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Experienced Running/NCAA strength coach and Boston Marathon finisher available to meet with MS/HS students in Ocean/Monmouth area

Jackson, NJ - RUN FASTER, RUN FARTHER, RUN STRONGER! I welcome working with Youth/MS/HS runners. Students! Improve your running and running related strength & conditioning performance and build self-confidence. Enhance your chances of receiving more lucrative student/athlete College Scholarship offers.

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Sports Coach: I specialize in Baseball and Football and have experience in several other sports.

Hey my name is Justin. I've been around sports all my life. I first realized my passion for coaching when I would work with my younger cousins growing up helping them to improve their skills in baseball and football. I love teaching and coaching all ages and helping people improve their abilities. I use both simple and dynamic coaching styles to tailor to each individual.

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Former Division I Sprinter Offering Workouts and Meal Plans for High School and Collegiate Level

I believe that track and field training to should be tailored to the athlete given its highly individualized nature. In my experience, using images and video have helped athletes grasp certain concepts, as well as repetition of small movements in order to achieve tedious muscle memory.

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Former NCAA D1 Cross-Country Runner Offering Private Coaching And Training For All Levels.

My teaching method is interactive and hands-on/demonstration based. I like to have my students perform the examples/exercises as practice after I explain and demonstrate. I believe the best way to learn is by physically doing it so you can understand how it feels and your body can get used to the exercise. I approach each topic in a logical sequence.

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Track and Field x3 State Champion of Pole Vault and 4x4 Relay

I usually work with people one-on-one to give them customized workouts, but a group of friends could be great time. when there are more people, that means that you have more encouragement with you. My coaching is based on what you put in. If you work as hard as you can with the activities i give you, you will succeed in many ways.

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An Athlete who competed cross country and Track & Field In High School and University. 3 years of coaching experience in High School level.

I am very passionate about helping others. Because of my experience in the fitness and running, I put a lot of effort and time helping each individual achieve their goal. I believe in a holistic way of coaching, therefore, in my lesson plans... stretching, drills, core, leg workout, nutrition are all included.

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Athletic coach licensed in many sports including in CPR and EAD 1

I am a high school athletic coach. I specialized in cross country, running, swimming and andurance sports. I have coached since 2012. I can write training programs but prefers weekly communications to make sure customers are performing well and seeing weekly results.

St. George
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Current college exercise science student in St. George Utah looking to help those runners build their training and fitness

I can take runners of any level. Often times it just takes someone to talk to to really figure out what your training needs. During my lessons we will build a training plan that fits you individually. Each week we can tweak the plan to better fit you until we find out what works the best.

Los Angeles
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Cross country and Track coach! 30 years of coaching experience as a head coach at the High school and college level. Former runner at the University of Oregon and the Santa Monica Track Club.

Expert in Middle and Distance running from the 800m to the Marathon. Learned from the best coaches, Bill Dellinger at Oregon, Tommie Smith at Santa Monica College. Learning about WHY you are doing a particular workout. Coaching based on communication.

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Native Idahoan and avid runner with 8 years coaching experience! I coach all abilities!

I tailor my approach to each runner, even while coaching groups. I start off with easier lessons and increase the difficulty as the runners abilities increase. While coaching a runner for a particular race I focus on the techniques required for that race. For all my runners I focus on form and teach warm up drills and stretches.

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College-bound runner willing to teach the art of running orlando Florida 5 years experience 5k pr of 17:43

I teach that a progressive training to reach your goal whether that be mile 5k 10k or even the half marathon or full marathon I will make a plan to make you the best runner and give my advice and even make a race plan for you and talk race strategies

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Life time runner wanting to train others to become the best runners they can become.

Edgewood College Graduate. I attended Edgewood College and received a degree through The School of Education with an emphasis in working with the disabled population. I am very passionate about working with people, young and old. The disabled population will and always has had a special place in my heart.

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College student in exercise science helping train people for long runs or to help people get better at running in the Bloomington, in area

I am a 23 year old college student helping people get ready for long runs for races or for just personal gain. I will help all type of level runners and help them achieve their goal. I am hard working in helping people get to thier goal. I will structure sessions differently for every person depending on were they are at level wise.

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Sports coach and /or music instructor to help people succeed in life

high school diploma, Hudson's bay high school, class of 1977, graduated with honors with graduating class bachelors degree in music/ education, northwest Nazarene university, graduated 1982 accounting diploma, western business college, graduated 1991 looking to help people be all that they can be

San Antonio
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If you are looking to take it to the next level: speed, endurance. I will help you increase your lift, flexibility and overall mental state.

I am a runner, triathlete, and a fitness trainer. I have been learning techniques and methods the old fashion way, practice. Let's look at why you are training; marathon, weight loss, increase speed? Then let's discuss what your strengths and weaknesses are? We will put this together to develop a plan that will be fun, creative and keep you motivated.

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Sprints Coach with 8 years experience and 4 years collegiate experience for running 400m and under.

I am a former collegiate runner who earned a full athletic scholarship for a Division 1 university. I have excelled at the belief of practice makes perfect. I am very easy to work with and will have a workout geared towards bettering your running positions and skills and most of all speed. I am offering my experience and knowledge for any track athlete running the 400m , 200m , and/or 100m dashes.

Maui County
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I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and would love to guide you on your journey to wellness and happiness and have fun doing it!

Aloha, my name is Ryan Lapinski and I have studied for the past two years with The Institute of Integrated Nutrition to certify myself as a holistic health coach. I currently reside in Maui, Hawaii, and assist in teaching and coaching people to achieve their best most authentic selves.

San Diego
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College student personal trainer writes customized workout plans specific to your fitness goals(NASM CPT, PES)

I am currently enrolled in a local college, and am working on obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Finance. Fitness has always been a passion of mine, and I have taken courses through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and received my Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) certifications.

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Professor of Exercise Science and Sports Studies, and Fitness and Physical Education

Department of Physical Education, School of Education Teaching Assistant 2004 - Course: PE 066: Beginning Weight Training, PE 362: Fitness Testing Measurement & Prescription • Taught individual students using Blackboard Learning Platforms, small groups to write Individualized Educational Plans using screening instruments.

Las Cruces
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Mid-Distance Training (800m-3200m) for upcoming Track Season! Current D1 Athlete at NMSU

Very methodical and slow when it comes to running. I believe that being consistent in running is the number one key. I believe in a consistent and frequent base to become successful in just about anything.

Newport Beach
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Very experienced Triathlon and swim/run coach who LOVES what he does! I cover the Orange county area. My specialty is Junior development and mental strengthening. I work in other facets of sports also

I am a Nationally accredited coach through: USA Triathlon, Triathlon Australia, Australian swim teachers and Coach association. I provide a sound protocol to achieve goal setting. I work with all types from the beginner all the way to the seasoned endurance athlete.

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Former NCAA football coach/recruiter located in the heart of Houston, Texas. I3 years of experience in the college/high school ranks as an offensive coordinator/wide receivers and tights ends coach.

My 13 years of coaching expertise helps young student-athletes achieve their dreams of continuing their academic/sports career at the next level. I provide one-on-one guided teaching, video presentations (Hudl), on-field instruction (football drills) and face-to-face education (college football recruiting process).

North Tonawanda
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Activities which can be done in your spare time for a healthier life

I am retired after working 44 years in the engineering/construction fields...I am in the Cambridge Book of Who's Who for engineering...I plan on teaching the basics which would be used in the engineering field..Working for a consulting engineering firm does not require high-level math and science...Just enough to complete the task at hand...

Saratoga Springs
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To engage the body, mind, and spirit to work as one at all times.

Certified Fitness Instructor equipped with the motivational skills and technical training necessary to engage clients and achieve results. Skilled in helping clients realize that they hold the key to their own success. Promotes activities and coping methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy minds and bodies.

Blue Bell
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Marathon Finisher and ATP Junior Tennis Coach. More than 10 years of experience

I have recently relocated to this area from Barcelona, where I was the Global Sales and Marketing Director for Mecalux Warehouse solutions. I am trying to understand the local job market to determine where and how my skill set will fit in in addition we want to make coach lessons of Tennis / Soccer / Fitness and other sport contents.

Kings Mountain
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ACSM certified personal trainer & Graduate Student! Providing online personal training services.

I am a American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. I have my Bachelors degree in Health Promotion/Nutrition and Masters in Exercise Science/Health Promotion with a focus on Wellness and Fitness. I am knowledgeable in my areas of study to help you achieve great results.

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Masters of sport psychology student gives sport lessons to different age groups

I am a former collegiate athlete, and I am currently getting my masters in sport psychology. Therefore, the techniques I use have psychological components, to help with the mental aspect of sports, without neglecting the physical aspect of the sport.

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Certified Track and Field/Cross Country Coach Can Help You Chase Down Your Goals!

An experienced high school track and cross country coach, I can work with you to help advance your ability through foundational drills that build proper mechanics and coordination to improve your running. Whether you are just beginning to run or have are experienced, together we can improve your ability.

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Fitness with volleybal and functional gym classes mixed with creativity and fun lessons!

University of Fortaleza September 2015 Medicine Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine - Orlando, FL May 2014 Institute Fitness Brazil - Salvador, BA October 2012 Master in Education and Sports Management Sek of Chile and American University of Paraguay 2007 to 2009 Postgraduate in Athletic Training University Veiga de Almeida of Rio de Janeiro 2001 to...

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Get tips and assistance with swimming for different levels via online or in person

Have been competing with swimming since I was 6 years old. Swam Division I and have been coaching since I was a teenager. Currently coach on a club swim team. I have worked with all ages from infants to adults, from learning to swim to preparing for races. See resume for more information.

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Running is a natural, physical activity everyone is capable of doing. However, there are some who have more of a desirable form and better performance outputs than what others are able to do. With the help of proper running techniques, someone can avoid injuries, last longer while they run and just be able to see a drastic improvement in their overall physical fitness. However, knowing how to go about improving running can be a problem as a person often does not know what it is they are doing that should be changed. With the help of running teachers, the individual and personalized running lessons can help someone drastically increase their running potential. For students looking at help regarding other sports, they can seek out volleyball or tennis lessons. A golf tutor or handball teachers can also deliver insights and beneficial information for the particular sports. If there is a sport someone wants to learn about, chances are they can find the right classes for them.