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Design Technology (computer sciences and engineering/entrepreneurship) teacher with 18 years of experience.

My approach to teaching can be best describe as inquiry based and cooperative styles. Providing the resources/background information for students to problem solve and exercise their critical thinking skills are essential growth attributes for students to develop successful learning .

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Electrical Engineer with 8 years of industry experience and a graduate degree (MS in EE) offering tutoring in Electronics, Math and Science

My teaching method varies with each student. Unlike large classroom teachers, I have mostly worked one-on-one. The most importing thing is to evaluate the students current knowledge base and built upon that. I built personal trust and make them feel safe and make them feel that it's okay to wrong because that's how we learn.

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In applied physics engineer gives during electronic / mechanical / programming on the basin Annecien

Hello, physical engineer applied to Epagny and former student of preparatory classes for schools physical Specialty / Engineering Sciences, I give science lessons for 7 years. From a jovial and "how-to" natural, my motto is the students' understanding of scientific fields with examples and cultures and historical points.

Jardim das Industrias
Marco antonio
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Engineer with extensive experience in electronic circuits, embedded systems, control and automation.

I am a Biomedical Engineer, currently studying for a Master Degree in Engineering from the Federal University of the State of São Paulo. I have extensive knowledge and experience with Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, Calculus, Electrical Circuits, Control and Automation, Robotics, Programming, English, and Scientific Writing.

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Electronic engineer with specialization, dictates electronics classes in general, microcontrollers, C / C ++

Management STEAM methodologies (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), methodology of training by projects, methodology of training by competences, and methodology of logical framework for research. My methodology applies learning techniques for the reinforcement by spaced repetition and the Lerner method.

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Learn anything Mechanical Engineering with real-life problem solving from an Industry oriented Engineer with international exposure

Fundamental concepts will be discussed with multimedia augmentation followed with real-life problem solving of Industry issues. I can gladly help with University Curriculum and teach you tricks to score well. I can also introduce to learning electronics and programming which are a must-have skill for Graduates in this decade. This will improve your employability and creativity.

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Civil engineering and Electronics engineering online classes for all students, lets start

My teaching method is depends on students knowledge catching capacity. My opinion is to provide the basic concepts of any subject related topics to the students, through teaching techniques it is possible to deliver the sound knowledge to the students for their better future and career.

Trinity Gardens
Sisuru sandamal bandara
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University of Adelaide Student giving lessons in Robotics to high school students

When it comes to robotics I believe a practical approach is the best as the concepts are applied when the students get involved in a project. I am happy to teach the fundamental concepts of robotics which is essential if students are going to undertake projects in this area.

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I will provide help related to your engineering projects . I can teach anything related to engineering (mechanical , electrical , computer )

I will teach according to best of my knowledge.surely as i have experience i will able to teach engineering in a best way.my lessons will be mixture of theoretical and practical examples.

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Assistant professor in sr group of institutions wants to teach students in mechanical subjects and maths, physics, chemistry for the students of class 6-12

My teaching method is to make every student to develop the basic fundamentals about the subject. The main structure of my class is to develop the concepts and when those concepts are being developed by the students i shall rather go for advanced learning. Proper learning with assignments makes a effortive approach for studying.

Rama rao
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IT Professional gives training in RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Technology for the AA tool (Automation Anywhere).

My teaching methodology includes: 1. Theoretical explanation of topics planned 2. Question and Answers at the end of explaining the theory. 3. Hands-on experience using the commands learnt 4. Question and Answers at the end of practicing commands. 5. Providing problem exercises to practice and learn 6. Checking the exercises for correctness.

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Best Engineering tuition in simple way! Get 100% Success in all tough subjects.

Mostly i am teaching through Skype for abroad & Indian students as per their convenient time at low tuition fees . Best tuition with all study materials and practical approach. As a teacher i love to encourage students to make electronics as a part of their life.

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Mechanical Engineering Faculty supporting students urging to score high percentile in GATE

"The biggest problem in solving a problem is understanding the problem" - I ensure the students understand the problem presented to them, disintegrate into simpler problems and once again integrate the solutions to arrive at the solution for the larger problem.

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Graduate from NIIT IN ECE, gives tuition in Electronics and related studies

Most of the teaching will be based on practical understanding which relates to the theoretical concepts and gives a wide base for understanding the concepts and the subject and its applications in one shot.It will cover both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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It's easier to keep up than catch up. Let's keep up your grades together. Let's learn together and grow together.

my teaching method mainly includes learning the concepts from basic to advance methods. I prefer to give notes and explaining the concepts by relating them to real-world phenomena which will help a student to learn better . my classes are mainly for the student who wants to peruse engineering and also for the student who is pursuing it.

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Robotics, Image processing and Multimedia computing coaching for engineering students of electronics and computer engineering

Practice oriented and problem solving approach is used. One to one interactions via in person or skype are used.

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Open to teach students physics , maths and mechanical engg from 10th class to engineering college students

My methodology is simple first throughly overview of topic then making every topic clear to students with the help of day to day life examples and builiding their concepts and then after clearing doubts proceed with numerical problems.

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Engineering Graduate Student gives Lessons for Electrical Engineering Undergrad Students in London, Ontario

I like to teach in an orderly manner with well planned lessons' content as well as its progression. A typical class with me would involve lecture slides(if the job is not at short notice and I get time for that), a lot of writing on the board/notebook and thorough explanation.

Raju a
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Industrial Professional and can give you class on Engineering students on Practical Oriented

My teaching methodology is not topic by topic. I will teach on point by point and simulates with perfect examples till the point toe to head covered. Teaching is not just teaching, it makes your brain to imagine, Simulate and execute to create it.

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Electronics students your search ends here as I provide personal tuition for your academic electronics subjects either online or in Sangli, Maharashtra, INDIA. Grab the opportunity, Limited seats, Hur

My teaching method is fun for you, it will help you to built your skill, knowledge not only for academics but even after finishing your studies to enter into industries. I start with basics, small tutorials, easy to understand, have a pattern to make you understand.

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I can teach mathematics, electronics, communication, matlab, HFSS,machine learning, Neural networks, antennas..

I teach practically so that you can learn forever and score well. My teaching method is easy and It works perfectly for actual learning process and exam point of view.

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Double Masters student at Griffith ready to tutor streams in Engineering, Science or Maths

I base my entire class on writing and learning. Rigorous notes will be part of tutoring, which can thereafter help in quiz and assignments. I make sure, conceptual understanding is vital alongside, practical understanding. Text-book and outside resources shall be used effectively.

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Private tutoring in math and electrical engineering in Hannover by graduate M.Sc. Electrical engineering

As a graduate of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology degree program, I offer tutoring in mathematics and electrical engineering. As a tutor in electrical engineering, I already have experience with students. I explain the theory and do exercises with the students or students every now and then to internalize the theory. I can also prepare pupils and students for exams.

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A Master's Student giving guidance and tuition in Pune in subjects like Maths ( Elementary), Electronics from High school to Engineering

My methodology would include targetting on the basic concepts first, then moving onto the moderate and then advanced concepts. Classes will be well planned according to the group or individual. Highly suitable for grades from 8th to 12th( Science), BE/B.Tech, other degrees consisting Maths or any Electronics subject.

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Helps you to build strong fundamentals in all the subject in Electronics Engineering (Cochin, Kerala). Completed Diploma ,B.tech,M.tech in ECE ( Signal processing). Short cuts,Exam oriented teaching m

By analyzing the previous questions asked we will get to know what the examiner wants and what the subjects demands. Students excellence lies in demonstrating the ability of application of all the knowledge into problems and obtaining the right answer for them. Which demands sound fundamental knowledge of subjects. "Start where you are. Use what you have.

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I am an electrical Engineer with Washington accorded degree , from one of the prestigious institute of Pakistan. I taught electrical Engineering courses to students at GIKI.

At start i give the definition of topic. Then give theoretical and mathematical explanation of topic with the help of examples and diagrams. after that, i give the application of that topic and related research work.

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Discovery classes of Robotics and programming, Science, Mathematics, Arduino and support of other subjects for all ages. Classes entertaining and with numerous examples. Programs and applications

Third year student of Engineering. I teach reinforcement classes at home or in my home in the area of Vigo and Vilagarcía de Arousa to students of Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate, especially those subjects of the scientific field, as well as Technology, Physics, Mathematics, Robotics, Programming, Mechanics, Technical drawing and others.

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Assistant professor & online instructor giving tutoring on mechanical engineering subjects & design softwares for B.Tech & M.Tech people.

I generally teach to the students keeping their interests in mind. I like to follow the pause procedure which helps the student to discuss the topic through his own voice. I generally take feedback on every topic from students and review that to improve my classes. I like to teach mechanical graduate students.

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Step to the real and practical world of embedded system - power electronics

The main focus of MES is to provide practical knowledge to students as well as professionals so that they can get the better opportunity and become an important part for industries. Well-equipped hardware labs with 8051 – PIC- AVR – ST – DSP development boards.

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Engineer Graduate giving tuition in all basic electronics subjects like Network theory, Control System, Engineering Maths, EMFT, EDC etc.

Engineering is very easy till you understand the basic of every subject. So my first approach is to understand the basic fundamentals related to the subject followed by exercise questions and further approach in various types of questions.

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