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Rhinoceros Tutoring - Engineer professional with a Master's Degree - 10 years experience - London

My name is Michele. I've got a Master's degree in Building Engineering and I've been tutoring for almost a decade now. I'm a BIM Specialist - Facade Engineer in London (zone 1). I am a designer and engineer, but at the same time an architect and a creative one. I use Revit for the management of models (at all levels) at an international architecture firm.

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Architect and Authorized Rhino Trainer in Barcelona. I also teach courses of other software necessary for architectural representation for both companies and individuals.

For the particular courses, the first thing is to know the current level of the student and see the goal that is wanted. Depending on the objective of the course, I prepare a custom program.

Greater London
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Architecture and interior design tutor London Autocad Revit 3ds max Photoshop

I teach the following: I have been tutoring students from KLC and Inchbald diploma and Certificate level from the last 5 years and Also from many major universities including UCL and AA. I offer free meeting for 20 minutes and free 30 minutes sessions. 1. One to one 2D and 3D Animations tutor 2. Vectorworks tutor 3. Motion Graphics tutor 4. 3DS Max tutor 5. Maya tutor 6.

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Architect specialized in Info-architecture imparts classes of Revit, Rhino, Autocad and other design programs

My way of teaching is oriented to obtain results from the first day, fixing concepts in a practical way and encouraging each student to find his personal style when creating his own images and works. It is about learning and facilitating personal development.


Interactive Architectural Computer Software Training (Autodesk, Revit, Autocad, Sketchup, Bentley Microstation, Rhino)

Born in 1984, Lancashire, Great Britain, Andrew first studied architecture at Lincoln School of Architecture during which he was nominated for the RIBA Bronze Medal and won the architectural design category of the Northern Design Competition 2008. Andrew continued his studies at the Bartlett UCL, University of Westminster & the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

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Private Academy Student gives 3D Art and Animation lessons for all skill levels

I am a very flexible Teacher and tend to tailor my lessons towards the students needs, depending on where they are at according to their skill and goals. I work with the students goals in mind, maybe they are just looking for a hobby? or they are looking for proffessional work, I take this in mind and structure my classes accordingly.

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3D modeler (certified professional) offers 3d modeling and animation courses in Rome

The lessons are open to students of all levels from modeling and rendering bases to complex animations and particle systems. It starts with an interview (free of charge) to evaluate the student's skills and the best way to work together to achieve excellent results together.

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Practical explanation of the tools of Rhinoceros and Revit, for the creation of design objects and architectural model

I am an Engineer (BIM Specialist), graduated at the Milan Polytechnic in Building Engineer. I live in Milan. I am a designer and engineer, but at the same time an architect and a creative one. I use Rhinoceros daily for the creation of design objects and Revit for the management of models (at all levels) at an international architecture firm.

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Rhinoceros5 and Grasshopper - NURBS modeling from the fundamentals to complex structures

Rhino is a great, versatile, versatile program for a lot of different applications and to know it opens up many creative and work opportunities. I personally learned from self-taught but I took years to perfect myself and if you are looking for an online course maybe you do not have all this time (or all this desire).

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Learn Photoshop,Illustrator,InDesign and Rhino in simple yet effective way from a Product Designer.

I have learnt most of these softwares online on YouTube mostly. But, I have not got a good mentor on the YouTube. I think I can be a good mentor to someone who needs to learn these skills the most. I am also a qualified Product Designer.

Greater London
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Hello! My name is Dimitra and I am an architect with 7 years of experience in CAD suite programs.

My teaching method is learning through practice. I usually do a lot of examples in order to feel the gab between theory and practice. Also I try to work in particular projects in order to help my students improving their portfolio.

Quartu Sant'Elena
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Graduated in Interior Design, expert in Cad design and 3D modeling. Courses on using AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, VRay

The years of University and the preparation in a given field indirectly provide skills and knowledge about the preparatory tools for the profession. It is also a problem of the "Italian school" the lack of purely practical teachings in favor of a purely theoretical orientation.

Kubiko studio
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PFC - PFG - TFG - TFM - Tutorship and help - All Spanish universities

KubikoStudio is a studio formed by young architects, located in centre of Madrid with a long experience in the realization of PFCs, PFGs and TFGs of Architecture in various schools throughout Spain. We help future architects, who due to various reasons can not finish this final hard phase. We are not an improvised group and we have proven it with good results over the past 9 years.

Oscar g.
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Architect specialized in computer graphics, 3D modeling and BIM, Certified by AUTODESK.

Instructor certified by AUTODESK, with 10 years of experience. I train professionals like architects, industrial designers, engineers, among others, teaching advanced digital representation techniques, 3D modeling, and BIM methodologies. I teach 100% practical courses focused on its application in the industry.

Greater London
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3D Studio Max, Vray and Photoshop for photorealistic renderings in central London

Professional concept designer and 3D Visualiser based in London. I work for many international award-winning studios and design firms. I am specialized in 3D photorealistic rendering using 3D Studio Max, Vray and Corona. I am also a ACE Adobe Certified Expert (only 60 in the UK) for Adobe Photoshop. I can share all my tips and experience with my students.


Architecture and design student, knowledge of the program in both English and Spanish

My classes are great for everyone, both beginner levels and advanced, I have the title by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and I specialized in sketchup with its subsequent rendering (Artlantis) and finishing (the work) with Photoshop to make it more realistic.

1st lesson offered free !

An Architect that helps you master AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp to improve your projects

Hi, I'm Isaac; architect and university professor. If you are studying or want to study a career in engineering, design or architecture; or you simply need to learn how to make drawings on a computer, I help you manage the software in an efficient and organized way, guaranteeing that the topics will be clear through practical exercises and the development of your school projects.

1st lesson offered free !

Interior Design & Interior Furniture 3D modelling lessons , Photoshop and InDesign

I studied Interior Design in Florence, Italy and now I am a master student in Cardiff, Wales. I offer private lessons in the Interior Design field to both students and adults. I am proficient in using 3d modelling and rending softwares ( V-ray, IRender nXt, KeyShot).

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Central Saint Martins Graduate Product Design CAD Rhino Tutor North West London

I have graduated from a product design course at central saint martins, one of the world's leading art universities. I have 5+ years of experience of using Rhino and can teach my skills to anyone that needs help. My english is fluent and I am a very friendly and outgoing person.

Greater London
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Do you want to create photo-realistic rendering? Learn how to do 3d models? I can help you!

Hi! I can teach you how to do photorealistic renderings! At first we can talk on Skype to discuss your goals and what you need to learn. This will be free of charge of course! Once we have all decided I can teach you how to model, create realistic materials and set up renders. You don't need to pay hundreds for a course.

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Rhinoceros, commonly called Rhino, is a commercial application software for 3D modeling of sculptured surfaces (free form) made by Robert McNeel & Associates, a Seattle based company in Washington, USA. It is normally used for industrial design, architecture, naval design, jewel design, automotive design, CAD / CAM, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and communication design. In Rhino, all geometric entities are represented by NURBS (acronym of Non Uniform Rational B-Splines). Very simply, NURBSs are a mathematical representation by which you can accurately define 2D and 3D geometries such as lines, bows, and freeform surfaces. Plugins developed by McNeel include Flamingo (rendering raytrace), Penguin (non photorealistic rendering) and Bongo. There are hundreds of third-party plug-ins available for Maxwell Render, V-Ray and others. CAM and CNC milling machines are also available, such as madCAM and RhinoCAM, allowing drawing of tracks directly within the program. Like many modeling applications, Rhino also has a Visual Basic based scripting language and an SDK that allows you to read and write files directly to Rhino. Rhinoceros 3D has been successful as an architectural design program in part thanks to the Grasshopper plug-in for parametric design, nowadays increasingly used by architecture studios. Its growing popularity is based on its diversity, multidisciplinary functionality, its low learning curve, relatively low cost, and the ability to export files to more than thirty different formats, making it a real and effective conversion tool within a workflow.