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Professional English Actress and Director providing one on one classes and group lessons in Brooklyn and NYC

I taylor specific workshops or lessons for individuals or groups, specialising in Shakespeare/ Improvisation/ Ensemble Theatre/ Audition Prep/ English Dialect Coaching/ Voice and Text/ Acting - depending on the goals and aims of my students. I have worked extensively as an actress and coach and love helping people to improve their skill set and build up their confidence.

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Professional actor/director offering lessons in comedic, dramatic, and improvisational acting and theatre.

I use a multitude of pedagogical styles to address student concerns. We will dabble in both scripted and improvisational acting. I am looking for eager actors and theatre fans ONLY and am not interested in working with apathetic artists.

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Actor with 10 years+ experience, New York City, Comedic and Improvisational Acting to all ages and experience levels.

I teach on a both one-on-one or group relationship. I will work with new improv groups that need guidance and more technique when approaching performance. With acting, I work as a director, and also a coach. I have experience and foundation with different acting methods, therefore, I come at a student from many different techniques.

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Ivy League MFA-trained professional actor coaching young actors and speakers in Chicago, IL

I cater to the individual. I aim to hone in on what each individual student needs rather than teaching blanket, one-size-fits-all lessons. I also don't believe in changing someone. Rather, I choose to uplift and enhance the skills and personality that already exists.

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Graduating college with degree in theatre, professional actress. Teaches self care for the actor as well

Using methods of stage movement/Suzuki methods, we use personal actor truths to bring honesty to characters. Work on letting go of the ego to bring character and story to the front. Often, lessons would begin with what YOU would like to work on, a monologue, going over the resume, scenes etc. I will watch, take notes, and go from there.

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Retired professor of acting, with experience in film, tv and stage, for personal coaching or classes.

My approach to acting is based on Stanislavski's method, with specific ideas and techniques culled from the score of teachers I have studied with. Script analysis comes first, then purpose is determined, followed by active choices to obtain the objective, with all the emotional life available to the actor.

North Castle
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Acting for 15 plus years and now newly committed to Adelphi University's Theater Conservatory

My teaching method is based on my own experiences along with the teachings of Sanford Meisner, a man of many talents. Sanford Meisner is my mentor as I have read every book and manual he has authored along with watched some of his past students.

Loch Lloyd
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I am a film, stage, and commercial actor with 8 years of experience in the field, pursuing a degree in theater.

I want to work with each student through a piece of either their choosing or my choosing. Because I have experience in the field, I will coach each student individually through methods that work best for them. If you have an audition coming up, I can coach you in the best way to ace that audition. If you're just getting your foot in the door, I can teach you the basics.

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I am super eager to teach acting. student at Oklahoma City Community College. taken multiple classes on acting. also will be playing in Rodgers and Hammersteins 'Cinderella' as the Prince

my teaching method is a more interactive approach. i will try to push you by setting up goals for you so that you have motivation. My lessons will be both fun but also helpful. Just from being around so many actors, a class gets boring if you aren't doing things and just sitting and listening.

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Online Acting Training with Raven! The New School for Drama, BFA (NYC)

During my time here in South Africa, I've used meditation and movement as entry points to performance with my young actors. Imagination and concentration exercises have been foundational in teaching discipline and craftsmanship. I then, begin talking them through their scene-work helping them find their way to the character through questions and propositions.

Battle Ground
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Theatre School Graduate offering acting and theatre lessons at home in Battle Ground area.

I have an analysis-heavy approach to performance. I think that the most effective performances come from those with a deep understanding of the story, the setting, and their character. Before rehearsal comes research. I want to challenge my students to know exactly why they are making every choice they are in their performances.

Las Vegas
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Five years of experienced acting from the home of great showbizz, LA

My teaching method is to let the class have fun and still learn at the same time, I like to let the students chose which lesson/activity that they want to do that day from the selections that I give them.

Owings Mills
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Playwright, actor, set designer in dramaturgical study excited to help other theatre lovers

All students learn differently, i like to work with their way of learning so they understand things clearly. Students are encouraged to take risks and expierament.

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Scenic designer, technical director, carpenter, and painter working with ages 15-21 and all experience levels.

My goal is to create an atmosphere where students are encouraged to be creative without fear of failure. I believe student learn better from trial and error and making mistakes.

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Exp. Chicago actor gives acting/ improv/ musical theater/ audition lessons in Denver

Exp. Chicago actor providing beginner and intermediate coaching and training in acting, improv, musical theater, and audition preparation. High energy, active, and supportive instruction in developing and honing performance skills focusing on monologue preparation, stage presence, blocking, stage vocal techniques, and character development.

Mercer Island
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Theatre Teacher & Acting Coach with 5 years teaching experience and 15 Years Acting Experience.

I can teach/coach elementary - adult students. I pull from the acting theories and techniques of Stanislavski, Miesner, Adler and Strasburg. Classes usually start with monologue work and acting techniques. I can provide monologues and scenes as needed, or work with an existing script or play.

Las Vegas
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ACT like you are NOT :)

26 years of experiance in acting and T.V hosting. Let me lead you to the way where every single detail can be carvrd. Acting us the art of life. The art of creating a planned spontaneous moment.

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Theater Classes (Adults) (Individual or Group) for beginner, with the learning and mastering of theatrical techniques (Stress management - Breathing - Public speaking etc ...)

PARISIAN STAGE DIRECTOR. With a management experience of many actors with diverses backgrounds, I usually adapt courses, advice and work with the personality and the needs of the participants. It is extremely important to me that the sessions are based on trust, in a relaxing, healthy environment, away from stress, and away from fear of habitual judgment engaged in public or on a set.

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Ex Theatre Educational Student Gives Affordable Private Theatre Lessons in Brisbane Area

In regards to theatre practice I am a hand on deck teacher. Practical learning is key when acting is involved, however, theory is equally important in theatre and often disregarded and therefore is just as important in my teaching.

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Actress, scriptwriter, director and writer. The theater was the root of my career, I dedicate myself to teaching and reinforcing the art of acting for theater, television and cinema through the dynami

My teaching method is quite dynamic. The theater must be a game of construction, imagination, challenges and interpretation. I try to generate an environment of trust and potentiality in each session. Normally I use my creative skills to create exercises that strengthen the improvisation and the ability to build characters, stories and environments.

Newton Mearns
(3 reviews)
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Professional working actress offering practical and academic tutoring for amature to professional actors.

My methodology is “if you expect a fish to climb a tree then it’ll spend its whole life failing” by this I mean that I cater to each individual student and explore new ways of learning with a class. I mix practical and academic to create a well rounded actor. The classes will be relaxed and create an environment for optimum learning.

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A professional Actor giving lessons and advice to up and coming Actors.

My teaching method is to go with what the student have brought to the lesson, and what they wish to work on. Once I have seen what they can do, I would push them to better themselves in their craft. Everyones acting style is unique and needs to be encouraged.

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Drama and Theatre Studies Student offering help with Lamda Exams in Surrey/Durham

My teaching method is first understanding the student. As actors, we must mix ourselves with the characters to make them fully genuine. So, I would love to get to know you and help you incorporate that into your character. I also believe that mental health is incredibly important for a teacher of this generation to consider.

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An artist from abroad gives fun drama, art, and writing classes for all grades in Sogn og Fjordane

Drama workshops, improvisation exercises, writing exercises. I use all these methodological tools to encourage students to see the critical side of playing and being playful. Play is far more powerful for students, especially children than many of us realize. It's actually the key to learning.

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Film, TV & Theatre Actor (LAMDA trained) offering Acting/Drama School Audition Tuition.

Hello! If you are a student looking to gain a place at Drama School then there will be an initial chat with me about the chosen pieces and songs for your audition. Then I will ask you to give the one piece you are finding the most difficult a 'go'. From that showing, I will then guide you and lead you to a richer, deeper interpretation of your chosen work.

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Director gives theater lessons for all ages and all levels in Avignon and its surroundings

Director and professional actress trained in Paris and Belorussia. The course takes place in three stages: - The "training" (exercises of relaxation, breathing and stretching) to make his body available. - Improvisation (from objects, text or music). - The text (diction, speaking, breathing, vocal presence). It is a method strongly inspired by Meyerhold's Russian theater method.

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Accent Reduction/Softening, Public Speaking, Presentation. I am an accent reduction, acting, drama, voice, presentation skills and confidence coach.

I work in an organic and bespoke way depending on the student’s requirements. With accent work I use my phonetics training, a wide variety of practical exercises to improve pronunciation, improve vocabulary and confident delivery. My acting coaching is individual centred and I can help you work on your voice, scene study, self tapes or audition prep.

Navi Mumbai
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Chintan's Acting, Grooming and personality session for over - all Grooming and Developement

Me and My team trains artist starting from the basics of Acting, Grooming and Personality management which is even helpful in our day to day life.

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An Acting Student Offering Theatre and Screen acting lessons in the Guildford.

Because I am at degree level I will happily give lessons to those studying at A-level and below. I'm open and like to discuss with my students on how to structure my lessons, as with acting its very specific to each persons needs/wants.

Ciudad de México
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Actor, singer and dancer performer teaches languages ​​and stage art in Benito Juárez and Coyoacán

I am a student of classical dance and musical theater, with teachers from AMDA and the National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance, I also know and manage the Valencia method in theater, as well as Meisner technique and corporal and vocal expression. I also study and practice languages ​​and until now I am able to teach you English.

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