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Culver City
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Professional Music Teacher Offers Fun and Effective Lessons in Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Piano

I truly love sharing the gift of music with my students! As a professional musician for over 20 years, I can help beginners all the way up to advanced students studying saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, music theory, composition, arranging and improvisation. My focus is always to help my students build their skills and confidence, step-by-step.

New York
(1 review)
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Professional saxophonist ( Jazz BFA ) teaching beginner and intermediate students NYC area

I am a professional saxophonist and jazz musician in the NYC area. I graduated from the City College of New York with a BFA in Jazz Performance. My professional life involves performing my own original music, performing the music of my peers, performing for events such as weddings and corporate gatherings, arranging music for others and teaching private lessons.

(2 reviews)
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Musical instructor for wind players, with a focus on saxophone and clarinet

Overall, I love making music and I love teaching it even more. When instructing someone musically, I make sure to focus on every aspect of music, not just playing the notes and rhythms correctly. I also make it a goal that the students I teach will learn to enjoy playing music even more through fun yet productive lessons.

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Saxophone Teacher who's played for 13 years teaching in the Memphis Area.

I've been teaching woodwinds at band camps for about 5 years. Depending on the level of the student, I can teach beginners to read music, play selections from band as well as have lessons and technique books for the student to use.

Little Falls
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Music Lessons for All Ages - Saxophone, Cello, Bass, Piano, and Voice

About Ashley: Primary: Saxophone, Baritone - 11+ years Secondary: Bass Guitar - 8 years Other Instruments Studied: Double Bass, Cello, Piano, Pitched Percussion, Marching Baritone Formal Vocal Study: Intermediate Formal Music, Musical Theatre, Songwriting, Jazz, Contemporary, Choral Theory Study: Intermediate Music is a powerful tool in expanding one's understanding of academics,...

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I earned a degree in Music and provide private lessons on Flute, Saxophone, Bass, Voice, and Music Theory.

I recently left a popular, Grammy Award winning gospel vocal quartet called the Blackwood Quartet and want to share my knowledge of performing with enthusiastic students who are ready to learn. Although I teach voice, I earned a BA in Music with a concentration in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Mississippi.

San Diego
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San Diego-based professional musician with 15 years of teaching experience available for saxophone, flute, clarinet, and guitar lessons.

For all beginners, I start off with basics. I like to use the Rubank Beginner (or intermediate) book along with weekly scales. A well rounded musical foundation is vitally important, so I make sure to balance classical training with ear training assignments that get the student to listen critically to music they're passionate about.

San Diego
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Credentialed Music Educator - Offering Online Flute/Saxophone/Ukulele/Music Reading Lessons to all ages!

Connecting with my students and being attentive to their learning needs is top priority. Each student brings their unique learning style, and I strive to fit my curriculum to best fit their path. It is of utmost importance for music material to fit the level of each student, so I often write, arrange, or change music to customize the learning experience.

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Award winning jazz trumpeter and composer offers lessons in NYC (20 yrs. exp.)

After working as a public after-school teacher, as well as in the field of child-care and mentorship since 2004, through my experience, I have found that serving as a role model has become an incredibly effective teaching method.

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Professional saxophonist with 25 years experience instructing students of all ages, offers lessons on sax, flute, clarinet, piano, music theory, and arranging. Consider my company-BopShop Music Servic

Personal Statement on Music Education Warren Fordham Many things about the field of music education motivate me, because being a music teacher/band director is very important to me. There are numerous reasons why music education is close to my heart. For instance, I believe performers, composers, and songwriters should share their craft.

1st lesson offered free !

"Jazz Saxophone Instructor offering lessons in Ann Arbor, Brighton and Flint areas with 20 years experience" "Jazz Saxophone Instructor and Recording Artist offering improvisation lessons to all ages

- I am a regional and national Saxophone performer and recording artist - My jazz and world groups have performed in major Detroit Venues and Concerts - I teach based on traditional approach using improvisational techniques and scales - I work actively with the student to insure they learn to read and improvise effectively

Boca Raton
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Tenor Saxophone tutor in the Boca Raton/Fort Laderdale area teaching beginner and intermidiate levels.

My teaching method is individualized, based on each student’s paricular needs and learning style. I believe that having fun and enjoying the music from the first stages is essential to accelerate learning.

Oklahoma City
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Part of the Music, Orquestra and Jazz Choir since Middle School, won 5 years in a row 1st Place in home State Oklahoma Windwood Solo Intrument, won a Kenny G saxophone and had a chance to meet and pla

My teaching method is very practical and try to keep myself updated with all new techniques also keep it simple for students. I like to work one on one so I can see how my student would improve himself.

Toms River
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Saxophone player with 9 years experience offering private lessons in Central New Jersey

I am extremely passionate about music! I believe all students need a solid understanding of rhythm reading, scales, and basic theory to truly master their instrument. I enjoy encouraging students to read and break down difficult pieces to grow their confidence. I also would focus on proper technique, such as correct Embouchure and alternate fingerings, to develop a solid base for all students.

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Music education major accepting students now! Low price. Teaches saxophone, music theory, piano, and more.

Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers University) c.o. 2020 Music Education Major Student of Paul Cohen Hi! My name is Michael Back, and I'm training to become a full-time music educator (will graduate with k-12 certification). In the meantime, I am accepting students for private lessons at a very low (and negotiable) price.

1st lesson offered free !

Played alto saxophone since 11 years old. Played in jazz band in middle and high school. Also won an award for outstanding solo.

In general, my teaching methodology is a combination of lecture and demonstration. As a private lessons instructor I am really in support of demonstration. I feel it is important to teach manipulative operations or procedures as well as to teach troubleshooting. In music it is also necessary to illustrate important principles.

1st lesson offered free !

Saxophonist of 15+ years offering lessons in performance, theory, ear training, improvisation and jazz

My goal as an educator is to feel where a student is in on their path and to begin to offer them the next few steps on their journey. This goes for any subject.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional musician to help you develop your performance skills and musicianship. Learn from a pro.

Attended Call State Dominguez Hills and Middle Tennessee State University. Toured professionally with Albert King. Member of Los Angeles Musicians Union. Currently reside in Dallas Texas. I give lessons to all age groups and levels, from beginning to intermediate to advanced.

1st lesson offered free !

College student with 10 years of experience teaching high school and middle school flute and alto saxophone

I am a college student enrolled in music with a 3.5 GPA and have given lessons in person for over three years. As a teacher, I try to relate my lessons to whatever the student finds interesting and engaging, while still progessing, rather than a rigid, unmoving structure.

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I have played the Alto saxophone since the fourth grade. I love music and think the world would be a better place if everyone had music in their heart.

I teach by whatever means necessary. First I'll make sure the student knows his saxophone, then we will get into things like learning to read music and then notes and play songs.

1st lesson offered free !

Concert Band Director with 10 years experience, 12 years teaching Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Clarinet, and Trumpet teaches in his studio.

I first determine the student's ability to play their chosen instrument. I then select teaching materials appropriate to their age and ability. I assist each student to overcome any physical or mental obstacles that arise. When ready, my students perform in recitals.

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Saxophone Teacher going into music education looking for new, excited to learn students!

My method starts with learning about the child, and what the child knows. From there, I introduce basic music theory to help them better comprehend their instrument and what they are playing. I promote new and refreshing advice on technique, range, musicianship, and performance.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Private flute teacher in Spokane, WA, with over a decade of experience.

I started playing when I was 10 years old, and I started receiving private lessons when I turned 13. I, therefore, played through grade school, middle school, high school, and college. I have a music minor with emphasis in the flute. I also play the tenor saxophone at a proficient level.

1st lesson offered free !

Lets make music

I have been performing for over 20 years, with many groups and different styles of music. I like to make music fun and exciting for all age groups. I have knowledge of saxophones. I rebuild saxophones professionally over 26 years. You will learn how to play and care for your horn. With me you will be well rounded in the music.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Saxophonist and clarinetist with 7 years of teaching. Very flexible and will accommodate to needs of the student!

My teaching method gets the basics developed in the student first, and then focus on the student’s reasons and aspirations for wanting to learn the instrument and developing a curriculum from it.

1st lesson offered free !

Athens based saxophonist, and guitarist of over 11 years. 4th year music education major at the University of Georgia.

I like to treat each student as the individual that they are and instruct them according to works best for their learning.

Cutler Bay
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Teaching in Miami FL for more than 10 years. A lot of Experience in all ages. Mostly woodwinds but also can teach Piano, Drums, Music Theory among others.

I base my teaching methods pointing to the main interests of my students. Unless they have especific assignements given previously by their school band teachers or other instructors.

1st lesson offered free !

I've been playing Saxaphone for 8 years and have been in countless performances.

I'm very trial and error. I want the student to give it a shot and try again and again. I will provide examples and help them out with personal habits.

1st lesson offered free !

Make Music Better (Doctor of Music, former CU-Boulder Faculty member with 15 years teaching experience teaches student-centered music lessons in Columbus)

I take a student-centered approach to learning, where we create a course of study most effective for your goals. From audio recording, to classical composition, to songwriting, to AP music theory test training. I like to create a flexible program that can adapt as needs and interests change. I am positive, high-energy, and non-judgemental. I can help motivate, validate, and educate.

1st lesson offered free !

Woodwind Instructor from Dallas that Plays Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute that teaches how to play instruments to the highest levels and how to take care of their instruments via regular maintenance as

I am a Woodwind Specialist who teaches Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe and Bassoon. I can also teach vocal lessons and percussion and piano. I teach from my home studio or Webcam via Skype.

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Saxophone, the woodwind instrument invented by the Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax (hence the name of the instrument) in the 19th century, is an extremely popular instrument nowadays. Commonly used not only in classical music, but also in military and marching bands as well as jazz music which made it so famous, saxophone lessons are essential for anyone who's serious about their music. Learning to play any instrument naturally requires a lot of effort and a harmonious relationship between the students and teachers. On SuperPROF, qualified and experienced saxophonists and saxophone teachers are at your disposal whenever it suits you! These ambitious and patient teachers will provide interesting saxophone lessons and introduce you to the world of jazzy music, especially if you're a jazz fan. Furthermore, if you're keen on learning another brass instrument, such as trombone, you can search for a trombone tutor on SuperPROF. Drum and guitar teachers will be delighted to teach you how to play drums and the guitar, respectively and if you take DJing lessons as well, soon you'll be able to teach other as well! Your musical choice is in your hands, so choose saxophone today!