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I'm a university professor with sixteen years' experience teaching thousands of students how to write polished academic papers on various topics. I can help you create a strong argument, research pape

I tailor feedback to your writing strengths and challenges. You send me your paper, expressing your concerns and areas of weakness. I give feedback in these areas and general feedback. My comments are thorough, specific, and specialized to your situation.

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English Writing Tutor with 12+ years experience as a professional writing consultant and college writing instructor available for one-on-one and teaching!

Research in the field of Rhetoric and Composition overwhelming indicates that the level of confidence a writer has in their own writing is the greatest indicator of success and the most reliable factor in determining the quality and merit of the writing at hand. I tutor writers with this research as my guiding philosophy and have found that it is remarkably accurate.

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Published freelancer in Austin, TX with 7+ years experience in academic and popular writing

My teaching methodology is student-centered. I focus on inquiry-based learning where the "I dunno how" is re-generated into a strong, enthusiastic "Whaaat?! That's fascinating!" This approach encourages teachers and students to investigate why well-covered topics are relevant to our personal present.

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Writing coach/tutor in Maryland. 15+ years of experience with high school & college student writers. Special interests in ADHD, ELL, and rebellious procrastinators.

I most often work with students who struggle to respond to writing prompts from their English classes. Literary analysis and arguments (researched or not researched) are my specialties, though not the only types of academic writing I can help with. My approach is collaborative.

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College honors graduate with English BA and writing minor tutoring in reading comprehension and essay writing in Beaumont area

*Experience in tutoring college students and high school/middle school students in editing and revising a variety of written assignments *Skilled at close-reading of texts, developing a thesis, and discovering relevant research *Capable of explaining difficult material through examples *Focused on helping students achieve lasting change in quality of work *Enthusiastic and encouraging...

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Atlanta based writer with years of research experience available for tutoring in English

I am very attentive to detail! I will help you pick apart an essay so that your tone is refined and your grammar is excellent. I prepare weekly writing activities and provide you with engaging practice prompts to perfect your writing.

Iowa City
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Former college composition instructor offering English and writing lessons in the Iowa City area

I believe that the best way to improve one's writing is to write as much as possible. Therefore, I am a strong proponent of frequent free writing. I evaluate writing in terms of higher versus lower order concerns (examples of higher order concerns include structure, content, and clarity, while lower order concerns have more to do with sentence-level issues like grammar and mechanics).

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Communication Specialist available for your academic needs from Algebra to English Grammar!

My teaching method is eclectic and focused on the material required for comprehension as well as the skilled delivery needed. I am a student-centered educator owing to the classic work of Carl Rogers--the client/student determines the specific needs to be met and methodology required by faithfully representing how much they know and how much they want to know.

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Teacher and curriculum developer gives English (all areas, all levels) and science (elementary and middle school) lessons in Wylie

I am a National Board Certified Teacher. I am certified in literacy, English, science, and gifted education for all grade levels. In addition to teaching, I also have two years experience as a curriculum developer focusing on AP Literature and AP Language. My lessons are hands-on, engaging, interactive, and purposeful.

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Clear Writing Requires Clear Thinking---guidance and editing by a well-published author/scholar---for anyone within 15 miles of Darien, IL

-Four graduate degrees in literature, including the Ph.D. -Two recent books on literary subjects -Method of instruction: The student writes; I read, ask questions, and request greater depth and clarity; the student re-writes...

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Excellent Test Prep Tutor in ACT, SAT,EOC available weekends and week nights

I work with students who are preparing for standardized test, such as the ACT and SAT, or who need a tutor for Algebra 1 and 2. I believe in using more than one method to get to the answer, as long as it can be mathematically proven.

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Rhetoric, creative writing, literature, communications, Ridgewood NJ, grammar, research papers, Degree in Communications and Rhetorical Studies

I give lessons to students from primary school to college level. My techniques are to provide suggestions and areas of revision for student's papers, instead of simply editing their work. I also provide context and support for literature, but will not read the student's chapters for them.

Powells Point
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English major (degree from Campbell University) with post-grad experience- I can teach basic or advanced skills to lifelong learners or precocious children in OBX area - offering personal tutoring upo

Associate in Arts from College of the Albemarle - Bachelor of Arts from Campbell University - Some post-graduate experience at UNCW I was a tutor at both COA and CU while I was a student. I was also awarded the "President's List" distinction while at COA and was published in the CU school newspaper and the CU poetry magazine whenever I submitted articles or poems, respectively.

Royse City
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UTD graduate offering English literature and rhetoric lessons in Royse City with college-level writing experience.

My teaching method is to allow students to develop their ideas through academic exercise and dialogue. I want to assist middle and high school students in fully engaging with the material being taught in their English classes and help them develop as writers.

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I Am a English Literature Graduate From Richmond, Virginia Who Will Help You Speak and Write Fluently

I plan to learn as much about teaching as you do about learning the English language. For those with a solid foundation of the language, I will focus on subtle grammar tips and specific issues with pronunciation or word choice. For those new to the language, I would have to start with basics. What is a noun? What is a verb? How to greet yourself and common phrases to say.

Mission viejo
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UCSD Grad, AP English Teacher, and SAT/ACT Tutor with LD Experience for In-Home Lessons

An advocate of mastery-based learning, I am emphatic about teaching to the student — i.e. pacing lessons appropriately, implementing visual and kinesthetic curriculum, and galvanizing the unique talents each student possesses. There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of a student’s confidence grow.

Los Angeles
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Professional English Teacher with 6 years of experience gives tutoring and lessons

As an educator, I believe that students function best within educational settings when they feel respected, able to express their own individuality, and supported. With these priorities in mind, many of my lessons employ a specific chronological flow. Firstly, I dedicate a prominent amount of instruction time to introducing concepts and/or skill sets.

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Writer with MFA in poetry offering rhetoric, essay, and creative writing tutoring in New York!

I meet each student where they are by highlighting their strengths, breaking down the basics of rhetorical expression, providing thorough proofreading and research guidance, and making the writing process a unique, individualized, and utterly enjoyable experience.

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Blogger, educator, and former broadcaster serves an online language-focused feast for one.

Greetings! Thank you for considering my services. If you are a high school student, we may make a good match. My primary focus revolves around anything having to do with non-fiction and fiction analysis, grammar, and writing. I am a patient and positive tutor who will motivate and guide you.

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High performing community college student offering academic English and essay writing assistance online

Although my tutoring experience is limited to an informal setting, I'm confident in assisting students with English coursework and essay writing on a one-on-one basis. I tailor my approach based on student grade level, deadlines, and assignment guidelines. My primary goal as a tutor is GPA optimization and building writing skills and sustainable habits to achieve and maintain academic success.

Long Beach
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Writer and rhetorician with a Masters degree and over 1 year of teaching experience

I approach learning English in the same way a carpenter approaches building a house. I start with a strong foundation in English (sentence structure, concepts of grammar, subject-verb identification), and then I help my students build their knowledge of English, to the point where students feel comfortable and confident speaking, reading, writing, and listening in English.

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Experienced, fun English tutor with 6 years of experience in the Redding, CA area

Each tutoring session is tailored to meet the student's needs. While one session may be full of essay brainstorming and editing, another may be focused on understanding and analyzing a piece of literature.

Fort Wayne
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Professor D has taught English for 15 years - and she wants to help you!

I base my classes on where students are when we begin. If they need remedial help, I offer basic grammar and structure lessons. For those more advanced, techniques for writing research papers, essays, and other genres and levels of writing.

Apollo Beach
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Political Science senior and expert essay writer with knowlege in all proffesional styles (MLA,APA,Chicago)

I can help with essay writing by using the same strategies I employ in my own papers. I will help the student formulate a research question and thesis. Second, I will help the student gather credible sources and share my knowledge on obtaining valuble information from those sources. Finally is essay structure and writing.

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Rhetoric and Writing graduate student with high school and college English teaching experience

I would describe my methodology as hands on, differentiated, and modern. Every student needs a unique approach to learning, and I think that bringing in prior knowledge of popular culture genres can be a way to engage today's students! Technology has changed the way we read and write, and technology provides many innovative ways to help 21st century students learn.

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Major looking to help students with written and oral communication.

I look to tutor students in English and Public Speaking both in person and via Skype. All of my students will receive the help they need and deserve in order to become a better English student and Public Speaker. Those seeking help with just English, will tell me their strengths and weaknesses, and I will prioritize the weaknesses in all of my lessons.

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Writer and instructor with middle school, high school, and university teaching experience offering writing expertise in Orem, Utah

My instruction is student-focused. I base my lessons off of the needs and goals of my students, making sure that objectives are understood and met. I use a lot of discussion in my instruction to help students come to grasp the content in their own way and on their level, then expanding that knowledge to broader applications.

White Plains
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Recent Stony Brook University graduate who minored in Writing & Rhetoric and Creative Writing helps with creative thinking and writing in Westchester, NY or remotely

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from Stony Brook University, where I also minored in both Creative Writing and Writing & Rhetoric. I am a master of words, combining my passion for creative writing with my strong academic writing skills.

Hopewell Junction
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Academic and Creative Writing tutor with 4 years of experience living in Hopewell Junction, NY

Although I am proficient with English grammar and am happy to help edit essays for grammatical mistakes, my emphasis in tutoring is to analyze the structure of a paper.

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Certified English teacher with a passion for literature and helping people achieve their goals

My teaching method is to meet each student where they are on an individual basis. I like to lead lessons through inquiry-based learning. I encourage my students to think deeply about a subject and translate that into their writing. I can help students learn to read, write, and think more effectively.

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