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Experienced soccer coach from England offering private and group sessions. 6 years of coaching players of all ages and abilities, and 18 years of playing experience including at college varsity level.

I am an FA qualified coach from England and have been coaching soccer to kids between 5-18 in America for 7 sevens. I have played soccer competitively for 18 years, including at college level. I have coached ability levels ranging from inexperienced to academy level, and cater my sessions to each player’s ability.

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Experienced math and science teacher with over 20 years experience in public and private schools.

I like to build a solid "base" of knowledge through discussion and guided practice in solving problems. I relate concepts learned in class to practical applications in every-day life.

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All-State athlete in three sports ready to teach everything I know to help your child

My teaching method is to break actions up into small steps. We will work on each step and then put it all together so your child not only knows the fundamentals, but also understands the importance of fundamental skills. Once they understand the fundamentals, we can really get into the game.

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Former college soccer player offering lessons for all skill and age levels

I like to keep things fun while still learning. Soccer is a game and meant to be fun so I like to emphasize the importance love for the game.

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College age Soccer player with 15 years of experience giving lessons in Philadelphia and surrounding areas!

-I'm an experienced coach and am currently a high school lacrosse coach. -I reffed 3-5 year olds as a high school job. -I have been playing soccer my whole life and currently play on an adult league in King of Prussia.

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College student gives Soccer Lessons to those in or near Colleyville, played select(state cup and went to nationals) and highschool(4yrs)

Graduated from Highschool last year(2016), I have been taking online classes and classes at TCC to further my education and complete my basics. I played forward and my older brother played goalkeeper, which was a tremendous help when practicing.

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Health and physical educator looking to enhance the body and mind of children for better overall health and wellness in everyday life and toward their futures.

Health and physical educator with a master's in sport management looking aide children with their endeavors in athletics, overall fitness, and well-being. I have the ability to teach children from grades K though 12 and use hands on activity to help them gain the knowledge they need to better their body and mind.

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Professional Soccer Player In America Offering Online Training and Mentoring to Younger Players

My teaching/coaching method is to empower young players to take ownership of their development by giving them an understanding of what it takes to reach the highest levels of soccer. By helping them realize an intrinsic motivation to improve themselves in the game, they can reach whatever levels they hope to achieve in soccer.

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Soccer coach with 10+ years of playing the sport. CIF and state champ with desert mirage high school. Will teach and bagduma Park.

My teaching method is working with each student individually. I will observe the student and work with him/her on the things that improvement.

Elk River
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College Graduate-10+ Years experience playing soccer ,gives lessons on skills/technique and game rules and positions.

Hello! I am a recent college graduate with my Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and I minored in Art! One of my greatest passions growing up was playing soccer, I even wrote my college entrance paper on Soccer! I played from the time I was 8 years old until I was 18 years old and continue to play it on a recreational level.

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Athletic coach licensed in many sports including in CPR and EAD 1

I am a high school athletic coach. I specialized in cross country, running, swimming and andurance sports. I have coached since 2012. I can write training programs but prefers weekly communications to make sure customers are performing well and seeing weekly results.

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I have been playing soccer since I was 7 years old. My entire family is a soccer fan.

My teaching method depend on the person who I am coaching. I always want the best for my students so, I always try to get the best of them and to become the best they can. I am a calm person. I always look for happiness.

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Online Football/Soccer Analyst with 12 years experience on pitch in Los Angeles.

To simply say what I do is... I am not your typical hands on skills coach. What I do is train players mentally, give and show them my knowledge on certain scenarios in the game, give insights on their mistakes and even better if they have highlights I can explain what is good and bad in each highlight/scenario.

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Former professional level soccer goalkeeper ready to help you achieve expertise with your skills, knowledge, and techniques

I focus on working with players in what they need to achieve their goals. Young and beginning players need to develop their foundation to where they can use their skills proficiently without thinking. Mid level players need to learn when and how to put those skills to their best use, and the more advanced techniques that can be used to help them succeed.

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Sport coach manager, and former soccer player in Jupiter,FL. English, spanish and french speaking

Teaching method is work on physical capacities but also, technical capacities. Explain the strategies and the positioning on the field. How to cover the field and work for the others on the field. Teaching is showing what has to be done and how it has to be done. Have the learners praticien it and then correct it.

Long Beach
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Former Collegiate Soccer Player in LBC looking to give private lessons locally.

My teaching methodology is making sure we cater to the individual player. This means we utilize your skills and short comings to design a program that will get you to the athlete you want to be. No matter what level you're currently at, there is always a way to improve.

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A former College and PDL Soccer player with a passion for teaching

I love to learn and teach through exploration. Guided discussions can lead to breakthroughs both mentally and physically. The use of technology is a fantastic way to guide this exploration.

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Beginner Soccer: Teach basic techniques for passing, dribbling, shooting, and safe tackeling

My methods involve physically showing the player how to improve their techniques. I believe in repetition so that muscle memory will take place. And above all I believe in teaching techniques that will allow your player to play safely. There are many wrong and dangerous ways to tackle in soccer. And only a few right and safe ways.

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22 years of Football Experience that allows you to learn in a safe and positive environment

16 years as a Physical Education Teacher working with General and Special Needs Students 22 years as a High School Football Coach 13 years as a Head High School Football Coach California Coaching Certification Up to date on all new Strength, Conditioning, Speed, and Flexibility Training I am able to adjust my lessons and my drills at that moment to best benefit the student I am patient,...

Las Vegas
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Collegiate athlete and lifelong soccer player gives instruction on the mechanics of ball striking and control.

I am Todd, a former collegiate soccer player and lifelong avid outdoor and indoor soccer player. My lessons are designed for players of any age, from beginner to advanced, who are looking to improve their ball striking mechanics for more accurate and powerful shots, better passing control and range, and more confident dribbling and ball control.

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Sports coach and /or music instructor to help people succeed in life

high school diploma, Hudson's bay high school, class of 1977, graduated with honors with graduating class bachelors degree in music/ education, northwest Nazarene university, graduated 1982 accounting diploma, western business college, graduated 1991 looking to help people be all that they can be

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Educational Teacher Offering Soccer And Basketball Lessons In Atlanta, Ga With 5 years Of Experience.

My teaching method is to have fun while putting in work. My techniques are pretty straight forward. I plan to improve performances and focus on 'here and now" rather than the distant future.

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1st lesson offered free !

Used to play semi-pro soccer and with to show you how to practice and play.

My teaching method is to show you by my own example. I was coached by myself by some best players. Everything will come gradually to you with patience, diligence and discipline. If you like the game - you are going to succeed.

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An Extraordinary former player and international knowledge and your best chance

Master’s in political science from Carleton university in Canada BA in international relations from Alliant international university San Diego BA in Sociology from Alliant international university San Diego Certified international soccer coach Coach using Pele style techniques Individual and team coaching

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Mathematics Charlotte, North Caroline I am very happy to be part of

I attended cheyney University of Pennsylvania, major in mathematics graduate with 3.5 grade pointe average. Cheyney University is the first black college and is located in Pennsylvania. I was the best student in my class and I receive amp award.

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Young friendly soccer player with over 10 years of experience ready to pass on skills/knowledge to the next generation :)

The first time I was teaching/coaching was when I helped a former club soccer coach of mine with his younger teams ages 7-15 years old. I would help set up the drills, control the kids and make sure they are getting the absolute most out of practice.

El Paso
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Previously a varsity girls soccer coach and currently a jv volleyball coach, wishing to help athletes increase their skills

My coaching method is big on the basics. I focus most of my time on making sure my athletes have the very fundamental skills down. With soccer that is passing, dribbling, trapping the ball, and field vision. For volleyball the basics are serving, bumping (hands and platform), setting, and hitting. I focus a lot on passing since with out a pass, we cant score.

Bossier City
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School is not easy and finding an education is tough, so why not have fun while learning? -I coach sports -English of an Honor High-school student (for any foreigners who wants easy to learn English)

My teaching method is teaching in a fun and creative way where people could interact and not feel unease. Learn about each and every person. I would prefer to teach young people because they are below my grade level, but if anyone who would like to learn would be fine too. I also prefer teaching foreigners English.

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Soccer personal trainer with 15 years experience including semi-pro, gives lessons on footwork, positioning and fitness

My teaching methodology is based on a few things that I think are very important. First is positional awareness and movement on the field. I think that this is something that is heavily overlooked when young athletes are playing and will separate you from almost all other players. Second is foot skills and touch.

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