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Rowley Regis
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I am a qualified Art & Design teacher with 13 years of classroom experience. Experienced to teach ages from 7-18 individually, in groups or classes.

All my lessons are tailored to the students needs and take an interactive approach to learning. After analyzing the students learning style I match my teaching style to develop their preferedlearning style(s). Getting to know an individual is key to unlocking their full potential.

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Fresh graduate in Interior Design, drawing and sculpting in the Aravali range in Mount Abu, India

Fun Learn, where children who are still in school, get the freedom to explore the world of art and design. Its for kids who are thinking of selecting a creative field as a career or simply enjoy scribbling with their crayons. We are here to play with materials to dream to imagine and to create.

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If you want to improve your drawing skills and you don´t know how to do it this is your opportunity. Artistic drawing clases, access exams preparation, UNIVERSITY access exams or make your objetives d

The objectives of each student will mark the rythm of the class and the methodology. But as you will imagine, there will be many practical exercises but always based on theory base. Depending on the level, you will need some basic materials that we will talk about in the interview that you can do for free with me at the beggining.

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Artist recently graduated from Edinburgh University offering portfolio application help and art lessons

I am interested in tutoring students of all levels from GCSE to undergraduate level in art and design. I want to help students broaden their understanding of techniques and encourage the development of concepts. I understand that every creative process is unique and I adapt to each student's requirements.

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Art History, and artworks classes for all ages and levels in Cordoba,

Student in art history, teaches private lessons in all fields of art history, perfect for preparing for Selectivity and reinforcement or for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge and thier pleasure of art history. Dynamic and teaching classes.

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Best handmade chalk carving ever made easily any one can make it

My teaching method in first to make student comfortable and free to contact then step by step i teach the things

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International master art teacher gave taught fine arts in 7 countries. He holds a MFA and a BFA plus diplomas in computer graphics and design .

I teach hands on art workshops and classes in a cooperative learning atmosphere. The history of art, specialized techniques and process, as well as superior critical analysis are all crucial to the art learning experience.

1st lesson offered free !

Offering students to express their creativity through art and design. A wonderful way to acknowledge another pathway in life

My teaching method is very open and understanding that everyone comes from very different background and expresses creativity in a unique way.

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Art Class mode / production portfolio - Former Central Saint Martins student

I offer my experience and knowledge in the field of fashion to help students and professionals on two specific aspects of the designer profession: - the development of a portfolio, a sketchbook that must be visually relevant and thematically in order to best represent your artistic identity, your inspiration and your research; - Fashion design courses to give you a good understanding of the...

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

Learn sculpture making in any midium like : clay, p.o.p, relief, mural, portrait or anything you want

My teaching method is: Keeping it real, Fostering independence, Utilisation of the Think-Pair-Share Technique, Use of Multi-Media Tools, Encouraging students to create etc.

Marseille 6e
1st lesson offered free !

Plastic and Digital Art. Initiation to editing. Graduate of Fine Arts from Aix en Provence, recognized university especially in the digital arts and hypermedia as well as in publishing. (Marseille)

The plastic content in three axes: TECHNIQUE, firstly. Learn to perform on a medium, using techniques and appropriate materials his work. Mastery of the trait and the invoice through multiple notions and processes; proportion, perspective, composition, relief, values, harmony of colors, shadows and light, effect of matter, of gradation, engraving (print).

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Student in musicology gives private lessons of art (drawing, music) in Grenoble

I like to approach the free methods, we can create the working methods together according to your needs, and also we can use the classic methods (the complete artist, sketch, etc ..

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Holly Greenhalgh Diploma of Visual Art gives painting illustration, sculpture and digital art lessons in Perth/Fremantle area.

My teaching methods involves cooperative learning, discussion and guided exploration. I base my classes on specific visual art techniques. The topics that I specialise in include sculpture, installation art, illustration, painting, sculpture, photography and digital design.

New Delhi
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Delhi college of art student, give classes for creative development and thinking for school goers

I believe in art being more than just the technique or the skill but to be a personal expression of emotions and ideas, and the development of creative thinking and a deep appreciation for things. My teaching method will not only teach the students the skills they need but also help them express themselves better.

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Art is what makes this world more beautiful, so let's take a moment today to showcase the beauty within with your art.

My teaching methods are very simple but unique at the same time, I teach not only to a single student but a group or class with some interesting art puzzle games, which will be helpful for not only in the art and crafts but in their academics also.

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We are organised #ArtWorkshops #ArtExibishion #ArtClasses #ArtCampyour one-stop destination for all things art. We bring to you news and reviews from the world of art

He is an online marketer and artist, working for the last 3 years.He is passionate about art, design, innovation new media, and also interest in organized social work.(Talent Show, Art Contest).

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Creative student wanting to help share her passion!! - broad knowledge art/textiles

I Taught art to myself from a young age. From 15 I was being paid to tutor younger kids, I find simple and repetitive, getting more complex each time works best for beginners. However pushing your creative boundaries once you have the hang of it, will always be key.

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High School student provides with basics of water coloring, sketching and painting

I have been taking art classes from last three years and now can help others learn it too. For anyone between ages 9-12. The class will have a drawing boot camp before getting into individual arts.

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Fine art student offering Art and design tutoring up until to university level.

My teaching method is student lead method, tailored to each student and what they need most help and support with.

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Architecture Graduate giving drawing lessons and tips on how to get through art school to students in Perth

My methodology is to first break down the reason for needing tutoring, whether it be they are giving everything they have but the teacher isn't seeing it or they need just need help to get started. We then would work on techniques that would be individual to the student whether it be relating it to different subjects or trying different styles that would make them feel more comfortable.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine Art student offering art, craft and design lessons in English or Polish

I aim to provide relaxed and stimulating environment making our lesson's as much fun as possible. All lessons will be prepared individually based on your needs, skills and interests so you could get the most of your time and make it a unique experience for both of us. Understand my guidance you'll be able to decide what you want to practice and how intensive you want our lessons to be.

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An Visual Artist of 23 years of experience cultivates Artists in various fields from her studio

A resourceful and inventive instructor, with extensive experience in coaching students, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and guiding them to explore their full creative potential.

Greater London
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Fine Art Tutor, Portfolio and Interview Advice. MA Print, Royal College of Art Graduate

I am a graduate from Royal College of Art, having just completed my MA in Print with a distinction in my dissertation. Before which, I received a first class BA (Hons) from Newcastle University in Fine Art. I am available to give Fine Art tutoring sessions to students who are looking to improve their portfolios in preparation for University.

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Mechanical Art: learn to make Automata, Kinetic Sculpture, Animation Puppets in London Workshop

I enjoy teaching skills. From soldering to welding, metal work, simple engineering, simple electronics, electromagnetics, short cuts, tricks and more. Based on years of experience teaching infants to post graduates, I allow the student to develop their concept offering advice and guidance along the way to realise their vision.

1st lesson offered free !

Art Tuition for any age student, Learn a new skill or rediscover an old one

Hi there! I'm new to private tuition but I have experience working with kids and groups. I hold a National Extended Diploma in Art & Design, and I'm happy to be flexible with my work.

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Student in chitrakala Parishath takes classes in basic and advanced level drawing and painting course

I teach from the basic drawing to advanced and specifically can teach portraiture and painting basics, colour theory ,methods and materials

Ciudad de México
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Professor of Art and Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Experience with all Mediums (Video, Drawing/Illustration, Sculpture and Graphic Design)

For three years I worked as an art workshop facilitator for the Haggerty Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I love to talk about the history and theory of art, teach different methods to learning several mediums of art and design and go to exhibitions to observe and discuss the ideas of the works.

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I am a portrait sculptor based in Devon, UK and teach Portrait Modelling in Clay. I alos teach Silicon Rubber Mould Making and Bronze Resin Casting for Sculpture.

I teach mainly through 4-day workshops for up to a maximum of 10 students. I always teach using a life-model chosen specifically for their strong facial features. Teaching focuses on perception and closing th egap between what is seen and what is expressed in clay. The courses are technical and offer a precise skill based learning.

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I will help you to be the one selected in your favourite university!

I am a Colombian-Spanish artist, studying at the Chelsea College of Arts and the Complutense University of Madrid With me you will learn the techniques to get into the university you want and get the most out of you.

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VCA Photography department Graduate provides tutoring for VCE/VCAL students, BFA students, and budding artists

If you are not searching for VCE tutoring we can work together on a curriculum centred around your desires. I will structure our course so that you can continue to explore and learn without the need for face-to-face lessons- however, these will be organised as they are very beneficial.

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Sculpture is one of the oldest art forms in the world. Some of the greatest masterpieces date back to the ancient Greek and Roman times, with the world famous Michelangelo, while best known for his painting of the Sistine Chapel, is regarded as a far better sculptor than painter. While the chances of someone becoming the next Michelangelo is not great, exploring their creative side is always possible and they can use their own individual style to create amazing art. In order to learn and understand how to work with clay and other 3D material, studying with sculpture teachers through the individual sculpture lessons is an incredible experience and one of the best ways to explore a person's internal creativity. There are other options available for individuals interested in exploring creative arts. From acting to photography teachers are available to point towards the best forms of exploration. Art therapy lessons can help open up the world of art, and an improvisational theater teacher is superior for exploring the inner workings of acting.