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Guitarist with over 15 years experience playing, recording and teaching. I love to share my knowledge!

I love the guitar and music in general. I try to help my students do the same by introducing them to the basics of the instrument while at the same time showing them fun ways to use those basics as fast as possible. I try not to focus to much on mundane technique instruction and instead try to teach what is required by making it practical and useful to the student at the level they are at.

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Private guitar lessons, veteran teacher, over 30 years experience. Northeast Dallas, TX

I'm Mike Ellis. I teach all levels. Note reading is not required. BEGINNERS: After getting to know the student some, I get into the parts of the guitar and how strings make different notes in different frets. He shows them the way to hold the guitar and how to press strings against the fretboard.

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Guitarist (confirmed) teaching the guitar in LAS VEGAS: affordable and professional !

I go to the student's place most of the time, try to match with the students desires and hobbies. My approach is simple methodology, always bringing fun, and never pushing too hard in the theory, unless hardly required by the student or parents.

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Southern California woking singer / guitarist with 25 years experience in performance and tutoring the music craft.

Music needs to be fun at its very core. It is important to get started correctly, but ultimately it's all about the songs and entertaining people. I share my background as a gigging musician to students to the performance level.

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Music major with past teaching experience offering guitar lessons to all levels

My teaching method begins with basic chords and rhythm, moving into scales and sight reading later on. We will then work through different genres and styles of music in order to further the student's understanding of the differences between these styles.

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Experienced guitar player offering tutoring in Electric and bass guitar in Detroit

My lessons will be very straight forward, starting with guitar exercises allowing students to become more comfortable with the instrument; leading up to more in-depth lessons in scale and chord structure and functional harmony. The lessons will be personalized for each student depending on what aspects of music they would like to focus on.

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Church musician with 5 years experience playing Bass and Guitar Offering Lessons In Gonzales/Baton Rouge Louisiana.

I will teach you the basic chords and scales needed to enjoy playing rock and blues style guitar. On top of this I will teach you the theory behind the music to help you gain a greater understanding and be more ready to learn and improve on your own.

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Bass guitarist with over 30 years experience gives lessons at home in Massachusetts

I like to tailor the lessons to the needs of each student. From beginner to intermediate to advanced, we can discuss exactly what you'd like to learn and then design a lesson plan to focus on meeting those goals for you.

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Jazz guitarist of 12 years coming from folk, blues, and rock, love to teach any genre or style

I enjoy focusing on things that challenge my students, so that they can grow beyond what they thought was possible. I am willing to teach any level and any age. Playing the guitar is a joy beyond any other, I intend to spread that joy.

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Music education student in college with previous teaching experience for six months

I mainly teach beginner players. I use guitar books, and my experience in music. I go with whatever pace you need and I will try to help in any way I can. I am easy to be around and learn from.

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Rock/Metal guitarist with over ten years of experience, teaching in the UCF area.

My teaching method is first and foremost based on what the student wants to learn. Anything from basic techniques to music theory and sweep picking. Nothing is off limits. My main demographic focus will be to help beginning and intermediate guitar players hone their instrument. I want students to enjoy themselves in a fun and stress free learning environment.

Las Vegas
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Local singer/songwriter willing to share 16 years of acoustic guitar playing experience

The way I can teach is the same way I learned, by collaboration. The mechanics and the functionality of playing an instrument is easy enough for anyone to find without a teacher. With Youtube alone you're set in that regard. What I can offer to anyone willing to spend time with me working on their craft is insight.

Saint Paul
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Professional Musician with over 10 years of teaching experience in Saint Paul, MN

Relaxed lessons geared toward the students goals. Various styles and techniques; Fun and efficient practice exercises; Improvisation; Patience and attention to progress; Wide Chord Vocabulary; Music Theory in a way that is easy to understand; Tone development and playing by ear. Every student is an individual and responds better to different teaching styles as well as learn at their own pace.

Castro Valley
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Concert Guitarist gives lessons to all levels and all styles of guitar

I approach each student differently and taylor classes to individual needs. I am confident that any student can learn through my years of experience. It takes a special skill to reach out for guidance on a new skill. I respect every students journey.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional musician with over 15 years experience teaching guitar lessons from home studio in Austin, TX

I teach every student according to their own musical interests and goals. With beginners I start with the basics of guitar and music theory and quickly move into practical coaching and instruction that gets real time results. I work with advanced students to help them maximize their musical abilities in whatever musical outlet they are working and creating in.

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Professional passionate guitar player with 10 years of experience as a teacher. Alumni from Berklee College of Music.

I have a collection of song works and techniques in plenty music genres that will help the students to develop a repertoire in the area that they are interested in. These collection of work is divided in three different levels as: Beginner, Intermediate and advance.

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Expert Guitar Instructor with 15+ years experience In Austin, TX offering online lessons!

Best practice for teaching any student is to meet them where they are and break lessons into the smallest possible unit of learning so that the student feels confident and comfortable. The student needs many opportunities to play something correctly and may need something explained several different ways in order to understand it.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Guitarist with over 11 years of teaching experience, Charleston, SC, can give lessons at your home, recent College of Charleston Grad

I like to teach kids and adults songs they want to learn and create enthusiasm as well as creativity within their learning experience.

North Miami
1st lesson offered free !

Young blues/rock guitarist with over 15 years band and home recording experience in North Miami FL

I like to focus on what my client wants to achieve as a musician, then build a lesson plan from there. It has to be fresh and interesting for the client, or else many just get bored and never continue. Daily at-home practice with a metronome is essential.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional guitar player with a very great passion to teach rock music

always teaching music with passion and make the people fall in love with the instrument,trying to understand the favorite music style of the student and let him play what music he likes,that's the best way to teach how to play the guitar

1st lesson offered free !

Former performing musician with over 12 years of experience offering personalized guitar lessons online. You don't even need to leave your house!

My focus is on finding what methods work best for each individual student and moving at their speed, as well as crafting each lesson around their end goal.

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Guitar and Vocalist coach with 12 years of experience, multiple records released worldwide, and based out of Tennessee

I gear my teaching methods towards my students rate of progress and tend to plan exercises based upon the genre of music the student likes to or would like to play. I am a very laid back tutor because I understand that music isn't and can't be forced so it is essential to have fun learning.

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Guitarist, both electric and acoustic. I've been playing guitar for about 12 years. Looking to teach people the basics and a different way of learning than other teachers/tutors.

My teaching is very unique. Beginning with a focus on eye-hand coordination. From there, moving on to finger placing and beginner assets.

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Guitar Teacher/Performer --> All Styles, to all ages. More than 20 year of experience.

I base my method first on the intellectual and auditory perception of the elements of music, and then i showing the many ways of making music with the guitar, interacting with all these elements.

(2 reviews)
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Intermediate Guitar player here to help teach people how to read music and play on their own

I like to teach students using visual and physical methods. I encourage muscular exercises to increase flexibility and practice exercises that improve one's ability to read music. I have many beginner and intermediate level pieces for my students to practice based on what type of music they are interested in. I like to encourage students to expand their abilities and practice daily.

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Classically trained guitarist of 11 years, specializing in classical, rock, jazz, flamenco, experimental, as well as technique and composition.

Every guitarist has different qualities that make their playing unique but also specific in terms of their technical necessities. My method as a teacher and performer is to increase awareness of such qualities and provide guidance to help them reach their full potential.

(5 reviews)

Guitar Lessons to suit YOU! Your aims, your time, your taste, your pace.

Your tutor is a determining factor in your success, it sounds obvious but how much effort is put into understanding what you like, how you learn and what you need to do to get where you want is essential, which is why I design a programme specifically for you, for what you want: to play for fun, play in a band, learn to write songs, become professional one day or simply have fun strumming away in...

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Anthropology student offering electric or acoustic guitar lessons up to Grade 8 level

My teaching method is dependent on the students level of playing. If they already have the basics then we will work through Grade or song books to challenge their playing. If the student is starting from scratch then before that we'll spend time working on chord progressions and scales.

(4 reviews)
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Tutor of guitar specialising in jazz, but teaches all styles and ukulele

I approach my guitar teaching through a nationally recognised syllabus, providing excellent structure to students' learning. This will encompass chord playing, improvisation and general musicianship. I also teach a variety of repertoire appropriate to the tastes of each individual student.

(3 reviews)
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Experienced Music Graduate giving 1-1 lessons on Guitar and Music Theory. DBS checked!

I approach each student differently according to the needs and interests of my student. I try to incorporate technique and theory in a fun way for each lesson. I teach students from 11-18 years old and would consider beginner adults prior to discussion.

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