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Scuba Divemaster and Marine Bio Student Offering Revision for Scuba Exams, Plus Relevant Marine Bio

My teaching method is to give notes and help in the students given subject either in notes, video call or facetime, or a setup for coffee etc if convenient

Petrie Terrace
1st lesson offered free !

I am a PADI dive Instructor and I have been teaching diving to over 200 students in Thailand and Australia. If you plan to do your first level of diving on your next holiday, I can teach you and valid

I teach first following the standard provided by PADI, to ensure a general knowledge of SCUBA Diving and increase the security and confidence of the future SCUBA Divers. Then, I make the course fun and entertaining to keep the attention of my students and to be sure they will remember the maximum.

1st lesson offered free !

Discover scubadiving before holidays , enjoy sun sea sand beach and fun

Roger diving instructor *** I can make you a baptism or pass all the levels before leaving to pay more under the sun I make the family pack, we try in hot water of 33 ° in swimming pool and the one that Wants to try with combinations no worries ask for the program, I am at the circle of autonomous divers of st amand for ages

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A psychology major, who also has immense love and passion for scuba diving

My teaching method is, complete understanding of the topic, and making it as easy and interesting for the person as I can,with the help of drawings, visuals, videos, self rating and making the person explain the topic as if he were explaining it to a child, because unless you know it like the back of your hand, you can't explain it forth.

1st lesson offered free !

PADI Learn to Scuba Dive IDC Staff Instructor (Southampton) 20 years experience

Slowly and safety comes first Learning to Dive comes later, the difference between a good safe dive and those that look for short cuts, end up making bad mistakes.

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Scuba diving is a fun activity that allows individuals to take to deeper depths in the water than what their lungs may allow. It also allows them to remain underwater in order to explore the incredible location that few are able to see on their own. However, it isn't possible to just put on the gear and dive underwater without proper training. Scuba diving teachers can provide scuba diving lessons to those who are looking to explore the water around them and throughout the world. With the help of these scuba diving teachers, individuals can learn how to use the equipment, how to find the right equipment and how to improve their capability of swimming with the underwater world. Beyond just scuba diving lessons, fans of the great outdoors and just learning new techniques in general can take up a variety of other classes. this includes surf lessons and information provided by massage instructors, a yoga teacher and skateboarding teachers. All of these classes offer unique learning opportunities.