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Singing is an art that can be perfected by practising and if you're looking for someone who can listen to you so, my friend you've reached to the right person cuz the way I teach you the music for tha

I believe in making person understand about the limitations of the music cuz there is no limitation, no rules and no hidden secrets. I believe that everyone is unique with their personalities which also effects their voice so, why ask them to go through a standard pitch cuz it was also made by some person and here what we want? We want verstality and something that is unique.

São Paulo
Michel moe
(6 reviews)
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Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Vocal Technique, Music Theory. Teacher since 1999, applies professional experience and didactic research in student development. Material and method adaptable to student.

Knowing the student and their desires is essential to the work of the teacher. Understanding the intentions and paths intended with the art, the knowledge is passed closer to the application reality of the student, combining methodologies of reputable conservatories and universities to the personal adaptation that can only be obtained in private lessons.

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I teach students for there better future in singing and i am teaching from 2 years

My method of teaching is very clear and interesting i teach 5 to 12 class students and i am happy to say that my students takes this knowledge from me.i do my best for my students and there bright future.

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Performing artist in various genres of music (classical ,devotional,light ) & pursuing Masters in Music

prefer teaching from basic level because the base need to be strong to achieve good results. simple techniques to complex . usually class will be for 30-40 min. grasping power of student will definitely enrich the class and help them learn more.

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Graduated from Mohawk College from their applied music program. Majoring in vocals. Singer songwriter. Also plays guitar, beginner piano , harmonica , music theory and Ukulele.

I believe music should be fun and good for the soul in the way of an outlet. My teaching structure is the same way, I like to find the spark that made my students want to take lessons on the first place.

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Music theory, piano and singing lessons for beginners / advanced students in Erfurt and online

I make the lessons as structured as possible and adapt to the individual needs, skills and knowledge of the students. I prepare exercises and worksheets (music theory) and have a detailed plan of what I want to teach in the next lesson.

Marseille 3e
(3 reviews)

Sela, singer / guitarist graduate, gives singing lessons, guitar, music appreciation in Marseille.

Sela, guitar teacher, singing, music appreciation and scenic coach. I teach acoustic and electric guitar. Style contemporary music (blues, rock, jazz, funk, variety). Music theory will be methodical and related style (rhythm, chord construction and ranges). I teach singing, you will develop your voice and your true potential to resonate (breathing, precision, rhythm, interpretation).

(6 reviews)
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Discover your voice, improve your technique! All styles and levels of modern singing

My classes are very based on the methodology of lyrical singing, since I received a lyrical training for 15 years. This has given me a very solid technique that can be adapted to any style. In fact I have been singing for 7 years in a Big Band (El Molino Big Band) where I would be unable to address the vocal requirement that it requires without a good technical base.

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Learn the secrets! How sing and perform! Be the best and stand out from the crowd!

I have 20 years of experience, and have worked all over the world in every kind of venue, singing and performing a vast range of styles and genres. I have the inside knowledge, secret tips, skills and expertise to help you in every aspect of stagecraft and vocals.

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Let's learn Music from a graduated and experienced teacher in music. specialized in pop and indian classical music.

I'm a bachelor's degree holder in western music and also mastered indian classical Hindustani visharadha. I got Experience in the music field more than 6years.And I'm a very approachable person.

Greater London
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Be The Rap God,all rap educational activities taught,formaly met Eminem GREAT SINGER


(3 reviews)
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Singing lessons and vocal technique - All styles - IVTOM Accredited Teacher in Montpellier

* Teacher accredited with IVTOM, international organization of professors and scientists of the voice * I'm now living in Montpellier after a few years spent abroad, which allowed me to work with students with various needs : beginners, professionals, shy, rockers, pop singers...

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Friendly Guitar Tuition. Learn YOUR Favourite Songs in easy stages. Winford, Somerset

I'm Nigel, been strumming for over 30 years. Electric, acoustic and bass guitars... Lots of live experience plus recording and songwriting skills. Teach all styles and genres. From Punk to Jazz.

Rio de Janeiro
(4 reviews)
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Individual singing lessons in Rio de Janeiro next to the subway station

Come discover and develop your vocal potential, regardless of your technical level and background! If you already sing, amateur or professionally, and want to improve, come! The study will clarify your sensitivity and introduce you to new tools. Often the limitations that appear to be insurmountable or natural to the voice are dissolved with a good study.

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B.H.U Qualified Classical music hindustani sangeet banaras gharana gwalior gharana bhaatkhande lucknow doctorate typical hindustani

hello i am vrishali Studied from B.H.U (banaras hindu university) i am a lecturer in a P.G college, i teach classical Music & methodology to my graduate & post graduate students ...

Xalapa Enríquez
(3 reviews)
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Advanced vocal coaching for lyric singers, paradigms and voice visualization.Personal training on line

Share my professional experience as an opera singer for more than 30 years to resolve doubts about the voice and doubts related to singing. His physical, mental preparation for the development of the technique. Customized method according to each need.

1st lesson offered free !

Music is love...its so powerful that it can change a persons mood,relaxes him/her,gives ability to think deeply,to concentrate...

all of you know about Mr.Rabindranath Tagore and his songs named "Rabindrasangeet"... i can teach you how to sing a song regardless of whether it is a rabindrasangeet or any hindi song,any english song or any other bengali song...come and lets sing...

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Harmonium with Singling and classical Indian Ragasa with proper guidance

Explain how to play harmonium and singing together Its really fun when we sing with proper harmonium Sing a song with harmonium Learn classical ragas with harmonium We will learn step by step with one by one ragasa Indian ragas with swarmalika and riyaz thing It is useful to get more grip to get excellence

(3 reviews)
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Passionate guitar teacher graduated from Paris CRR offers fun lessons in Paris

A graduate of the CRR of Paris, I offer courses at your home whether you are beginner or advanced. Learning music is above all expand his ear and if it's fun, it's even better! My teaching is based on the games developed by Meludia (meludia.com).

Greater London
(2 reviews)

Enthusiastic Oxford graduate and Music tutor based in Oval - classical and jazz trained

Hello! I'm a recent Music graduate from Oxford University, trained in both classical and jazz. I am very versatile, so if you want to gain deeper understanding of works in the Western Classical tradition or areas further afield, do get in touch. My university degree took me from the 13th century motet to 21st century classical and popular genres.

(3 reviews)
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MBG Voice Academy - Singing lessons in Turin with 25 years of experience in the field

Massimiliano Becco Gagliardo - Art Director, Estill Certified Vocal Coach, Mountview University London Official Mentor and 25 years of experience in the field of Performer, Artist Manager, Vocal, Musical and Career coach in Turin, in the city center, offers singing lessons personalized, providing your certified educational and artistic experience at all levels and offering you the ability to...

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TRINITY COLLEGE of london jacky john salem guitar keyboard violin v

I'm taking guitar keyboard violin piano classes here salem tamilnadu u can search me on Google jacky john salem also u can see me on YouTube in that name I'm sure I'll guide in good and clear with music thoughts

(12 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Professional opera singer teaches singing classes (any genre) to students anywhere in the world

Opera singer with studies in Mexico and Europe and also with experience in popular music gives singing lessons (of any kind) to young people (from 18 years old, NO CHILDREN) and adults, beginners, intermediate and advanced in Juriquilla, or at home within Querétaro, México, or anywhere in the world via Skype.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Advanced Church keyboardist give lessons on how to play in a Ghanaian-British church setting and how to effectively teach parts for your choir

I am a first class mechanical engineering graduate, who since childhood have been playing concerts for churches across Ghana, Ukraine and the UK. The lessons I would be giving here are solely for those who would like to improve their piano game in church, combining foreign chords with local chords and eventually become an all round keyboardist.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Student gives lessons on how to read music for beginners over Hangouts or Skype (US)

I am an outgoing student with a bright future who loves to teach anyone and everyone. I like to teach beginners in a fun way that will be sure to catch your attention.

(3 reviews)
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Experienced concert pianist (allicent.com) gives private piano lessons paris 75006

My teaching is directly influenced by the Russian School Method. My teacher Lev Naumov was himself a disciple of the famous Heinrich Neuhaus.

(1 review)
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Use of the Voice Lessons (opera, reggae, soul, rap, blues, beat-box) and improvisation

• You are: o Beginning in singing, amateur or professional pathway. • I offer you: o to learn, as you wish, vocal techniques of classical singing, reggae, blues, rap and beat-box o to understand the dynamics of improvisation.

Paris 14e
(4 reviews)

French-Australian professional singer gives singing lessons

Hello, professional singer and songwriter, 10 years of experience with training in jazz, classical and musical theater (Paris and New York), plays regularly in Paris and New York offers classes for all levels: vocal technique, interpretation, improvisation .. .Depending on the desires of each student! Also offers coaching for interpretation and preparation of castings. Class in English or French.

(2 reviews)

Modern singing lessons in Paris

With an experience of composer and singer of popular music, Sarah offers courses tailored to your needs and your financial resources. Formed in education, especially in the Singing, Voice & Body, Sarah develops an educational program with you, allowing you to achieve your goals. At the crossroads of several disciplines (vocologie, manual therapies, management of stage fright ...

Ciudad de México
J pliego
(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Come and take classical or popular piano lessons and introduction to the composition

Learn to play piano in a very simple way. The class consists of: Solfeggio: You will learn to read, write, listen and speak all the music theory Piano: We will approach piano technique and you will choose what type of repertoire you want to learn (rock, classical, popular ...

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Perfect! Alizia has already helped me a ton in just one lesson. Great listener. Time to schedule another!

Randall, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Dianne is not only a wonderful person, but a wonderful teacher as well. Her lessons are extremely informative and fun! I haven't been a student of hers for very long, but I've already made so much progress. Highly recommend her! ❤️

Skylar, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Maylin est une super prof, très attentive aux besoins individuels de l'élève, avec de grandes compétences professionnelles, donnant des explications claires. Ses exercices m'ont aidée à me relaxer et à utiliser ma voix de nouvelles manières....

Vanja, student
3 years ago
(14 reviews)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your singing lessons

Have you ever watched a singing competition and said to yourself “I wish that was me?" Do you think that you actually have the talent, but you just do not know how to improve your skills? As diamonds need to get polished, similarly, singers need practice to be perfect. Singing lessons are necessary for whoever wishes to pursue a career in the music industry and they are also important for people who just enjoy singing as a hobby. These lessons are taught by professional singing teachers with recognized experience in this field, who can set up the singing lessons according to your needs. There is a wide range of singing teachers available, covering different locations and areas of expertise. The music field is immense and we can provide all kinds of related lessons, such as percussion lessons, and professional teachers, including bagpipes teachers, trombone instructors or even a harp tutor.