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Santa Cruz
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Robotics engineering student offering flexible online classical physics tutoring and teaching with 1 year experience

I adapt to each student's skill level and try to come up with and use useful examples to make the connection between the theory and practice clearer. Physics is not some abstract concept such as mathematics, however, in order to understand or better yet to communicate ideas in our modern view of physics it is necessary to understand the math, which I try to make as intuitive as possible.

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Highly experienced University Professor leads you to analyze the findings of your research projects using SPSS etc.

My teaching methodology is based on what I was seeking as assistance when I was myself on the benches of Universities - a unique experience to share all the tricks, shortcuts and efforts required to study stress-free and succeed and this is my promise to you all.

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Industry Scientist with 5+ years of experience providing STEM help to the Philadelphia Suburbs

My methodology involves fostering an environment which encourages each student to be an independent learner. My goal is to guide you to the point where you no longer need me. I'll know I've succeeded as soon as I'm out of a job. I specialize in math (algebra 1 & 2, geometry, and trigonometry), SAT math, chemistry (high school, AP, IB, college), and biology.

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Statistician plus Data Scientist with 13 years of experience teaching and mentoring students worldwide

I believe in step by step teaching method. It helps a student to take time and process the material at their own speed. I utilize audio and visual aids such as diagrams and descriptive explanation of the topic. My students have found my strategies immensely helpful, and it has produced good results. I believe in active feedback mechanism of the lessons.

New York
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An international CPA offers math lessons in New York with 6 years of experience!

My teaching method is based first of all on creating a good connection with the student. Understanding his strengths and weaknesses, which subjects does the student like more and by that analysing where should I put more effort in my teaching. Furthermore, I believe to challenge students as much as possible, letting them deal with math problems as much as they can.

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Educational Psychology Ph.D. offering statistics, quantitative methods and research design tutoring in Utah.

I have taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses. My methodology focuses on initially understanding the theoretical underpinnings of the material which provides a solid foundation to learn practical applications.

Spring Valley
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Individual and Group tutoring with more than 20 years of experience in math and science.

Teaching and/or tutoring strategy is based on an analysis of the current status of the student(s) on specific topics. The goal is not to solve an individual problem but to teach the student to solve these 'types' of problems in their future.

Cape Coral
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Retired Professor with 30 years experience enjoys teaching painless Statistics and Management Science concepts.

I teach concepts by walking students thru detailed examples so they learn how and why things work. I assign homework based on business situations and ask the student to explain his/her answer in terms a manager would understand. I believe there is no such thing as a dumb question. I welcome all questions.

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MBA student at Emory University offering math lessons in Atlanta. I am the President of my class and a Dean's List recipient. I have six years of work experience and an undergraduate degree from the U

My teaching is aimed at lower, middle, and high school students who need some extra assistance in any mathematics area. My approach is to be very caring, calm, and empathetic with all students. I believe in not only sharing my methods, but letting students obtain their own methods.

Missouri City
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You can learn math and love it. Just like my children did!

First I understand the child and his level of understanding. I build from foundation. I teach them not to see a problem to solve but a detective searching for clues to solve a mystery. Then there are also certain techniques employed to make the life easier. How to present the solution systematically is the last part.

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B.S. in Chemistry, current Master's student giving lessons in Chemistry and Math

Chemistry and math are best taught by practice. I also try to focus on explaining the concepts because once the concepts are grasped, they can be applied a variety of ways to different problems. I want you to be comfortable with chemistry.

South Houston
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A youtube tutor with 27000 subscriber and 7 years of experience, now in Houston. Maths, Physics, Electrical Engineering

I am an electrical engineer and pursuing PhD degree from University of Houston. I have 4 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Physics. I have mentored more than 150 students ranging for 8th to 12th standard. Most of them are pursuing engineering now.

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Business professional offering help in math, career coaching or language help via webcam!

I teach math and language students from grade school through high school, taking into consideration their individual needs as a student. Understanding how my students best learn is critical to my success as a tutor and their success as a student. I also offer career coaching services to college students, or young professionals looking to transition into a different field.

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Nursing student currently offering math, chemistry and writing lessons in Buford GA

My teaching method is first present information and how the problem should be solved then I provide some practice problems in which we solve the problem together then I give the student additional problems to solve on their own to ensure mastery.

Los Angeles
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Los Angeles Applied Statistician with more than a Decade of Teaching Experience

I get the student involved which is way better than simply doing the problems for a student. I also use guided instruction. I use my knowledge and experience of the subject to ask strategically relevant questions that maximizes student learning of difficult material. (Basically some theories in math and statistics are a lot more important to understand than others).

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Licensed Science, Math and English Teacher ready to help you learn today!

My teaching method is typically guide on the side, but some students prefer a more traditional teacher ( I am flexible either way). I prefer to be adaptable to student needs and their preferences. I am very personable, patient and positive. I love to see people succeed.

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Chemistry and mathematics lessons in Denver, Colorado from 4.0 GPA college student with AS degree

I have tutored high school and college students on an individual basis, and I like to be flexible and acknowledge individual learning styles. I love to accommodate kinesthetic learning and incorporate analogies to explain concepts as well as mnemonics, rhymes, and songs.

Ravi teja
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Masters Student who believe that knowledge sharing is knowledge gaining and bliss

I take interest in cinema. I have been an avid movie watcher. I believe cinema’s influence in our every day life is underrated. It has the capability to influence an individual to make the best or worst of him. Consumed in the right way it can work wonders for people. Very often can one see me quoting lines and examples from movies in real life conversations.

San Marcos
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College senior graduating this summer with over 2 years of tutoring experience

I primarily focus on entry level mathematics and science courses at the high-school or college level. I approach each lesson by focusing on the topics and solutions relevant to the topics being discussed. I usually will explain each topic in a number of different ways to find something my students can respond to.

Fitzgerald l
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Academic Tutor with 15 years of experience in the development of student knowledge.

My teaching philosophy is specific to the quality and value of the interaction between the teacher and learner. I embrace the perspective that all students are unique. I believe that all learners have the potential to make valuable contributions to a learning environment.

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Young professor that enjoys teaching statistics and research in Durham, North Carolina

I teach undergraduate and graduate students, but cater lessons to all learners. I utilize verbal, visual, and kinesthetic approaches to teaching. I encourage reading, processing, and direct application methods. I also create opportunities for students to demonstrate concept mastery. Positive reinforcement is important for me to provide my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Quantitative ecologist (PhD) in Lauderhill, FL offering statistics and R programming lessons

I like to tailor my lessons to my client and their needs. I can develop worksheets that we go through together, help you talk through a specific problem, or help with homework and understanding complicated topics by explaining things in simple, straightforward terms.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineer with 18 years of experience and I want to help you!

I like show as many methods and examples as possible, while being patient and interactive. I want to encourage the learner to be positive and believe in themselves. We will learn and succeed. I want help you do your best.

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Masters In Mathematics & Economics: Experienced demystifying mathematics & Economics at CMU college students. Skilled at Software instructions.

Adaptability based on educational background. Experienced teaching : calculus, algebra, linear algebra to advance courses like abstract algebra, topology, group theory. I was Statistics expert at CMU math center. Since i have different educational background, therefore i am specialized in simplifying difficult math concept to non-math students.

1st lesson offered free !

Patient Maths teacher with over 4 years teaching experience and life time exposure to Mathematics

I use illustrations and examples students can relate with to move them from the current knowledge level to a point where they are able to solve other related problems. I am committed to helping my student become self sufficient in an area they earlier struggled.

Santa Clara
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Professor in chemistry with more than 8 years experience in chemistry teaching

The concepts of my teaching philosophy have been acquired from my own professional training and teaching experiences, and from those that have influenced me. In my opinion, the first goal in teaching chemistry is to have a solid curriculum and provide the students with the framework of knowledge.

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Quantitative analysis, statistics, and methods for social sciences from an experienced evaluator.

I approach each student individually. I understanding statistics is difficult and each person understands it in their own way. It is a matter of interacting with the student and finding a method to reach understanding. I am more of a college teacher but can help advanced high school students.

New York
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Mr. Nabwayo jack a tutor with 6 years experience teaching chemistry and forensics.

My teaching methodology is lecture method, practicals, notes giving and class participation approach. I am an amusing, goal-oriented and focused to ensure that students achieve if not 100%, 99% of the content. I am one guy who believes more in my students than any other person in this ecosystem because i do believe that youths and more so students are the future of any nation in this world.

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Engineering student at UC Berkeley offering math lessons with 2 years tutoring experience!

I believe in a thorough conceptual understanding reinforced by both simple and complex practice problems. To ensure my students fully understood the concepts at hand, I would often teach it to them, and then have them teach it back to me. We would then move onto working on practice problems together, and I would assign problems to complete before the next time we met.

1st lesson offered free !

Former Scientist, who worked for close to 15 years in the Biotech/Pharma Industry.

I approach each student and each topic in a way that makes the student feel very comfortable and excited!

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