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REVIT and AutoCAD College Professor with PhD in Architecture Worldwide Design Experience

I’m accustomed to teaching college class size groups, in this situation having me work with an individual alone would be of great benefit to anyone interested in taking their skills to the next level or trying out REVIT and or AutoCAD for the first time. I begin with an introduction of the basic tools you will be using in the program and then progress to complete design elements.

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Advanced Revit Architecture, BIM managing for all construction disciplines, in OC &LA

Using standard metod for Revit application in order to complete beter projrct with less conflicts between disciplines, training alonge modeling projects.

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Experience architect teaching BIM software for drafting according to Australian and American code

I am more focused on not just teaching software but also the workflow for working the project , I teaching a full package so you can take the project from sketch to 3d render I love to gamify the teaching to make it more fun , as you learn through games

Villa Rica
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Professional Architect providing revit lessons for all fellow designers to enhance their skills.

I have my bachelors in architecture with a minor in construction management My method of lessons will begin with the finish product whether commercial/residential Then I will break each lesson to teach how to 3D model. Once the model is complete the next set of lessons will show how to draft each floor plan, elevations, site plan, sections etc.

New York
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Bim Consultant and Autodesk Professional certified offers online Revit lessons by webcam

I offer online one-to-one lesson in order to achieve your personal and professional targets in the use of the software.

Los Angeles
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Autocad Professional Tutor Based in Los Angeles with Experience From Different Disciplines

My approach is fully geared and based on my student's knowledge, experience and goals. Autocad is such a vast software serving a lot of different fields therefor certain skills aren't necessarily important to everyone. The session is usually divided into 2 - 3 parts: 1. Learning new commands, techniques, and concepts. 2. Applying what's learned. 3. Answering student's questions.

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Senior in College Giving Lessons in Google Sketchup for All Experience Levels

I am a senior in college, majoring in interior design. I teach using the Sketchup computer software. I am very passionate about design and one of my favorite parts include 3D modeling.

New York
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Architect in Cape Town with 6 years of experience. I teach Revit, SketchUp and Photoshop for beginners and intermediate architects and other creatives from related fields.

My teaching method will be simple, straight forward and "practice-makes-perfect" orientated. Each lesson will focus on a topic or problem, followed by an exercise to test what you have learnt by doing it yourself. The lesson will take on real life scenarios, perhaps in the work place or at school, to really understand the method and possible adaptations.

Greater london
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Architecture and interior design tutor London Autocad Revit 3ds max Photoshop

I teach the following: I have been tutoring students from KLC and Inchbald diploma and Certificate level from the last 5 years and Also from many major universities including UCL and AA. I offer free meeting for 20 minutes and free 30 minutes sessions. I charge 30 to 33 Per hr depending on how huge your work is. But I guarantee 100% Satisfaction.

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ARCHITECT DPLG PROPOSED COURSE ARCHITECTURE - aided design / modeling / rendering / layout project page

DPLG architect by training, I propose to help students 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th and 5th year of architecture school for upgrades, discussion on the project, pre-correction direction of work, design and implementation presentation boards, digital models and helps project layout. Easy outreach, easy relationship and assured results. Volume discounts and attractive flat rate.

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Revit Tutoring - Engineer professional with a Master's Degree - 10 years experience - London

I have been giving private lessons for 8 years at all levels. I trained about 40 students and teached them a method of study and the modus operandi for the design and management of a 3D model and/or BIM.

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Learn Revit architecture from a professional & experienced Architect and teacher. Worldwide online!

An experienced architect and interior designer, who works with Revit daily. Offering ONLINE LESSONS ONLY. The lessons are adaptable and can accommodate those with no prior knowledge, or those who wish to further their expertise using the program. Lessons start from basic drawing and modeling, up to graphics and visualizations.

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Revit tutoring by an Engineer professional with a Master's Degree and 10 years past tutoring experience, to all level of students in London and Surrey area

My name is Anri. I've got a Master's degree in Building Engineering and I've been tutoring for almost a decade now. I know that it is difficult for a student to comprehend some subjects and that's why I never give for granted anything. I'm very patient, which I think is a key point in tutoring, so that the student won't feel any pressure if he doesn't understand something.

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Architect with 8 years experience with AUTOCAD 2D and 3D classes, REVIT, SKETCHUP, VRAY AND LUMION.

Piauiense has lived in Belo Horizonte since 2010. He graduated from the Federal University of Piauí - UFPI where he took an extracurricular course in Interior Design, currently specializing in Urban Management by UNINTER.

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Architectural Designer; helping you craft Revit to suit your needs. Lessons in Melbourne or online. I've used Revit for 7 years and have 4.5 years of industry experience. My experience includes tranfe

Revit is a powerful programme for both 3D concepts and detailed documentation. If you have a project in mind, I can help you utilise this programme to suit YOUR specific need. The lessons will therefore depend on how you need to use this programme. Lessons can be divided in two categories; Template/ model creation or Project based tutoring.

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Learn Revit anywhere from a self-taught specialist with hands-on experience of setting up company template standards and teaching a CAD team that migrated from MicroStation to Revit.

If you do not have your own Windows computer, you can use mine – remotely – through your laptop or tablet. After our initial conversation that will establish your level and requirements, we will start our first free lesson.

South Yarra
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Revit Tutoring for Students & Industry Fellowmates - Architecture & Interior Design professional - 2+ years experience - Australia

I have been giving private lessons for 1.5 years specially in Revit for Architectural Students, ranging from Drafting techniques, Basic Revit interface tools, project & family parameters, Documentation standards and techniques and BIM design.

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I give AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit lessons to students at any level and any age

I offer practical lessons so that the students achieve their goals. Each student is different so I adapt the rhythm of the classes to each one. I love questions, so I listen to you! From level zero to advanced level I accept the challenge of teaching everything I know. Practice makes perfect so students need a computer to follow the lessons.

Sippy Downs
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A professional user of AutoCAD wants to teach AutoCAD to learners and tricks to become fast in using AutoCAD will be teach as well.

For teaching software, I categorize the topics and icons according to their use and importance in using software. Then step by step teach them and asked the students to practice the previous lesson by giving them a little drawing to draw. After teaching all the necessary icons, teach tricks to improve the speed in using AutoCAD with attention to detail.

1st lesson offered free !

Have fun learning computer basics and software from a UCL Engineering student!

I teach by allowing the student to dictate their interest, followed by which we design a pathway specific to your interest. Sessions thereafter will comprise of different topics, supplemented by an activity to practicalise what you just learnt. References to appropriate resources will also be provided.

Recreio dos Bandeirantes
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I'm a student of Architecture and Urbanism at UFRJ and I teach 3D Studio Max!

I'm a student of Architecture and Urbanism at URFJ where I had a discipline which was totally made with 3Ds Max that I got the grade of 9.5. On this class I performed works of renderings, animations and even augmented reality, having tutorials and memorials of the exercises.

1st lesson offered free !

B.arch Graduate to make you a master in all 2D & 3DCAD softwares

My Teaching method is based on step by step workflow. When we follow all the steps in the best possible sequential order, The workflow gets very production which in turn translates to Good quality work. Good quality work sets you a benchmark in the market.

1st lesson offered free !

Senior CAD Engineer with 5 years Experience on Large Projects. Knowledge: Revit, AutoCAD, MicroStation/AECOsim.

My Teaching Method is based talking less and getting the student to use the software more. I don't like to talk too much as this gets long and boring. I take a practical approach as students can only learn by practicing.

Playa del Carmen
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Architect Engineer, developed in the area of project and real estate area in Mexico City and Playa del Carmen, certified like Revit Basic instructor by ICNIAM

The method of my preference as a teaching is based on practical examples of realization, simultaneous, where the problem arises and the various solutions. If audiovisual material is necessary, a video conference can be generated and sent or else a video conference.

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Structural Engineer, currently completing the Master degree gives AUTO CAD and Revit lessons to beginners

My teaching method comprise on sample building project with final aim of the student being able to complete another project on their own.The lessons will range from AUTOCAD Drafting techniques, Basic Revit interface tools, project & family parameters, Documentation standards and techniques and Rendering.

Rose Bay
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Revit, Autocad & Sketchup classes for beginners, intermediate and professional levels (students and professionals of engineering and architecture).

Hello! I am Sarahí, an architect with one year experience as an assistant professor in the university, two given particular courses of Revit, a year as a private tutor of the program and three years of professional experience in the field of architecture in the design and construction areas. My teaching of programs goes directly directed to the area in which they are useful: the labour field.

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Industry experience architect with extensive use of Revit in construction and working drawings

Part of being a guide is understanding the person's level of ability to grasp knowledge is very important. Guiding them through practical projects is the way to explain the difficulties and techniques for better understanding. Everyday learning is important for the growth of knowledge.

1st lesson offered free !

I had 3 years plus experience as Revit modeler and i had 2 years plus experience as Revit and Navisworks manage tutor

my methodology is i like to involving in the subject while teaching , i would like start teaching from basics with full theory and i would like explain each and every tool in the software and also give daily topic notes i thought and i knew its very helpful to the students while practicing and also i will teach on live projects only

1st lesson offered free !

Hello I am A Faculty in MAAC, Its a Multimedia Institute I would like to take online classes for the students who are interested to learn this multimedia Software's and would also like to take classes

My teaching Methods First starts with understanding the student's level of understanding and their grasping power. Then I'll make them understand in regional language which is comfortable for them. I'll would like to give examples which would make them understand better and easy.

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