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Professional Skateboarder for 5 years, Competed in X games and Gravity Games

My teaching method is first teaching kids the correct way to fall first. Secondary is working on balance to make sure the right muscles are being flex at the right time. Third is making sure the kids are having fun.

East Point
1st lesson offered free !

Want to learn how to skateboard? I have 5 years of experience. It would be a pleasure to teach what I am very passionate about. Join me on my journey to become more adventurous!

Learning to ride a skateboard is almost equavilent to riding a bike, just a little tougher. No worries! I want you to have fun and let go. My step by step lesson plan is designed to help you learn the basics. I will teach you the parts of a skateboard, how to gear up, how to protect yourself, and how to take off on your board.

The Villages
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Come learn some tricks and have fun! Central Florida Amateur skateboarder with 10+ years of experience

I am a college credited Mass Com student with the skill and ability to translate my experience and knowledge to others. I have training experience for a fortune 500 company. I have been skating for 10+ years and can help well well round and gain skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Sponsored skateboarder with over 10 years of experience offering detailed skateboarding lessons.

I train people seeking to learn the art of skateboarding. I start with explaining the physics of how the trick/maneuver works and then explaining how to properly execute the trick. I then help address and correct any issues you may have implementing the motions needed to land the trick.

Colorado Springs
1st lesson offered free !

20 years street, park, and transition skateboarding experience. Lessons for all ages.

(Lessons 1-7) 1. Transportation fundamentals 2. Safety and how to fall 3. How to turn on your board 4. Learn foot placement so you can have great balance. 5. Find how to skate at the park 6. How to ollie on a skateboard 7. More advanced tricks.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Skateboarder with 6 years of experience also have some sponsers i have taught skate lessons before and can teach you the basic fundamentals of skateboarding and have you Skating in no time

my teaching method i usually teach of the students Skill level so if they dont know much i take them thru the basic steps on how to get started and if they already know some things i teach them more about things they dont know how to already do for instance if they know how to ollie already ill give them tips and instructions on how to kickflip or any other things they want to learn in...

Pleasant Hill
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Experienced Skateboarder / Instructor with 10+years of experience with applicable boardsport-specific biomechanics knowledge

I am a lifelong boardsports enthusiast (skateboarder/ surfer/ snowboarder/ occasional wakeboarder) with a well developed analytical skill set aimed towards maximizing movement efficiency on the board.

Los Angeles
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Skateboarding lessons and for all ages 10 year of exercise and knowledge of skateboarding

My Teaching Methodolgy is to help kids, teens and adults become a better version of themselves. Teach myself the power to overcome adversity. perseverance is key and the will power to do is the test you have to take when you want to do anything in life.

1st lesson offered free !

Skateboard Instructor with 15 years of experience offering one-on-one and group lessons in RI area to all ages.

In my experience as an instructor, I have taught students with a wide range of ability and age. I have had students just beginning at 6 years old, all the way to intermediate adults. No matter the skill level, I try to approach every lesson with the same relaxed yet productive intention.

Long Beach
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Skateboarder with 16 years experience. Coast Guard Veteran and Current Skateboarding Instructor for Skatedogs in Long Beach, Ca.

My teaching method is structured upon providing a fun, safe, and positive environment for learning. I will base lessons of of students initial skill level and encourage fun safe progression. Not only teaching skateboarding but also mentoring and instilling a positive and never give up attitude.

1st lesson offered free !

Action sport enthusiasts passionate about anything and everything that gives a adrenaline rush.

My teaching Meathod is based on pure enjoyment and progression. I make the learning curve into your dreams something you will enjoy without being overwhelmed. Classes can be fast paced and to the point or slowed down to a more approachable and begginer friendly course.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Skateboarder for F.S.C! Skateboards from Victorville, CA with 17 years of skateboarding experience.

I enjoy skateboarding with the students and working closely with each students individual needs because skateboarding is very unique to each participant and everyone learns on their on level.

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1st lesson offered free !

Amateur skateboarder with over 16 years experience! Willing to teach street, park, or vert skating.

I can utilize the skills I have developed as an English teacher and incorporate them into teaching skateboarding. I have been skating across the globe, including Japan, South Korea, China, and Canada.

San Jose
1st lesson offered free !

Skater with 4 years experience in transition and street skateboarding. (stairs, ledges, rails, bowls, etc.)

Initially I teach people how to fall if they are at the upmost beginner level. Once they know how to take a bail, and have learned how to ride a skateboard, I like to teach people by letting them show me their current method of trying something so I can analyze what is not working, so a comfortable way for them to figure out how to perform their desired maneuver is found.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Skateboarder looking to give lessons! 15 years of experience! 3 years of teaching experience!

The beginning is just getting used to pushing around so I’ll go at the kids pace and explain the correct technique while they become comfortable.

1st lesson offered free !

Skateboarding lessons from a stellar dude who's been skating over 15 years

I love skateboarding and have been skateboarding for over 15 years. If you want to learn some biology on the side we can do that too because I am also a major science geek.

1st lesson offered free !

A street skateboarder with 13 years of experience and still going on.

My teaching method consists of thorough detail explanation and adapting to the students level, style, and set up. Repetition is also part of my teaching in order to progress.

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Entrepreneur, Sportsman and Skate enthusiast. Come discover and learn the basics of Skate!

Posture and placement: We will see how to start skateboarding with good posture and foot positioning. Balance and maneuvering: We will learn the basics for a good balance, how to move left and right and push with the board. Tips for braking and stopping.

1st lesson offered free !

Skateboarder From Hong Kong (13 years skating + 3 years Teaching experience) Welcome all different ages.Skateboarding is FUN

I love to set my lesson to be fun and interactive, Aim of my class is let the participant feel fun and happy with skateboarding and building their self-confidence.

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Book your sessions, learn and have a memorable time of Long-skateboarding in Barcelona

Hi, I'm # Kleón and I recognize that teaching longboard is very good! Whoever wants to learn in an intelligent, different and fun way, I am willing to help you start skating very well, z that you learn in the shortest possible time! ... The modality that I like the most is the Dancing & Freestyle.

Paris 12e
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1st lesson offered free !

During skateboard in Lyon

Hello everyone ! Here is a specific ad I suggest here you initiate the joy of skateboarding. Indeed, after 11 years of practice I decided to pass on my passion interested in Lyon.

1st lesson offered free !
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1st lesson offered free !

Skateboarder [14+ Years Experience] in Buckinghamshire Area w/ Own Transport. All Ages Welcome.

My lessons can help anyone who is stuck with one or many aspects of skateboarding. If you've been trying to pop your first ollie for months or get over the fear that sets in when you stand at the top of a ramp.

1st lesson offered free !

Fun loving Skateboarder offering lessons to those interested in learning a new skill.

My techniques for teaching skateboarding would be to demonstrate and explain each trick individualy, as well as to teach a basic understanding to build comfortability before proceeding to more advanced tricks.

Surfers Paradise
1st lesson offered free !

I used to be a sponsored amatuer skateboarder when i was young,, this just helps me educate and spread all the extra fun

my teaching methods are very simple but also one on one and group effiecient ..i have alot of patience and am a very forgiving person and always show a never give up attitude .

Sydney Olympic Park
1st lesson offered free !

I'm Very Happy to teach you the basic of this magnific sport

a bit teoric and lots of practice, street and skate park

Shepton Mallet
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced and qualified skateboarding coach, I deliver fun safe and engaging lessons for all ages and abilities in Somerset at outdoor skateparks or by any means that suits you!

My aim is to help you get in to skateboarding and/or to help you to progress! My mission is to help build confidence by helping participants to safely learn new tricks and techniques!

1st lesson offered free !

Artist - Designer - Skateboarder - Snowboarder - Musician. Fun and relaxed, easy going.

I believe a hands on approach is the best way to learn. Try new things, experiment, make mistakes, and learn through experience.

1st lesson offered free !

I’m an exceptional surfer who lives in Bali but comes to Darwin for work, I can send recent photos to prove this.

Get them into the ocean, feel the movement of the sea and feel comfortable on their surfboards.


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Skateboarding lessons will benefit anyone who takes part in more than one way. For starters, you will be able to learn a skill that can earn you a leaving if you decide to do it professionally; on the other hand, there are numerous health benefits because you always have to stay fit considering that it is a form of physical exercise. Finding the right skateboarding teachers can be a challenge especially if you live in places where there are not so many people skateboarding. Getting skateboarding lessons if you do not have a school within your locality can be a major challenge. This however is no longer the case especially with online platforms such as SuperPROF.us that gives students a chance to link up with teachers of almost all disciplines. Whether you want boxing teachers, a rock'n'roll teacher teacher for dancing lessons, scuba diving tutors or tutors to offer aquagym lessons, all you have to do is to get online and register before making your selection of a tutor for whatever lessons you need.