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Achieve your musical goals through patience learning and being yourself with someone who understands the difficulties of finding someone who can relate to you.

I base my classes on the type of music and interests of my students. My level of success in helping others is being patient and understanding as well as supporting my students in there goals of interest in music. Music is also a positive way to release intense emotions and get exercise.

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Performer, composer, arranger, and educator offers lessons in music to students of all ages

I am a vocalist, French horn player, clarinetist, composer, and arranger. I give lessons to students of all ages in these subjects. I will aim to help you grow by helping to improve your technique. You might have a great voice or incredible ability on your instrument/composer, but you may not know the techniques that will enable it to truly flourish.

San Diego
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Vocalist with 6 years of experience gives lessons to new and intermediate singers

My teaching method combines Linklater work, breathing work and traditional vocalizing scales in order to improve agility, air support and range. I then use some time out of each lesson to work on the style that the student is seeking to improve in.

Oklahoma City
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Part of the Music, Orquestra and Jazz Choir since Middle School, won 5 years in a row 1st Place in home State Oklahoma Windwood Solo Intrument, won a Kenny G saxophone and had a chance to meet and pla

My teaching method is very practical and try to keep myself updated with all new techniques also keep it simple for students. I like to work one on one so I can see how my student would improve himself.

Los Angeles
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More than 15 years’ experience in teaching piano to different ages and skill level from beginner to advanced.

Developed and presented stimulating lesson plans that covers a wide range of topics and foster music appreciation. Instructed students in the technical aspects of music; conducted rehearsals; put on shows and play at assemblies. Evaluated students’ progress; offered one-on-one or after-school help to ensure each student is able to understand the materials and develop his/her skills.

Saint Petersburg
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19 years of playing piano, bachelor's degree in Music Education, individualized piano lessons

I myself have had four piano teachers over the course of my life and I have learned various teaching techniques from each of them. Overall, I have taken aspects from all of them to develop my own way of teaching. My teaching method is specialized and differentiated. Every student is different and requires different challenges, focuses, and teaching styles.

China Grove
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Patient Friendly Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Music: Liberal Arts. Currently Teaching Guitar, Piano, Bass and Music Theory for all ages. I have taught 6 adults 3 High School Students and a Coll

I Teach Guitar, Piano, Bass and Music Theory for all ages. I start with the very basics and I try to teach little things in between that my students will pick up on in further lessons. I even wrote a silly fun song in college for children who are learning the open strings (notes) of the guitar to drive the lesson home. It has small Dr. Sues feel to it.

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Vocal coach, and empower with 20+ years experience teaches with a twist.

I am a British, International student in the USA, who has been singing since I could stand practically. I believe that with a voice your life can become more powerful, and learning how to make this happen must be fun filled.

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High school junior ranked #1 in grade gives music and math lessons to primary and middle school students around the area of Johnstown, PA.

Currently enrolled in Richland High School, I reside at the top of my class at #1 out of approximately 120 students and hold the position of class president. Through the school, I am involved in various activities including Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Musical Theatre, an AP Music Theory course, and I play piano and guitar.

Fort Worth
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Concert pianist with strict poise and background gives piano lessons and music theory at home

Hello ! My name is Marissa, you can call me Rissa. I teach entry level piano and music theory all the way up to advance. I believe baby steps is the key. If you don't know the basics then stay here! I know them! I can help you learn in the best way I can.

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College student in multiple music classes gives piano and music theory lessons from home

Based on the eloquent training I have received throughout high school and college, I now have the means of bringing the blessing of music to those who may not have had an opportunity to experience its power and majesty earlier in life.

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Vocal Music Education graduate with over 20 years of experience in piano, voice, and music for all ages near the Florence, AL area.

Bachelor's in Vocal Music Education from Mississippi State University. Certified licenses in the states of Mississippi and Alabama. Attended numerous professional developments to keep learning about the voice, piano technique, and integrating technology in today's society for learning in a global atmosphere.

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Guitarist with 12 years of experience. Gives beginner-intermediate guitar lessons to all ages.

I was privately instructed on the guitar for 2 years and then self-taught for 10 years. I do not teach heavy music theory but am very qualified to teach you the techniques that I learned to get better at guitar, singing, songwriting and performing - if you're somebody who is just getting started. I believe that the best students are the ones that do their homework.

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Professionally trained singer with 9 years of singing experience i am a worship leader at my church

I will review your singing technique and create a lesson plan for you which can include breathing techniques finding harmony with some songs and improving singing techniques and prepare you for vocal auditions and learning what songs are best for your voice

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Young on the rise Pop artist on "The Voice" (La Voz) on Telemundo. Teaching others how to sing and improve on technique since 2013.

I will not only help you to start singing but my goal is to help you understand why you're doing what you're doing, for what reasons, to the point where you can defend your actions and teach others as well. I will give you all the tools necessary and be frankly honest with you to achieve the results that you want. I am a strong believer in rehearsing, not only with me in class but, at home.

Johnson City
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Classicaly Trained Professional Mezzo Soprano Teaches Vocal Lessons For Both Opera and Pop Voices

I believe in the "bel canto” technique, which means “beautiful singing” in Italian. Renowned opera singers such as Maria Callas and Jussi Bjorling knew the importance of bel canto and made it a point to study with such teachers often.

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Self taught but with band/concert training in school music maker interested in making music

I like to see where the student is at musically, what they enjoy listening to and go from there. I remember learning the basics early on with no reference as to how the piano could sing in whatever genre I liked at the time. That can make one lose interest. As I eventually did. But playing in a band, the piano has a beautiful place in the sound the band wants to present.

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Classically Trained Singer of 12 years Teaches Classical, Pop, Broadway, and Jazz Voice

My teaching method is personal to each student, but I focus on a combination of technique, musicianship, and dramatic performance. Everyone's voice is unique to them, and I want to give my students the skills they need to bring out their best no matter what style of music they're singing.

San Francisco
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I am Pastor Greg the Pastor of Freedom Place Church in San Francisco and a Gospel Recording artist.

My teaching method varies based in the individual or group I an blessed to have the oppertunity to teach. You cant give a beginner and an experienced individual the same lessons.

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Pianist with 15 years of experience, a professional composer with experienced theoretical knowledge of violin of piano

I am very patient, and I believe patience is the key to the success of any instrument. I would take the time to solidify my tutee's foundation knowledge in music theory and the most basic piano skill practicing and then move on to the harder pieces.

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Folk/Blues song writer looking to help beginners achieve musical greatness. Explore your inner creator and express yo' self!

I approach teaching in a conversational way. I do not believe there is one good way to do something and love to watch my students discover how techniques and sounds work for them and their set up. I like to keep a focus on basic music theory, but not get too technical.

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Concert violinist with 7 years of experience and taught violin lessons children and senior at home in South Korea

I am a concert violinist with 7 years of experience. I taught violin lessons children and senior at home in South Korea. Also, I taught violin Ensembles for the beginner. I graduated Arts High School in South Korea and now I'm in Music University student.

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Composer, sound designer and graduate of the Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts

I sit down with students to learn about their strengths, and make a unique plan for how to sharpen skills and have fun learning new subjects while honing skills. The most important things is that we express our unique voice through music.

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18 year old musical theatre and modern singer with several years of experience and training!

I help students to find what type of music and songs for for their voice type, and from there, help them with those songs so they can build a resume for future auditions and performances. I train to help read music and sing what is on the page, as well as making the music your own to work with your voice and improve the song with every go at it.

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Singer/ Saxophone player with 15 years of experience, very skilled, and artistic.

My teaching method is pushing you to your limits to achieve the best possible goal. I believe this so that not only one, so that you can become more confidant and for two I know that anyone that works with me will get great results.

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Acoustic Guitarist with over 11 years of experience gives lessons at home to all ages!

My teaching method is first and foremost about having fun. We will learn the basics in theory and may even write a song or to. If you are ready to learn how to play guitar and have a passion for acoustic music, I'm the teacher for you.

Stone Mountain
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Musician, Guitarist, Singer with over 20 years experience teaching in Atlanta, GA

I teach rhythm guitar which is open chords and strumming. I also like to include music theory in my lessons so that I can help my students learn how to read music. I try to tailor my lessons to each student so that we are spending time working towards the goals that they have for themselves.

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Yes You can learn to sing with a professional Broadway singer/actor! (B.Mus.)

I believe in strong vocal technique no matter what style of singing you'd like to develop. I also work on song interpretation, presentation skills, audition preparation, monologues and what to do when you get nervous. You can do this! I am currently only offering online lessons and coaching.

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Performer of 12 years for both dance and voice concerts along with comps, ready to share the world of the arts.

I approach each student differently as I like to accommodate each student with their best suite learning style and that is what I would do for them to succeed.

San Francisco
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Concert pianist with 14 years of teaching experience gives lessons in San Francisco

My teaching method is focused in developing at the same time technical skills, sights reading, playing chamber music and doing theory exercises. I like to have a different teaching plan for each of my students. Usually after few lessons I can assess what my student needs and how to practice with them to make them a great musician.

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Perfect! Mr. Kevin Power is great and patient. When he teaches you, he's nice and humorous but also strict when he has to be. Plus he's always listening to you when you give suggestions or you think you have a better way of learning. He's also a super...

Guoer, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Bulent is an excellent teacher and a delightful person. He is very knowledgeable on music. He is patient and responsible. He shows lot of passion on music and teaching, I have learned so much from the first lesson. Definitely recommend him to the...

Laura, student
8 months ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Dianne is not only a wonderful person, but a wonderful teacher as well. Her lessons are extremely informative and fun! I haven't been a student of hers for very long, but I've already made so much progress. Highly recommend her! ❤️

Skylar, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Maylin est une super prof, très attentive aux besoins individuels de l'élève, avec de grandes compétences professionnelles, donnant des explications claires. Ses exercices m'ont aidée à me relaxer et à utiliser ma voix de nouvelles manières....

Vanja, student
4 years ago
(14 reviews)

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Have you ever watched a singing competition and said to yourself “I wish that was me?" Do you think that you actually have the talent, but you just do not know how to improve your skills? As diamonds need to get polished, similarly, singers need practice to be perfect. Singing lessons are necessary for whoever wishes to pursue a career in the music industry and they are also important for people who just enjoy singing as a hobby. These lessons are taught by professional singing teachers with recognized experience in this field, who can set up the singing lessons according to your needs. There is a wide range of singing teachers available, covering different locations and areas of expertise. The music field is immense and we can provide all kinds of related lessons, such as percussion lessons, and professional teachers, including bagpipes teachers, trombone instructors or even a harp tutor.