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Physics student offering lessons in New Jersey for high school and college intro physics

I've been fortunate enough to experience all kinds of teachers, and I feel my own teaching style has been something of a combination of all their best aspects. I always begin by figuring out what the student knows conceptually, without considering numerical answers at all. This can be done through questions or just diagrams (I will pretty much draw a diagram for every question).

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Former Physics teacher offers year-round study groups in all levels of math, and physical science labs Teaching private and home-school groups seeking lab expertise from a certified, professional educ

I most enjoy working with small groups of children - they inspire and encourage each other, and cooperative learning is a life skill to be developed and nurtured while young. Older students may need to be coached to cooperate, rather than compete, so all benefit and gain confidence.

Lake Ronkonkoma
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Physics graduate offering high school math/physics lessons in the Stony Brook region

I can teach any mathematics courses up to matrix algebra and calculus 3/differential equations, along with physics 1,2, and modern physics (including calculus applications). My main method involves breaking down complex material into simple parts, and filling in every jump in logic made in the topic.

San Jose
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Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Minor in Physics gives online or in-person tutoring

I base my teaching methods on providing the proper framework for problem solving and critical thinking, developing the students ability to solve problems. I give lessons to everyone from elementary school to college students and have experience in all of these levels.

Santa Cruz
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3.8 GPA Electrical Engineering undergraduate at the University of California Santa Cruz

I like to keep my sessions active and high energy. I believe by showing clear concise examples that capture the concept and then applying these concepts to more difficult problems for the student to work through with my help. No concept gets passed over until a comfortable understanding is obtained.

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Physics PhD with a decade of tutoring experience in Math and Physics

I base my classes on approaching the material that the student identifies as their weakness, and building up their confidence incrementally using the Socratic method, once the student has a grasp conceptually, we move on to approaching applications through problem sets.

Delray Beach
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High School student looking to teach AP Physics 1/2 in Delray Beach, FL

I base my classes on whatever subject area a student may need help on the most and eliminating the problems from that subject area. For instance, if a student needed help on the "Thermodynamics" section of AP physics 2 or any physics class, then I would provide my notes on that section, which I have a plethora of, and help the student on whatever questions he or she may have.

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Tutor in Physics and Math for Students In High School & College

I am a graduate physics student at the University of Texas at Dallas completing my final year of a PhD. I have given lessons to graduate, undergraduate, and high school students in both math and physics. I have also tutored for the physics portion of the MCAT. My lesson structure is first assessing their current level of knowledge and understanding.

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Veteran Computer Engineer, BS, MS & MBA.Credentialed teacher of Physics and Information Technology. Hayward.

I tailor my tutoring sessions to the specific needs of the student. Together we consolidate existing knowledge and proficiencies and build upon them to gain additional academic, technical and life skills. Rather than memorization of facts and formulas, I focus on integrating knowledge and learning to learn.

La Verne
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Physics Undergrad Student offering Math and Physics lessons to all ages !

I am a hands on teacher. I believe in challenging questions before a lesson so when you finally learn the correct answer you remember how and why. Communication is key! Every student is unique and learns differently. I want to give confidence to my students.

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Physics and math tutor, recognized for my focus on diversity and multiple learning styles.

BS/BA Physics and Applied Mathematics Evergreen State College 2018 AS Electrical Engineering Seattle Central College 2015 Born in Seattle 1985 I strive to meet each person where they are at. My style is to ask open ended questions, lead the person while offering explanation, resources and transparency along the way.

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An explorer at heart, constantly working on pedagogical and self-improvement to create passion and a capacity for critical thinking in students for mathematics, science and engineering.

“High energy – enthusiastic on subject matter/open conversational supportive teaching style. Very fair – uses statistical assessment to evaluate quiz and question validity. Gives me the impression he is supportive and concerned about student learning and student success.” The above comment from a student review perfectly encapsulates my nature as an educator.

Lewis Center
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Physics enthusiast who loves to give physics lessons to high school students.

A passionate Physics teacher who graduated Secondary Education course in the Philippines but I am now in the US. I always see my students as unique from others and give them opportunities to learn through helping and guiding them.

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A College Professor teaching Mathematics and Physics in Huntsville, Alabama with over 20 years experience

In all my years of teaching students at various levels, several essential themes for effective teaching have come to light.

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Physics student offering math and physics tutoring with 1.5+ years of tutoring experience in Flagstaff, AZ

My teaching method is walking through each individual problem with a student and asking them first how they believe they should approach the problem. I try to guide students to the answer rather than give it to them directly. I often make analogies when I teach, for example if I am tutoring calculus 3, I make parallels to content they have already mastered in calculus 1.

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Recent physics graduate with 4 years of math and physics tutoring experience offers in home tutoring

I have completed the classes required for a physics major, but I generally tutor lower level physics courses like Newtonian, and Electricity and Magnetism. I also tutor Algebra and Calc 1. When I am teaching, I let students arrive at the answers themselves.

Bossier City
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Need Physics help to pass your class?! Physics graduate ready to help! I can go to you or we can study via webcam.

I tend to explain a concept that the students need to learn, then I show them a simple example. From there I let them try a different example. If I see that they have a misconception then I will guide them through the problem. the following problems will get more and more complex until they understand the concepts.

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Physics and Math tutoring in Hartford Area from tutor with over 800 hours classroom experience

I tutor students of all abilities, from high schoolers to physics and math majors. I am attentive to the goals and needs of my students and tailor the lesson to what they need. My goal is to have every tutee solving problems on their own so that they feel confident on the material during exams and homework sessions.

Cherry Hill
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Graduating physicists with five years of experience involving: math and data analysis.

My philosophy when it comes to teaching is to first diagnose what the problem is, then I will show you step by step where you went wrong and finally comfort you in showing how to get it right with making any mistakes again.

Frenchtown Charter Township
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Physicist with 11 years experiences of mentoring, Tutoring Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry

My teaching method is more hands on. I like to encourage students to think critically and ask as much questions as possible. I have taught physics, mathematics, and chemistry at high school and college levels. I try to be available for students and to answer their questions as often and as soon as possible.

Los Angeles
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Physics university graduate from UC Santa Barbara teaching all physics subjects in Hollywood

I'm looking for students in either high school or college working on finishing math or physics classes. I prefer one on one tutoring sessions where we work towards understanding the material in such a way that you feel comfortable when it comes to taking your test.

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Atlanta Math and physics teacher with 12 years experience available for you

I like to explain things in multiple ways until a student understands the concept and can explain it back to me himself or teach other students about it. I also like to frequently give quizzes in my classes as I find that is a good way to make sure students stay on top of things.

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A senior physics student who can best teach physics and advanced math

I solve many examples and explain each of them in details. I answer all of your questions. I help for the homework assignments. I make solutions very easy. I give you confidence to solve all kinds of problems. Don't worry at all. It's so easy.

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Master's student in biomedical engineering provides tutoring to middle/high school and college in Livonia

I am extremely proficient in math from Pre-Algebra to Differential Equations (Calculus 4). In addition, I am also proficient in high school Physics/AP Physics content. I received a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering at Wayne State University.

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High school physics / chemistry teacher, 25 years experience, tutors in the Morgan City, Houma, and Thibodaux areas.

High school teacher certified in: Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Environmental Science. BS in Education from Nicholls State 1992 MNS (Masters Natural Science) Louisiana State University 2012 Lessons provided for high school juniors and seniors and college students in freshmen level chemistry or physics.

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Physics makes our future world so different that no one can image

I have masters of science in physics, 2016 from the university of Washington/ Seattle.

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Patient, passionate physics / math tutor (any level) with a MS in physics.

My teaching style consists of rigorous detail of concepts coupled with fun and engaging examples thrown in. I make efforts to find and cater to specific learning styles as well.

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Analyst, Developer and Teacher here to help students with Mathematics in North Carolina

My teaching methodology involves immersion through unpacking challenging subjects to engage students and the implantation of problem solving strategies to produce the best results. I also focus on study habits, test taking tips and supplemental materials to help students who need additional help.

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Experienced Physicist available for tutoring in physics, math, and related subjects in St. Tammany Parish for any grade level, including high school and college students

I am very patient and understanding. I believe having the students work out examples both individually and in groups after a brief introduction lesson is an effective method. Engaging the students in demonstrations helps tremendously in understanding physics problems and related mathematical word problems.

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Physics teacher in Hyannis offering maths and physics lessons in Hyannis, Yarmouth and neighbouring towns.

I teach at a charter school in Hyannis and have taught in 3 different schools internationaly. I want to tutor Physics to struggling high school students. I will try and identify the difficulty for each student and cater to it specifically.

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