what you want to achieve - perhaps nailing an audition or simply dedicating a couple of hours a week to what you love.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

ACTING COACH! Passionate WAAPA graduate qualified to teach secondary Drama. Main area of expertise: acting.

Performing Arts is all about passion and creative self-expression: subsequently, the education process designed to deliver it must be - above all - an enjoyable and personal experience. I have this passion, and the ability to make it contagious.

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Drama teacher. Professional actress. Founder and director of the TAC Teatro theater troupe and school in Milan, Italy and TAC France, Paris.

Ornella Bonventre is an Italian theater director, teacher and actress offering private lessons in Paris to perfect the technique of experienced actors. She teaches in English or Italian. Ornella studied at the Scuola Europea di Teatro Cinema e Scrittura and she has extensive international experience, notably with Renzo Casali and her Communa Baires and also with the Grotowski Institute in Poland.

Hemel Hempstead
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West-end actor offering tutoring in Acting, Puppetry and Poetry, Hertfordshire/London - BA (hons) acting

I teach each subject differently, but the deciding factor for my method is what you, the student needs, whether it's audition technique, essay writing or performance on stage, but in a nutshell.. Acting is based around finding the truth in the moment in question.

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Actor offering acting/guitar lessons covering Improv and comedy in London. CRB checked

Acting and playing guitar are both creative and meant to be enjoyable for whoever is involved. I focus on the children enjoying this and not necessarily doing grades unless they want to and instead performing for themselves and family. I began my own lessons with guitar and I struggled to keep interest in the grade approach.

1st lesson offered free !

Drama, psychology and theatre for young audiences graduate offering puppeteering lessons in Bath.

I have graduated Masters in Theatre for Young Audiences in Bath Spa University. With those lessons I will teach children how to create a puppet of scratch materials and how to regulate their breathing which would help their concentration.

Mount Lawley
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WAAPA student tutoring all ages in drama, voice and movement skills in Perth

Intent on cultivating and maintaining a safe environment in which creativity and self-expression can flow. I offer workshops and tutoring in the following areas: - Basic actor training - Movement development - Non-verbal communication - Ensemble Work - Writing - Devising - Making your own work - Audition Preparation Training can be tailored to your needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Student of top UK Drama School gives tutorials in acting and audition technique to those looking to gain entry to Drama School.

The basis of my teaching orbits the ideas and of practitioners such as Uta Hagen, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Jean Benedetti, Bella Merlin, Jacque LeCoq, Kristin Linklater and Rudolf Laban, as well as many other influences. The tutorials I offer are ones designed to develop skills in the following three areas: 1).

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Primary Education graduate teacher gives lessons in puppeteering to high school students

My teaching method is highly student centered and allows space to focus directly where the student operates at using strategies which cater to their specific learning needs. My experience is in teaching students at a K-6 level but am fully capable of teaching students from years 7-10.

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Acting Coach. For Exams/ Performances/ Auditions/Confidence Building/Theoretical and Practical Learning

Online Lessons via Skype or at home will allow for an hour lesson either weekly, monthly or to a time which suits the student /parents needs. These lessons prepare and teach vocal sessions and acting lessons. All lessons come with homework and hand outs to practice in your own time along with a warm up a main exercise and a cool down activity which makes up the perfect lesson plan.

West Gladstone
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UNE Theatre Honours Grad gives private tuition for drama students in Gladstone

A large portion of being a good performer is learning about yourself: what makes you remember lines best; or what acting method draws out your best performance. My aim is to work with you to identify your particular style.

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