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University of Cambridge PhD will Tutor you for guaranteed success on the SAT/ACT

I teach SAT and ACT prep in classes and 1-to-1. I hsve uniques strategies that employ such that the students can see the recurring patterns in the SAT and ACT question snd answer them with comfort and ease. I work hard to make sure my students have the confidence to tackle the SAT and ACT by working with them initially and then gradually leaving them to show me what they can do independently.

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Experienced university professor available to tutor students in English and the Humanities

Each student has unique needs and I try to focus my sessions on meeting those specific needs in a thorough yet encouraging manner. I teach a wide distribution of levels from Junior High through Graduate School. Over the years, I have taught a number of students for whom English was not their first language.

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Harvard student with 3 years experience as an english tutor for all ages.

I spend the first session getting to know my students in order to grasp what they're struggling in, what they hope to achieve academically, and what resources they need to do it. I then gather worksheets and cultivate a lesson plan that is individually crafted for them. Whether it be test prep, reading help, or writing tips, I have resources on hand from my grassroots tutoring program.

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Experienced Ivy League graduate with English and Writing teaching and tutoring experience

I have a friendly hands-on approach that assesses a student's strengths and weaknesses and, through practice and review, help the student achieve goals. I have a good rapport with students of all ages and find that they want to learn.

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SAT/ACT test prep tutor experienced in all sections of exams, higher scores guaranteed

For test prep, I start by having the student take a practice exam. This can be done on their own time or during one of our sessions. Based on the exam results I will develop a plan of action for the student based on his or her needs.

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Graduate of Brown University with 2 years of teaching experience in Subjects ranging from basic reading skills to SAT/ACT test prep and high school mathematics

I like to tailor my methodology to each individual student. No two students learn the same way and, therefore, no two students are best served by the same methodology. I like to start off with inquiry-based assessments and continue asking my students questions and making them answer hypotheticals.

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Highly engaging and enthusiastic high school English teacher with five years experience just outside of Boston, MA.

Students that come to me for tutoring have specific skills they need to improve. For that reason, I provide an individualized student-centered approach that aims to target areas of improvement and turn them into areas of strength. My goal is to provide students with strategies that will help them maintain their progress long after our lesson.

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Math, Physics, Econ, Writing, Reading, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, SAT & ACT, with a former College philosophy Professor

I help you get to the answer, not hand it to you. I ensure you feel empowered to tackle your educational responsibilities, even when alone. This is the best way to guarantee continual growth and success for you. I bring & impart CIC - Compassion, Information & Confidence.

Los Lunas
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English Grammar Tutor who has Taught in College, International Schools and other Adult Education Settings

I have a Doctorate in Education from Texas Tech, a Master of Science from Georgia State University and a Bachelors and Masters from Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia. I was a project engineer when I finished my undergraduate (with Southern Engineering Company) and progressed to teaching because I enjoyed research and computer applications.

Highland Park
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English Literature Help - Decade of Professional High School English Teaching Experience

Tutoring Services: - Private Prep and Tutoring for English, Language Arts, Speech, and Theatre - ACT & SAT Prep - College Essays Grades: 6 and above “Never judging, but striving to always be fair” is the motto in every one of THE ESSAY MASTER's classrooms, along with striving to bring both a sense of humor and passion into every lesson.

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Recent Manga Cum Laude College Graduate With Honors In English Looking To Tutor English

I am to work with students closely in order to provide them with knowledge that will be useful to them throughout their lives. My focus is on giving students needed skills, as well as improving their critical thinking skills so they can help themselves in the future.

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Experienced elementary school teacher with high school English certification offering English Language Arts lessons in southern New Jersey.

My teacher methods will be tailored to each individual students. I encourage students to make connections to the material in order to develop a deeper understanding. I try to make things as fun as possible during a lesson, while still maximizing learning time.

Virginia Beach
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William and Mary graduate with years of teaching experience gives tutoring lessons in essay writing and SAT prep.

I base my courses on the content that my students present to me. I then create a course of action based on addressing the issues they have said content. In regards to essay writing specifically I go through prior essays, mark points of interest, and use those points to ask questions, as well as offer constructive criticism on how to improve the pieces of writing presented to me.

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Clear Writing Requires Clear Thinking---guidance and editing by a well-published author/scholar---for anyone within 15 miles of Darien, IL

-Four graduate degrees in literature, including the Ph.D. -Two recent books on literary subjects -Method of instruction: The student writes; I read, ask questions, and request greater depth and clarity; the student re-writes...

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Excellent Test Prep Tutor in ACT, SAT,EOC available weekends and week nights

I work with students who are preparing for standardized test, such as the ACT and SAT, or who need a tutor for Algebra 1 and 2. I believe in using more than one method to get to the answer, as long as it can be mathematically proven.

Pico Rivera
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Experienced teacher and critical thinker who gives English/grammar/writing lessons at high school and college levels

I have two degrees (BA and MA) in Philosophy, a discipline that greatly values critical thinking and quality, persuasive writing. Rather than covering a large amount of material, I find that many learn best by covering topics deeply, and then, once a deeper understanding has been gained, moving on and making connections with other topics.

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Professional Math tutor with 15 years of experience at colleges, trade schools and training programs living in Largo, FL preparing students to successfully complete standardized tests (SAT, GED, PSAT,

In teaching SAT and other standardized tests, I work from a standardized test preparation book that the student purchases and uses for homework. We begin by working through question by question in a particular subject. I will assist the student to understand the question, review the process (formula, procedure, etc.) and to practice similar questions.

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Former college English instructor with Master's degree offering writing instruction in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Although my college degrees and experience as a teacher and tutor serve as my professional qualifications, they are not what make me a successful tutor.

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Expert SAT, ACT, AP, GRE, GMAT tutoring from graduate student with 8 years experience.

I approach teaching with the knowledge that every student has particular needs, even though the tests may be standardized. I incorporate consideration of these factors into personalizing an approach to efficiently and effectively teaching the fundamental techniques required to achieve the highest scores on these exams.

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Be a Reading Star! Reading and ESL Teacher with over 10 Years Experience will Help You Achieve Your Reading Goals!

I adapt instruction to the learning style and needs of each individual. I incorporate fun games and activities to keep learning engaging and fun. I also keep learning meaningful and help students make connections during instruction by building on their prior knowledge and skills.

South Portland
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Enthusiastic English teacher offering lessons to students of all ages near Portland, ME!

I believe the key to a successful lesson is to teach with passion and humor. My methodology changes depending upon the needs of each individual student, and I tailor my lessons to fit those needs. Just as no two students are the same, no two lessons should be the same.

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Raleigh, NC. An English tutor for essay writing, writing organization, reading, comprehension, and ACT/SAT/AP Prep. Received a score of 33/36 on both ACT English categories and a 4/5 on two AP English

In regards to overall teaching methodology, I am flexible! I hope to teach students essay (and general) writing skills from elementary to collegiate levels -- as well as the accompanying test preparation(s). In regards to lesson structure, I plan to tailor my approach to the student's current level and breadth of understanding.

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Skilled, personable English tutor in Tampa, FL; 10+ years of experience online and in-person!

I teach English for those needing to learn and also have taught ESL too. I can give one-on-one sessions using your books and designed solely to reach your goal. I teach the subject and work to the student's ability to handle the material. I prefer smaller sessions, but can and will teach larger groups too. We will use YOUR textbooks or workbooks; and if possible I will supplement them too.

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Enthusiastic educator with 11 years of experience offering PSAT, SAT, and AP test prep sessions in the LA area

I am a public high school life science educator. I have been teaching for the last 11 years and tutoring for over 15 years. I have taught well over 2,000 students in my classroom and tutored hundreds of students over the years.

Los Angeles
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UCLA Graduate and current CSUN Master's Student offering GRE and SAT prep lessons in Los Angeles

I believe it is important to first make a personal connection with the student. I want to make sure my students feel comfortable sharing their worries with me, so that they never feel embarrassed if they don't know the answer to a question. My first priority is to cater each lesson to the student's specific needs. Each student is unique and may learn best from different teaching methods.

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Published author and professional editor offers easy to grasp strategies for effective writing at all grade levels.

I employ an fast-paced, upbeat approach that guarantees an improved grasp of the subject matter and a greater confidence in approaching every writing. Many students who struggle with writing fear even getting started. My hands-on approach is designed to motivate students to write with confidence.

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I am an English Teacher who wants to help you become a better writer

I approach each lesson with one thing in mind: student success. In our first session, we will spend time getting to know one another and setting out some academic goals. Once I have a clear idea of who you are as a student and what you want to achieve, I'll be able to tailor our sessions to your individual needs.

Santa Clarita
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Experienced and professional tutor with UCLA doctorate in education offering mathematics, college test preparation, and study skills lessons in junior and high school students' homes in Santa Clarita,

I have a real passion and enthusiasm for the field of education. I have had the opportunity to provide high quality educational services, including the teaching of academic subjects and test/study skills, as well as methods to manage test anxiety, to junior high school through college students, assisting them to overcome obstacles to their learning.

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Bachelors in English EWM (Editing, Writing, and Media) from Florida State University currently living in Denver.

My name is Josh, I graduated from Florida State University in 2013 with a dual degree in political science and english (editing, writing & media). I will tutor middle and high school (6th - 12th) students in the following core English concepts covered in the SAT, ACT, and standardized tests: grammar, writing structure, editing, and error-spotting.

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Former MENSA member with 4.0 GPA in high school and college offers SAT, ACT, GED, and test preparation tutoring.

As high school valedictorian with 4.0 GPA and awards in math, English, science, French, and music, and summa cum laude college graduate with 4.0 GPA and a B.S. with highest honors in Human Resources Management, with a minor in psychology, I was a National Merit Scholar and member of MENSA. I utilize only official SAT/ACT questions from the makers of the tests, the most realistic available.

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