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Rocky River
(3 reviews)
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Literacy and Language Specialist Tutoring English (from Elementary to University Level) BA/MA

My teaching method is based on proven and well researched techniques that promote life-long skill retention. You will never forget the lessons you take with me. My lessons are always customized for you, based on your learning style, and formed with your interests in mind.

(3 reviews)
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University professor provides tutoring in literature, philosopohy, academic writing for HS and University students.

I earned my BA in English Literature from Providence College in 1968. I hold a MEd from Boston University, a Master of Divinity from the Episcopal Divinity School and a Master of Theology from Boston College. In my tutoring, I try to build on a student's current strengths as a first step to improving their academic performance.

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Energetic intellectual with 15 years offering to make literature reading writing interesting and easy

I approach each student by learning what they are interested in and then apply this interest in to what is needed for them to succeed. I am an optimist and feel that each student has great potential to be successful.

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Reading Specialist with more than 10 years of experience offering sessions in Nashville, Tennessee and Surrounding areas

I as an educator know that student engagement is the key to learning retention and having a great overall classroom experience. With changing times, education requires adaptation and evolution. Students are not as easily captivated as before by simple colorful animations in textbooks and monotonous songs to correlate with learned concepts.

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I am a Certified Reading Specialist (M.Ed.) with tons of experience working with students who struggle w/ learning how to read and/or write (K-3). My formal training includes Orton-Gillingham, Fund

I believe learning to read is the most difficult cognitive task faced by children. My lessons are based on the latest scientific research and are consistent with the findings of the National Reading Panel as articulated in its report of April 2000.

(4 reviews)
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University of Cambridge PhD will Tutor you for guaranteed success on the SAT/ACT

I teach SAT and ACT prep in classes and 1-to-1. I hsve uniques strategies that employ such that the students can see the recurring patterns in the SAT and ACT question snd answer them with comfort and ease. I work hard to make sure my students have the confidence to tackle the SAT and ACT by working with them initially and then gradually leaving them to show me what they can do independently.

Rocky River
(2 reviews)
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SAT - Patient, Creative and Effective Tutor for All Subjects, All Cities, All Ages

I am patient, creative and friendly. Many of my students tell me that I explain concepts more effectively than their teachers. I am available weekdays or weekends, days or nights, throughout the entire year. In addition to teaching in person, I also use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Appear.in, interactive whiteboards, attachments (PDF, Word, Excel), and Slack, a remote desktop program.

(3 reviews)
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Writing Wizard: Academic/Creative Professional English Tutor now serving students in North San Diego County.

Listening is a part of learning, and that goes for instructors, too. I listen to the needs of my students, and then ask them questions to help them map out their issues better.

(2 reviews)
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Passionate, young OSU graduate with 5 years of experience tutoring English and Literature. Columbus OH based.

Most of my lessons have been to high school students looking to improve ACT Reading, Writing, and English scores, or who are looking to prepare for college-load reading assignments. Most of my recent lessons, though, have been to college students who don't have comfort with English or writing essays and need general guidance, review, and knowledge on how to become a better writer.

(2 reviews)
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Private tutor with AP/Honors experience in Chicago - Science, Math, English. Recent U of Mich graduate

After receiving my help, all my former students received either an "A" in the subject they were struggling with or boosted their grade by at least 2 grade levels. I have also helped students earn admission to the colleges of their choice by assisting with admissions essays.

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Writing coach/tutor in Maryland. 15+ years of experience with high school & college student writers. Special interests in ADHD, ELL, and rebellious procrastinators.

I most often work with students who struggle to respond to writing prompts from their English classes. Literary analysis and arguments (researched or not researched) are my specialties, though not the only types of academic writing I can help with. My approach is collaborative.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Native Arabic and English teacher for both kids and adults with 7 years of experience in teaching in both schools and colleges located in Sylmar, LA, CA. Offering lessons online or sylmar public lib

I am an English teacher. BA and MA in English linguistics. Ready to teach both kids and adults English and Arabic online or a public library. I believe in practicing the language skills as much as you can with a native speaker or instructor. Encourage reading and listening to improve language and vocabulary. I love listening to my students giving a lot of time and effort to convey the message .

The Dalles
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Experienced online tutor offering engaging, individualized lessons in reading and writing. Received educational awards and honors. Working towards a teaching degree.

I am committed to delivering high-quality, individualized instruction. For tutoring in reading and writing, I assess students and then create informed lessons to best help them improve their skills. I include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary in reading lessons for struggling readers in elementary school.

Kings County
1st lesson offered free !

Teacher and Tutor helping all ages with Speaking and Reading, and working on Resumes for Adults

I am a New York State Certified Teacher. I help students from Pre-K to high school with all subjects. I have a BS in Education and I am currently working on my Master's Degree. I teach through understanding the students' personality. I believe that learning is fun and I show this to my students with various strategies.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Rising college junior with 4 years of high school English tutoring experience.

I teach high school students in the ways that best fit them. Whether you are inexperienced and struggle conceptually, or just want to fine tune your work, I believe the tutoring experience should be what works best for you. Hands on or hands off, every student is different.

Palm Coast
(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

English teacher with 25+ years of experience offers online or face-to-face tutoring in Palm Coast area. Test Prep, Essay Writing, Research Writing, Literature, Poetry.

My teaching philosophy is that every student is different; therefore, my teaching methodology varies for each student. I take a multiple intelligences approach to teaching, building in a variety of ways of learning into my lessons. Also, my undergraduate degree is from a university known as an engineering school. I have a very logical/mathematical approach to grammar and writing.

(10 reviews)
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Certified teacher ( Pre-K thru 6th Grade) with over 15 years experience offering tutoring in Reading and Math

Hello fellow students! I feel we are all always learning, including teachers. My name is Randee and I love to teach. I currently work with Title 1 students tutoring in Reading and Math (ages Kindergarten-5th grade). I graduated from Eckerd College. I would say my philosophy on teaching is that every student learns differently.

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Experienced and certified AP Literature and ESL teacher with multi-year experience available

Embedded in all I teach is the method of Stephen Krashen: I+1, i.e. the core material with some reach/stretch is needed, but not too much of a stretch so as to frustrate students. I teach not simply mastery of the facts but critical, higher level thinking and writing skills, argumentation, and inferential reading that calls for going beyond a "right there" answer to assessing one that is implied.

San Francisco
1st lesson offered free !

English Language with a bachelors in engineering tutoring online in San Francisco

I like to work with individual students usually, but have taught groups as large as five students at once. Depending on what the lesson may be for the day I am open to teaching multiple students at once as well.

1st lesson offered free !

Ivy League Student in LA-County with a Personalized Approach and Three Years Experience

My teaching methodology is very personal to each student! I, first, lay out the client's goals, their learning style, and their current experience to cultivate an experience and lesson plan for them. I am a very motivational tutor that can help a student succeed.

1st lesson offered free !

College student with exceptional English/reading skills and the tools necessary to help your child excel where needed.

My teaching method is hands-on and interactive. I like to use games to help a child learn, as well as diagrams, real-life examples and to correlate the knowledge with something the individual student can relate to in order to help their interest/understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced and knowledgeable teacher helps you with English, ESL, Spanish or Portuguese via Online or in person

I base my classes on the Lesson Plan to be followed and own and shared knowledge of the world with the students: to associate what they are learning with the world. I try to make students communicate in the best possible way, with patience and once the pattern is established, I give them the opportunity to express themselves.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced, warm and friendly Master of Arts in English and teacher of English language, ESL, reading and writing.

I always adapt my teaching method to the student and context. I believe in meeting individual students at the level they've already achieved and affirming, naming and congratulating them on their current skills sets. I present myself as a compassionate co-learner who just so happens to have the knowledge the student needs.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Reading Mastery Teacher with 15 years of tutorial experience. I love to incorporate music in all of my lessons.

I approach each topic with the intent to make learning exciting and fun. Keeping each student attention can difficult at times, especially after being in school all day and then has to attend a tutorial session with me. I make a game out of it with incentive prices after a couple of weeks of successful sessions with me.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Double Ivy League graduate who specializes in Lit, History, Film, and Classics

My goal is to foster creativity and help guide students into unique ways of critical thinking. As a kid, I loved to read because I had teachers who encouraged my imagination, I'd like to do the same for the kids I tutor.

(26 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Certified English Language Arts Public Speaking Teacher Instructor 18 Years Experience Speech Writing / LIFE COACH +

I am highly motivated and enthusiastic and teach in a passionate and practical way. I love to see students excel in confidence and content knowledge. I am patient and will meet you where you are at. Through tutoring, we will explore your learning style and exploit your strengths to be successful.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

As a classroom teacher, with over 18 years of experience teaching English skills in Lakeland, Florida, my most rewarding moments are when I can see those light bulbs go off in students' brains.

My teaching method is to make sure the student's needs are being met. Before I begin working with a student, my desire is to understand what needs they have first to prevent from waisting time. After that is established and I know what is needed, my goal is to provide a structured but fun, successful learning environment.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Poetry in Motion? Parnassus on Wheels? Come with me! Classics to comical!

I have an MFA in poetry, a BFA in English, and a CELTA certificate, along with teaching endorsements in English, ESL, and GT (gifted and talented). I taught English Literature and Language to 7,8, and 9th graders for 10 years, ESL for several years, including several years of work with international students.

Pacific Grove
(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

High school English teacher with 20 years experience offering affordable lessons on the peninsula

There is no one method. It depends on the age and maturity of the students. It also depends on their skill level and motivation. While it is sometimes helpful to make it as fun and engaging as possible, that would be inappropriate at other times, such as when teaching essay writing.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Honors English college student provides English help for students of all ages

I am a sophomore English major and Honors student with experience as an assistant editor on my college literary journal. Over the summer, I co-taught a creative writing class for elementary and middle school students where I worked to provide the tools for learning, as well as structure and guidance.

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Perfect! Crystal is a good teacher. She helped my son in essay writing. He scored well and liked her teaching style. She is focused and dedicated towards her work.

Kevin, student
2 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Jacqueline is awesome. She went above and beyond to assist me with my capstone project for my Masters. She is very knowledgeable but most of all she cares and strives to provide excellent quality work. She ensures you understand the lesson before...

Lupe, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My son was very happy with the first lesson and will be continuing.

Jen, student
6 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Terry is a tremendous teacher with a profound knowledge of poetry. I consider it a rare privilege to study with him. I highly recommend Terry. He'll change the way you read and appreciate poetry.

Wendy, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Émilie est une enseignante de français merveilleuse et engageante. Elle est très patiente et crée un environnement favorable pour les gens de tous les niveaux de français. En utilisant son intérêt pour le théâtre, elle crée des leçons...

Regan, student
11 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! During the six weeks of our stay in Los Angeles, Judy gave my Swiss kids (age 10 and 8) English lessons for beginners. The kids were really happy with Judy, they learned a lot, especially reading and speaking. Judy is a very motivated,...

Nadine, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Be supported by the best tutors in your reading lessons

Reading is a fundamental tool everyone needs to know. Of course, reading is broken down to not just being able to read the written word but understand it as well. Each word needs to have a specific comprehension, on top of a student must know how words work together in order to create sentences. This is generally covered in different English classes as a student works their way through grade school and eventually into the upper tiers of their local school system. Some students are simply not going to catch on as quickly though, which can not only make reading difficult but it can put them at a disadvantage for all of their other classes as well. That is exactly why it is so important for a student to receive immediate attention from private teachers who can work with the student and create reading private lessons for them to work on in order to improve their reading skills. Each of the literacy private lessons is going to be completed with the help of English private teachers. The reading private lessons are all tailor designed for each student to work on what they struggle with, all with the help of the reading private teachers.